Kanye West Claims People Look At Him "Like I'm Hitler" In Concert Rant

Yeezy pops off about why he makes music and how one day listeners will understand his message.

Kanye West gave a signature rant at the end of his performance at U.K.’s The Big Chill Festival, explaining that people look at him like “I’m fucking insane, like I’m Hitler.” During the speech, he explained that one day, listeners will wake up and pay him the respect that he’s rightfully due.

“People look at me like I’m fucking insane, like I’m Hitler. But one day, one day a light will shine through. And one day people will understand everything I ever did, ever said, [...] for the sake of someone else,” he said. “For the sake of people. For the sake of New Orleans, for the sake of honest music, for the sake of honest judgment.”

At the beginning of his diatribe, he said that his music career is about acting out his teenage dreams in making quality music to change the world.

“This is about inspiration, this is about dreams. All the money I had when I was in high school, I put it back into working on music,” he said. “My dream was to be able to do this one day. So even to this day, everything I have, I put back into this. ‘Cause you can’t keep that when you’re gone, but your legacy will live on. And one day, one day your light will shine through. One day, the mask will be revealed and you’ll see the truth is coming from the people that the powers that be tried to kill.”

Watch the clip below.



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  • DaBeast70

    Let me start by saying this, everybody has the right to express their opinion when they want, especially when there is something weighing on their mind. Many of you who comment are nothing but fickle fans who love the man one moment and hate him the next to "fit in" because your afraid to take an actual stand. I will say that I applaud Kanye for speaking his mind in a PUBLIC SETTING. Many people dont know ANYTHING about the MUSIC INDUSTRY. I knew people who have been there and done that and it literally is like being a slave/pawn in the game. So while many of yall criticize and bitch and moan about him complaining, you're doing the same thing just that you don't get paid for it. And that eats you up inside. Listen once again you can express your views but when there is no validity in what you're saying, you're just talking to hear yourself speak and like they say "Winners listen twice as much as they talk, Whiners talk twice as much as they listen." With that said show some support for the artists that YOU pay for and stop downing them because you come off looking like a dumbass and GROW UP!

  • Rowan Vermeulen

    I love rap music, hate the fans. Too much bullshit talk about being a hater, new world order & illuminati, too much cursing. How enlightening some people and writing some intelligent shit?



  • kingunseen

    I get where he's coming from. There is no social media that will ever give a chance to honestly voice his opinion. At a concert that a chance to personally speak to thousands of your fans. People you hope will understand where you're coming from. I'm not saying shit he did in the past was right. But if you listen to this rant he's right. None of you know what goes on. Put yourself in that position half the fucking world hates you. You work hard as hell just to receive a loud roar of fuck you, gayfish this, illuminati bullshit, douchebag, etc. So if he believes he's the voice of a generation fuckin let him! Cause at the end of the day he is timeless. He will go down in history. longer than some of the other bastards out there.

  • EPhraZe

    He will never get his due because he's too high on himself. he thinks that he's the beginning and the end of hip hop. He's talented, but get over your fucking self already. If you'd just shut the fuck up and do what you do best....you'll get the respect that you THINK you deserve. WOMEN DON'T ACT ACT THE WAY THIS DUDE DOES SOMETIMES!!!!! NO HATIN, BUT KANYE IS ONE EMOTIONAL LITTLE BEEOOCHH!!!!!!

  • BrownJack

    I fucks with Kanye's music, but damn he has no filter between his brain and his mouth.

  • Micah

    Unproffesional!!!, you pay for a concert not to hear him crying. More music less talk bruh.

    • BrownJack

      He does that shit all the time. You should probably be expecting that shit before you spend money on tickets.

  • j

    I have a dream that one day 'Ye will get over himself....until then it's blah blippity blah blah blah

  • Truthenola

    Watch the Throne is amazing.. !! open your ears.



  • Adolph Hitler

    How dare you even make such a comparison/ if I didn't reign, Germans would've ended up like Americans/ confused, cross-bred, and killers of their own people/ the only similarity we share is our ego/ rappers think they got power 'cause they got jewels hangin' from their neck/ I got power, I had jews hangin' from their neck/ I'm a tyrant, be silent in the presence of the fuhrer/ you're the not inglorious basterds, you faggots will ger murdered/ back in the 20's I had a team of secret scientists/ testin the magnetic fields of unidentified flying discs/ throwin' motherfuckers in fire pits/ I ruled with an iron fist/ you call yourself the king, but you're lyin' bitch!! Nein!!

  • Cole

    As long as his name is out there its all he wants. Controversy is what makees Kanye, Taylor Swift?George Bush dnt like black ppl comon now, expect the unexpected from this nigga right here.


    Although I can kind of see where he is comming from...at the end of the day I DON'T CARE. This is the life HE chose. The industy he wanted to be apart of. Furthermore I think he is taking hisself to seriously. Like he cured world hunger or something...or led the civil rights movement. Kanye...nobody is studying you like that. There or BIGGER things going on in the world...Middle East uprsings...wars...recessinons....debt crisis...get my drift?....shut the hell up and be glad you have a large fanbase that enjoys your music..and keep you relevent...this nigga wants to be more important than what he his. DO CHARITY..become a TRUE SERVENT OF THE PEOPLE...YOU GOTTA BE MORE THAN JUST A ARTIST OR PRODUCER...for people start looking at you the way you want to be looked at... Nobody thinks you are Hitler...Hitler jumpstarted a WORLD WAR,,he orchestrated genocide on the hebrews,,,he hyonotized millions of germans and brain washed them with his speeches. NIGGA YOU MAKE BEATS...AND RAP,....THATS ALL YOU DO...shut up!!!!

  • jeremy

    im a motherfucking musical genius voice of a generation, fuck up you gay fish watch the throne is a piece of shit, go back to colledge dropout / late rego if you want people to respect you again

  • satan runs

    dude is talking bout the nwo and illuminati

  • Garrett Perkins

    Kanye should just keep to himself. It makes no sense for him to be going out there like that. Oh well it's life and people do judge him for little things. The Swift thing is over and people need to move on from it or they can never look this man in the eyes.

  • Jesse Andersen

    Incredible producer. Great musician. Worse public speaker than Ol Dirty Bastard

  • Helmut Smith

    Kanye makes Michael Jackson look normal. It is part of his strategy to stay "way out there", it´s too obvious Ye. If he keeps on presenting himself like this, people will piss on his musical achievements one day.

  • Anonymous

    Insulting Kanye is one thing. Using an oldass insult is another. Quit the whole Gay Fish jokes and at least use more original insults.

  • Beast

    This niqqa mad, he's wack full of autotune and satanic rap bullcrap, yea i said it.

  • Anonymous


  • Tyler Hebert

    not bad at all. interesting to listen to.

  • Anonymous

    HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!!

  • Soul

    Its aiight Yeezy! You still stay winning! Watch The Throne haterz! Bow and kiss the ring!

  • Ashton Wallton

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  • What an idiot

    If Jesus Christ himself aome down from the sky on a fiery chariot and told me that the key for getting into heaven is buying one of this clown's albums, I would turn atheist on the spot. Fuck this gay fish.

  • jnr

    Kanye, people look at you funny because of your weird cocky behaviour you showed towards that white girl on stage, what did you expect? Also following your "big brother" expressions of the illuminati shit

  • Anonymous

    One of the greatest musicians and best producers this genre ever had.

  • georgeHJP

    I was there near the front row of the performance, the whole speech started with him apologizing for being late, he didn't mean to sound cocky, he was explaining himself for things he'd done wrong, this article doesnt say all the facts, it was an amazing show.

  • fuck kanye

    shut the fuck u sold out u faggot you sing about satan and brainwash kids with your faggot style you are a house nigger just like your comrade jayz

  • G'

    Oh Kanye.....I can understand being pissed though when everything you do is judged and you too hot headed to know when they setting traps...

  • Come On

    He's right ppl don't give him the proper respect, he's my favorite of all time the chances he takes, The different sounds between each album, and them the music video's and the artistic visions he has. He is the best to ever do it with all those factors. I'm sure haters will hate on this post but anybody who knows good music and beyond that will agree with me. And every album he's done has been good and yes that includes 808's and HeartBreaks.

    • Castor Troy21

      I'm a Kanye supporter, I love his music. But homie is a douche for real. I can't deny he is often vilified but he is hardly made out to be "Like Hitler". Hitler orchestrated the death of millions not through insanity but through fear and intimidation. Kanye is a talented but egotistical musician. I think he gets more credit than he thinks, hell ...Twisted Fantasy was compared critically to The Beatles "Sgt Pepper", how is that not getting support. People hear his message, but they hear his other stuff too.

    • fuckmestan

      fuck out of here fucking stan of course its all good to you

  • Watch the Toilet

    White People Please don't think this idiot speaks for all Black People or the other dummy from another mummy.

    • Watch the Toilet

      HAHAHEEEooo...Naaa just when this idiot and the Game go overseas and say stupid shit it fucks our already tarnished image up. As a well traveled individual tired of seeing my American Folk shuck, jive while TRYING to come off profound. Now back to the music.

    • Anonymous

      uncle Ruckus type nigga. It's amazing what people can't ccomprehend.

    • the roc

      u sound like a slave ... why are you so concerned with what white people think?? I think that is Ye's biggest problem....... stop worrying so much about what others think

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