Hopsin Praises Tech N9ne's Support, Explains Odd Future Diss Track

Exclusive: Hopsin provides details on his upcoming "Knock Madness" album, and explains why he drives himself to make music that stands up besides Dr. Dre's "Detox"

When talking about his next album and his goal as a musician, Panorama City, California’s Hopsin shared that his aspirations go beyond music. “I want to contribute to life in a positive way,” he noted. The young emcee who recently landed on Tech N9ne’s critically acclaimed All 6’s and 7’s  album, seems poised to make a difference, a change that he says will carry more uplifting messages for fans. That type of positive message, he says, is one that will be featured more prominently on his next album, Knock Madness, an album he has high expectations for. “Whatever [Dr. Dre's] Detox sounds like, this has to be better than that.”

With a buzz that has been growing considerably of late, Hopsin is taking his message around the globe. With a some tour dates coming up in the states, he’s also got a few dates in Australia coming up for the end of August before returning home for the Andre Nickatina Money Shark Tour in September.

Amidst those travels HipHopDX caught up with Hopsin who spoke about his work with Tech N9ne, his controversial “Ill Mind of Hopsin #4” , the Tyler, The Creator diss and his renewed approach to lyrics and how his Funk Volume crew is “coming for that number one spot.”

Hopsin On Working With Tech N9ne

HipHopDX: Recently, many readers may have heard you on the new Tech N9ne album, All 6's & 7's. A lot of people were saying you had a standout verse on there. How did the collaboration come about and what did it mean for you to place a verse on that disc?

Hopsin: Well, I was in Texas. I was out on my I Am Raw Tour. Tech N9ne had hit me up. He told me he had a beat that B.o.B had made and it just had a chorus on it, and he was going to email it to me. He just told me the description of the song, what it was about and I was feeling the topic. So, he emailed me the beat and I vibed out to it for a few days. Then, I came back home and recorded my verse in my studio. I felt really good that he gave me the offer to be on his album, let alone on a song with B.o.B as well. That made it even better. I’m just really thankful for that. I’m glad he’s been keeping his eye on me to watch what I’m doing and he can see that I’m a legit up and coming artist in the underground. I was really thankful for that. Shout out to Tech N9ne, by the way, for doing that. It really helped me a lot, too. There’ve been a lot of fans who found out about me through that and you know, the momentum’s picking up every day and that’s just one of the elements contributing to the big streak that Hopsin is on right now, and Funk Volume as a whole.

DX: Speaking of that, coming up, you had a respect for Tech N9ne and his fan base has somewhat embraced you. What’s it been like to go from Panorama City to being recognized around the country, where his fans have grown to respect you and they talk about how they think you should be signed to Strange Music and things of that nature?

Hopsin: It’s really dope, man. It trips me out every day. I can’t believe it’s happening. I’m like, “Wow, is that me?” I used to be online, looking up other artists getting recognition like I’m getting now and I used to be like, “Man, I can’t wait until I’m there!” Or, “Man, what did this artist do to get there?” Now, I’m blooming into that area where I’m getting noticed like that. It’s trippy, man. It trips you out. I just look at myself sometimes like, “Wow, I’m Hopsin. I am that guy who’s getting these Facebook likes and these YouTube views, the guy getting acknowledged by all these rappers.” I’m just trying to figure out how to process all this. It’s happening so fast, man. Less than a year ago, I was broke as hell. I couldn’t even pay rent. I was on Ruthless Records. Now, I’m at this point and all of this stuff is happening. It’s all moving so fast. It’s moving like, really, really fast. But, I’m thankful for it. God has put me in a good position. He’s blessed me with having this gift to capture minds with my voice. I’m really thankful, man.

On “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4” And Odd Future

HipHopDX: We have to speak about “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4.” What motivated you to fire those shots?

Hopsin: On every “Ill Mind of Hopsin” , I fire shots. That was the fourth one and if you look in the past, I just speak my mind. It’s just the stuff that goes through my mind on a daily basis. Once a year, around summertime, I just put out a video of me just expressing myself to the fullest, without me holding back. That’s just what I do. I try to make the “Ill Mind of Hopsin” a little more raw than what I normally do in my material that I put out on albums. It’s always anticipated, so I just speak my mind. At the end of the day, it’s just competition, friendly competition. But, it’s what rappers have been doing for years and I’m not doing anything new. I’m just expressing my views on certain rappers and how I feel about certain people.

DX: On the track, you say Tyler, the Creator has “no flow” and that he’s succeeding off of a gimmick. Have his people reached out to you at all?

Hopsin: No. His people have never reached out to me. I don’t know him or anybody from his camp.

DX: If they did, what would be the outcome?

Hopsin: I have no idea what to expect, to be honest. I doubt that they will reach out just because I’m sure they know what I’m doing. Tyler’s done the same thing, I’ve seen online and stuff. So, they’re probably looking at it like, “I know what this guy’s doing. He’s just trying to get attention so I’m not going to feed into it.” Which is respectable, it doesn’t matter either way because the fans will eat it up. Whatever they do is what they do and that’s what it is.

DX: Truth be told, a lot of your supporters have been saying he bit your style and that of [fellow Funk Volume member] SwizZz, who also wears the contacts. Odd Future supporters probably felt the same if they hadn’t heard of you before. So, there is a back and forth there. What are your thoughts on that debate?  

Hopsin: From what I hear, [Tyler, the Creator is] from L.A. County and so are me and SwizZz. We’ve been out for a minute. Our buzz is barely picking up this year, 2011, but we’ve been doing the contact thing for a while now. So, I’m not really saying they copied. I don’t know what they did. It’s just a weird coincidence that they do have contacts as well. But, we didn’t copy them and I can’t say if they copied us or not. The world may never know. There’s a lot of rappers who wear the contacts in the underground, though. There’s just not a lot of rappers who are marketed to the commercial world who wear the contacts so a lot of people may think that Tyler’s the first to do it or whatever. But, in the whole wicked underground, where I originally came up in, everybody’s wearing contacts, pretty much, so it’s nothing really new. I can definitely say me and SwizZz did not copy them because we were out first. Fans are always going to jump to conclusions, though. They’re going to make their own little assumptions and theories as to why things happen.

Hopsin On New Album, Knock Madness’ Positive Message

DX: On “Ill Mind 4,” you warn fans to “Get ready for Knock Madness.”  What would you say that fans can be ready for? What can they expect and when is the album being released?

Hopsin: The album is going to be released in January-February, latest March of 2012. That album is, I’m hoping it’s going to be that album that puts me on the map. I want to be that independent artist. I’m not really looking to sign with any record deals. I’m just gonna roll with my Funk Volume record label. I just want that album to really put me on the map in a way where people are like, “How did this guy get to this point and he’s working out of his home.” I want that album to be so big to where people are like, “What is this guy doing? He must be cheating. How is he getting this type of production? How is he getting these types of music videos? How is he getting this type of exposure and he’s not signed to any of these major label? He doesn’t have P Diddy behind him or anything.” I want it to be that album. And, I um, I know this may sound crazy, forgive me, but hey, I’m only human and I have high expectations for myself. I don’t know what [Dr. Dre's] Detox is going to sound like, but in my heart, in my mind, I’m like, “Whatever Detox sounds like, this has to be better than that.” That’s just what it is. I’m not saying it will. I’m not saying it won’t. But, in my heart, that’s what I’m aiming to do, but we’ll see. [Laughs] I don’t know what Detox sounds like, like I said, but that’s just the route I’m going down. I want it to be in competition with that album. And, it ain’t gonna sell more than Detox, nowhere near. I’m just talking about, just listening to it, just the overall sound of it. I want people to be like, “The vibe of Knock Madness was sick as hell.” But, yeah, man. I’m really going to go hard on it in every song. You know, I’m not looking to do any type of filler tracks at all. Every song is going to have so many hours and hours put into it. I’m going to go in and make sure all the lyrics are done properly and that there aren’t any filler words as well. I’m just going to break everything down in detail, and tweak it as much as I can, until it sounds right.

DX: Lyrically, where are you trying to take fans on this album?

Hopsin: Lyrically, I’m still going to have the raw that I had on my previous album. I also want to enhance it and I also want to go in a more motivational type of direction as well. That’s because, I’m at a point in my life where I realized that it’s not cool to do just raw shit and not really have a good message behind it. You know what I’m saying? It’s not cool to just be rebellious for no reason and not have a positive outcome, because that doesn’t, it doesn’t benefit society. I’m still learning. I’m not the perfect human being right now and I’m growing. I’m 26 and I’m still growing. I just want to have, overall, a positive message but in a raw way. I’m not sure if that’s been done before but I’m definitely going to aim for that. So, I’m not saying my album’s going to be all Gospel-type and stuff like that but there’s a way to do it. I’m going to pinpoint it and I’m going to get it done. It’ll have the raw feel to it but I want to show people the realness of life. Don’t just be mean and crazy and cuss people out and diss rappers or diss ex-girlfriends for no reason. You can still express your anger but have a positive outcome at the end. Overall, when people listen to that album, I want them to feel inspired to be better in life and not just be crazy and do wild stuff to get attention without trying to benefit someone else’s life and make someone else see the positive side. We’ll see how it turns out, man.

DX: It seems like your motivated to not just talk about problems, but also talk about solutions. What do you think awakened you to that realization?

Hopsin: When I went out on tour, I just saw so many people and I understood life in a different way that I never saw before. People were coming up to me like, “Man, you changed my life,” or “This song made me want to do this.” I was like, “Wow, if I have this much control over this amount of people, then what is the government doing? What is the news doing? What are these bigger record companies doing, who have access to millions of people? They’re promoting alcohol, sex and drugs and all that stuff.” It let me know, I can’t steer these people in the wrong direction if they’re depending on me. Some people, it’s bad thing, but some people look at Rap artists as gods and that’s a horrible thing but unfortunately, it’s the truth. Some people will praise their favorite rapper but they won’t even give The Bible a try or any book of religion a try but they’ll praise their favorite rapper. That’s a big statement. That means, a rapper has the power to change one’s life. I want to make sure, if anybody looks at me in that way, which they shouldn’t, but if they do, I want to contribute to life in a positive way and not in a negative way. So, I’ve gotta be careful with what I say now because it’s serious. One little thing I say could result in somebody shooting up a school or beating up an ex-girlfriend or doing something crazy. So, I’ve gotta make sure there’s a positive message at the end so they know what the realness is, that it’s not cool to make the world a bad place.

DX: Do you feel like anyone has influenced you in that same way?

Hopsin: Well, I’m a big fan of Will Smith. He’s one I really look up to, not musically, but as a person. I also look up to Michael Jackson, just the way he went about things as far as being really humble towards his fans and not really spreading negative messages towards people. I want to be that type of figure towards society because it’s hard to find artists who are real, who aren’t money-driven, who just want to see the world become a better place. I want to be that figure towards a younger generation so they can say, “Yeah, Hopsin’s cool but he’s also not doing drugs. He never drank or smoked in his life. He doesn’t go around fucking groupies and all that and he’s still living cool. He’s happy. Everything’s going good.” I want people to see that and realize that there is a better side to life so when they reach their mid-twenties, they don’t have to deal with these stupid struggles and all this drama. I want them to create their own lane and find their own happiness without giving into all the influences and the whole sinister world.

DX: What can fans expect from your next album and Funk Volume as a whole in 2012?

Hopsin: Well, we’re definitely coming for that number one spot. [Laughs] So, whoever thinks they have that number one spot, I’m not saying whether it’s in commercial or underground but we are aiming to be number one. I honestly believe we will achieve that. We’ve got SwizZz on deck. He’s going to drop his album, though there’s no release date for that, yet. Then, I’m going to drop my album. We’re gonna sign another artist. We haven’t found another artist yet but we’re looking and when we do find one, it’s going to be even better. We just want to expand the brand. We want Funk Volume to be a household name and we just want people to appreciate. We want people to know that there’s still a lane for real music and real lyrics. People are like, “Ah, nobody wants to hear real shit anymore, they just want that poppy shit.” True, but nobody makes real music anymore for anybody to really know what the deal is with real music. So, Funk Volume is definitely putting use to real lyrics and it’s working. Now, people know there’s still a lane for this and it’s giving other emcees hope. Some people put down their pens, like “Ah, man, I can’t do this no more. You’ve got Waka Flocka [Flame] and Gucci Mane. They’re doing their shit and that’s what’s hot right now and I can’t be lyrical no more.” You still can be lyrical, you just gotta do it right. Good music never stops being good, and that’s what people don’t understand. Dope music is still dope. It doesn’t matter. Music is timeless. If it’s dope, it’s dope and people never stop liking dope music. I don’t know why everybody thinks that. Whether I sound like, a lot of people say I sound like [Eminem as] Slim Shady back in the day, it doesn’t matter because the shit is still dope. If you listen to his old shit, it’s still dope. Whether or not I’m doing that type of style, that doesn’t mean that it’s not dope. Dope is dope. If you watch an old Bruce Lee movie and he’s fucking round-house kicking somebody and then you’re doing it in 2012, it’s still sick. Mother fuckers still can’t do that. So what? Dope is dope. That’s what Funk Volume represents. We’re just doing some dope shit and there’s still lanes for dope shit and not just brainwashed commercial type stuff to sell records. It’s real shit. Funk Volume, we’re making moves right now. A lot of people know our name and it’s growing every day. It’s growing very fast through word of mouth and we have really supportive fans starting street teams all over the world. Things are going great. We can’t complain right now.



  • Alexander

    Damn, that's easily the best interview I've ever read. So many rappers have little to no message in their music. It's either "I spend alot of money" or "I'm better than anyone else." It's all just bullshit. Hopsin is a real dude trying to bring back a message into the rap world. If you listen to rap in the late 90's or the 2000's there were a lot more rappers with real lyrics that told a story. Like Eminem, or Slug, Luda did some more message driven songs, Dre. Now it's all garbage. So with the flow, intellect and positive messages Hopsin is bringing to the table...I'd say he's one of the best.

  • Mike Hawk

    FUCK the mainstream so called "hip-hop", more like HIP-POP! The REAL HIP-HOP is UNDERGROUND!

  • reece

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  • Ritchie Jimenez


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    I don't understand the hate here. OFWGKTA's fans are just as white as Hopsin's. And don't say that OFWGKTA is that much more popular than Funk Volume. I know a lot of folks out here in Chicago that have started bumping Funk Volume, and Chicago is a darn big city. Hopsin is a good producer, not as good as Tyler. However, His delivery, flow, and rhyme scheme is way better than Tyler. Tyler can sometimes be too immature for me, as well as the rest of OFWGKTA. I like Frank Ocean though. Hopsin keeps it on the real folks. And please, cut the Eminem crap. Eminem is the model rapper, and any new rapper becomes compared to Em. It's the way it is. I am looking foward to Knock Madness, and am expecting nothing but greatness from Hop.

  • suge knight

    fuck game and red album....this dude the new WEST(and real rap)

  • Samuel Adams

    odd future is really horrible EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THERE SONGS want me to go to sleep. i'm not much of a hopsin fan either. but hopsin right now is making the best music in the industry and it's the truth only fan boy whose in lvoe with odd future or something else is going to say any different. hopsin raps slow rapis fast sings no one else like him but tech n9ne all these other rappers try to do it and sound. way hop fits it all in music is crazy and i respect the guy. but odd future mgk mac miller wayne all that shit is garbage nothing hard bout it its shoved down peoples throats cuz is backed by money and thats the truth.

    • Dylan

      Shit I agree with you all except mac miller, how are you gonna group him up into that? You just havent heard any of his good songs apparently

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    Hopsin is one of the ugliest niggas Iv EVER seen in my whole entire life besides Lil Wayne and that one guy With a cardboard sign I sometimes see at walmart. What little white girl would hang a poster of that Urkel looking ass nigga on her wall?? Niggas like Drake, Eminem, B.o.B, and Kanye are the most common rappers youll see on white girls walls because they got mad swag and class. Why do I bring white girls into this you may ask. BECAUSE WHITE GIRLS CONTROL THE MAINSTREAM!!!

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  • chrstphrr

    I'm a fan of both. Odd Future, I have a few favorite songs from everyone in that crew. Their free mixtape/albums are each really good. Hodgy is the most talented lyricist (until Earl gets back..) but Tyler's lyrics are really complex at times (spittin sick shit like my saliva got the rabies in it). Tyler's beats are really 'synthy' in my opinion, but other times he kills it. the shit he did for brandun deshay is tight as fuck. Hopsin and Swizzz.. I can't deny skill. Chris Dolmeth, Baby Daddy, Kill Her, Sagggin My Pants, a lot of his joints are pure swag and my girl can vibe to it, like he said, it's dope music. i can't put on OF around my girl because there are rarely any hooks and she can only tolerate so much negative music. I'm down with both, and I don't care if Hopsin dissed Tyler or all of OF, because that is Hip Hop. Casey Veggies used to be in Odd Future and he has slightly grimier sound then Hopsin, but just as talented lyrically. You don't have to choose a side, like Hop said, rappers are not gods.. go read the bible instead

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    • Notfooled

      Lose Yourself is alright, but Sing For The Moment? People seem to be forgetting, Eminem can write raps but he has also released some poppy bullspit. Hopsin has good flow, and some of the best wordplay I have heard lately. Who cares if Hopsin sounds like Shady (sometimes - not when he's rapping fast, that's when they don't sound similar at all) - he's 27 now. Even Masta Ace released some stuff that sounded a bit like Shady. It means Eminem influenced rap music, not that everyone is trying to copy his style.

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    It seems like a lot of people commenting didn't even read the artcile fully. He recognizes the necessitation of something like contacts to gain appeal. But it's also obvious he prioritizes an overall message. So whatever it takes to keep someone real in the limelight, so be it. Props to hops

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    I get that he has a problem with Tyler but why Odd Future as a collective. Has this nigger heard Earl Sweatshirt rap? Really he's probably pissed off because they're lyrical content is similar but Odd Future are getting all the hype.

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      "Really he's probably pissed off because they're lyrical content is similar but Odd Future are getting all the hype" That made me think you didnt read it...if you would have read it you would have saw "At the end of the day, it’s just competition, friendly competition. But, it’s what rappers have been doing for years and I’m not doing anything new. I’m just expressing my views on certain rappers and how I feel about certain people." and tyler does teh same shit so stop the "oh he mad cause they are bigger then him" bullshit cause tyler did that same shit with BOB

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I did actually, does that really surprise you? Odd Future revolve around the same concept, thats why their a collective. Calling Tyler a gimmick is to call Odd Future a gimmick.

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    He can rap but try topping yonkers, it won't happen.

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    • Juzt

      Hopsins whole raw cd goes harder then goblin could ever hope to..

    • Anonymous

      It might not be your taste, you can't say yonkers isn't a good track. The beat on kill her doesn't come close to yonkers, the rap isn't spectacular either.

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      He already did. Kill Her > Yonkers

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  • chtimixeur

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    • Fado

      I agree with you but his beats arnt that great too me, that ill mind of hospin beat was monotone with a basic drum pattern. People were building that beat up like it was amazing I just dont hear it...Plus his rhyme schemes arnt as complex as the ones Eminem was using in 99. Hospin has very predictable rhyme placement. I like Hospin though. I just feel like the only reason he dissed OF is cus they rap about similar things he has been rapping about for a while and they blew up (fast) and hes still relatively unknown.

  • TheON

    Much respect. Keep doing what you do! Good interview.

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    his lyrics are good but it just looks like he tries to hard to be strange and out there. its not natural not like tech n9ne, ol dirty basterd ,or ol school method man when he had 1 dilated eye. but i don't know long story short i'm not sold yet on him but i am sold on tyler the creator, not odd future just tyler the creator,

    • Juzt

      Ok...they are just a gimmick..

    • Fado

      When Tyler does weird things it comes off as him being himself/just having fun, cus he acts the same way in interviews and with his friends. Even behind the scenes when the cameras arnt rolling artist (like the Game) have came out and said how Wild and Crazy OddFuture is...So people need to stop saying there just a gimmick, there atheist skateboarding crazy kids from Cali and their music reflects that....

    • Anonymous

      both these dude act alike. only that tyler is more of an idiot and hop is a better lyrisist

  • Robert Merchaholic McLaren

    Hopsin is the full deal! Makes his own videos, beats & lyrics. Get with the times you fucking haters.

  • Travis Story-Hill

    everyone is gonna sound like someone i don't give a shit who u are. Look at SwizZz. that homie is doin shit like noone ever heard wit the crazy voice. so what do people do try and compare everyone to someone else. well oh hes just robbing the chipmunks. shut the hell up just cause u can tell that Hopsin was heavily influenced by certain people growing up. weren't we all or are u just a bunch of fucking robots. If you've never heard a rapper rip some real shit in your life, you honestly think that you would still be like yea im going to rap. "NO" so you learn from others mistakes like any intelligent human would. you just hate cause u aren't great. Recognize realness i can't wait for knock madness Hop. Tell SwizZz we want a date on that CD haha.

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    "It's Official- RUGGED MAN & HOPSIN collaboration track in the works"-R.A. The Rugged Man

  • Broski Love

    word to the wise, Hopsin will post on forums as different people giving himself props . Hes even banned people and erases negative comments from his youtube videos and a couple of facebook pages. Hes a punk and hates to be criticized because he thinks his ish doesnt stink. well it does and much like his music and record label- straight ass!

  • Anonymous

    im looking foward to his album, i heard him this summer wit that sag my pants vid, bought raw and was impressed so, big up to hiphopdx for supporting this dude and big ups to whoevers going to buy the album cause you know its going to be good and different.

  • Broski Love

    HOPSIN sucks. His music is played and weak. Teen angst lyrics , industry woes, illuminati and crap like that has been done is not original. He tries to get fame by dissing fame. His fanbase is mostly 13 year old white kids who skateboard and listen to InsaneClownPosse. NObody real bumps this crap. We have to remember what Hopsin really is- Marcus Hopson the wanna be kid star actor. He can act like a rapper and write down some flows, but its not who who he really is. Its an act, thats why he cant freestyle and bites everyones flow style from eminem to the beebop jamie foxx ish. seriously, he needs to stfu and remove himself from the gene pool. Oh yeah, I have screenshots of Swizzz calling his brother and manager at funk volume warning them to duck me live on the mic. These fools have been ducking me since I ripped Hopsin and this cat named Tparris along with Sosay. Straight bums. Come to my town and Im going to clown you off your own stage . buster ass bell pepper nosed mark trick

  • Anonymous

    Both Hopsin and Tyler The Creator incorporate some form of (slim shady) Eminem in their flows and subject matter.

  • Anonymous

    Now THAT'S real. After reading this interview I'm definitely gonna check more of this dude. He got talent to back it up. He's dope!! He got flow. He got personality in his songs and knows how to attract attention and hold that attention. This is where a lot of skilled rappers fail. yeah he's spawns from that Eminem lane but he's doing it right.

  • ...............

    dude sounds like slim shady and method mad had the contacts back in the day...i gess he's good, but lack of originality maybe?

  • Slruim

    I can't hate on his skills cause he got some, but the fact that he was on thats so Raven bothers me. Makes me feel like he's a phoney gimmick.

    • Anonymous

      He dude likes acting and would probs take any role he gets. He doesn't view the filming industry the same way as music

    • Anonymous

      he had a small part, look at drake look at game, look at pac. we all want to make money when were young and as we get older we get smarter, and it becomes about the craft and not the money which is what hopsin brings to hip hop, he aint no sell out or no fake, this dude wasnt rich in his life matter of fact from his music nigga was almost poor, working class.

  • Dinero

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  • Tupik

    Great interview, you really made me wanna buy your album. It's really refreshing to read about a rapper speaking his mind like that.

  • Hip Hop Head

    I love how this nigga speaks his mind, he holds nothing back, he doesnt bite his tongue. Much respect for that. "Gazing At The Moonlight" is timeless, & "Raw"...well, the title is self explanatory.

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Dope is Dope and Hopsin is Doper than Dope. I can understand and relate better to artists like Hopsin because of that realness you can feel through his songs. And I can see what he means with the Detox staightment, I though the production on his last album, Raw, was so tight, it could have been of the Chronic 2001. Every time i bump Hobsin around someone new, they're always like "Damn, how have I never heard this guy before?" And I'm like "Hopsin, you've heard of him now."

  • Seánieg

    Fuck! There is'nt too many albums i go out and buy! but im buyin that! ive only started listening to him since i heard him on tech n9ne's album, but i like the message he wants to share! This was one of the most truthful, real interviews done on hiphopdx. I hope the album will be available in Ireland!

  • Jake

    Hopsin is a good young emcee and i'd like to see him break into the mainstream b-c @ his best he does remind me of a younger (although poorman's which even he'll admit as 97-02/03 Em is his favorite emcee of all time) Em to a certain extent. It'd be nice to get ppl like Hopsin, Elzhi, Slaughterhouse, Tonedeff, One Be Lo, Diabolic, Copywrite, Apathy, Louis Logic, Jay Electronica, Fashawn, Brother Ali, Kendrick Lamar, Cunninlynguists, KNO, BLU, and others like this get some MAINSTREAM shine so we can at least get some BALANCE IN HIP HOP like 86-2003 (especially 86-2000 the true golden age) where yea there was still wack ish but you also had legendary emcees like Pac, Big, Pun, Wu-Tang, Ice Cube, PE, KRS-One, Kool G Rap, BDK, Tribe, De La, Common, Blackstar, Pharoahe Monch, Roots, Redman, Nas, Bone, Prime Outkast/Jay/Em on shows like Rap City/Yo MTV Raps... There always was and always will be wack ish, but can we at least get some BALANCE! NO?!?!

    • homer422

      @HAHA and Anonymous You guys are fucking idiots. The reason real rap doesn't get radio exposure is because of the oligopoly structure of radio stations. Major labels have the power to fill the radio time slots with their artists (via under the table "transactions" with the station owners). This is what keeps credible MC's out of the market. And since radio waves are finite, stations can't be set up by wealthy hip hop fans in the same manner Ruper Murdoch Jr. provided the funds for starting up Rawkus Records. Also the mentioned indie artists are way better than Drake, Big Sean, and Wiz. People/teenyboppers only like them because they have lots of exposure, so the general public (ages 8-15) assumes they must be a safe bet. Popularity=/=Quality, the general public doesn't know what they like, most people can't assess music, so they eat up what's fed to them by the mainstream entertainment outlets.

    • war22

      @haha u dont know what ur talkn about...Hopsin can make music and rap at the same time...he makes all his beats ...all of them are dope...he makes all his videos...the only thing Tyler does better then Hopsin is chasing insects and eat them

    • Anonymous

      Which is used as a lame for excuse for a lack of success nowadays.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. There's a reason some of these fucks don't have a decent career after 10 years and that has nothing to do with ''real hip hop''.

    • HAHA

      i like penis in my butthole

    • HAHA

      Guys like Hopsin, Fashawn, Blu, Diabolic and Apathy all are unoriginal boring rappers no one should give a fuck about. They are irrelevant. Even in the golden age era, no one would fuck with those rappers. Please don't say Prime Outkast/Jay/Eminem since even the recent forms of them will still outshine all the rappers you wish were famous. I don't care for guys like Drake, B.o.B, Big Sean or Wiz but people actually like them for a reason. They are the better ARTIST. Notice I said artist, not rapper. Hell I rather bump Tyler The Creator than Hopsin's lame ass. At least his beats are dope and he doesn't bit the demonic form of Eminem.

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin has a sick flow. can't wait till knock madness

  • Krozby

    hopsin is my favorite artist right now

  • Clint Barton

    I like what this dude has to say

  • Adamn

    "Yeah, Hopsin’s cool but he’s also not doing drugs. He never drank or smoked in his life. He doesn’t go around fucking groupies and all that and he’s still living cool. He’s happy. Everything’s going good." That's why I respect Hopsin. Im buying Knock Madness the day it drops.

  • drop dead fred

    hopsin is sooooooooooo raven.

  • LMAO

    Gonna cop that album. Support real emcees.

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