Lil Wayne Disses Jay-Z On "It's Good" Featuring Jadakiss & Drake

Weezy responds to Hov's "baby money" diss on "H.A.M."

Jay-Z made a thinly veiled diss towards Baby on “H.A.M.,”  saying, "you got baby money.” In a new leak off his upcoming album Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne not-so-subtly fires back at Hov on “It’s Good” featuring Jadakiss and Drake, using the third verse on the track to respond.

On the cut, he raps, “Talkin’ ‘bout baby money, I gotcha baby money / Kidnap your bitch get that how much you love your lady money / I know you fake, nigga / Press your brakes, nigga / I’ll take you out, that’s a date, nigga / I’m a grown ass blood, stop playing with me / Play asshole, and get an ass whippin’ / I think you pussycat, hello kitty.”

Wayne previously spoke on Jay’s diss, saying he wouldn’t turn anything into a full-blown beef but would address it. “Me and my wit, given my wit, I would probably play off of it," he said. "But I wouldn't make it a competition, because actually, the subject that he's talking about in that line, I can't box with the card. I'd be the first one to tell you that, given my wit, and the type of person that I am, I'd capitalize and I'd play off of it. Yeah, I definitely would."

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  • andrew

    like jay said he got 99 problems but a bitch aint one

  • andrew

    how the fuck are people sayin wayne can rap.... he has stupid ass fuck lines in his raps example i dont drink champagne it make my stomach hurt.. and says hes out of his lima bean haha or he calls himself tunafish he a kid rapper for high schoolers he a fake gangster a bitch.. jay owns the rap game changed rap thats all i gotta say



  • Joe

    It's funny how Wayne fans can't talk shit on Jay-Z about money, since Jay IS actually richer, maybe now they'll get that money doesn't make the rapper.

  • Randy Robbins

    wayne needs to get back to spittin' like this, dude...

  • gmfw7

    wayne's verse was fire and no one can deny that...and i'm not the biggest wayne fan...however to say that wayne is even comparable to jay is a joke...hov been going hard for almost two decades and even at an age now where he isn't interested in gangsta rap cause that ain't his life anymore, he still putting out harder shit than 95% of these fake ass rappers can say what you want about jay, but at the end of the day he's probably the most influential hip-hop artist of all time...granted if big or pac would've lived longer he'd have much more competition, but no one has consistently put out the caliber of music he has over an extended period of time....and for anyone saying they think it was wrong for jada or drake to be on the track, they both were interviewed and said that they just got the beat and put a verse on it and neither knew wayne was planning on dissing hov....i don't really understand the whole beef to begin with because i never really took those couple bars in HAM to be directed at Wayne, considering the two of them seemed to have a pretty good relationship the past few years...i also read on here something about Nas murdering Hov when they were beefing...yea ether was fire and one of the better diss records i've heard, but jay in no way lost that little beef...the takeover, supa ugly, and blueprint 2 all took pretty hard shots at Nas, and jay only stopped because Nas's mom was sick and Jay's mom told him he should kill the beef and apologize for suggesting that he fucked Nas baby mom in supa ugly....the bottom line people, whether you love him, hate him, or otherwise...jay deserves the respect of every hip-hop fan of any generation for his contribution to the game

  • Derrick Templeton


  • lol

    MOTHERFUCK JAY Z AND WEST THEY FUCKEN SUCK I HOPE THEY DIE GET RAPED AND THEN GO TO HELL but on that note i would kidnap jay z's wife and make another baby with her :)

  • Anonymous

    it's funny how jay-z can diss weezy but when pac said hov's name back in the day he was quiet as fuck. Yall niqqas know im telling the truth too

  • BigNutz

    all you sayin lil wayne cant rap.. your just old and cant learn change.. your still suck on da old school.. lil wayne changed rap and everyone else followed him.. so call the ones that followed him fake and shit.. and jay-z is definitely not the best rapper alive.. just the richest

  • Anonymous

    yea you right mike. if you only listen 2 mainstream plz dont. talk tech nine is up there with jay , nas and jadakiss to

  • Anonymous

    it kinda pisses me off that jada would jump on it but then again maybe he didnt know wayne was gunna diss em

    • money mike 245

      lol lil wayne cant rap but jay z said he was 1 of the best mixtape rappers and last time i check mixtapes=RAP dont say wayne suks if you dont listen 2 mixtapes JAY Z is still the best alive.

  • Борислав Иванов

    Wayne ain't got SHIT on Jay! Jigga can kill him with only one verse...this Lil bitch can't even rap!


    I do not understand where all this whining and bitching comes from. I understand that these two talented individuals are aiming specific, lyrical verses and lines at each other, intentionally, but that does not make one any less inferior than the other. And if you ARE willing to incorporate that, then, if anything, Jay-Z should be the one at fault, due to him pulling the first strike. Secondly, skills...everyone else, individually, possess different assets. Strengths and weaknesses. Jay-Z is a great artist, but so is Lil Wayne. Both bank. Both make shit-tons of money that none of us will probably, ever, amount to. So why in the fucking world are we arguing over something as little as that? And if you wanna talk skills, Jay-Z is an honest and sincere rapper, whereas (in my eyes) Lil Wayne is a punchline rapper. Both have talent and both can go hard if they want to. Instead of whinin' and bitching like a goddamn woman, how 'bout you fucks sit the fuck down and enjoy the music these two artists produce, regardless if there will be beef or not? My own 2 cents. Get wit it or get lost.

  • DrakeisFrake

    How can a rehab candidate be better than a rapper turned well respected entrepreneur? How can a nick jr actor turned rapper be taken seriously? It's funny how BIRDMAN , WAYNE , AND FRAKE are all part of Cash Money... Clowns exploiting hip hop CASH MONEY RECORD LABEL IS FULL OF SHIT

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a shit who started it either way lil wayne was dumb for trying to diss him back cause jay will easily ruin his rap career. i like lil waynes music but jay z is real and will rip wayne apart and make him look like a little pussy and everyone knows it but all the lil wayne fans just wont admit it

  • William

    I just read that Lil Wayne would ether Jay-Z, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Lil Wayne can't rap for shit, only way Lil Wayne can even move Jay Z is if he gets a ghostwriter. Lil Wayne is a phony rapper/gangster, he's a lil Bitch. You have to be on Nas' level to destroy Jay and Lil Wayne falls very short


    Why is FUCkk YOU jock riding FRAKE? You know SayNO2Drake is right... If your a female... You're FLAT OUT WRONG... If not, You're a punk-ass di** riding Fa**** What you know about FRAKE having "moe SEX"? Cause he talks about it, YOU hear it and fall in love... FRAKE has nothing relevant to say... Listen to the track MORON.. So keep fantazing about FRAKE having "MoE SEX" than "you", punk groupie... WAYNE atleast went through the ranks... I DONT NEED 2 STUNT OR FRAKE, (lol) JUST KEEP IT REAL Shouts to JADAKISS for killin the track and keepin it real!!! NY Signing OFF!!!!!

  • SayNO2Drake

    Why is drake on the track? Seriously people, JUST SAY NO TO DRAKE Drake = Fake hiphop

    • FUCkk YOU


  • tia

    JAY Z STARTED IT ! so wayne has the RIGHT to address it if he WANTS .... so if wayne wanna go IN he can ! ppl keep saying wayne trash jay z ill kill him ! think ABOUT WHAT U SAY before u speak ! .. love wayne with that BEING SAID get the carter 4 its amazing

  • tia

    jay z started it ! NOT WAYNE! soo yeah with that being said wayne go BEATS ON HIM IF nessary !

  • Anonymous

    why are so many folks defending Jay? He did a sucka punch in H.A.M and now its like - he doesn't have to respond cause he's bigger than them cats, but in fact he was the one who threw the sucker punch first, so now he has to back it up. Jay thinks he walks on water and don't expect people to respond back. Get ready for Jay to get Ethered part 2. To be honest, Lil Wayne and Ross are on top now with Jay maintaining and that's all good, but like 50 found out, as he tried his best to destroy Ross and had potent ammo with that CO pic and baby mama porn, Rick is still on top. These cats are doing it like Jay did it. They are becoming a business also. Jay should have realized that. And they are a talented bunch. I like Jay but I'm now starting to feel Wayne and if Rick Ross and Lil Wayne did an ablum together (see the multiple tracks they've put out recently), I swear it would be better than WTT. Look at Tupac's Back, John, etc. Jay has fucked over so many people his only army personnel is Kanye West?!? Jay would be in trouble and Wayne knows he has the arsenal, the army and the alliances to beat Jay at this point. Jay is at his weakest right now after getting rid of Beans, Dame, etc.

  • TruthSpeaks

    Drake rhymes as if hes on a wheelchair... DISABLED... Wayne gets close but no cigar... Jadakiss is the ONLY truth amoung the 3. How is drake famous anyway? o yea, the kids!

  • Dante Dominik Rios

    Why does this foo Weezy keep trying to Diss Jay-Z? Does he really think that he's on Jay's level?? Its like Jay-Z is the USA, and Lil Wayne is China... they might think that they're quickly becoming more wealthier, and much more better than the US.. but at the end of the day.. the difference between USA and China is $10 Trillion... U get what I'm saying? Lil Wayne doesn't touch Jay, EVER!

    • Melanie

      Worst example ever. We owe China money! So you watch the news?

    • Dave

      I agree wit u 1001 percent on that

    • Anonymous

      exactly thats why the U.S. owes China trillions, um raise the debt ceiling because we can't borrow no more ceilings sucka!

    • Ruben Moore

      China is more powerful then the u.s.a. not only in numbers, but technology, and money as well. Jay uses his name to get respect. Tha blueprint 3 was barely worth buying. Jay is a bitch cause he passed the crown to wayne on the carer 3 and now that wayne is huge, jay is bad. Well that nigga made a bad buisness decesion, and thats why at the end of waynes diss he said this a buisness meeting.

  • KingMC

    All of a sudden Jay is too big to have to answer to Lil Wayne, but it looks like Jay thinks they are important. He's been sending subliminal lyrics their way for a minute. Its been them ignoring him, similar to Nas episode. Jay should have left these as interview pieces. Baby said his in interview, Jay responded in interview by saying let's pull out bank statements. Now all of a sudden Jay shouldn't waste his time? Haa...seem Jay thinks they are worth his time and are watching what they say and do...

    • ruben moore

      nas kills jay and wayne no question. im tired of jay using his name as his claim to fame. he wouldnt be shit without the man that came before him. wayne is from the south, and the south didnt have a b.i.g. or a pac and had to make his own name. that carter 2 and tha carter were harder then anything that jay has released ever....all i got to say is jay shouldnt have passed the crown on tha carter 3, and now he is mad cause he did, but guess what "its a hard knock life"

  • cherishthemusic

    Yo lil Wayne better buy new nike's!!...and Beyonce had nothing to do with it... That was completely diss respectful ...and btw In my opinion jay and kanye runs this s**t they call hip-hop!! ... give it up to drake two...legend in the making.....

    • Melanie

      Jay brought Beyonce into it. Go back and listen to H.A.M.

    • ruben

      drake is not the greates, but honestly when he comes on a track thats the part i vibe out to the most, he might not be lyrical but his flow makes up. jay couldnt touch wayne even tho jay may be more lyrical he is from an area where rappers put vocabulary together with no coherency hes garbage. nas kills jay no question. wayne has to much respect from the biggest artist in the industry to dsate right now to be touched

    • ya boy

      Curtis you must be living in a time capsule Lil Wayne, Rick Ross have taken over the game. Chris Brown has taken over the R&B game. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross are pretty much equals ala Jay Z and Biggie and Chris Brown is where R Kelly was. Its the changing of the guard. Even Jada could sense it and that's why he jumped on the track. Drake is the new Kanye West. If you can't see the parallels and then you ain't paying close enough attention. Lil Wayne (and i didn't really like him) has been coming for the throne for a while. Just don't know if it will be Rick Ross (with push from P Diddy) or Lil Wayne who takes it. Its no disrespect to Jay, but no matter how you fight it, someone hotter will eventually come along and the changing of the guard will have to happen.

  • curtis

    i remember, "hey mr carter" jay and wayne was riding each others johnsons now they beefin. I REMEMBER game saying he dont take shots at legends like "jay z" now he holding 8 year beef. what happened?

  • Silas Nettles

    look at all these children protecting their precious Jay-Z(father)....yall know damn well Jay-Z is not even close to Wayne's lyrical ability...yall say the same ol shit about Wayne this and Wayne that and yet all Jay-Z does is talk about shit he did years ago and bring up the money he has...negro PLEASE...Kanye makes that nigga half the money he gets and Wayne was the reason why people started to actually listen to his subpar chill with the nonsense...Jay-Z does not want any of Wayne, especially a beef...every artist Jay-Z beefs with...he gets his ass worked lol because all he's gonna do is talk about the money he has...#comeOnNow...yall call Wayne's lyrics kindergarten and yet most of yall (Wayne dislikers) don't even get what he says half the ummm who is dumb again? lol yall dumbasses!

    • ruben moore

      shit andre 3k is nice, techn9ne spits, rakim is alright, K.R.I.T. is the nicest tho. Jay was on top in the 90's but honestly him and kanye shoulda called their cd "watch the throne fall" just like kanye did on stage the other day

    • Tduma91

      There's only one "god mc" and that's Rakim.

    • yooo

      u sound stupid as fuck please jay-z is lil wayne idol doesnt he have a jay-z verse tatooed on his arm lmao..jay would murk wayne any day of the week go back and listen to jay classics u gota do some researching if u think he's weak

    • Anonymous

      I'll put my mnoney on wayne, because jay is on some lunch with obama, and is gone beyond hip hop really in a sense. I'm not no Wayne fan either, you kidding me. It ain't my thing but I'm sure dued can battle rap these niggaz in the mainstream like jigga and Kanye..Not saying any of them are the real shit,just for watered down mainstream culture

    • Anonymous

      Yes it will be embarrassing when Jay tekes a lyrical ass whipping by "little wayne" Jay used to be one of the nicest niggaz around at the time when he was still on his grizzley, and none could dipute that he was a God mc

  • Peter Marshall

    fuck jay, nas and weezy. Kendrick Lamar is fuckin dope

  • Lil wayne likes men

    Lil wayne said "my girl is a faggot" on that song. ?

    • yooo

      in what way is jay beats, concepts,album titles, style unoriginal? and dont bring up thos biggie lines for his lyrics every fucken rapper quotes any rappers lyrics..

    • smokeridersessions

      jay-z is a fruad unoriginal name,lyrics,beats,concepts,album titles,style he is not an ARTIST he is a CON-ARTIST . only a CON-ARTIST would sell salt to a snail keep byuing it up you sluggs

  • Jesse James

    JAY-Z on Troube (Kingdome Come) You lil niggas ain’t deep, you dumb You niggas ain’t gangsta, you gum I chew lil niggas Hock-tphew spew lil niggas I can only view lil niggas like lil niggas But in lieu of lil niggas Tryin' to play that boy, I ptoo-ptoo lil niggas with the latest toy Unlike you lil nigga, I’m a grown ass man Big shoes to fill, nigga, grown ass pants Prolly hustled with ya pops, go ask ya parents Its apparent ya’ll staring at a legend Who put a few lil niggas in they place before Trying to eat without saying they “Grace” before Blasphemous bastard, get your faith restored Ya’ll viewin’ ya’ll version of the Lord God MC lil nigga, applaud or Forever burn in the fire that I spit at ya’ll I rebuke you, little nigga! The meek shall inherit, I ROOF you little nigga I’m a project terrorist CUTE you little niggas think you in my class Substitute lil niggas who feel my wrath I mute you little nigga You a lil nigga- I child abuse you lil nigga I’m a ill nigga Now shoo! You lil niggas go somewhere and play Cause the day I lose to you lil niggas? No day!

  • Anonymous

    wayne is wack i mean wack

  • lsn22s

    That was weak as hell...I know Wayne fell off HARD but that shit was REALLY weak...Jay will probably respond with a subliminal or a joke in an interview about how gay wayne is...Jay aint in his prime anymore but he would eat Wayne alive lyrically NO PROBLEM.... I mean c'mon...I don't really know any intelligent Lil' Wayne fans, his punchlines are on some kindergarten shit...all his fans are teenagers, goons and hoes, basically the dumbest folks available...I know Jay-Z is known for talking about money, but unlike Wayne there is actually MORE to his music besides just the commercial tracks, his bars have more weight to them (at least Jay means what he says, no fake-banging)...Wayne has NOTHING that will ever come close to touching Jay's best work...for fucks sake, Wayne sounds retarded just TALKING... I gotta stop...Wayne stans won't get it anyways, and everyone else knows better...

    • Lauren

      Okay, I'm not a teenager, and I'm definitely not a "hoe." I'm a respectable college student that loves Lil Wayne. Don't stereotype, makes you look bad. Just saying. I'm not dumb either, seeing as how I'm in the Honors College with a 3.8. So, back to Lil Wayne. His lyrics are sick as hell, and they're intelligent. They all have meanings and metaphors to them, if you can't get that, you're not smart enough, and that isn't Wayne's fault. I don't like Jay, at all. I find him extremely annoying, and I feel like Watch the Throne was saved by Kanye, but that's just my opinion.

    • haterz

      when i first heard Lil wayne, i thought it was ok. then i started to understand what he was saying and i was like he got at Jay. He actually did his thing. in Jay's verse, he's scared to say names and keeps saying lil nigga...this dude who's already at the throne just yanked Jay's portion out of Jay's hand and said 'Give me don't deserve it'. Jada co-signed Lil Wayne...that's saying something.

  • Cosmopolitan

    Dear all Lil Wayne fans, Please tell me why is this half monkey half primitive human being, still alive and eventually took over the hip hop society? And why are you still loving them like a blind dicksucker?


    wayne a fool, Jay is the god mc, point blank i wonder what would happen if he wrote a book of ryhmes

  • hahaha


    • Anonymous

      You have to think about what you're saying...the roster is how Baby got to $250 mil so with a full roster besides wayne, watch how quickly he doubles up...

    • Anonymous

      Think about what you're saying. So who cares if a whole ROSTER (Cash Money) catches up with Jay? None of them individually will be more paid then Jay-z.

    • forbesmc

      Forbe reported Baby at 100 mil, but it was found to be false. He's at 250 mil. Still below jay's 450 and it will be hard to catch, but look at how one mc (Jay-Z) caused the Roc to net that much with Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Money and Rick Ross (the 3rd of 3 equally rappers in the game) co-signing and DJ Khaled running Def Jams South, I see Cash Money making a strong run at Jay in the cash department in the next few years just as 50 cent did (cept 50 isn't as talented and neither was his roster). Everything Cash Money has touched has been gold. There's not denying that. But Jay pretty much was rocafella.

  • kingkong

    jay-z = King , Kanye = prince , lil wayne = jester...

    • Jokerz

      JayZ - old king, Lil Wayne - young prince getting ready for throne, and we all know Kanye is the Jester. but he's hella tight, but his moves are weird.

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    THIS IS NOT A BEEF PPL NOT @ ALL. Especially if Wayne gay ass gave in before he made the diss DUHH!!! He called Jay Z God n if u don't believe me watch this...... Again Wayne proves to be a Fake ASS BITCH


    I THOUGHT IT WAS CAIN BUT IT WAS GOLD MEDAL FLOUR. name the song and the rapper

  • Quabo

    jay z and nas was wat we cal beef,nw wizzy nd Jay wat happnde to Hey Mr.Carter?

  • "REAL TAKL" Man Fuck All Y'all Hating Ass Niggas


  • Worlanyo Danny De Don

    Jay is the King of Hip Hop Financially ... so no need to come at him wif ur baby lines Weezy, had it not been for the State of Music as a whole u wud not have stayed relevant... I hope you baby funs bump to this lines in the creche ... And for ya'll weezy started dissing Jay lyk long fuckin time ago

  • Ern Stripes

    I ain't saying them niggas wack but it's a lot of better rappers than them. And im just talking lyrically. Like Crooked I,Elzhi, Joe budden just to name few. Crooked I especially cause he makes good music all the way around from gangsta,club,lyrical,heart felt,etc.... He or they don't wanna dumb down for the masses. Just my thoughts that's all. Columbus Ohio hip hop on the rise y'all. Home Town Villians,Copywrite,Catalyst (Thought Set),J Messiah,Ern Stripes,(Flyness N the Flesh) Flip the Early Riser,Metro,Blast Mega,Ezekials Will,The 3rd,Omnibreed,Stone Craft,Nusense,Fly Union, and a whole slew of others. Too many to name on here. Check us out on You tube,Soulful Voices Entertainment. I'm not going to say real hip hop but support good music.

    • Yes

      Yes sir. Crooked I indeed destroys both of these dudes. In lyricism and versatility. oh and so does Legend

  • DIGI

    Not that anyone cares but Baby needs to shut the fuck up and stick to what he knows, because him and waynes money put together doesnt even top Hovs, List came out on aug10th 2011 1. Jay-Z - $37 Million 2. Diddy - $35 Million 3. Kanye West - $16 Million 4. Lil Wayne - $15 Million 4. Birdman, $15 million (tie) 6. Eminem, $14 million (tie) 6. Dr. Dre, $14 million (tie) 6. Snoop Dogg, $14 million (tie) 9. Akon, $13 million 10. Ludacris, $12 million 11. Wiz Khalifa, $11 million (tie) 11. Drake, $11 million (tie) 13. Pharrell Williams, $10 million 14. Timbaland, $7 million 15. Swizz Beatz, $6.5 million (tie) 15. Nicki Minaj, $6.5 million (tie) 17. Rick Ross, $6 million (tie) 17. 50 Cent, $6 million (tie) 17. Pitbull, $6 million (tie) 20. T-Pain, $5 million (tie) 20. Bobby "B.o.B" Simmons, Jr., $5 million (tie) Continue reading at Forbes 20 Richest Rappers List 2011: Who is the Cash King? | NowPublic News Coverage

    • SMH

      seriously though, there is always that dumb f**k who gets to talking about money. This issue is about skill and music not about how much money they make. smh, when idiots like you bring up the money factor its because you know you getting your ass beat in the discussion about skill and lyrics. stop researching their funds and go try and stack your own paper

    • Devin

      Now, you do remember that Wayne was locked up for the majority of the year right? And still pulled $15 mil! Get Real

    • Big Dan

      I dislike retarded looking Weezy myself, but how does a conversation about skills turns into who's got the most money? That should not be a factor here at all. Get off that ghetto nonsense

    • Silas

      umm you do know that Kanye makes Jay-Z his money right....without him Jay-Z is probably not even in the top twenty...let's keep it real

  • sun_god7

    More than a year ago Baby went on radio and said that Wayne has more money than Jay-Z. That Wayne was the richer rapper. Jay-Z was asked about what he thought, on another radio show for his response. Jay, knowing they don't have that money, simply put it out there that he had no problem, opening up his books to compare to their open books - "but it would have to cost them." That shut down the money talk right there. Months from now they're going to be on a track together, again. Anyway...the real beef is with this unemployment, the mass incarceration of Black folks, police terrorism and how white folks just phucked up the environment.

  • WeezyFaint1

    Jay Responds to Lil Wayne Dis

    • YO


  • Fill Citi

    I like it!!! I don't know though, ya'll think HOV will fire back??

  • Anonymous


  • AOHL

    I thought rap beef was over and done with. Furthermore, wasn't Wayne all on Jay-Zs nuts a few years ago? And has Jay seriously run out of things to rap about that he resorts to throwing cheap "lyrical" blows?

    • Lsn22s

      Actually the orgins of hip hop was party music...break beats and "we rock the party" type you're dead wrong there buddy...battling happened years after that, when hip hop had begun embracing the hardcore and negativity...talking shit about other rappers originated with egos...

    • bkstylz

      If rap beef is over with then rap would be dead. It is the evolution of the street battle which is at the core of the origins of rap music.

  • Anonymous

    Busta DESTROYED the building on that opening verse on H.A.M. and we are talking bout 1 line from Jay Z on the track. Hail to Busta Rhymes like really YO.

  • Anonymous

    about time his craiglist lyrics came through both jay z and lil wayne are wack but jigga would kill wayne just cuz you say your the best doesnt make it so, ive seen you kiss a grown ass man you were better off to sell your soul i'll extinct you like a dodo how you gonna suck a dick and say no homo quit fakin like turkey bacon we all know birdman got that ass achin 20 seconds and i murdered lil wayne new article: jbird dissed lil wayne, now listen to my music

  • Justyn Williams

    Wayne > tupac

  • Andrew Sass

    If I wanted too listen to the same songs over and over and over I would listen to Wezzy, because all his shit is the exact same over different beats.

  • Andrew Sass

    Who the fuck cares about either of these weak ass rappers? Wazzy sucks balls except for a couple of songs. As for Jigga, he hasn't be relevant since The Blueprint.

  • BMORE2011

    Truthfully that little jab was wack. Wayne isnt no battle rapper. I know everybody is gonna hype it up but Jay probably wont respond its not cause he cant end his career it would be a waste of time. Plus if Wayne can stop biting everybodys style then he could be considered one of the best. But since he been out hes been biting somebodys style.

    • funnyNYers?

      Jay was the one who started the he doesn't have to respond? Like punching someone in the face, then getting punched back and then backing off and everyone saying - o he didn't have to hit the guy again because he has more muscle...then why did he hit in the first place? Jay has to respond because no matter what people say - jay doesn't see them , etc. - apparently Jay does see them because he's sending words their way.

  • Anonymous

    Ima say this.I don't think anyone is gonna get close to Jayz as a rapper or buisness man ever agian.The only person close and is black is Diddy.50cent fell off.50 gimick fell off.Lil Wayne is a great rapper but isn't better than Jayz.Jayz going on 50 and out doing young niggaz and has a bad broad.Diddy the only one close because if he get Jlo agian that nigga dam near got Jayz real talk.

  • Album Leaks

    Tha Carter IV (Deluxe edition) has already been leaked, cop it here:

  • Anonymous

    jay dont have to win the battle haha he is winning the war. he can have an album do a 1,000,000 whenever he wants he is on the beatles ass hahah... he has more number records than elvis lol lil wayne get real. do you think wayne with the way he is making music now could actually beat that record get real. he not talking about nothing on the whole album. try that again next time and see how many numbers he does. haha and not to metion by the next time he comes out he will be 30 yes 30 haha..yeah you will catch jay alright.. white folks are going to drop wayne like the did 50 and say that fools wack now. he can't say that about jay he goes in. its his swag thats exciting now always his music the way he brags about himself like he is some kinda god if entertaining... wayne the way he is doing it now is getting boring. we dont believe you you need more people.

  • d.c the producer


  • Paco's Taco

    Does anyone have the video of this stupid fuck busting his head open, I would love to see that shit.

  • Haters Ball Member

    What a fucking little Queer, he has Baby tatooed on his arm, his kisses baby on the lips & calls him daddy, he also likes to say Weeezy F.(Fucks) Baby, it simply does not get any gayer than that.

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    If Wayne's gonna come at Hov, he should have gone alot harder, facts or cuss lines that make everybody in the classroom huddled up to that one kids phone go "Oooooooh SHIT!" and start laughing. Wayne didn't even fart on Hov with this, and whether or not he could actually come out and Ether the senior Mr. Carter is a debate for idiot dickriders. "Kidnap your bitch get that how much you love your lady money" only stand out line and it still falls flat because this nigga wayne would never kidnap anybody least of all Beyonce... That thug card won't work after all the alternative/closet gay shit Wayne's done. "I’m a grown ass blood, stop playing with me" He forgets Hov is alot more grown than him, and nobody care's that you rep the Bloods, cah you're not gangbanging or on the streets.

  • Fado

    kidnap your bitch? waynes diss was lame stop riding his dick, he responded with some fictional shit he would never do...Wayne still rapping about how hes a blood and a gangster and wearing tight bright red skinny jeans with some teddy bear adidas.And if your gonna diss Jay Z diss him on some real shit not some fictional shit you would never do (like shoot him) cus you weren't creative enough to diss him on facts. But I guess the wayne fans on here are thinking "shutup hater lil wayne is a gangsta he will kidnap Beyonce!, he is a real blood!" lol....As a side note I liked Drakes verse (still using that SAME as delivery, but its still dope).

  • hiphop 101

    Jay gonna murk wayne juss you watch, its like an itch ...he let NAS and mobb deep n dem talk then he got fed up and slayed them.. wayne gon get exposed, hes a terible rapper BTW.. Drizzy can't be feeling this neither Hov his idol

    • dude above me ^^

      ^^ those same lyrics are from a song that killed nas, "my momma cant save you this time, niggaz is history" jay is so clever i cant even explain it to you words, "but you can't give cred to anything dude says/same dude to give you ice now you owe him some head (shortyyyy)" should i keep going man..."cant ya'll see that he's fake, the rap version of T.D. Jakes/ prophesizing on your CDs and tapes/wont break you a crumb of the little that he makes/ And this is whom you want to place your faith" should i keep going? ok i will "Your an actor, you not who your depicted to be/ your street dreamin, all you niggaz live it through me/ I gave you life when niggaz was forgetting you MC'd" ...years later nas joined def jam..

    • LOL @ these comments

      Jay slayed Nas? LOL Bleek said Ether hurt the whole Roc Jay momma made him apologize for Superugly "I've been real all my life, they confuse it with deceit Since I will not lose, they try to help him cheat But I will not lose, for even in defeat There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens it up for me When the grass is cut, the snakes will show I gotta thank the little homie Nas for that though-Jay Z-Blueprint 2 he admitting he took the loss, and Nas finished it with Last Real N***a Alive, look at the song name coming from the Jay verse. Nas made Jay stop name calling and start sneakdissing, y'all call it subliminals. Feel free to link up this Nas slaying From Jay. LOL

    • Anonymous

      lol...nas fuckin murdered jay. that takeover shit was straight garbage

    • Anonymous

      Could'nt go back to his roots and even address sigel or 50 Not jocking that was an alright verse not wack or stupid sounding If Jay sits back and lets wayne,well walk over him like will be a dam shame

    • YoungKerm

      Jay-z did murk nas the only song that nas did spazz on is ether list to blueprint 2 or supa ugly

    • mindrelated

      Stop that, Take Over and Super Ugly were ill.

    • Anonymous

      When did jay z ever slay nas all i remember was ether


    Dr. Dre and 50 Cent are in the studio working on something. Who knows? It could be the oft-delayed Detox or is could be the oft-delayed new album from Mr. Cent. I wonder what it is. This definitely dispels the notion that there is beef between these guys. I would even go so far as to say some of the previous stuff was all acting! Or the totally believe in forgive and forget! Remember 50 threatened to leak Dre's song and Dre was pissed over 50's headset line. LOL!

  • Said bin Ghazali

    Why is this retard, so famous in America?

  • Anonymous

    Fifty, Eminem, Dre, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, USDA, T.I, Luda and Rick Ross, Camron, Jadakiss, Talib and Mos Def Kings and princes of hip hop Unite, stop beefin and chickenin, Gay ppl only do that. And homos. As I say we shall unite. You, must spread this voice to all. Pis!

  • Anonymous

    president carter, megaman, interlude, outro, are the best songs on Carter IV...

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    All you niggas is pussy!

  • anonymous


  • BMORE2011

    If you really think about it its Waynes way to sell on the Carter 4. Him and Game are doing the same thing beefing with the Jay Z right before their akbums come out. Its really funny how this song mysteriously leaks out days before Carter 4 drops

    • Horrifying J

      You suck, it's a basic of whole terra. Rappers are there to gain cash for companies, not for developing hip hop culture to the fullest. Are those breakdancers, graffiti artists, DJs etc doing some mentally challenged beef or something? Absolutely no.

    • dmize-one

      smart guy, the whole album leaked.. the media is biggin up this song not wayne...

  • Ayron

  • Ayron

    us rappers in england dont all have fued about complete shit

  • Ayron

    you lot are arguing about shit you dont know about so why do you all stop bitching about whats going down and just listen the rap artist you like you fuckin retards your like kids just all chillout o by the way eminem kills em all so shut

  • YouSerious?

    I'll take you out, that's a date, nigga/ .....(pause) line much?

  • jimmybond

    I'm sorry but I have to repost my thoughts...These comment topics are losing credibility...Wayne, even with a couple witty bars, was using 50's style from "Be a Gentleman". He didn't call Hov out by name and he can't use real facts, so he's using B as a crutch (a la Cameron Giles) to further - indirectly attest he doesn't have those caliber skills....Like Nas said, "come at me scientific, or don't come at all"

  • hussani

    hey i have some more truth thats gonna hurt haystack was going at EM for a while and he never responded!!! lol

  • Anonymous

    not hating but jay-z made way more classics than wayne.. but i love the line about kidnapping beyoncey lol.. just a good line

  • hussani

    lol that will b funny then kim and nikki can go to war. kim will just have to be down with roc

  • d

    This is how its gonna go down. Jay-Z's gonna respond to Wayne's verse on one of J.Cole's joints. Then Drake's bitch-ass self is gonna hop on one Wayne's counterattack joints to address Cole cuz of the sex tape he just made with Rihanna. Cole's gonna fire back at Drake and then we have a full blown YMCMB vs ROC NATION war. heh heh!

    • no it's not....

      when does Jay ever really respond, except for when it was Nas, J. Cole and Drake are cool, and I'm going to probably say that in a couple of months so will Jay and Wayne, even though i would Wayne to get destroyed, it's not going to happen.

    • Anonymous

      Really? A War??? Lol. More like a rap skirmish. A real was is PAC vs BIG, Nas vs Jay, Em vs Benzino, 50 vs Ja Rule, Canibus vs Ll cool Jay, NWA vs Ice Cube ect…

  • hussani

    it only a matter of time for wayne to get ate up

  • Jay went at weezy 1st

    Weezy has a reason to get at Jayz unlike the dude on the left side and the right side. I wonder if Jay gona get beyonce on the reply track to weezy, because weezy diss Beyonce also, he called her a female dog.

  • Thatch

    It cuz these niggas, especially pussy ass niggas like Wayne and game, see jigga as an easy target cuz let's face it jay is pretty old and when was the last time jay WON a beef? Jay is one of the most popular and successful rappers right now along with Kanye and Eminem. If a nigga go after Kanye nothing will happen cuz kanye will not respond, if a nigga go after Eminem than it's a suicide trip because Em will scorch you lyrically plus the added negative of ems fanbase boycotting your music. Jay Z is the perfect apponent to go after cuz he's not known to win beefs plus his fanbase is not as crazy

    • Anonymous

      (arnold voice) WRONG! (shotgun blast)

    • Thatch

      Ok so than why is Wayne acting up if it's really (like you said) a beef between baby and jay z?? Wayne should step down and let daddy take care of this one right??

    • Anonymous

      wrong again...Baby said Wayne is better you never heard wayne say he was better than Jay in fact didnt wayne get Jay to feature on Mr. Carter.

    • Thatch

      Yeah but Wayne provoked the beef because he kept sayin he had more money than Jay and in 2007-2008 Wayne kept saying he was better than jay n shit.

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne responded to a diss from Jay-z on Ham dumbass!!! he didnt just pick Jay-z out of the blue!

  • Osiel Salas

    Why is it that every cat I'm the industry is going after Jay Z?? Is it because going after jay z is less risky than going after say Nas or Em?? I don't get it

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      H.A.M was a diss track N-ggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily like These rappers rap about all the shit that I do really I’m like really half a billi n-gga Really you got baby money Keep it real with n-ggas N-ggas aint got my lady money

    • wishworks

      baby said that shit long before ham, try around carter3, around the time wayne was shouting that i'm the best rapper alive shit, then fast forward to 106 in park when babe was promoting his album, that's where it came from

    • Anonymous

      HAM was not a diss you fucking ignorant mofos

    • wishworks

      speak the truth, truth , that's where it all came from, and on top of that, this was not the only time baby made those commits

    • d

      Itz cuz Jays on top of the game and everyone knows he wont do shit. Nas aint doin shit and no one wants to see Em in a lyrical showdown

    • TRUTH

      Acutally this stems from Baby saying he and wayne makes more money and does more than Jay-z..thast when Jay-z responded on HAM. Baby got on the radioa and 106 and park and talked shit about his money

    • Anonymous

      go listen to Ham where Jay-z tried to sneek diss wayne first!! do your reasearch first dumbass!

    • LMAO

      First of all... JayZ went at him first here.


  • blazingz

    Stop fighting and make good music.

    • Anonymous

      stop fighting ? do you know what rap was built off of ? this is what its all about, BEEF/BATTLING ! hip hop used to be like a sport (boxing, MMA, wrestling) before everybody got soft and started co-signing each other. there is nothing wrong with a little rap beef between to top dogs.

  • wishworks

    really? no for real really? this nigga just got 9 across his eye at a skater park, now you kidnapping bitches now. REALLY?? pump ya brakes man, i don't even like hov, but none of you ymcm dudes is fuckin wit him on no level, I give credit where credit is due, never like wayne until 6'7 , but he's been gettin it, and so far as bars, no question hov is top ten, wayne don't even make my top twenties. And that's just me

    • Anonymous

      with you wishworks. Fab is better and Fab is no where near one of my favorite rappers. I have nothing against wayne. he doing his thing and making his money, but LYRICALLY there are lot of dudes from the 90s that don't even rap anymore that are better. Pharoahe Monch is 1000 miles ahead of wayne. (Pardon if it sounds a little Weezy, Not Wayne motherfucker I got asthma it's not easy)(No diss, but play on words that make sense) Will he sale a million records, No. But he does not cater to mindless music. Love for the music means more than any dollar. Period. Lot of cats from the 70's made TIMELESS music, but may be broke now, but their music lives forever. What legacy will you leave is more important. On topic, who knows, Bangladash might get cheated again and give wayne a beat to win the battle?? but Hov is lyrically Nice with it. The Takeover pushed NAS to Ether. If he didn't it could have been super Ugly for NAS career. (this moment in time has been brought to you by EV) I hope hov responds and let the games begin.

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      Wayne is def not in Top 100 alive n neither are anyone in his gay crew Baby money. They all sound the same n all of the them are extremely overrated so please with that B.S. of Wayne in top 5 cuz that shit ain't happin if we were all tone deaf.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne is not a great rapper. He sells a lot of albums. He is not top 20 material. You all are so wack. Really, Wayne a top 10 or top 20 Mc? Out of all the Mc's that have come and gone during the last 5 to 10 years! Yikes

    • Anonymous

      there more then 20 rappers i can name that better then wayne

    • wishworks

      record sales mean nothing to me, IF YOUR DOPE YOUR DOPE, thats it, period. example wayne vs. fab who you got? same class of mcee. now fab at sale no where near as mush as wayne sold, that's a given,but he does numbers, rhyme for rhyme, bar for bar who you got?

    • Anonymous

      yea you sound ignorant sayin wayne aint in the top 20's

    • haha

      lmao... then ur music taste is HURTTINGGG. LOL.. JAYZ top ten? how bout Wayne and JayZ both top 5. And if you didnt like wayne til 6'7'.... then ur definitely HURTTTINNNGGG

  • Anonymous

    prove he don't got jay's money is wayne album leaked and jay's didn't haha. until he start paying people he ain't getting no beats. and if he doesn't pay blood to bang they set which he could only be from if he got jumped in or was born on the set and he wasn't he can't rep them any way you want. with tight jeans and skateboards you messing up they imagine. seriously he will get killed for this. they may seriously put a hit out on him. he better have some type of agreement with them. i dont know. you can't make them look like they soft and make a game out of it without asking them if you can do it. you ain't really from there.

  • beezlebud

    FUCK JAY Z foreal the nigga straight fucked up HIP HOP, he's the reason HIP HOP is in the state it is today, yall dumb ass kids cry about lil wayne n drake n all the other corny rappers but its a fact if Jay hadnt fucked up as Def Jam pres and blocked LL Cool J, REDMAN, DMX, METH, GFK, The Roots, and everyone elses fuckin budgets those corny fucks wouldnt be on top now, they wouldnt of been able to shine competing with LL, DMX, MEF, RED, BLACK THOUGHT, GFK, ETC and if instead of spending all his time promoting himself and kanye and nobody else and he did his fuckin job instead of bein a selfish fuck and you know SIGNED REAL MCS we wouldnt have all these corny fucks he got handed Torae's, Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz, Canibus and a host of others demo's n ignored them coz all he fuckin cares about is Jay Z and MONEY swear Jay Z is the worse thing to happen to HIP HOP period, worse than Puffy, worse than the industry who less face it dont know any better n only care about money, he knows better he knows where the talent is n he purposefully blocked it for his own ego n shine like a typical selfish fuck

    • Beezlebud

      @2ndanon keep thinkin your hard insultin cats from behind your monitor we both know your a fag offline @1stanon Game Theory, The Tipping Point and HIGO are 3 of The Roots sickest albums LL Cool J had gone platinum 11 times in a row before Jay became president n started blocing marketing budgets Mef 4:21 album Mef couldnt even get a single music video made coz Jay blocked his marketing budget, Mef also someone who had gone platinum on all previous albums before Jay become pres and he had a ridiculous single with radio potential with "Say feat: Lauryn Hill" if he had a music video for that his album would of been bangin sales in DMX also all album multiplatinum before Jay Z blocked his marketing budget n refused to pay sample clearances like he was supposed to you see where im goin with this all Multi-Platinum with proven records of making hits and selling insanely when marketed and this all stopped when Jay become pres n blocked all their budgets

    • Anonymous

      Beezlebud, You're a crying little bitch. Change your pads and do your homework biyatch.

    • Anonymous

      wishwork said it best!!! do your reasearch dumbass!

    • wishworks

      you can't get madd at jay' z for what happend at def jam; Meth. I like Meth , but come on son tical 3 Wackest ever, no wonder why 4321 album could not stand alone (even thoe i feel that was meth's best album out of all his solos) he failed by his self three times, the only stand outs Wu-tang, blackout 1,2. The Roots( Black Thought in my top ten) i'm a keep it real the only albums that stood out was the first three( things fall apart, Best Album to me), everything after that was ok, but to me they change up there formula to much, LL , and jay never liked each other, put that on top of the fact, most of his career at that point was in t.v & movies as opposed to music,not hard to see that one coming, dmx, fell to drugs, redman is straight, how ever, he was link to meth, and i think he saw how def was doing his homie, so he was like fuck em.

    • Anonymous

      I would agree with you but Biggie and Puffy did the most damage to hip hop. Biggie and Puffy bought in the fake it till you make it era. Once Big died Jay ran with it. Rap is still stuck with that era. It's not cool just to be cool anymore.

  • SuperNovaPlus

    Nothing but entertainment. Don't get emotionally invested in all this.

  • Anonymous

    you know drake is dissin hov too on this one in an equally embarrasing way.Just thought i'd put it out there cause i don't see enough fuck drake comments.He was there too

  • Eloe Gill-Williams

    Who gives a fuck lol

  • Duhh

    Why is everybody taking this "diss" so seriously? It's just hype for the album and since jay is the biggest talk in the game cuz of wtt, everyones going at him. Look at Game. It's just the same old tactic.

    • Anonymous

      And Wayne isn't a gay fuck. I'm not a fan of either. To me neither has brought anything to hip hop. One sold drug dealer dreams and the other is just a druggie.

    • beezlebud

      bullshit they go at him coz he's a selfish corny fuck who cares about nothin but money and himself and thinks he can talk slick all the time why did nobody go at Eminem, he's a bigger name than Jay now, he's the only rapper goin 4x platinum n being called King of Hip Hop in publications like Rolling Stone why is nobody goin at him? if its all about publicity theyd get more off dissin him n sayin his name EXACTLY its not jus about dissin Hov coz of his name its coz he's a corny fuck

    • Anonymous

      cosign.judjing by game's first week though not a very genius tactic

  • Rob Korensky

    I think it is about time somebody takes some shots at Hov, he's as fake as they come, hes nothing but a chameleon, just blending in with whats popular.. With that being said Weezy has no room to talk about being "fake", someone wtih a higher stature in the game and with more skill (who writes their own lyrics) should gun for Jay because he is getting too arrogant on his supposed "throne".. Em, Nas, Tech, Brother Ali, Hopsin etc. would all murder Jay, I could only see Hopsin going after him though possibly

    • g

      chill.Not many people can diss hov and get away alive.espicially hopsin

    • Anonymous

      today TECH>>>JAY hands down yall dellusional fucks think Jay is still in his BP days lol

    • Anonymous

      listen man I was a huge of Jay back when I first started listening to Hip Hop but hes out of his prime despite what most people think, I believe both those emcees I mentioned are most skilled

    • Anonymous

      brother ali?? tech n9ne??, better than jay?? i understand ppl saying nas or em, but c'mon son... i know the "f*ck jay-z" bandwagon is strong now but smh....

  • optimus rhyme

    I remember some years back Wayne couldn't stop sucking Jay off. Now look at this. smh/lol

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    My god! Wow! That is some bind blowing battle rhymes right heya, ahahahahaha. And we thought Vanilia Ice was wack in the 90's.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This Jay and Wayne beef has been bubbling for a few years. This should get interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Im not a Wayne fan at all I think he is part of the problem what is wrong with hip-hop these days. With that said I like the verse he put out there. Just like Jay spoke the truth with that baby money line Wayne telling the truth with that you a fake nigga line. It is well knwon that Jay is a fake funny acting dude. I find it funny that everytime someone comes at Jay with a diss people get their panties in a bunch. I dont know who came up with this unwritten rule that Jay is untouchable when it comes to diss tracks. First Jay is overrated, just because Jay is the most successful doesnt make him the best mc or untouchable or just because Jay has a lot of white friends in powerful positions (illuminati muthafuckas that dont even respect Jay)doesnt make you the best or above being dissed either. It is what it is!!

    • yooo

      and exactly how is jay-z fake??? what makes him fake?? i never heard of any rapper question the life jay-z actually portrays in his music..he lived what he raps about unlike all these other gangsta rappers getting caught for being fake all the time

    • Anonymous

      If you tired of hearing the illuminati shit then dont talk about it and ignore the shit when it comes up. The fact remains that no matter how you want to spin it the shit is real. No one said the illuminati shit started with Jay the shit has been around way before the Beatles or MJ. They just implement there plans and messages to who ever is hot at the time and the easiest way to do it is through artists and entertainment, thats what most people pay attention to the most anyway. It doesnt start or stop with the music, while people are paying to much attention to music and shit the illuminati is implementing its plans in other more important areas such as politics and science. Music is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the illuminati.

    • wtf

      dude the illuminati trend din't start with hov.They put that stain on beatles when they were at their prime,michael jackson at his prime and blamed them for his fall.Now retards put this on beyonce lady gaga jay z and generally whoever dominates.Trust me if nas,dmx,or anyone was in hov's shoes they would put the same shit on them.

    • Daniel Duron

      yeah, this Illuminati shit is getting so played out... I swear, every time I hear someone like Prodigy mention it, I'm like "yo, shut the fuck up man. you have NO idea what you're even talking about" and now a bunch of people keep bringing the name up like there's a conspiracy in place. That shit is so stupid.

    • Anonymous

      @truthenola: I bet you did stop reading at that part because you a Jay fan that is in denial about that shit!! So of course you would stop reading! You didnt have to read my comments at all but thanks for reading them and stating your opinion. By the way it would take someone that is DUMB there self to call someone Dumb so I guess you the one thats DUMB!!!

    • truthenola

      I stopped reading your post at the illuminati B.S. you dumb

    • Anonymous

      I never said I liked the track I said I liked the fact that Wayne went after Jay with that fake nigga line which Wayne is speaking the truth. Read my comments again I never said I liked the track at all!!

    • Anonymous

      yes but you forget that this particular diss track sucks more dick than jenna jameson

  • lil gayne

    Wayne gonna get destroyed.. hahaha , Jay too complex for this child.

  • Anonymous

    N*ggaz in paris >>> this track..... but i like wayne and still cant wait to hear the carter IV aswell.

  • jimmybond

    Although his lines were witty...Please don't credit him for originality. He used 50's style from "Be a Gentleman". So, given that, was Wayne's diss dope or dog food?

  • Anonymous

    wack track, lil wayne is a fag! tongue kissing baby on stage, niggaz will never forget! baby money, lol! lil wayne gonna get his fag ass exsposed some more and that fruity ass drake, lol. singing all the time on some begging for a bitch shit!

  • Truthenola

    i love Jay, he makes rappers better

  • disco disco

    actually fuck all this im gonna go bump immortal technique while i study.

  • Yessir

    Hey this shit is entertainment for me, obviously people are taking shit too seriously. These niggas ain't doing shit. No ones dumping in real life. So sit back and enjoy the ride. The beat is sick. I like Jay-z, and enjoy when people try to get at him. Jay just dropped an album and wayne about to drop his. there's money to make by all this shit...

  • disco disco

    I find it funny that he calls jigga on being fake for rapping about having money (which he does) but then boasts about how he could take him out cos he's straight thug. pffffffffft good one weezy. i havent listened to the carter IV yet but i know he's a better rapper than hiphop heads give him creidt for and a far worse rapper than what ignorant fools that blast him on the cell phone think. if hov retaliated it would be some grown ass man shit that alot of weezys fans wouldnt get. however i dont think they'll go at it nor do i think there's all that much hate in either of these guys verses. jig > weez. not even a competition and if you think it is you're wrong and shouldbnt be asked for an opinion when it comes to hiphop.


    Yo it about eight mc, two death Pac and Biggie when it come to diss track that can send a nigga in to hiding when they song hit, EM,LL,Krs,Nas,Cube and Jay Z, neither wayne nor Game got enough skill for that so they both need to stop and try and make good record, Niggas say stuff now hope nigga dont get mad when Jay Z dope Hard knock life 2 the street is calling.

  • untouchpuertorocNYC

    wayne is garbage! He has singy-songy, catchy raps, but he aint no real lyricist...and plus, when dude busted his ass trying to skate board, he says "that was gnarly"?! - yeah, you a grown blood alright...dude don't even know who he is.

  • big log

    Man, Pac was right is some many ways, Just to sell record, Nigga feel like they got to call out the next nigga name like a Bit*h, instead of just going in the lab and making a hot album, nigga Wayne and Game is Gay, stop trying to use Jay Z to sell albums son, show your skill and inprove man


    Fuck Jay-z, lil waynes, and babys the bigger schemes of things these niggaz ain't shit when it comes to money. Yeah they got more than the average man...but in todays news...BILL GATES JUST INVESTED 5 BILLION DOLLARS IN "THE BANK OF AMERICA". Just seeing that newsclip today just make me realize how stupid rappers sound debating who got more moneys. Its like watching rats argue about who is the biggest while ELEPHANTS are standing in the background. TRUTH

    • sportinlife

      @TRUTH. Speak on it God! all these rappers sound silly. Many of them are rich but none of them are wealthy. If Bill Gates or Buffet woke up with Jay or Wayne money they would kill themselves. Besides Jadakiss will murder both of them and anyone else in the rap game including Em, Nas or anyone else you can think of. If you haven't copped THE champ is here part 3 mixtape, go get it. No album from no rapper nowhere even comes close.

    • TRUTH

      oops I meant WARREN BUFFET...NOT BILL GATES....

  • jnr

    So these fools are arguing about who got the most money, really?? I mean for real??? Wow... Ignorance is bliss!

    • tommy

      they aint arguing over money,.... jay made a truthful comment that wasnt even really a diss, if the fact wasnt that birdmans name is baby it wouldnt sound like a diss would it.. and further more,,,, yall gonna make it sound extra stupid, wayne mad his daddy was used as a pawn in an ill verse. ... he says it himself that he can argue da fact jay waaaaayyyy heavier and he only jabbin back for fun

  • Anonymous

    when it come to Lil Wayne, Baby and Jay Z and who got the most money, lil wayne need to let that go man, it like play Big Bank take little Bank, lil wayne baby put together money aint strong or long enough. cash money need to stop fronting, nigga need to stop getting sued, paid some bill and see how much money the got left, i got more money than them cats

  • Anonymous

    shit is so bad it's goin to increase WTT sales

  • Anonymous

    yeah..... A "GROWN ASS BLOOD" that got a "NARLY" GASH. skateboarders laughed worldwide.

  • Anonymous

    o yea, you YMCMB niggas dont even pay niggas, mad niggas sued u guys after c3 came out

  • Anonymous

    that better be a fake leak, cuz that was some bullshit, niggas eat u alive on ur own album(tech,jada,nas) jada just hoped onboard for sales, and hes gettin his money or yall niggas gettin sued

  • Anonymous

    if u a grown ass blood, how u get a "narly" gash for skateboardin?? faggot ass fake ass frontin ass nigga, real bloods dont skateboard. and some real bloods gonna g-check u when u come to CA. beleive it ir not, Waka is the real deal- he good on all coasts


    This lil dude is gay as shit. How you gonna kiss a man on his mouth, damn near suck his dick in every song and talk about how hard you are? A blood??? You and Game must be masterbating together in the same room begging to get some attention from Jay. Ain't this dude 5'1" with heels on? Go fuck yourself Weezy Fake Baby with your corny ass rhymes. "You put words together/Just to match".


    I'm sorry I just can't subscibe to wayne and his idle thug threats. Did'nt this nigga just get a "narly" gash of her eye trying to do a "tripple bye bye birdie" on a skatboard? Totally awesome dude!!!!!!! I mean a grown as blood?...this nigga is TOO MANY he a skater dude/ rapper/ rnb singer/ thug/ piru blood/ rock roll artist. When does he have time to bang? But oh well...I guess this dude will be surfing by next year..and do a a collab with the beach each his own though.

    • Anonymous

      haha yeah your right and when asked about banging he is very vague. any real gangsta knows you got to be born into that set or you got to get jumped in. and once in you got to follow they rules and by laws. so i dont get he giving bloods a bad rep ridin around on skateboards. and wear tight clothes at some point he going to go to far i think he already has. oh well haha thats on him hahah i think he times up with this blood stuff. all they got to do is put a hit out on him.

    • disco disco

      ^ haha well played sir

    • well.....

      I co-sign what you are saying, but technically the Beach Boys were cool with Charles Manson at one point in time so they've probably had more connections with real killers than Weezy.

  • Anonymous

    weezy goin at jay for sales- jay z single otis=real hip hop. weezy single=how to love-self explanitory

  • Anonymous


  • musicfan302

    Why do some of these rappers claim blood or crip after they start making records. I guess it's like Pac said "I didn't have a record until after I made a record", if you wasn't banging before your started rapping about banging or getting rich from music please stop with the non-sense.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • HWK

    or maybe jay was makin a reference to his metaphor on money aint a thang where he says 'your moneys too young,see me when your older ya bank account grow up'. just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    just downloaded c4 for free from filesonic(thanks hip hopdx) ill buy WTT AGAIN, THIS TIME WITH THAT GOLD COVER!

  • Anonymous

    weezy is fucked, how u gonna dis the man u wanted to sign with in 04-05or 06?

  • Anonymous

    jay dont respond, these is little niggas(gayme, wayne)

  • LOL

    Carter IV leak is just pure assery. Don't waste your time listening to that junk. Escept the interlude. That shit was fire.

    • Anonymous

      yes but unfortunately there will be a couple thousand teenage retards to make him number 1 and we are goin have to tolerate him for another year


    Yo Wayne why you have to diss me for? first Game now you.. wtf

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wayne musta forgot when he came outta jail, he came home to a fresh 6 mil tax debt by the irs!! why didnt baby HOLD HIM DOWN?? I POSTED THIS EARLIER AND HIP HOPDX TOOK MY COMMENTS OFF!!!! CRAZY! AND WEEZY GOT RAN OUTTA CALI FOR REPPIN THAT FAKE BLOOS SHIT, AND WAS SCARED FOR HIS LIFE IN PC UP IN RIKERS, IF HE WAS EVEN THERE!

  • Anonymous

    best tracks on c4 dont even got weezy on it!!

  • Ubunja Ubulima

    I might start listening to Lil Wayne now.

  • Anonymous

    DAMN jay gets no respect huh? wack niggas feel more than comfortable dissing the camel faced 50 year old. jay is scared to fight though, he won't say shit directly. he'll have some corny bar on some album that sucks about wayne not being big enough. niggas would never diss NAS so openly. thats why weezy gave nas a verse on the album, and send a shot at jay. i love old jay-z, i don't even LIKE this OLD jay-z that can't stop grunting and swagging. jay is the king in his eyes only. self praise is NO praise.

    • Stretch

      the ultimate diss to lil wayne and the game from jay z. "IM TOo BIG TO RESPOND". Thts a fuckin slap in the face. He makes the game and lil wayne look like little children getting yelled at for doing something stuppid because they wanted attention. And truth is he is too big to respond. Hes a living legend. Who the fuck is lil wayne?

  • Anonymous

    best tracks on the album didn't even have weazzy on it...

  • Stretch

    I heard lil wayne pays people to rep blood, lil wayne cant go to nyc because he would get killed cuz he fucked up on the island and i also heard he kisses men in the mouth and i also heard he still doesnt even have half of beyonces money and doesnt even have a quarter of jay zs money.

    • Anonymous

      ...are you a female? All of the "I heard this and I heard that" bullshit sounds real "kitty" like.. I heard that you are incredibly good at deep throating. It must be true cause I "heard" it. So uhh.. when can we hook up? Daddy needs his medicine. lol

  • Anonymous

    half of the pepole that thinks wayne is the best is kids and fake ass drug dealers thats on 24 and stay with they girl or mom and got dreads and will never know how to spell 401k get him jay

  • Anonymous

    ok jay did this for wayne to get sales but it want help WTT is the album of the year and watch GAMES lame ass try and get in on it

  • Anonymous

    weezy dont remember he was tryin to sign wit jay-z !! cuz baby wuz rippin him off, but i guess so. weezy cant compare to jay-z

  • G-zus

    OK I got it after listening to the whole shit.

  • G-zus

    Lol the "interlude" on C4 is just TECH N9NE and ANDRE 3K. WHUT

  • wtf

    this is a mistake.He won't flop but he won't do WTT or Em numbers.By the way drake shouldn't be involved in this.I know there's loyalty involved but when you build an image you stick with it or you lose fans

  • Fuck

    I swear to god this Hip-Hop shit is a soap opera.

  • Anonymous

    I'lose all respect for jay if he responds to this.Anyway its clearafter carter 4 that lil wayne fanshave nothing to do with the rest of the culture

  • lilsleezy

    r.i.p lil sleezy lol.. lil wayne using all these out dated dated metaphors, "helen keller" nigga i'am 34 years old and barely know who that bitch is can you imagine somebody younger than me shaking my head. at least use somebody thats culturally relevant. its a funny thing lil wayne's next birthday he will be 30 years old. haha the young people are going to have to find somebody else's younger to dick ride haha. and now since he turning 30 they should ask him to retire haha. although this album is wack and doesn't speak to both young and old he will be back once he gets back on drugs. but he has shown himself has only being a metaphor punch line rapper. so he has sealed his fate any way. he will end up on the rocks in a couple of years just like game. white folks will move on to the next young nigga they can use as a trend. haha they bore easily and he doesn't really have much of a leg to stand on any more.

  • Kaveh Emami

    Jay-Z going down! YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    he can diss all he want but jay z will have the last laugh when people see how much of a disappointment carter 4 is. its straight garbage compared to carter 3

  • Anonymous

    i guess cole just got his jay z feature after this lol

  • Orlando Jay Brutus

    way do en your career lol oh wait its just another publicity stunt

  • haha

    this shit is so childish. hard to believe adults do this shit. "yea i said this im better than you cause of what i said" nursery rhymes and shit

  • Takeover

    If Jay can stand up to P and Nas, the dudes gonna fucking demolish lil wayne and his fake ass bloods. Lil wayne is the perfect example of a gimmicky rapper that only does stuff strictly for sales. First the dude says hes a blood, now he skates. hes faker than officer ricky

    • Rocc

      go tell a blood to his face he fake and post the video on you tube wit yo bad azz. that shit will make you famous.

  • kanye west

    da carter 4 has leaked

  • kanye west

    da carter 4 has leaked go to

  • Anonymous

    suck jay dick haha ,we all broke folks,like he going too pay all ya fools.fuck jy suck his dick ,mr c

  • Anonymous

    haha jay camel ,on yo mnama ,deng

  • Mrnoluv

    Man these fools! I've lived in LA for over 30 years, since when has a nigga that never lived in LA a Blood??? Trust me, this fool went to the Jungle or Piru hood, that fool would get blasted like Tupac did. This is one fake ass nigga, claiming a set you never put in work with will get your ass shot, that's real talk!

  • Anonymous

    i think its a generation thing. young people need something to hold on to something because its their time it doesn't really matter if wayne is better than hip hop from the past or not. its their generation and their time and they want to party and have something to feel proud of. i think after they get older and really compare line for line and career for career they will see when it comes to hits, classics and just all around swag jay is light years ahead. the carter 4 really sounds so dated you would think as important as wayne is to hip hop he really would of shaped of his own sound. dude comes off on his album like a little tiny nigga that lacks confidence. shaking my head. i thought this dude really had it in his veins. you dont really hear a man that believes in himself on this album. he gots some problem and you can hear it in his music. he basically gave most of this project to other artist to help him out. gave t pain a whole song. gave these old legends and song on their own and these are the same people they his dissing and says he doesn't need them yet they all over his album. this dude is having a lot of problems without drugs

  • Colin Patrick Martin

    get off your own dick wayne

  • DL Dub

    Grown ass Blood? In the words of Ed Lover... C'mon Son. You wouldnt know what a Blood looked like if you crip walked in south central while singing "Lady Sings the Blues" How he has the nerve to call anyone fake. And he thinks he's so hard cuz he caught a gun charge in NY. Ja Rule caught a charge, how hard are you really?

  • Mo

    Just downloaded the Carter IV.....i said that this would be his make or break album for me and he didn't deliver. No good lyrics, its all wack ass methaphor after wack ass metaphor. He had to have used that "Weezy F and the f is for..." line at least 10 times on the album. dude disappointed me big time. Best songs on the Album are; President Carter, it actually has substance and a message. Interlude, yes the interlude lol. Wayne doesnt even rap on it just tech 9 and Andre 3000 but they kill it. 2/5 for the album, DX is insane if they rate it any higher. i dont even need to comment on this "beef". If that was a shot at Jay then Wayne defeated himself cuz that was soft. Hello Kitty? hahaa please

    • Mo

      Jays last album...Bp3? That album was dope dummy, not his best but still a standout. just stfu you sound like a foolish Wayne dick rider lol this really gonna hurt your feelings then, WTT shitting on Carter IV next....

    • Rocc saying this shit sucked like Jay last album?

    • Mo

      oh yea 4got to mention "so special" feat John Legend. Good track

  • deekee420

    Watch The Throne was boring and whack. Gay Z lost his flow, old ass Hov and his bitch boy Kanye dickriders ..

  • Yawl OLD

    Yawl can have this shit. WTT got a lot of us thinking on a whole other level. Ignorant niggas can die.

  • Jason Nash

    lil'wayne wont never touch jay-z in any aspect of hip hop. jay-z has had harder competition in hip hop coming up then lil'wayne has. lil'wayne got a free ticket by birdman so wayne didn't have to do as much as jay-z did to get out there and put work in then you'll catch a break. FACT: Jay-Z is a hip hop legend and some consider the G.O.A.T. Lil'Wayne is "mostly" an teen-type figure.

    • Rocc

      by harder competition do you mean that fake beef wit Nas? or some other sneak dissing gay shit this big nose joe camel ass nigga be doing? you dick sucking ho ass nigga.


    You cats act like Jay ain't got nothing on Wayne. As if Wayne is better than Jay. No offense to you kids but Wayne is a punchline rapper. All he does is similes and metaphors. Jay does that plus stories and some actual introspection. He is always doing more one every album. Reasonable Doubt was loosely about his life as a high profile hustler. Vol 1 showed him talk about how he sold crack to his own mother, how he shot his own brother, and how fake players were jacking his style. Vol 3 talked about how he as a rapper is viewed the same way as a drug dealer. Blueprint's sonics changed the rap landscape. In Black Album, Jay admitted that had the business been more about skill than marketability he would "lyrically, be Talib Kweli". Jay does talk the usual mainstream stuff but he also talks about other things too. Jay has made 3 classics thus far, something rappers DREAM of doing. Most of Weezy's material is the usual money, cars, hoes, drugs done in "clever" ways. It's almost like Wayne freestyles on EVERYTHING. How many does Wayne have? 1 that is a NEAR classic. Get it through your heads kids. Don't get me wrong. I'm not totally anti-Wayne. Carter 2 and 3 were sick and Dr. Carter is the one of the best songs anyone has ever made. But yall acting like Jay is small time....

  • Anonymous

    went in on Jay Z...that "how much you love your lady" money line was illlllllllllll Beast song

  • sah313

    he used to be a big jay fan 2face

  • jjay

    Jay's raps are mediocre.

  • seguysteve

    on WTT you hear references to "bankhead" and "no-ceilings" It's all good HipHop beef

  • GHBDoper

    I don't hate Wayne (I mean shit get cha money my nigga, but even Jay Z now can still kill Wayne... I mean as he said on So Appalled... How should I begin this I’m just so offended how am I even mentioned by all these fucking beginners? /end

  • Mandy Sandy

    oh hell no! lil gayne betta watch himself. diz lame nigga can't touch jay-z! in any shape, form or fashion. jay-z! iz da king of diz rap shit and iz da realest nigga in da game. lil gayne iz a shitty rappa who luvz jay-z! but dissez him 4 atention just like gayme. and don't get me started on jay!'z money game. da richest nigga in hip hop topin da forbez list evry year wit hiz wife beyonce. birdman and gayne ain't seein dat shit. and lmfao at those wack azz lyricz. "kidnap yo bitch"? beyonce wuld slap diz fool like no tomorow. "i'll take u out, dat'z a date nigga"? if u don't think dat soundz really gay, sumthin'z wrong wit ur head. "i think u pussycat, hello kitty"? HAHAHAHA! wut a fuckin faggot. even if jay! doesn't respond 2 diz shit, he still winz cuz he'z got more money, more classic albumz and songz, and more numbah 1 albumz than lil gayne will eva see in hiz life! dat'z a muthafuckin fact! RNGMB BITCH! WATCH DA THRONE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> G.A.Y. ALBUM AND CARTER 4 BITCH AZZ NIGGAZ!

  • Anonymous

    Wayne never wrote anything hard as "Where I'm From". How real is this...

    • Orlando Jay Brutus

      so true i was pissed when he used that beat

    • RulersBack

      I think the word is wills not wheels

    • Charlie People

      where they call the cops the a-team/cause they hop outta vans and spray things/ and life expectancy so low/we making our wheels at 18/ so how you get rid of guys/who step outta line yo rep solidify/ so tell me when i rap you think i give a fuck who criticize?

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    "I'm straight! My girl a faggot" lol that was hilarious

  • jack johnson

    well that was a weak diss, "i think you pussycat, hello kitty" wtf?? is he borrowing punchlines from nicki minaj

  • WEST


  • misd

    this nigga must have been sniffing his dirty draws again...

  • tuhg

    How the fuck yall bubble gum rappin listening niggaz even think lil wayne can rap...this niggaz has ghost writers , gtfoh..wayne is overrated by yall fucking clowns...and hes trash..dont ever mention his name with HOV'S..PLEASE!!!!grown azz blood????wow..fucking clown

  • jesusshuttlesworth

    btw my little sister has better rhymes than that shit

  • jesusshuttlesworth

    real talk: listen to weezy's verse in drake's "unstoppable". no rapper alive can put that out and be viewed as even a half-decent mc. gtfoh

  • WHO REAL 19 year old jay-z gettin that coke money SO FUCK YOU FAKE ASS BLOOD

  • Jaz- O

    Oh Nooooo Wayne!! why...WHY? now your career gonna end up like mine :/

  • Octavian Johnson

    Funny how these beefs happen around the time one or more of the people in the beef have an album coming out and/or an album already out

  • Anonymous

    The Game might be seeing red next week at the top of the Billboard 200. Industry prognosticators suggest that the rapper's new "The R.E.D. Album" (Geffen/Interscope) could sell more than 90,000 copies by week's end on Aug. 28. If the set does hit No. 1, it will mark Game's third topper following 2005's "The Documentary" and 2007's "Doctor's Advocate." His last album, "LAX," started at No. 2 in 2008 with 239,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. There's always the chance that Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative album "Watch the Throne" may hold at No. 1 for a third week. But it's too early to tell what their album may sell. Pop icon Barbra Streisand could be the next biggest arrival on the Billboard 200, as her "What Matters Most" may launch with 70,000 to 80,000 copies. Her last album, 2009's "Love Is the Answer," was a surprise No. 1 debut, bowing with 180,000 -- her best sales week since 1997. However, "Love's" handsome bow was bolstered by a half-hour chat and performance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," along with appearances on CBS' "Sunday Morning" and NBC's "Today." "What Matters" doesn't have the opportunity to benefit from the now-off-the-air "Oprah." Country star Miranda Lambert's new side project, Pistol Annies, may see its "Hell on Heels" debut start in the top 10 as well, with perhaps 30,000 to 40,000 copies. The trio comprises Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but 90k is terrible for a rapper of Game's status. He would struggle to go gold if he starts at 90k

  • Sean

    To the anonymous nigga, yes, he does. Check Billboard. Not to mention he has topped Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Kings again this year. Dude makes half a billion every year. Real ish.

    • Sean

      The nigga who just commented was me. Forgot to put name in. Damn smartphone. Lol.

    • Anonymous

      To the anonymous who just commented, he wasn't lying when he said that. Lol. Guy co-owns the New Jersey Nets ('bout to take 'em to Brooklyn), co-owns 40/40 Club, co-founder and CEO (Damon Dash fucked up. Lmfao.) of Rocawear, founder of Roc Nation, and owns a financial stake in Armand de Brignac, informally known as ”Ace of Spades”, the world's #1 Champagne. Bottom line is... Dude gets PAID! As 'Ye put it on Watch the Throne... THAT SHIT CRAZE!

    • hjsaj

      Half a BILLION every year?? Are you retarded? He isn't even worth half a billion overall.

    • Anonymous

      im not a business man IM A BUSINESS man

  • Anonymous

    this cheddar bob nigga aint gonna do shit fuck that blood shit he aint no killa he a gaybanger

    • JADatsyuk

      "Cheddar bob nigga"...YES! Made my night. Like I said, Hov don't need to respond, Wayne ain't even in same sentence as Jay. Guy kisses dudes for fucks sake, and he talking about kidnapping beyonce?

  • GoodMusicMan

    Everyone Wathcing the Throne. Beware.

  • Anonymous

    game and wayne mad they cant shake jay game only gonna do over a 100k the first week since he like to talk about sales thats a low number to be on a major label atleast banks had a gold single

    • Jus Lisun

      nigga, llyod banks was on emi and that's a major label too, so chill with acting like banks didn't flop. soulja boy had two platinum singles with "kiss me through the phone" and "turn my swag on". even though soulja boy had two platinum singles, he sold less than 50,000 albums in the first week.

  • herewegoyo

    Stupid, tired ass "I'm bored, who can I diss" fake ass beefs aside, these cats really need to come off that "Blood" shit. NOBODY is buying it.

  • Beatz Grymm

    I hate this lil nigga! Ugly tat faced muhfuccah! Don't like Gay-Z either... but I hate Lil Lame!

  • Wayne_is_Bisexual

    He has his boyfriend Baby's name tat'd on his arm. Kisses him on the lips. Any reason to collab any further?

  • tony

    Wayne album is hot and im not his biggest fan. Not a big Hov fan either but he and west put a hot album out. Can you people not embrace Hiphop and enjoy the music.


    Look at this lil Spike the Gremlin lookin nigga talkin shit! Boi, I made you hot when I let you get on "Soldier". Im over here tryna calm Jay down, but he's gonna eat u alive. Dont be subliminal lil nicca, if you gon say sumn, say it to us! We bout that life outchea. Sincerely, Bey Bey

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahah LMFAO bey bey "Dont be subliminal lil nicca, if you gon say sumn, say it to us! We bout that life outchea." WEAK!!

  • Akay

    Listenin to the album now.... is it just me or is Tech N9ne such a fucking genius? no homo.... i keep replayin that interlude track cos his verse is fucking incredible

  • quizzy

    Wayne is that nigga i c why u hate him

  • Kris Krafft

    They really are spending Baby's money, though, considering he doesn't seem to like giving anyone their own...even if they've earned it. Turk, BG, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, even Wayne jumped ship at one point because Birdman kept all the cash for himself.

  • dd

    Wayne only get half a bar..... fuck you nigga hahah

  • soma79

    i have no idea what this guy is talking about

  • JADatsyuk

    f'real,exactly what I'm saying haha. Anybody notice when Lil wayne came on the scene that's the year shit became mainstream in hip hop and everything became diluted?

  • Anonymous

    Given your wits, you were able to create a hello kitty line. Wayne, just kill yourself.

  • on the real

    Jay will always be hotter than this guy in the streets and in the world over all, but he is getting older and right now is NOT the time to be havin' Ether flashbacks.

  • JADatsyuk

    Honestly, I think this is weak, but it usually is with wayne. Seriously, is he what constitutes talented today? Wayne is shit, Hov would kill him in a battle. He's already took so many shots at wayne, but wayne is too fucked up and retarded to comprehend Jay's skills. Kidnap yo bitch? alright lol...Beyonce probly thinks you a little kid compared to Jay.

  • Anonymous

    Hov is a homo n free mason get with the program

  • Haters Ball Member

    1st, let me say Fuck Jigga & Weezy, I hate them both, BUT Jay-Z is going to crush the little granny midget, that is all/.

  • Real NY

    Jays gonna get owned, cause aint noone from NY feeling him at the moment. Niggas head is too big, and having kanye around doesn't help with head sizes either.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce reply.... it's a wrap for wayne N HIS DADDY ROFL.

  • richryne

    nice how he backs up how real he is by being a blood smh rap beef is wack of corse he responds when his album gon drop. smh, i love wayne n jigga man there some of the best to ever do it... btw jay z kilt wayne on mr carter on the c3

  • anonymous

  • V-Nasty is God

    "Fuck a fucking Jay-Z, and Lil Weezy, you don't please me" - V-Nasty She would eat both of these incredibly weak and highly overrated rappers in a battle. They both need to retire, no one cares about them anymore. Real Hip-Hop needs to make a comeback NAO.

  • Anonymous

    Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money I have a feeling hov is gonna kill wayne... Let's not forget this warning from 2007: "Rap music is something ain't it? The way these pictures is painted You swear these niggas is dangerous, the gangsta shit they be saying Lock em up in the booth with a half ounce of that cannabis Sit back, and watch the outlandish shit they portraying But, soon as you see em they freeze up like in museums Them statues, you like, "Is that the dude, that said he was gonna (pop you)" Niggas get running before you finish ya sentence And then they back to riffing, when they off at the safe distance You like, you was just here, you disappear like magicians In thin air, I'm like damn, nigga at least keep it consistent I hear you baiting me lately, I been doing my best just to stay hater free Still watch what you say to me Sooner or later I take you up on your offer And put you all in ya place like I'm replacing ya father You talking, to the author, the architect of The Blueprint My DNA in ya music, muthafucka you stupid?" IF this beef is even real its gonna be interesting to see how it all plays out. Like will yeezy throw some shots out at the YM camp? Will J cole or Drake get involved?

    • Can Anybody Hear Me

      WOW...I couldnt have said it better myself. The thing is ppl are fickle and forgetful...but they ought to mind their manners cuz it could be ugly -- Super Ugly (yeah I took it there). I dig Wayne tho, he is clever and he has impressed me with his growth. REAL RAP tho, he cant f#ck with Jay on lyrics...his best bet is to try and bait Jay into a popularity contest on the street level and roll the dice...but I'd be careful if I were Wayne...cuz negroes can talk that Ether crap, but has anyone seen Nas lately, is he even relevant anymore, lol. "Cant they see its foolish to try and kill me with song?!"

    • younghov402

      That verse fits perfectly for Weezy. Wayne don't want it with Hov da God

  • YouSerious?

    Lil Wayne's diss had no substance to it whatsoever... talking bout how he's gonna kidnap Beyonce? If this develops into anything the shit's gonna be played out. Jay would make a diss track talking about facts and shit on Wayne while Wayne would make rambling punchlines. Gay.

  • Anonymous

    lol birdman scared to reply BUT HOV SPITS FACTS, NOT FAIRY TALES

  • Da Snake

    Errbody lovin ''GOAT'' but errbody hatin' diss classic hiphop diss! FUCK HIP HOP DX followers... LIL WAYNE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE! HE'S NEW PAC!

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA yous are ALL wrong. Emine is still the KING of hip-hop!

    • The Future

      That's cool and all, but saying that Lil Wayne is the new Pac is exaggeration at its finest. Kendrick Lamar in my opinion is the best out right now and Lil Wayne is definitely one of the best, but there is tons of artists that are better.

    • dew05002

      what does this even say. lil wayne is loved by ignorance. I feel bad for the generation behind me

    • Jesus

      Wayne used to dance in the background of Digital Underground Videos too?

  • Army Mars

    Jayz should respond to Wayne, because that was a good diss and wayne relavent unlike that namedropper. So if u relavent, and your diss was worth responding back to, then Jigga responds.

    • Anonymous

      actually if you look at jay-z's history, he only replies to people who "aint" relevant. So hes got a chance

  • Dirk Diggler

    Elton John > Lil Wayne


    Game’s ‘The R.E.D. Album’ First Week Sales Projected At 90-95k



    • Sean

      Hov makes so much money, a diss to him is totally irrelevent. All he has to do is sit back, laugh at these ignorant ass disses, and watch his Armand de Brignac stock get a boost.

    • Anonymous

      jay-z the most number ones???? hahahaha go and do your research little boy. Jay-z aint even close

    • kuku

      beyonce has sold over 70 mill albums and she usually earns 85 mill plus during tour years and she earns 35 mill on quiet yrs with no touring. wayne is retarded for that line

    • Sean

      Agreed. Real ish. Jay-Z has 50 million in album sales, Beyoncé has 75 MILLION in the same category, and YMCMB has sold 5 million if you count Tha Carter III, Thank Me Later, and Pink Friday (no offense to Drake and Nicki Minaj, 'cause I like those two acts), the only official releases since its been established. Not to mention, Jay-Z has the most number 1s by a male solo artist, the most in music history. Wayne needs to stop fucking around. In fact, I don't believe the H·A·M verse was even a diss. Dumb ass...

  • Justyn Williams

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper out now. Tupac would not stand a chance against Wayne in a battle rap. Wayne > tupac

  • Anonymous

    if you ever want to know if your fav artist wrote a song or not go to ASCAP alot of your fav artist get a minimal amount of the writers credit and some names only come up as performers and they also DONT get publishing credit so feel free to see who gets PROPER credit i checked out the documentry album and im not surprised at all shshsh dont tell lmao

  • JeeyJr

    Carter 4 is no where near the lvl of WatchTheThrone. The best song on that album is Pres.Carter or Outro. Wayne says the same things in every song, I swear i heard that "i fuck the world" line in every single song. And hes hella late responding to jay. Jay said that line in H.A.M which came out about 5 months ago let it go weezy.

  • DL C4

    download album here:

  • green

    just downloaded the album to my itunes then deleted it after 15 mins, wack

  • WS


  • mc hype


    • Anonymous

      Yea, it would just be like a bigger brother slapping weezy in the face and telling him to go sit back in his little corner. I haven't liked Wayne since he started crying on beats about 4 years ago and everyone on his roster just uses the same style. Shits beyond wack only people that listen to Wayne are High School kids and retarded adults.

    • this....

      would not be a good feud.

  • Anonymous

    fuck hip hop. hip hop has turned into a culture than ain't even worth following evertying that came out from the culture this month was far from classic. primetime by jay z is the only thing i think was classic and i waited all year just for that. game not one song i can fuck with on that albu. wayne why is shyne on the outro and why is he not on it. hip hop is turned into a poor excuse for a culture. now what wait another year for more big releases with decent production. most of the best on waynes album were wesk they will be even weaker next time he doesn't pay and with out drugs where is the creativity. where is let the beat build. and is dr carter. kiddy basic bullshit. deep down inside without drugs he is a just a little boring insecure nigga. i got more swag than he does and i ain't rich. shaking me head this honkey shit has gone to the dogs.

    • Anonymous

      Umm try Elzhi-Elmatic. Yes i know it's nas beats, but they're all remade and sound way doper than on nas album. Oh by the way, elzhi is underground, so go fuck yourself!

    • Anonymous

      underground is bullshit. the production is always lagging. you can't name shit that came out whats worth fucking with. none of the undergroud's production is on the level of WTT. there aren't many good producers left. every this came out this year was bullshit shit.

    • Jesus

      Beauty is in the eyes and ears of the beholder. Underground has some perks yes. but Mainstream is way better. argue if you must. but Underground is the same concept as mainstream. just a bunch of unmarketable artists rapping about how they will never make it.

    • SMH

      Why you only listening to mainstream hip hop? Scratching my head reading you list off all these big names. You know that there's such a thing as underground hip hop right? People making classics every month, y'all just don't wanna pay attention for some reason. Stop listening to the radio and dig deeper.

    • Jesus

      Only fags and LIl' B fans say Swag. so which one is ya? you b fag or you be Lil B Fan?

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Just listened to tha carter 4, shits wack, waynes trying to sound like drake the whole album

  • TylertheDestroyer

    " Kidnap your bitch get that how much you love your lady money" Lyrically Jay-z cant come correct with a line like that... that line is fire!

  • Jesus

    and there Lil' Wayne was. with his poppy Nicki Minaj bodyguards. rolling like 80 deep. rolled up on Jay and Puff Daddy enjoying they Mcdonalds. and Puffy was like oh look that little fake ass blood bitch. oh and theres Wayne too. wonder why Games here with him. and jay-z says yo puff watch this. Jay walks out with a mcmuffin and smears it in Waynes face amd says "there ya go you cheesy bitch" then grabs his Quarter Pounder and 50 yard passes it into Games face and says "theres your beef nigga, watcha gone do?" and wayne and Game hold hands as they run away Yelling Thug Life. Prodigy from Mobb Deep was begging on a street corner with a sign that said "need money for my album" yells at Jay. "hey atleast i didnt punk out like that yo!" jay saya "yeah bitch now wheres my Book money thats stopping me from bashing your head in"

    • Jesus

      uhm he is real. read that game article. the dude speaks his mind and avoids beef. but he for sure aint scared to say shit. whats your definiton of real kids? cuz Tyler the Creator aint real. by the way. Jay-Z punked out Prodigy like a bitch and walked away smiling. by himself. half you internet critics wouldnt even step up to papa smurf and call him a midget

    • kuku

      lol. that is funny

    • LOL

      jay-z real????? hahahahahahahaha....jay is the phoniest in the game!!!

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha at Jay-Z being real. he hasn't been real since '98. that goes for all these mainstream guys. it's all a persona to make money. not saying i don't like their music, just don't buy their bullshit. the only time they tell the truth is when they say "I'm fuckin rich".

    • Jesus

      Jay-Z is a real nigga. Game and Wayne are all talk and show. Jay-z would murder there asses by just giving them a dead arm or a charlie horse. then Wayne will cry to baby and then they'll make out on a red carpet by the fire with Red Candles burning a rose incense while banging the Red Album yelling "i'm the only one he kiss"

  • KillYourself

    Yet u stupid fucks listen to weezy over and over and over and over again yall the ones makein him so great real rap people like get a fuckin clue weezy been here for yearsssssssssssssssssss and aint goin nowhere u think he 1 of the most talked about (good or bad) for no reason.....Stupid fucks get wit it or get lost...BEware Carter 4 gunna be crack

  • Jeff Mason

    Hip hop fans get ready on Wednesday night at 9pm et/6pm pt for the live in the cipher show as we rate & review along with you the listener The Game's new release The R.E.D. Album. Chat live or call in live 646-929-1530 artist call in with you hot 16 & show your skills. Join the cipher 2 nite @ 9pm on

  • Anonymous

    At least weezy was kind enough to offer to take jay z out. Thank you weezy, for being a gentleman.

  • Danny

    I would like to see wayne try and kidnap Beyonce, she would probably bitch slap him into the next week.

  • hellrazor


  • Ranard Montez Miller

    jay didn't go all out on baby or wayne...wayne didn't go all out because it wasn't necessary...that was more of a warning shot more so than a full blown diss...

    • Anonymous

      You obviously don't know how Jay-Z writes then if your that dumb to not see that its a diss to Baby. Listen to the other lines around it ya rere. I swear this site is a mecca for dumb people talking about shit they have no idea about.

    • Anthony Blue

      Jay didnt even go @ them is saying u got "baby' money a diss ?? baby got money..anybody think he meant "baby" as small ??

  • Anonymous

    lol this aint no ETHER... WACK!

  • Anthony Blue

    the "Sheneneh oh my gooodness" line did it for me....there is NO argument anyone could say to prove that this verse was hard

  • uh?

    WACK, if ya goin at Jigga's neck then cut his fuckin throat don't pussy foot cause he'll lay ya out and give ya baby's money as a gift

  • Anonymous

    I think Weezy did it for the hell of it just to mess around. Yeah the "kidnap your bitch" part strikes as definitely a line-crosser but then again Jay refers to Beyonce as his bitch, albeit in a proud way. But I still think that Jay meant something different when he said "baby money". I think he was talking child support money rather than Birdman's cash. But Jay might have also wanted to screw with people's heads. I don't think there's any serious beef. Wayne and Jay haven't really been in beef mode for some time.

  • lois

    Wack Wayne is afraid of callin out names. the only rapper who alwayz called out names is 50 Cent. these other niggas ar afraid to do so. remember real beef like 50 vs jada, ja, kanye, fat joe, cam'rom. Em vs Ja, benzino, Pac vs BIG. dt was real not this bitch ass wack track of wayne

    • Anonymous

      dont forget eminem n busta


      nah man REAL BEEF was 50 and jah that was queens street shit 50 got jumped and cut by them niggas before.if you have the guess who back cd the chain on the gun is jah chain them murder inc niggas ran with kareem that beef was over ghetto quran and crack territory it went hollywood when 50 killed jah on get rich,kareem is the nigga who sent hommo after 50 but he didnt last to long after that hommo got killed if you watch the video with my man bang em smurf and domination domo said 50 a real street nigga even though the video was about bang em and 50 havin beef

  • still best rite now!!

    1. “Intro” Beat has too slow of a tempo for an Intro. Definitely doesn’t hit hard as “3 Peat” or the other Intros from the Carter series. Random metaphors. Weak track. 2. “Blunt Blowin” Song starts with an over dramatic riff, & an opening 16, meh. Thankfully the beats switches at 1:30 to a banger with a hard 808 and catchy chorus, decent song from here out. Head nodder after the first minute and a half. 3. “Megaman” Tunechi comes out the gate with a rapid mixtape flow, another hard-hitting beat. No real concept as usual. Song has no chorus, Wayne just spits heat for 3:18. 4. “6 foot 7 foot” ft. Cory Gunz 5. “Nightmares of the Bottom” Yes, the track previewed on MTV unplugged. Instrumental sounds great as expected, if you were feeling the live version. Oddly the chorus is missing, may have been adlibbed. Decent track. 6. “She Will” ft. Drake 7. “How to Hate” ft. T-Pain Track was originally intended for Teddy pain’s LP. You can immediately tell also. Autotune is back. First track with a clear concept. T-Wayne trade verses on why they hate that “b