Vado Discusses "Slime Flu 2," "Killa Season 2" & "Boss Of All Bosses 3"

Slime gives a progress report on projects in the works.

Vado recently spoke with Joy Daily about his upcoming projects, including the mixtapes Slime Flu 2 and Boss of All Bosses 3, which releases on October 5th. During the interview, he also revealed that he will co-star with Cam’Ron in the upcoming flick Killa Season 2, which begins lensing soon.

Slime Flu 2, coming out very soon. Probably in about two or three weeks. Boss of All Bosses 3 will be out October 5th. We shooting Killa Season 2 next month,” he said of the sequel to the 2006 flick. “Flea meets Slime. Normally, in Killa Season 1, Flea was doing the heroin thing, the drug thing. I turn him onto the white collar crime.”

As for his mentor Cam’Ron, Vado confirms that he’ll appear on Slime Flu 2 and is currently working behind the scenes. “He be the boss, sitting behind the desk making things happen.”

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  • ha

    vado is aight but u get sick of his voice very fast his shit is easy to memorize thats why

  • Jeff-Ree

    Yo i cant wait for Killa Season 2!!! Killa season 1 was probly one of the dumbest and most funniest movies ever made!!! I hope they acutally make Killa Season 2 cuz I know it's gonna be even stupider and have a less budget then the first movie. Shit's gonna be mad funny!

    • Word Is...I'm Not Nice

      Killa Season was actually hilarious. No real coherent plot and most of the acting was terrible, but certainly entertaining. Cam'ron is actually a pretty good actor though, then again he's not really acting at all. SLIMMMMMMEEEE

    • real talk son

      okay camron we get it ,its u

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