Jadakiss Denies Involvement In Lil Wayne, Jay-Z Beef

Kiss tells fans on Twitter to leave him out of the now-bubbling Hov/Weezy beef.

Hip Hop fans and media outlets have been buzzing, as Lil Wayne has responded to Jay-Z's thinly-veiled jab at Birdman on "H.A.M."

The song, "It's Good" off of Wayne's upcoming Tha Carter IV, features Jadakiss and Drake, leaving fans wondering whether the other two emcees are also involved in the beef.

To allay those concerns, Jadakiss took to his Twitter account, revealing that he had no idea that there would be any shots directed towards Jay on the track:

Yall hating ass cocksuckers better chill..they only sent me a track wit NO verses and I recorded that verse 3 months ago! #leavemeoutofit4 hours ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

When I DISS niggas or have a problem Wit ANY RAPPER I SAY THere NAMES without hesitation and YALL know this already!4 hours ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • d

    kiss couldnt rip toilet paper fuck that nigga he is a nobody only on the east coast do you know his name

  • blocka

    I feel like Lil' Wayne played chess when he made that record. Jadakiss is signed to ROC Nation and without knowing Lil' Wayne intentions, Jadakiss went through with it and dissed the man who signed Jadakiss to Roc Nation. Jadakiss was played badly and Lil Wayne made Jay-Z and his record label look real bad. If I was Jadakiss, I would rip Lil Wayne to pieces on wax.

  • Anonymous

    Real talk Kiss. This ain't got nothing to do with you. When seen how shit can get ugly for motherfuckers when you were just on the track with Ja. Damn 50 should have just stayed at Fat Joe and Ja cause D-Block took it to 50. I respect the fact that Jada said it. If I am dissing you, you know I am dissing you cause I am saying your name. Sorry Mrs. Jackson, I am for REAL! hilarious shit to this day. aaa haaa! 1 YO.

  • Anonymous

    im like a wet towel on a summer day im like the number 6 upside down what the hey im like the trees in the wind like i bind and i spin that is pretty much any lil wayne song you will hear http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch this jbird bitch

  • LOL @ this beef

    Carter 3 had Lollipop for a buzz Carter 4 got a shot at Jay for a buzz

  • Lu

    Kiss i have respect for you and your career but " please no explanation". all you did was do a verse

  • Anonymous

    JADA u PUSSY. You knew what weezys verse was gonna be. You a pussy nigga tryna protect your cred from getting crushed by Jay

    • Anonymous

      That was the past...right now, in the PRESENT, Jay could bury Jada's whole career. Literally crush him. Jada don't want none of son!

    • Raking

      Whoa Whoa crushed by Jay-z??? Have you forgotten The Roc vs D Block beef back in the 2000s. let me remind you my D Block niggas went in!.... Had to stop eating red meat cause I ate too many Beanie-Macs lool

  • Anonymous

    Drake just threw shots at Hov too...that is Wayne's Scottie Pippen. Drake, please stop with the subliminals, and cook up that classic sophomore album...Jay-Z is the king, with no heir. Royce would give you the bizness, so how are you close to being a legend?


    Dr. Dre and 50 Cent are in the studio working on something. Who knows? It could be the oft-delayed Detox or is could be the oft-delayed new album from Mr. Cent. I wonder what it is. This definitely dispels the notion that there is beef between these guys. I would even go so far as to say some of the previous stuff was all acting! Or the totally believe in forgive and forget! Remember 50 threatened to leak Dre's song and Dre was pissed over 50's headset line. LOL!

  • Chicotic

    Why didn't Baby respond to Jay? With all the tongue kissing and tattoos of eachother's faces/names...Baby and Wayne already looking suspect! What's next?! Kanye throwing a purse at Wayne? Somebody wake me up when all these cats drop some hot music...until then...ZZZZZZZZ!

  • Balbino

    How come when any1 disses jay z every1 jus like na jay wont bother he wud eat him well how bout jay respond for once so we can see what this pop artist faget got in em

    • none

      Jay-z doesn't want another Ether fiasco.

    • smhrapdisses

      jay z is a beast regardless but this whole beef is retarded baby started jay z responded to baby and now wayne has to be captain save a hoe... since when do men start fighting other mens battles baby just need to shut his ass up and personally lil wayne has song good songs on occasion half the time he just be saying whatever dub shit that come out his mouth and people just love it honestly if pac and big was still around wayne wouldn't be shit

    • rukky

      real talk everyone sayn jayz could kill anyone when clearly nas fcked him up he aint invincible

    • Truthenola

      Responding to every rapper that disses you is a waste of time.. it has to come from someone of equal calibre, ie biggie 2pac , big L..oh shit they all dead


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG5DAkKM1GY&feature=related THIS VIDEO IS A CLASSIC

  • hussani

    i know the truth always hurts

  • hussani

    wayne needs to stop he cant mess wit jay.why he never went at cassidy when he was calling him out bout kissing baby?

  • Anonymous


  • based landlord

    LOL @ there now being a "Hov & Weezy beef" because they both said ONE LINE about each other in songs that were released months apart. Shut the fuck up HHDX, and know you guys are just dying for something interesting to write about on your front page, but this is not a "beef". Stop trying to turn it into a beef. "The now bubbling Hov/Weezy beef" - LOL, so fuckin stupid

    • dub sax

      cosign homie...if it weren't for an article about this so called "beef" people wouldn't be talkin bout it so much. hhdx starts a itty bitty spark and before u know it everyone on the internet tryin to make this a forest fire. its just entertainment and gossip who the fug cares

    • Maurice D. Randle

      CO-FUCKING-SIGN! This that gossip ass bitch-type shit; fuck that!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Wayne fired the shots so it's his beef. The new Jay-Z probably won't respond. The old Jay-Z would've ripped wayne to shreds.

  • hussani

    why isnt anyone saying anything bout drake he was on da song too

    • Anonymous

      Drake and Jada never took shots at Jay Z,and in my opinion their the smartest people in this thing. And i thought Wayne said he would talk it out with Jay ,what changed? Wayne is too young for this shit,he's just creating hype for his album.

    • Anonymous

      i was thinkin the same thing

    • Anonymous

      Really Drake going after Jay LMFAO and im not a Jay or Drake fan not even a lil bit!!! At least once in a day time Wayne was fire so he does have some respect to go after Jay. Drake need to stay in his lane and stick to singing to the ladies or whatever the fuck he do.

  • G-knock

    As an Mc in this Game i dont believe in nigga send me a track asking me to drope a verse, not know what they are going to do with it, look three months later they put it in a dis song because they cant carry a song for themself or battle agaist another mc for self, why do niggas always trying to pull other nigga in there fight when they know they cant shoot a fair one or with a fight, we all know wayne cant go raps for raps or matter of fact banks for banks when its come to Jay A

  • check

    jada would roast jay-z. nobody wants to actually test their rap skills against jadakiss. they might be able to make better albums, and move more units. but you aren't outrapping jadakiss. jadakiss had biggie in the studio stuck. lil wayne doesn't have the skills to fuck with jay-z, but he has the youth and could sway the people. i give lil wayne credit for dissing jigga, jigga been a little throw a shot and hide ass nigga for a long time now. since ether really. if jay-z doesn't reply to wayne, he won't reply to anyone. i guess you have to fuck beyonce to get a response out of the self proclaimed GOAT. even then, he might say you're not big enough to worry about. and then jay stans act like jigga won. HA HA. yeah, the guy getting dissed all day by everyone who never tells niggas to shut the fuck up is winning. right. pussy hero for pussy people.

  • Leo Tavarez

    When I herd Wayne dissing Jay-Z my anticipation for the album dropped, but still herd it....gave it 4 out of 5. This is ridiculous.....we need a 2012 Takeover

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that, Jada knows the game. He doing collabs over Fedex and had no agreement in place to approve the final song. And before you say that's not how it works, I can guarantee if Jada dissed anyone in Wayne's camp, that verse would have gone MIA. Does look like he accidently did on twitter though... lol

  • @Deknowz

    Jada's already barked up that tree and it fell on him. "I don't drink soda but I love to son-kiss"-Jay-Z

    • Ateam219

      N when beans was going at Kiss.. Styles shut that whole battle down real quick... Jay kno who to go after and not to mess wit.. he may b able to throw his wealth around.. But u gota respect those VETS on DBLOCK

    • pap

      the fuck you talking about Jay called up hot 97 to apologize to Kiss right after him n dmx gavehim a light tap on wax n thats a #FACT! smfh idk why wont the whole world acknowledge this!

    • Anonymous

      beanie sigel actually tore jadakiss up. Jay-Z didn't spit a verse towards any dblock members.

  • lois

    I don't know why niggas be hatin on 50 Cent when he was the only one keepin this rap game real. 50 always calls out names not this wackkko Wayne nigga. Jada is a dope but fuck Wezzy shit is garbage.

    • ytfyt

      50 cent is the only real player in a game full of fakers thats why they don't pass him the ball

    • Anonymous

      50 was too real for the rap game. spoke his mind, didn't like most other faggot rappers. self contained, not afraid of consequence. he dropped one too many wack tracks chasing the charts. he should just focus on his core fans and hit them with that gangsta soul music that got him hot. cuz 50 at his worst is better than most shit gettin steamed on dx on the daily.

  • Anonymous

    jada know better, he tried before, plus the roc feedin his ass right now


    kiss didnt diss nobody did jay drop names? no these boys feel like cant nobody diss jay dude is not god

  • stretch

    haha jada dissed wayne lol. "I SAY THERE NAMES" unlike tht bitch lil wayne

  • Rob w

    This has happen before when young buck sent tI a blank beat and tip did a verse and then buck sent it to Luda who dissed ti but that was on the same track... But I agree they should let you know what's the songs motive before you record wit somebody and they talking recless

    • Jon

      Eh, kind of. Buck told Luda that TI dissed him and that he didn't have anything to do with it. So Luda asked if he could jump on the track too, then dissed TI in retaliation.

  • Anonymous


  • Ethernet

    And as far as Kiss removing himself from the beef hes right and he sent a shot @ Wayne when he said "Jada names names".

    • Big Dan

      There you go, tryna start trouble. Jada is simply trying to point out that when he disses someone, you won't have to ask, you'll know. It's not a shot at Wayne. If nothing else, that defeats his statement, since he did not mention a name.

  • Ethernet

    Niggas talking about Jay Zs "level".Fuck that he still gotta earn cuz Hip Hop aint dead.And when I say earn I dont mean cash and record sales sweethearts I mean hard bars.Plus Jay got killt by Nas lets not forget that.

  • blackula

    this is what happens when these fools email verses to eachother instead of creating in the studio like they should be. jada's twitter tantrum could have been avoided.

    • gbladdr

      Co-sign. I think it's sad that most collaborations (if you can even call them that) these days are through email, where those featured on the finished track probably don't hear each others verses. There's no sense of camaraderie and/or competition, and there isn't as much synergy - flat and oftentimes unnatural. It's just to put another name on the back of the album cover.

  • SBMobile

    It might help if you actually listen to the songs your getting put on! What if Wayne had something negative to say about Kiss? You're telling me he wouldn't have even none until now? That's really WACK on Jada's part!

  • wtf

    Of course he separates himself of that diss.I mean did you hear wayne's lines?it's like he's dissin himself.

  • Beanie Sigel

    You bout to really make me hurt you Kiss spitting candy bars this nigga sweater than a Hershey kiss

    • Anonymous

      douche on the mind ay fag, thats all you seem to say. By the way, Jada is puss, he ain't hard, you see his interview with jack thriller, he aint hard...lol

    • Joe G. Stacks

      Poo man should change his name to douche man

    • Anonymous

      gtfoh his last album was oc the ROC him and jay mad cool jada went back to ruff ryders they about to re launch the label swizz just did tracks on watch the throne jay and kiss got classic songs together go listen to blackout or reservoir dogs. and jay will be on the new ruff ryder album they basically like family

    • Anonymous

      jadakiss don't fear nobody. get out of here with that bullshit.

  • Fonzy

    Jada go hard! Wayne is a pre-schooler compared to Jadakiss. He's the type of rapper Jay would think twice about!

  • Anonymous

    Shut up cock sucker

  • Anonymous

    damn it took wanye like a year 2 respond #stepyabarsup game did his otis verse over night c'mon son

    • SBMobile

      Nothing Wayne says can even put a "chink" J's armour! Wayne's not even on Kanye's level, much less Jay-Z! These artist's need to win some championship belts before they want to go any rounds with the champ! Popping bottles doesn't make you a champ!

  • Anonymous

    tht song was garbage

  • lakey j white

    people need to leave Jadakiss alone.dude dont have anything to do with the beef.it's sad you cant do a song without someone accusing you of something that aint true at all

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