Slept-On But Very Dope Hip Hop Songs From The Week Of 8/15/2011

Justus League's patient homie delivers a gem over Khrysis production, while a former Rick Rubin artist slashes up a Nick Wiz beat, and Roc-A-Fella alumni meets DD172 over a Ski Beatz experiment.

As Game's R.E.D. Album started unveiling itself before next week's release, a lot of under-the-radar Hip Hop hit the interwebs this week. Among the many tracks DX posted this week, an experimental sound came out of DD172's studios with Dame Dash's former Roc-A-Fella Records President and his Blu Roc Records VP, both music artists too. Additionally, a Justus League affiliate's slept-on album has a particularly bright spot, while a New Jersey Hip Hop icon comes back to slap a beat like a hockey puck.

Median - "Bright Individual"

Median in general embodies the phrase "slept-on," so it's no wonder why his track "Bright Individual" would be included in a list of the best of the overlooked. While his album The Sender dropped last week, Median has been on the grind for years promoting his vaguely '90s reminiscent style of Hip Hop. "Bright Individual" lives up to everything we'd expect from Median. While The Sender reads as mainly produced by 9th Wonder and Phonte, this track's credits show Khrysis as the producer who utilizes lazy horns in a way similar to DJ Premier's production on Torae's "Click" . The track is a rundown of everything Median claims to be, "put me in the kitchen on a mission, I'm a go-getter." It's a hazy blend of smooth bragging, where Median's confidence isn't aggressive, rather laid-back and playfully cocksure. This is one of those tracks you bump at an end of summer BBQ to remember the best moments of the past couple of months. Median had perfect timing in releasing this cut. He's such a bright individual.

Listen to "Bright Individual" by Median

Chino XL - "N.I.C.E."

Before you add a Chino XL track to a MP3 player you should know two things: first, he'll make most other emcees in your Hip Hop playlist sound at best jittery and at worst lobotomized. Secondly, get used to using that "repeat track" option you didn't even know existed because you'll need to listen to something like "N.I.C.E." a few more times back-to-back just to catch everything. An inclusion on his upcoming RICANstruction, "N.I.C.E." is a surgical strike of a return and a quintessential Chino track in that picking a few lines to transcribe is a disservice to the rest of the bars because they are basically all mind-boggling. Prepare to travel from this year's London Riots and Oslo shootings back to Pontius Pilate crucifying Christ while picking up souvenirs  like "Ted Kazinky's Smith Corona typewriter," "Satan's chemistry set" and "Casey Anthony's severed head" along the way. And that's just the first two minutes. However, one thing that has plagued Chino throughout his career are beats that aren't on par with his lyricism. Thankfully, just like he helped make this year's return of the Cella Dwellas kick off with a bang, Nick Wiz provides a sweeping beat - part ethereal, part orchestral - that matches the epic scope of Chino's  rhymes. "N.I.C.E." is pure enjoyment and offers some new gem to discover with every play; and if you're not feeling it, whatever, because to quote Chino's Mom "he's a thick skinned son-of-a-bitch"

Listen to "N.I.C.E." by Chino XL

McKenzie Eddy f. Cam'ron and Vado - "In This Thing"

With the eclectic sounds coming out of Dame Dash's DD172, one artist that you can't sleep on is McKenzie Eddy. The DXnext alum is touring with Murs and Tabi Bonney this year, but her singing appeals to fans far beyond the conventions of Hip Hop. Eddy's new free album Young Platinum features GLC, Murray and The U.N. On "In This Thing," Eddy's musings are sung in a light that has the Indie charms of Apple commercial music. Ski Beatz makes a composition that shows his immeasurable range and versatility. Cam'ron and Vado drop in some gangsterism to make the collaboration sound experimental and meaningful. Even Kanye West went as far as endorsing Young Platinum this week. Slept-on, but for how long?

Listen to "In This Thing" by McKenzie Eddy featuring Cam'ron and Vado

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  • Noble Overton


  • Chris

    I still think Ice-T is better than Chino XL any day...well, whatever. He's the OG plus he has a reality show and I LOVE it!

    • Anonymous

      man... fuck Chino XL. thats da only rapper y'all heard of on this list? these are suppose 2 be newer rappers anyway. how long has Chino XL been out? 2 damn long 2 still be considered "slept on". fuck that dude! I'm listening 2 that Median. 9th Wonder & Phonte... can't go wrong!

  • G MON

    Chino is fuckin sick. Here to Save you All is a classic, every song is solid on that cd, i'd rather have sick lyrics then a sick beat. All the Pac dik riders hate on Chino cus he had one line that said Pac got fucked in prison. Pac didnt even really come back at him, and Chino squashed the beef in another song. Wordsmith off Poisen Pen album is one of the best songs i've ever heard. RICANstruction is gonna be tight.

  • submitter

    Chino would prob rip Pac apart in a battle but Pac produced the better music.

  • 7sixes

    I really like these lists DX...all of the music is real dope & def stuff I looked over.

  • Anonymous

    real recognize real if Pac says fuck chino xl that means it.I have never listened to chino since then.

    • Anon

      Real recognize real, not fake following real trying to be real by proxy. Chino is one of the illest rappers, period. His verse on Sickology 101 was nasty: Everybody start lockin their windows and doors, Chino might get in It's like light-ning, how I'm strikin a triflin rifleman Bullets flyin up and I'm numbin the bum, like it's Vicodin So much metal in his spine, he could get rich from the recycling! Chino be curdlin blood, don't get burned from the buzz I speak with conviction, like what Da Brat just heard from the judge Bludgeon no love, industry hate me yo I'd rather hear Hannah Montana, than half of you rappers on the radio! Startin drama with Chino, God forbid Auction my lyrics on eBay, that's God for bid Problem is lyric Jesus is more than a man with a sick delivery, like I drive a coroner van I'm demented, spittin writtens as sick as I can Grenade grippin, fittin to detonate Disneyland I am teachin Sickology, try to follow how every punch line hits Like Chris Brown's fist in the face of Rihanna Please.

    • Ryan MacQueston

      well that's fucking corny

    • Anonymous

      well damn! u would think the whole article was jus on "Chino XL" with all the responses below. maybe thats the only rapper y'all heard of on this list. i'm bumpin that Median. I like the whole album. the production is tight

  • LScholar

    "Don't even call rap rap no more, call it Chino XL." That Chino album has been on my radar. Couldn't sleep on N.I.C.E. Plus, he spazzed on 'Cypher of Five Mics' with Canibus.

  • midwest illest

    chino has always been that dude! listen to him and tha mexakinz ft x-zibit shit is raw nice!!

  • funkybottomsfb

    chino xl - 'don't say a word' pretty good beat selection

  • 305standup

    I agree Jesus LOL .... THAT BUN B song cross your heart goes hard... i press rewind everytime i hear him chino xl is underated

  • jesus!

    chino xl is line 4 line the one greatest to ever do it 2 classics albums under his belt... and ricanstruction shaping up as another classic.. hes never spit a wack verse in his life! killed every feature hes been gone 100s of them ... killed royce twicw and canibus ... good shit dx staff should be more publicity on him him real hip hop! that "nahhh" track he leaked out a few months was the best i heard in hears better than nice ...

    • Anonymous

      Chino has No Classic albums because his beat selection is horrible, 2 bums slamming trash cans together would make or better music then the shit he raps over "NICE" is dope because its seriously the first time i remember hearing a Chino XL song where the bet didnt suck Shouts to Chino for finally hooking up with a producer that knows how to produce

  • 718rob

    Good selection. I used to hate Chino XL cause of 2Pac... but Sway and Tech showed me the way. That, and "Let Em Live" with Kool G Rap.

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