Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" Becomes Highest-Charting Female Rap Song Since 2002

Rap singles by solo female emcees rarely crack the Pop chart's top ten, but Nicki joins a short list that includes Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill and Da Brat.

By moving from the number four spot up to the number three spot on Billboard magazine’s “Hot 100” singles chart, Nicki Minaj’s single “Super Bass” threatens to break a decade-long record that is currently held by Missy Elliott. The record was established in 2002, when Missy’s “Work It” reached the number two spot and remained there for 10 consecutive weeks. As it is, “Super Bass” has already become the most commercially successful solo single by a female rapper in nearly a decade.

Should Nicki’s latest single move to a higher slot on the chart, it will be the third time within two years that the Young Money artist has made Billboard history. In 2010, Nicki Minaj became the first female emcee to have seven songs on the Billboard Top 200 Singles chart. She followed that feat by becoming the first female Rap artist with an album in the top 10 for 14 consecutive weeks or more. The previous record was held by Lauryn Hill, with 10 consecutive weeks for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

“Nicki isn't like any other female rapper,” says Cash Money co-founder/co-CEO Ronald “Slim” Williams, told Billboard. “We knew she had the goods when Lil Wayne signed her. She's not a female rapper—she's a pop star who happens to rap.”

A full breakdown, including the previous female Rap artists to crack the top 10, and why some high-profile Rap/Pop collaborations didn’t meet the proper classification, is available at

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  • sun_god7

    Congrats to this Black Woman. Although this is not her best track - she deserves it, nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    NICKI MINAJ is winning. I am glad to see a female in hip-hop on top.

  • John-Boy

    And Super Bass is Super Garbage. It sounds like the intro to a Saturday morning cartoon. It just goes to show that if you are popular people will buy your stuff regardless of what it sounds like.


    its better then that wack ass pot of gold song its not about nicki and drake it all got to do with the label they with keep it 100

  • JAY

    Stop with the PR. PLEASE.


    this isn't true, her songs features Ester Dean . Lil Kim's Magic Stick was #2 on billboard in 2003 #NEXTTTTTT

    • The Truth

      Hannah's right, Lil Kim's Magic Stick went to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2003, so again HHDX got it all wrong. And no it wasn't on 50 Cent's album it was on Lil Kim's third album

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent was on magic stick, in fact, it was His song. it was on His cd. BYE

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! She can't be compared be on a list with an all time great Ms. Lauyrn Hill. But @ least Da Brat and Nicki got something in common there careers ended after ppl realized THEY SUX

  • DL Dub

    Proof that you dont need skill to rule the music world. That song is trash and everybody knows it. But the media says young money is hot, and who are we to say different =\

  • Anonymous

    She's not a female rapper—she's a pop star who happens to rap.” truer words never spoken

  • josh

    to me lil wayne is amazing when he wants to be drake is trying to copy the 07 outlaw wayne who talked about purple drank in every song nicki just has her own taste example romans revenge good rap song super bass ok pop song ymcmb is just got different styles pending on the artist

  • daddy02

    Her boss said: “We knew she had the goods" hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Damn this bitch still fine as hell. And id definately still eat the ass n pussy out

  • Anonymous

    She's not a female rapper, she's a pop star who happens to rap.” Therein lies the problem. I've heard a few songs she made on the mixtape circuit before she was signed, she was touching on some real shit and didn't sound like a coked-out cartoon character. Same problem with Drake (only to a lesser extent), they both signed to Young Money, started following their awful formula for making songs, and sell buttloads of copies because the tweens that listen to this shit have terrible taste and mental deficiencies. That song is fucking garbage, wackest hook I've ever heard.


      dont sit there and bitch about it get up n do something or actually make a song that will get there attention what i cant hear u exactly my point they dont give a flying fuck about ur opinion they go with whats hot in they studio at that time they are there n just go with it plus that song was produced by david guetta so yeah it was made intentiontally for white people like people from jersey shore fuckin idiots and of course tha clubs

    • eltee87

      EXACTLY! this isnt a RAP song, this is a POP song. good POP song...baaaaad RAP song. just because someone rhymes in their lyrics doesnt make it hip-hop. mixtape nicki > pink friday nicki. #handsdown

    • Anonymous

      WORD. I would say Drake took it to a greater extent too, his 2006-07 mixtapes had a nice ass flow with some lyrical content and he traded it for some weak ass drawn out punchlines while bragging about himself. He turned into a mini-wayne.

    • Anonymous

      very true...its a good pop song...and I dont listen to much pop...and if anyone considers it rap, then its garbage. damn she got a booty on her tho

  • V-Nasty WGM

    Now watch as Kreayshawn take that barbie's record and smash it. White Girl Mob 2012 bitches.

  • Nick

    Not hating on Nicki, good for her, but i'd take Missy Elliott, Eve, or Remy Ma over her any day.

  • hellrazor

    you call that garbage a rap song????

  • Louie

    If nicki minaj made a whole song rapping like she did on "Monster" and it sold like crazy, that would be a good look for hip hop. But no shes singing off key, with auto tune, damn shame. Also, nicki is nice to look at but Jesus Fucking Christ, when she speaks, she sounds like an old Jewish woman.

  • bebo897

    YMCMB stay winning. Congrats to the whole crew. Keep stacking and showing what hard work gets you.

  • Anonymous

    Tits and ass. Nothing else. That's the key to success in these times as a female rapper.

  • Anonymous

    what they talkin about rap... the shit gets plays cause people like a catchy hook thats bullshit

  • Fuck YMCMB

    I would rather hang a noose around my neck on top of a skyscraper over a pool of acid with crocodiles chomping on ballsack than listen to a Nicki Minaj song.

  • ali

    easily the worst song iv heard all year

  • RIP7

    This trash is not even a hip hop record more of a pop song with bullshit lyric's.

  • Anonymous

    fuck, can you even call this piece of shit a rap song????

  • Anonymous

    yay! *sarcastically claps*

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