B.G. Knocc Out Alleges Eazy-E Was Murdered, Recalls Showdown With Nate Dogg

Exclusive: Eazy-E's protege explains why he is alleging his mentor was murdered and recalls beef with Death Row including his round of gangsta golf with Nate Dogg.

The overwhelming majority of rappers have little to no personal experience to base their stories of street life on. B.G. Knocc Out is not one of those rappers.

After serving a total of ten years behind bars for attempted murder, the Compton, California native has returned to the Rap scene with the recent release of his first full-length as a solo artist, Eazy-E’s Protégé.  

His aptly-titled solo debut disc is inspired by the memory of the mentor who gave B.G.K.O. and his big brother Dre'sta their big break by appearing on Eazy’s classic retort to then friend-turned-foe Dr. Dre, “Real Muthaphuckkin’ G’s.” 

On Monday (August 15th) the fiery spitter seen sporting a curl in that now 18-year-old clip spoke to HipHopDX about the very real beef behind the music, which included an infamous showdown with Nate Dogg captured on film. The man who was instrumental in the discovery of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony concluded his conversation with DX by elaborating on the jaw-dropping accusations being levied by B.G. at some of Eazy’s closest confidants on Knocc Out’s new single, “N My Prime,” after first declaring in the shocking song that “The way my big homie went out, he didn’t deserve it / Try to say he died of AIDS, but Eazy was cold murdered.”

B.G. Knocc Out Gives History Of Eazy-E vs. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg Feud

 HipHopDX: I know it’s ancient history now, but for the sake of our younger readers explain just how real the beef had become between the Ruthless Records and Death Row Records camps following “Real Muthaphuckkin’ G’s.”       

B.G. Knocc Out: Well, basically what is was … Snoop [Dogg] got with [Dr.] Dre in the early ‘90s, and he basically stepped into a beef that really didn’t have nothin’ to do with him. But because Dre picked him up he got on the song “Dre Day” and he dissed Eazy [E]. So around the same time me and my brother, Dre'sta Da Gangsta, we met Eazy, and we stepped into a beef that didn’t have nothin’ to do with us. And we end up dissin’ Snoop and Death Row and Tha Dogg Pound. … We were just young, knucklehead kids who got into something that we didn’t really know nothin’ about. But because we was from the streets and we was used to dealing with beef anyway it really didn’t matter.

When we first seen the Death Row camp [face-to-face was after] the song, [“Real Muthaphucckin’ G’s” a/k/a “Real Compton City G’s”], got nominated for a – I think it was a Billboard Award or something. So we [went] to the Universal Amphitheatre to the awards, and that’s the first time that both of our [camps] ran into each other. I was a fan of those dudes, whether they knew it or not, so I didn’t really expect them to react the way they did. They kinda like loc’d up on us a little bit. And so we start goin’ at it; we had words. It got real serious to the point where when we got out the awards they was sayin’ what they were gonna do to us. But, we was all ready; we were strapped. We had guns and everything. And the Death Row camp at that time, they were like 300 deep. Suge [Knight] and them used to roll real thick. And it was only like seven or eight of us. But, when we got outside we pulled our guns out and was like, "Whatch y’all wanna do?” That was like late 1993. I think from that point on both sides understood that it was a little deeper than just music.

The second big incident that we got into it was the thing that’s on the Beef DVD … where you see us at the golf course actually having a little rumble.

DX: Speaking of that, did you and Nate [Dogg] ever get a chance to chop it up before he passed …?


B.G. Knocc Out: Man, I wish. I really wish [we could have], but nah, I was in prison. This is what happened: in 1997, before I went to prison, me, Snoop and Kurupt and [Dre'sta], we had a sit-down. A mutual friend of ours brought us all to the table. So we met up at a studio, we sat down [and talked], we actually made a record that day – it never came out. I don’t know what happened to it, but I think the guy Soopafly made the beat. … And I end up going to prison, and while I was in prison my brother had the chance to reconcile with Nate. But I never really had the chance. I wish I did. I really do, man. … When I came home I think that’s when Nate had got sick, so I wasn’t really able to talk to him. But, I had talked to Daz [Dillinger]. Me and Daz never met on a good note, but when I got home I went to his [record] signing … and then me and him, we been on good terms ever since and we talk frequently to this day. Me and Kurupt are real tight [too].   

DX: I don’t wanna go back, but I just have to ask, did you and your brother know you were runnin’ up on a Marine wit’ them golf clubs? [Laughs]

B.G. Knocc Out: Aw man, no we didn’t. I’m tellin’ you bro’, I had no idea. [Laughs] I had no idea until I seen his obituary that the brother was in the military. I never knew that.           

DX: I mean, how did that play out? Did y’all just walk out of there?  

B.G. Knocc Out: What happened was, we had got invited [to that video shoot] because [me and Dre'sta] were on Def Jam [Records] at the time. Warren G was on Def Jam, so he invited all of his camp down there. And Russell Simmons and them called us and told us to come. They wanted like a celebrity video or whatever. So, I was up there chillin’. We sitting on this balcony and … I see Snoop. Me and Snoop already was on good terms by then, so Snoop smiled at me [and] I smiled at him like, “What’s up?” And then when Nate came by, Nate was the main one like, “Dogg Pound!” He was just tryin’ to bang on us. So I start sayin’ my hood, I’m like, “Nutty Blocc Crip.” He was like, “Dogg Pound.” I’m like, “It’s Compton Crip!” I was still in that mindstate. So, everything was cool, we didn’t start squabbin’ or nothin’. But when my brother got there, I seen my brother at a distance so I start to go meet him, and by this time Nate and them were ridin’ these little golf carts on the golf course and Nate swooped on me and ran over my foot. And this is what started the whole little incident. So he ran over my toe. I had on brand new shoes for one, [Laughs], and then he ran over my big toe. So I ran up on him like, “Dude, what the fuck wrong wit’chu, homie?” He was like, “Get out my face little nigga.” That’s how he was tryin’ to do me, tryin’ to treat me like a little kid. So I bombed on him. Bam! And when I bombed on him, everything cracked from there. And the only thing I didn’t appreciate about the Beef DVD [was that] they made it seem like on there – because I was in prison, [and] they didn’t get my brother’s perspective on the whole thing – it was one sided.

We never actually started none of the incidents that we had with those guys. It was always … I’ma tell you the truth, Nate – God rest his soul, but he was the dude that every time we seen him he was the one always pumpin’ it up. He would look at us [and say], “Dogg Pound!” And just, gangbangin’ on us. Like, that’s how he used to do it. And that’s how it always started. We had a few run-ins: at Russell Simmons’ Christmas party in New York like two times. And it was always Nate Dogg. I promise you. I ain’t tryin’ to put nothin’ on him ‘cause he gone, but it was always him, always woofin’ on us, man. And then we just responded. We had a few run-ins like that. I’m just glad it’s over.

B.G. Knocc Out Confirms That Dre'sta Discovered Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

DX: Let’s switch gears here … Can you clarify once and forever whether it was you or Eazy who actually discovered Bone Thugs-N-Harmony?   

B.G. Knocc Out: It was actually Dre'sta Da Gangsta. We were doin’ a show in Cleveland at the time, which Eazy was headlining …. Then we got off stage after we finished performing [and] there was a lot of people standing by the [backstage area]. And Bone happened to be there. And at this time it was only Layzie [Bone], Bizzy [Bone] and [Flesh-N-Bone]. Krayzie [Bone] and Wish [Bone], we didn’t know who they were [yet]. We didn’t know them until they actually came to [Los Angeles]. When we walked by E was in front of us, so me and my brother was last behind E. So all these people was like, “E! E!,” calling his name. And he just kept walking. My brother was behind me, so when he seen these three youngsters, when he seen Layzie, Flesh and Bizzy, he was like, “C’mon man.” And when they came back there, there was a few people back there rappin’ for us. But when I heard these three little brothers get down I was like, “Wow.” I kept telling E, I was like, “E, man, you gotta get these dudes.” They was just immaculate. Like, they harmonizing with they lyrics, it was ridiculous. So when we got back to L.A. I used to ask him periodically, I used to be like, “E, what happened to them Cleveland guys?” He was like, “Uh, I don’t know; I ain’t heard from ‘em.” ‘Cause E used to do that, he a give you all his numbers but you still wouldn’t be able to contact him. And so I think about a [couple months] passed by and then I asked him [again], I was like, “E, what happened to them Cleveland brothers?” And he was like, “Oh, you know what? They came out here. I got ‘em in the hotel.” And ever since then they been like my brothers.

B.G. Knocc Out Explains Why He Believes Eazy-E Was Murdered, Did Not Die From AIDS

DX: You and Krayzie Bone share the same theory about Eazy’s demise that you spoke on during “N My Prime.” Do you really believe though that Jerry Heller somehow injected Eazy with [the HIV virus]?

B.G. Knocc Out: I believe in my heart somebody did something to Eric. Whether it was Jerry [Heller], whether it was [his widow] Tomica [Woods-Wright], I have yet to really know the truth about it. But, for a person to have full-blown AIDS [that quickly is suspicious]. My little brother, his father died from full-blown AIDS … from sharing a needle [‘cause] he was [an addict]. Now, I seen this man go through these stages, from HIV to full-blown AIDS. And, when you get a cold, any little thing like that, your whole immune system shut down. So you have to go into the hospital just to recover. Now, to be around Eric for the last three years of his life and he never had an episode like this – never ever – something is strange, something is real odd. And then you gon’ come out and tell me when the man go in there for bronchitis, you gon’ come out and tell me this man had full-blown AIDS. And we done been to New York, we done been to Chicago in below zero weather [and] he never got sick. He never had an episode. Like, c’mon bruh. Who are you kidding?

Before everything hit the fan with Eric and Jerry Heller, these brothers from the Nation Of Islam from Chicago – some of [Minister Louis] Farrakhan’s right hand men – [came to see Eazy]. We was at Ruthless Records and these dudes walked up in the office, just stormed in one day while we was in there. Nobody had no idea they was comin’. [They] stormed in the office, into Jerry Heller’s office, and told Eric to “Come here.” Eric got up and went into the conference room. They were in there for like two or three hours. And I swear, when they came out of there Eric had a different look on his face. He seemed like he was shook up about something. … And like a week or so later, he started firing Jerry [and the rest of Heller’s relatives at Ruthless]. He fired Jerry Heller. He fired Terry Heller. He fired Gary Ballen. And they were all family. Jerry and Terry is brothers; Gary is their cousin.

[Following that] me and my brother were finishing up our album, Real Brothas. And we had the song “Dogg Pound Killa,” [which] was another “Real Compton City G’s” record ‘cause Eric was a part of it. The night before we go into the studio Eric had an episode with his bronchitis. He go to the hospital [and] they kept him overnight. That next day he came directly from the hospital straight to the studio. He didn’t go home; he had the same clothes he had on the day before. [He] came to the studio, we in there, we got the record up. Me and my brother’s part is [already recorded] – my brother wasn’t actually there ‘cause we had did our part like awhile before – but we just brought the reel to reel to the studio for Eric to do his part. Eric only had eight bars to put on the whole song. So we sittin’ in the studio for like two hours and he finally show up. When he show up, some of his other groups – H.W.A. and I think Steffon or some other people – came and they was takin’ up his time. So, I kept goin’ to butt in they little meeting like, “Hey, Eric we gotta turn our album in, can you please come do your eight bars real quick?” And he was like, “Alright, I’ll be in there in a second.” So, I go back and butt into they meeting again like, “Eric, c’mon bro’. Niggas been up here for five hours waiting on you already, can you come do your part?” And he’s like, “Alright, I’ll be in there in a second.” The last time I went into the hallway the man was in there by himself sittin’ on the floor wheezing, like terribly. And I was like, “You alright?” I sat down next to him, and he was tryin’ to talk, and he had this big manila envelope in his hand, pulling out these faxes and all this stuff. He had records from where money was missing from the label – millions of dollars that he said Jerry was stealing from him. And Jerry was sending him idle threats – faxes and stuff like that. And he was showing me and the guy from Audio Achievements, who owned the studio [Ruthless artists recorded in]. And, he had these inhalers that I never seen before, these big, huge-ass inhalers, and he was tryin’ to hit his lungs wit’ em. And it seemed like his breathing was getting better and then it just got worse. So, when he started gettin’ real bad and he started sweating, I ran and got his two bodyguards [and] was like, “Hey man, y’all gotta come get the dude. Somethin’ ain’t right.” They came and picked him up, put him inside the car, drove him to the hospital, and that night is when it came out on the news.

So it’s strange, it’s a strange situation. And that’s what leads me to believe there’s something more.                

DX: I appreciate you breaking all that down. I noticed you’re still reppin’ for Eazy, even calling the album Eazy-E’s Protégé. Why’d you decide to do that?  

B.G. Knocc Out: Because, I don’t appreciate the fact in the industry after [Tupac Shakur] passed, ‘Pac got bigged-up from everybody, even his so-called enemies, [and] when [Notorious B.I.G.] passed, Big got bigged-up from everybody, [but] when E passed who really mentioned E’s name among the great people in the Hip Hop world? Not too many people. And, Eazy is the reason – he is the absolute reason why we can get on the record and say the things that we say and express ourselves in the manner that we do. … He’s a part of the foundation of being able to get on the record and speak your mind. He fought the [F.B.I.], nobody else did that. So how you can’t give this man his respect like that? And not just the fact that he’s my friend, he paved the way for all of us … whether people choose to accept it or not. I just wanna make sure people don’t forget this man, because I know some young kids right now that don’t even know who he is. And it’s sad. It’s very sad. And I just wanna rep the man; I just wanna make sure he’s not forgotten. And that’s the reason why I do what I do.   


  • 214cream

    I'll say suge did it BT Idk only people who really no iz Eazy r.I.p n suge N God.what's funny is that no woman has ever cum fourth saying she had sex with Eazy and contracted it 4rm him.Cuzz usually when docs find out u have it dey want 2 no who all u been fuccing...........idk da streets b talking if sum video ho wood have gotten it 4rm mostly likely da ho wooda broke ha necc 2 exploit a famous rapper wit $$$$ if he wasn't not injected there should of been a long very much tracable line of woman who he gave it 2 BT there's not.........sounds like sum Fucc shii long live Eazy-E a real Compton Crip ur still missed p.S I know 2 people with H.I.V in dey both no who dey got it 4rm!!

  • Fefe boles

    I just don't understand how his wife don't have it and she was pregnant from him when he died something just don't add up

  • jj

    Man suge was and is a grimy nigga trust me it take one to know one.all these rappers getting knocked off, man a nigga with millions ain't gonna use a bullet like a nigga with hundreds would do. Look at more cases that following year and shit when niggas was really getting hit with AIDS thru these hoes. Man a hoe with AIDS know she gone and will take the bread to leave for the family.

  • moso

    You cannot be injected with AIDS, the HIV virus wears down your immune system, eventually your CD4 count drops below 400 and at that time you are considered to have AIDS. AIDs and HIV are not two different diseases, rather AIDS is a progressed/advanced state of an HIV infection. Also, there are many people who never have signs or symptoms of HIV then they get something like a lung infection, get a work up and find out that they have HIV and it has progressed to the point of AIDS.

    • BlueCali

      You're right on everything, EXCEPT,you can be injected with AIDS. If a person is already full blown, and a needle is shared, bam you're injected by AIDS. Now, you're HIV positive, but the AIDS virus was first injected into you. I know this for a fact, because my parents died of AIDS, from a shared needle of a full blown AIDS virus.

  • jaybreezy

    it's difficult to buy into any of this. the fact that this BG says there's a conspiracy because Eazy didn't progress from HIV to AIDS but rather just full blown AIDS means nothing. Eazy E is on record as saying he never wore protection and he "could tell" if a groupie he had sex with had AIDS or not. Just look it up on Youtube when he was on the Howard Stern show. People for some reason want to believe that it's everyone else's fault or a vast conspiracy when people make terrible choices. Like Whitney Houston dying from drugs etc.. they blame everyone else but the actual horrible choices the individual makes. It's no different than being an enabler. Furthermore, on the Chronic there's that intro where they are playing dominoes and you can Kurupt or Daz forget which one saying "you HIV pussy getting muthafucka, easy come easy go" There's probably more to this story… and the truth is probably that Eazy knew he was HIV+ but never told anyone. He had inhalers and meds for his bronchial condition so clearly he had already been to the doctor. Besides that, Jerry Heller didn't have the clout to kill a public figure. Suge Knight on the other hand was far deeper into that world and Deathrow profits were going to Eazy E as part of their settlement. In any event, I think people need to move on and accept their heroes are flawed just like they are and in most cases, its bad decisions that cause the problems people have in their own lives not a vast conspiracy. Stop blaming everyone else for your own bad decisions.

    • Calvin Martin

      How did you know Jerry Heller didn't have clouts? Where is your source at? NWA the movie? GTFOH. How credible is your source? or were you close enuff to know about him? Your opinion is weak, acting like you figured out what happened n shit. pretty sure you weren't there plus I doubt you know about the history and time frame of West Coast Hip Hop scene. You know what homeboy? Quit telling people to look it up on Youtube n shit. That's like "what does Wallydrag mean?" "Oh, I know what it means. Go look it up on dictionary," Above your stated opinion have led to the conclusion that you got a wrong answer, mothafucka. You need to get schooled n' be careful what you say n who you talkin bout. Fuck you. Hope you ain't from the coast.

    • Bo Deal

      That shit don't add up HIV to full blown AIDS who does that quit from that his kids didn't get it or his girlfriend who was pregnant at the time people so please

    • RK

      On top of that AIDS takes time no matter how you get it. It is not the same for everyone but if you are injected with "HIV blood" or blood from someone with "fullblown Aids"... you still end up with HIV. They are one in the same except AIDS is what it is called once the HIV virus has shut your immune system down. It is ignorance of the disease like this which still makes it so prevalent in society.

    • Gotti Gotti

      actually it was "Dominoes Intro in Snoops DoggyStyle album and not the Chronic

    • Chuck

      U shut the fuck up to it's a story on wat happen to them during they times All dat shit u talking is irrelevant why PPL can't just tell there story without PPL who know nothing about the history of it U reading to hard man y'all shouldn't even said nothing

    • Chuck

      Dude please.Shut the fuck up Wat u talking bout ain't got nothing to.do with this story


    Stop listening to bull-ish my people. Learn about AIDS and HIV. This is why the black community is effected by it at crazy rates, becaue of the lack of knowledge. You cant infect some with AIDS, now they contract HIV, which can turn to AIDS if gone untreated. People can live with the HIV virus for like 10 years without symptoms. Thats why its important to WRAP it up and get checked. What B.G. is trying to say is that they infected him with AIDS in the last year or so of his life then that killed him? The virus has to replicate itself to take over the body and the immune system. People in Africa born with HIV, dont even die of AIDS within a year. Now, he could have been murdered somehow in the hospital (by doctors/visitors), but the injection of HIV/AIDS is crazy. Not everyone goes through the same symptoms, thats why a lot of people are walking around with HIV/AIDS and spreading it because they dont know and dont get tested. People literally get pneumonia and get hospitalized close to death before they find out, not knowing they caried the disease. Please educate yourself my people so we can get this epidimic under control. Eazy could have been infected back in the 80's easily. People are committed to the hospital with HIV/AIDS everyday that dont show outward signs of the disease. Did Magic Johnson look like he had HIV when he announced it? NO! Because there is no look to HIV, people dont get sick until the virus and taken over the body and destroyed the immune system thus becoming AIDS. The treatments nowadays though are 50x better than what they were 20 years ago. This article should be linked to an HIV/AIDS informing article. I'm sure EAZY isnt the only artist/rapper that has contracted HIV. Others live with it like and take the meds so they live normal lives. Whats fucked up is Eazy's could have easily been a wake up call for my brothas and sistas, but no one really talks about it. So people currently, belive he is the only black rapper/star to have this? NOPE! Wake up my people, educate yourselves, get tested, and stop wipin' this shit under the rug.

    • Bo Deal

      So tell me this why his kids didn't get it or his girlfriend who he was fucking at the time lol go look at that Video Suge knight said on Jimmy Kimmel but in the 90s an he laugh about it. This shit don't add up at all

  • james g

    but he did die of aids tho...

  • Anyonnous

    He was injected with the virus. He had the power much like biggie and pac, to change the world by what they had to say

  • BillyGoat

    Eazy-E !!! This man did more for me than fucking pac and Big together, 100% rest in peace eazy ! and shouts to DX for covering this pioneer!



  • Anonymous

    Wow. How did this story never blow up? So did Farrakhan kill Malcolm X AND Eazy E? This is interesting, the NoI has been notoriously racist towards Jews in the past and the fact that, if this story is true, they basically "influenced" Eazy to cut ties with Heller is huge.

    • Casburyegg

      Farrakhan didn't kill Malcolm you damn fool, dothe research on Cointelpro/Gene Roberts/John X...etc The NOI were trying to protect Eazy who was about to be extorted by the JDL and that's a fact according to FBI investigations.

  • Scott

    Fuck, man. This shit's making feel sad. I hope if there really is some shit behind E's death that it gets realized and anyone responsible gets what's comin'.

  • Real g

    Shut up ave he wasn't just a prison muslim he came back to the hood but then he changed his mind and stopped all those things he use to do and stop makin music and went to hajj so stop chattin shit and judin him

  • eazy

    dat story is pathetic hw i wish wright was here R I P ERIC EAZY E WRIGHT

  • john

    My guess is the Govt (aka FBI wanted to shut him up for some reason) Just like tupac and Biggie. FYI white guy here

  • Fucktown nigga's ryde hoe

    A yo real niggas recognize real niggas, and BG knocc out is a hoe! i battled him wit my lil piece of shit boom box in the pit in 88 with bambatta, and he straight up bitch my nigga! claimin nutty street crips, bitch get off OUR nutz....real niggas recognize real niggas, and we all see the bitch in chu...hold my money fuck boy

  • @Soundofben

    Goes to show you how the media covers up a lot! Eric definitely opened up the gates for these rappers and their protegee's. I believe he was murdered also . I am really glad to have read this article, nuff respect to B.G Knocc out for posting this. Years go by and everyone matures, especially after the years of incarceration. I couldn't imagine what was going through Eric's mind when he found out he was getting robbed and infected. He deserves more credibility to the Game itself. RARE FOOTAGE OF ERIC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SezuXZGBDJ8

  • Anonymous

    You're right sadly i never know eazy nor NWA but all that changed 9 months ago when i saw Eazy in Beef documentary and i was like hey that's the guy and the group game keeps yellin about so i listened to boyz-n-the hood and real muthaphuckkin g's fell in love with n.w.a i used to listen to banks game fif yayo & game but now i added n.w.a to my list R.I.P. Eazy-Muthafuckin-E the godfather of gangsta rap

  • Anonymous

    I saw a picture of Eazy E 4 months before he was really ill. One of his limo drivers posted the picture the guy looked like he was at an osco drug store with some lady other than tomica. He was def out there living his life freely with out strict guidance. The stars of today are made up of a more closed society and for good reason less interactions and altercations with everyday people.

  • yinknow

    Eazy E was murdered by someone close to him...i think its funny how is widow show no emotions and everyone says she such as itch....money is the root of all evil.. thanks BG for keeping the real alive. The world hates to see hood and intelligence in one...Eazy E..RIP

  • James

    respect to bg tellin his part of the story, its a fucked up world all being controlled and shit RIP Eric

  • dfg

    The real truth will come out in the judgement day

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    who u riding with any ways cuz? in the pin u was with some southcentral crips now its compton. i dont forget shit ....scratch and sniff nigga

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    bg ur a joke cuz!! i thouht u was a muselm? now u bacc to hood lol! prison muselm... then street banger.. fuccn joke

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    yo straight up-Eazy WAS the reason why rap is what it is today-Dre, Cube, Snoop all those brothas owe E their fame and fortune. Who hustled with NWA back in the day-E that's who straight up!!!

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    easy e was murdered...by aids andy Couffman is still alive (will this get my publicity) now listen to my music http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch

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    yo check out Will Smith in the left corner of that Eazy video still!!! hahahaha!!!!

    • Rachael Misek

      Oh wow...I guess he never got his chance to swear in the video's since his mother bussed him up to Beverly Hills.

  • Realtalk

    Why didn't this m'fucka write a book with this juicy shit in it? I guess Farakhan and the NOI would come shake him down for a donation anyways though. Lol. You gotta be a dumb fuck to be down with the m'fuckas that killed Malcom X!

  • Realtalk

    You just gotta know that when there's money and black folks involved, people are gonna get killed. Sad, but true.

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    NEED BEATS? Original Instrumentals/Beats 1 Instrumental - $30 2 Instrumentals - $46 3 Instrumentals - $60 4 Instrumentals - $75 5 Instrumentals - $85 6 Instrumentals - $93 7 Instrumentals - $100 http://www.youtube.­c­om/watch?v=fzd1EuVfGNY Original Instrumentals/Beats 1 Instrumental - $30 2 Instrumentals - $46 3 Instrumentals - $60 4 Instrumentals - $75 5 Instrumentals - $85 6 Instrumentals - $93 7 Instrumentals - $100 http://www.youtube.­com/watch?v=fzd1EuVfGNY Original Instrumentals/Beats 1 Instrumental - $30 2 Instrumentals - $46 3 Instrumentals - $60 4 Instrumentals - $75 5 Instrumentals - $85 6 Instrumentals - $93 7 Instrumentals - $100 http://www.youtube.­com/watch?v=fzd1EuVfGNY

  • Rachael Misek

    Hello, I would just like to say, that it is true, no one should wish ill of anyone who passed away, but at the same token, we should not sugarcoat their acts in this life. That if someone has been an antagonize, the thief, the manipulator, all major archtypes of our reality. TO deny this in anyone, is to deny their human experience. I thank you for your story.

  • Anonymous

    its crazy how ice cube stayed out of all this stupid beef shit... hes probably the smartest and the realist out of N.W.A. eazy-e was the most G.

  • Anonymous

    If you think this article is intersting youtube this song called conspiracy by bone thugs and listen to the last verse

  • Kris Goosby

    Ay first thanx for this article. Hip hop dx. Glad to see it. Find it very interesting. & i know who easy e. I heard some of his music. Not alot of it tho. Definitely see him as an influence. & thats very strange to hear bout his death theory. Same with pac & biggie. No one knows who killed them. Me i think the government had something to do with it. Anyhow's peace. Have a good one ya'll.

  • Reaper

    God bless the memory of Eazy-E.

  • Christian Schicke

    R.I.Plittle nigga !For me he is the founder of gangsta rap !Without him there would be no Dre and without Dre there woul be no eminem no 50 cent no game and the list goes on and on and on ........

  • I am Sancho

    Israel was also attempting to blackmail Eazy and Tupac at the same time. Eazy thought it was amusing: "Never again...that's dope". Now wasn't Jerry HELLER jewis.......

  • wu4lyf

    Good lookin' DX, crazy good article... it's true Eazy never got the respect he deserved, and his death happened in very shady circumstances...he died of AIDs and none of his kids or baby mommas had it? Hmmmmm.... I wish B.G. all the best, last of a dying breed.

  • Anonymous

    ive been hearing about those nation of islams alot latley them some scary people lots of death behind them

  • KapDiva

    Jerry and Tomica is some evil people. That's not even Eazy's daughter. The real truth will come out one day.

  • Anonymous

    yea, thanks for the actual news, that was crazy

  • Obi Patrick


  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    lol @ Nate Dogg: "Dogg Pound!" haha This article was a good read and brings back some open questions from the past. Knocc-Out should stay out of jail, I wish him the best for his musical career. It´s true that motherfuckers forget to honor that gangsta gangsta O.G. Eazy-E for investing his cash into Ruthless Records to establish REALITY RAP (Gangster-Rap is a TV-Quote) which changed the fucking world for ever. A lot of people act like it don´t matter, but it does. Just like they did Guru (yeah from Gangstarr) who Jazzmatazzed the whole planet. No honor in this rapshit.

  • EazyEDotOrg

    Great article , Vist www.EazyE.org for more ruthless news

  • tdawgwhoa

    this is the best article ive ever read on DX hands down

  • Vocab

    I appreciate this DX. Both for giving this man some much needed shine, and for asking him questions that have been on all of our minds for years. Real good read. keep it up

  • Pott Street

    Very interesting read. Often wondered what happened to B.G Knocc Out.

  • Anonymous

    Heller was stealing and Minister Louis Farrakhan put Easy up on game!! Then Easy died. You decide.

  • Sergio Hernandez

    Great Interview. Im very glad that BG Knocc Out is showing Eazy-E the respect and appreciation he deserves. Eazy-ECPT.com KnoccOut.com

  • comptonsmostwantedcmw

    damn that was some scary shit that story about eazy going to the hospital and all that shit . makes you think good interview

  • Anonymous

    Heller was stealing and Minister Louis Farrakhan put Easy up on game!! When Easy died. You decide.

    • E21baby

      @WTF does Anonymous have 2 sum it up for polished english stupid, no slang understaning ass. He basically said what BG knocc about Jerry Heller was mis-managing and stealing Eazy-e's money and eazy had records to prove it. Nation of islam + Farrakhan tried to warn Eazy or budge theirself in a little money scheme that had eazy shooked up . Dont clown the man because he said what i said in slang, with a shorter time #Smartass

    • wtf

      wtf does that even mean?

  • dfg

    props to hiphopdx greatest shit ever

  • Duke

    anybody peep Will Smith in that Eazy video?

  • Don't Worry

    One mistake, the thing about Eazy-E being murdered, that is not a theory he shares with Krayzie Bone. Layzie Bone is the one who thinks he was murdered, not Krayzie.

  • nigger

    you all are a bunch of dumb niggers. niggers should still be slaves niggers still wear chains. niggers still get whips. niggers will never be shit

    • BlueCali

      You a dumb azz that need to try to talk that shit in the Hood,instead of on here, where you're protected and hidden! You fuck, use that damn word out here and get fucked up! You just showed how fucking ignorant you are! O, and by the way, this is a WHITE FEMALE, who'd gladly fuck you up for using that word! Hoe!

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    • Anonymous

      ahahahahaha, oh shit that's funny.

  • too true

    let us also remember that his wife never tested positive for any form of the virus. think about it people!

  • r

    WTF's up with this Nation of Islam shit... First they been connected to big an now to eazy

    • jaysta

      also with 2pac after he got shot in nyc 94. pac had the noi for "protection". i read in the fbi files dat the jdl "jewish defensive league" interrogated pac and eazy e, 1st making death threats then offerin protection. also to notice is 1 of pacs outlaws hussein fatal was a muslim too possibly with noi

  • junMaf*ckn

    Dope ass Interview. I wonder whats good with Dre'sta? I agree with B.G. tho, for Eazy to go full blown and die so fast seems real strange...

  • Anonymous

    Well, It's the knockout definition original baby gangsta....

  • Anonymous

    Props to Paul Arnold for a great article.

  • Iddle1

    Both eazy n dre smashed dudes, one of them were bound to come up w/ HIV

  • keith

    That was a great Hip Hop interview dx.com. You found a dude that i just googled like about a month ago. I am from Oakland but born in NY but I still represent good music which was the 90's. Good look hiphopdx.

  • This Is Really Good

    Greatest article I've ever read on dx. Thanks for this one. Much respect to BG. Rest in peace Eazy-E.

  • Vision

    Whats up with the Nation of Islam being connected to murdered rappers. First Biggie, now Easy E? WTF is going on??

  • Yeah-I-Said-It

    Everyone, go gett your Snoop Dogg "Doggystyle" cd and go to track #6. At:24, someone says "What happened to them niggas that was on tv dissin' you?" Then someone says "Fuck dem nigas i ain't thinkin' 'bout that ol' shit." Right after that, listen close, somebody in the background says "Butsa ass, HIV pussy havin' muthafucka." Now THINK, Eazy E announced he had HIV AFTER Doggystyle was released. So DRE, Snoop, Daz, Kurupt & them KNEW that Eazy had AIDS!!!!

    • Fefe boles

      If he had it back then is baby mother will have it and is wife they all tests negative

    • Pimpin

      If Snoop and them knew Eazy had aids in 1992, in the heat of their beef, do you think they would have kept that a secret and not been on everything dissin him.. Some of you young dudes forget that back then, niggas use to diss people by saying that had aids.. That was right after Magic announced in '91.. That's all that was..

    • E21baby

      Yeah bro that was Snoop Cuz Daz dillinger just now Daz of Dogg Pound dillinger him on the domino intro (interlude).this means Dre n snoop knew about Eazy's condition since '92 #crazyy shit La has a lot of uncovered secrets ppl should know i'm defintly reading more into the lines. Eazy did alot n paved da way 4 Cali Ng'z mann BX,NY luv

    • Yssup Kidz

      I had not seen that clip. Suge's crazy.

    • Anonymous

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHqnqRvcKF8 tweedy bird loc I don't think. This video makes it more clear.

    • shane

      so did tweedy bird loc he dissed eazy in 1992 on his first album he said he got aids and so does h.w.a

    • J-Byrd

      And he probably knew it before hand to for years but never told anyone

    • Hevymentl13

      I've been telling people this for years...but nobody ever listens...if they knew he had aids, they probably set him up with some hiv trick.

  • shane

    Too much respect for this article. Hip hop dx isn't always wack with there news.

  • mr718

    Greatest article I ever read on this site, very interesting and after reading this I really believe B.G, everything he said sounds legit... #Greatread

  • Anonymous

    yall tryna get people hit. Nobody knows when E knew. Its possible he hid it from everybody until he couldnt because remember at this point the bug was the worst stigma ever. It also possible that when he knew his days were numbered he decided to then confront them about the money because he had nothin to lose. that was just money to support his family when he wasn't here. People gotta understand that they play with peoples lives when they talk recklessly

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P Eazy! I also think he was murdered. Sounds to suspicious to me.

  • Nuno Andrade

    eazy-e...nate dogg.....R.I.P....

  • dockevoc

    hiphopdx, this is the realest shit you ever wrote...good looks

  • Sami Kassar

    RIP Eazy Legendary E props to BG Knocc Out though he still reppin for E

  • Sensaye252

    That was a good read. His album title is a weak money-grab though, be honest. What happened to Eazy-E's son? He was kinda nice.

    • what


  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    That was some good shit.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, this post is real enlightening and sincere. I mean, you hear all that shit about Eazy E and Ruthless records by people who didn't even know Eazy but this dude right here he seen everything as it happened so I know it's for real. And I always wondered the same thing, why Eazy was never given the same recognition Tupac and Biggie were given. And all these youngins they know who Tupac is but ask em who Eazy E is, the person who paved the way for TuPac and the rest of them they don't know. Damn shame, RIP Eazy E.



  • McNulty

    Shame on HipHopdx for giving shine to this. Unverified, crackpot conspiracy theories are Hip-Hop now? This site is part of the problem now

  • EddieMurrrphy

    wow. this was a great ass interview. that last section almost brought tears to my eyes. picturing eazy all fucked up like that on his last days. makes me feel sick. it aint right, dude was a superhero to me back then.

  • Raidtimedope

    wow, Thanks for putting this out DX. This shit tight. RIP Eazy E.

  • Jonny Dig Ital

    I put up Eazy-E inspired art in LA asking 'Who Killed Eazy'. I got sh!t for it because everyone thinks it's as simple as AIDS, but there is a true backstory to this that we don't fully understand. http://jonnydigital.co/2011/05/small-photo-preview-big/

  • Rodrick

    SMH Paranoid idiot yeah, somebody conspired to infect him with aids, I mean even tho he had seven kids by 6 diffrent women, couldnt have been that he just fucked the wrong bitch right?? Of course not, had to have been a conspiracy

    • r

      Come on tho u really think eazy wasnt getin pussy on the side EVER even tho he had baby mothers.. coulda got burned from Any chick

    • Enlightened

      Rodrick: Coupled with what BG Knoccout said, Don't it seem a little strange to you that none of the mothers of his children or any of the children tested positive for HIV? NONE OF THEM??

    • Anonymous

      Whatever, Ya'll niggaz keep thinking what you want LOL @ somebody conspiring to give Eazy E Aids tho, have to be retarded to believe that shit

    • MacNCheese

      Only thing is none of those women have it and neither does his kids so alot of it is fishy. I'm not saying he's right or wrong but don't be so quick to call it bs when you clearly wasn't around nor know the details.

    • Anonymous

      you prolly a youngin huh? Malcolm X thought he was gonna die and he died, Pac thought he was gonna die and he DIED! His paranoia was justified, you just ig'nant. And do you know how many brotha's in the hood got kids from different chicks? hell lil wayne is a prime example but he doesn't have AIDS does he? and I bet you're one of those on his bandwagon

  • Rodney

    Wow, speechless. This is an interview I've been wanting to read for over a decade. Thanks DX. Fuck Tomica Wright.

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