Forbes Ranks Jay-Z & Beyonce As Music's Most Powerful Couple

Hov and Bey rank as No. 2 overall on the highest-paid celebrity couples list with $72 million in earnings over the past year.

After Jay-Z topped its Hip Hop Cash Kings list this year, Forbes has crowned Hov and Beyonce as music’s highest-paid couple and second overall highest-paid celebrity couple.

According to, the two pulled in around $72 million over the past year. Beyonce earned $35 million from business deals such as her clothing line with Dereon and brand endorsements for L’Oreal, General Mills and more. Jay-Z roped in $37 million thanks to earnings from his 10-year $150 million deal with Live Nation and investments in the New Jersey Nets, 40/40 Club franchise and ad agency Translation.

At the top of the list were supermodel Gisele Bundchen and NFL player Tom Brady with $76 million. Behind Jay and Beyonce were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (No. 3, $50 million), David and Victoria Beckham (No. 4, $45 million) and Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (No. 5, $40 million).

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  • Andre Cooper

    And let's see now....Nas had a baby with kellis and is paying his life worth for child support....Jay-z has no kids and can spend on whatever he wants....Hmmmm....... Jay stay winning...Good day

  • Andre Cooper

    Look at all the jay-z haterz!!!! First it is jay-z can't have babies.... Second it is he don't have money like eminem...Third is blah blah blah..... From what is see there are alot of admirers on these site that love jay-z.... Call me a dick rider but he has more money than you and me.... Keep hating

  • QuitRidingTheBandWagon

    I swear Forbes be riding these two like a carriage. What about Will And Jada. Karate Kid made 300 million plus and they co-produced that shit. Not to mention there daughter had a hit record and made Jay some money. Forbes is just putting who they want and aren't naming them on facts anymore, they are just trying keep this fool in the public eye or something. But if your only talking about the hottest couple in The Music industry then yes, but as far as entertainment business alone,NICCA PLEASE!

    • Andre Cooper

      Facts is facts...Numbers don't lie..... Don't be mad because jay-z keeps winning.... When you go learn that what you eat don't make him shit....Where is the love????

  • ...

    In other related news, water is wet and the sun rises in the daytime..

  • Nuno Andrade

    rap is married to rnb.........

  • Money is not power !

    Money means money, not power. In Pop music, Lady gaga is the most powerful and most influential artiste, In Hip hop/Rap music, Eminem is the most powerful and most influential. My ranking is based on social and cultural impact(Album Sales, Youtube views, Myspace streaming, twitter, facebook, sellout show, amount of crowd who come for your shows, awards, etc etc), not just money .50cent made 150million in 2008, but he was far from the most powerful rapper !

    • JFranks

      I am pretty sure Forbes recently ranked Gaga as the most powerful female celeb in the world, more than big O.


      If either one of you think that eminem has influenced hip hop or the culture at large more than jay-z, then you don't know hip hop...SMMFH

    • Truth !

      Co-Sign ! But, the list says couples not single. Em and Gaga are singles. But, yes, Em and Gaga has the cultural and media impact more than Jay and Beyonce, combined !!!

  • Yup

    They can't make me listen to their music with any kind of power

  • kuku

    next year, that no, will be $160 million.

  • r

    Powerful HOW!? they aint got no real power.. Over me or you. U cant let no one or nothin have it. Fuck this type of stupid shit

  • Osiel Salas

    What about birdman and Lil Wayne?

  • da1

    Beyonce still aint having that baby though. She's gonna be on some lets adopt like Brad and Angelina. She probably don't even let him bust in it raw. Even Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey had babies from their loser hubands, you would think Beyonce would do the same(and Jays been winning ever since 96). That foo can be a Billionaire she still aint poppin out jigga boy or jigga girl. WTF Beyonce that niggaz getting old and distinguished.

    • J.Coal

      If I was with Bey for 10 years you can bet child number three would be just around the Money and fame can't buy you all the happiness in the world. You couldn't tell her that though. Jay gonna be a grandfather by the time she ready. Plenty of power couples have children and are still killing it. Will & Jada is a peffect example.

    • insanemacbeth

      love early JAY-Z...but cosign da1 JAY can't breed BEYONCE, yet? what's that about??? s.m.h.

    • Anonymous


  • Rodrick

    (Diddy) Cause I'm richer than them white folks lol. Jay-Z and Diddy running the game don't need music money. Learn to invest black men and black women. Meaning start your OWN or invest in something. (I bet no one really reads what I'm saying) Peace. PS- I don't care what other races are doing I care about my people. (Crabs in a barrel will arrive shortly). Peace.

    • Anonymous


    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Shut the fuck up with that shit. no one gives a shit what ur doin either nigga. black, white, mexican, shit dont matter if niggas are stupid they gonna lose bank, just that most of these dumbass niggas u see goin bankrupt go bankrupt cuz when they see they first milli, they go out and buy a car or some stupid shit like that.

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