9th Wonder Says Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Watch The Throne" LP "Isn't For Me"

The super producer explains why he's not exactly on board with the freshly released project.

With the fresh release of Jay-Z and Kanye West's highly anticipated Watch the Throne, 9th Wonder took to Twitter last night to share his thoughts on the album, explaining why he wasn't exactly feeling the project.

The super producer, who produced "Threat" for Hov's 2003 LP The Black Album, stated that he isn't a "follower, never will be" and that he wants to be "SCARED" when he listens to a new project. He justified his opinion by explaining that he judges music by the feeling he gets from it, and that the collaborative album didn't resonate with him.

Read his messages below.

Thank you God for giving me the ability to listen to music objectively, despite how big the artist is...less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Lemme tell yall something, I am not a follower, never will be, if something is dope, cool, if not, then cool, but I don't follow. #STANDTALLless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I just checked it out.....#WTT......less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

#WTT as a whole is not for me. I can rock with New Day & The Joy.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I understand expansion/experimentation in music, but its not for me.....less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

It has nothing to do with samples vs. keys...cause I ROCKS with The Neptunes, Swizz, etc....less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

As a musician/beatmaker/active participant in hip-hop, I want to be SCARED when I hear something, like when I heard Aquemini....less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

It has nothing to with the STYLE of rap, subject matter, NOTHING..its the FEELING for me..u can KILL 50 people in a song as long as it bangsless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • K. Divi

    Everybody on this muhfucka be takin' shit way too personally. Have y'all forgot about "preference?" Obviously 9th Wonder leans more towards boom bap hip-hop (obviously since the only songs he likes were the ones that Pete Rock and the RZA contributed to), and is very particular about the more eccentric experimentive type of hip hop. I love 9th Wonder, but I also like a large of portion of Watch The Throne, but that don't mean 9th Wonder is 86'd off my playlist. Everybody in this world take ppl's opinions way too personally, like a person's thoughts is gonna grow a dick and fuck you mama, yo baby mama, and yo sister.

  • Anonymous

    Now you fags are riding with him? How many comments did the articles about his own work have? 10?

  • Rcok

    You doing the same thing clown.

  • jason parks

    Fuck all y'all pussy ass internet thugs, with your anonymous and fake names on here posting bullshit like you tuff. You need to get your dum little asses kicked into the dirt!

  • joey

    the cd is/was ok....isn't the best either of them did...

  • joey

    the cd is/was ok....isn't the best either if them did...

  • the real

    fuck all y'all bitches hatin on 9th wonder. he spoke the absolute truth on the matter. and i definitely agree wit him. that album is ass and IS NOT album of the year status at all. fuck y'all brain washed dummies. 9th and his team got shit way better than that watch the throne shit this year alone. hip hop is in north carolina wit 9th. you fuck face scum bags.

  • Anonymous

    9th mad that his beat didn't made it. That just shows you how fake the industry is. He would've praised as the best album of the year if had a spot easily.

  • Anonymous

    yeah i could see jay-z now....." no no, dont use that beat, 9th wonder wouldnt like it." smdh

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what disrespect, if it wasn't for jay, this nigga wouldnt exist(financially). thanks to jay, this nigga has credits on some multi platinum albums( jay-z mary j erykah badu etc....) nigga hatin. he probably sent jay beats , jay wasnt feelin em.


    career would be over if Jay said he wasnt feelin this dudes stuff

  • Jay

    Only a Justin Beiber fan would consider WTT a classic!

  • Big Log

    Yo 9th wonder, dont hate the player hate the game, why you sound bitter Son, do what you do drope and album a beat that will put WTH to shame until then SHUT TO HELL UP AND STOP FRONTING, you know you like the album, you just mad nigga aint ask you for a beat, if you had gotten pay for a beat i bet, you will be saying something different HATER

  • Anonymous

    Would like to see comments if Jay or Kanye said that they don't like 9th' albums.

    • Willy

      I'm sure the Jay-Z and Kanye dick riders would be co-signing, and their haters would be talking shit. Like every other "news" post this web-site posts about them..

  • wtrey

    Yo, I respect 9th, and he's from the crib so I support him...but nah, b. It wasn't that he didn't like the album, many people don't, but the manner in which he expressed his opinion was really passive aggressive. Add that to the fact that he recently endorsed Lil B, of all rappers...and nothing in Lil B's body of work compares to anything Hov and Kanye have ever done, "hype" or not. someone usher this man out the paint, please.

    • Willy

      He didn't say anything about their past work. He simply stated that he wasn't feeling THIS album. How is he being "passive aggressive"? He stated it in PRINT that he wasn't feeling it. Are you sure you understand what passive aggressive is?

  • agreed

    Yeah ... dude shoulda just laid inda cut wit his stupid thoughts..the album is gravy.

  • 10th wonder

    the problem is this... did anybody ask dis man ? no . he went out of his way to probably illegally DL the shit then go on his twitter and tell everyone . yeah its his opinion , but nobody asked dis dude, its like Jay going on his website and saying "meh 9th wonder isn't for me"

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ your name. Haha.

    • Willy

      The problem is... Who asked you to voice your opinion on what this man has tweeted? Oh... I know.. Freedom of speech. Perhaps you should make sure you're not in a glass house before you throw stones...

  • Crispy

    this dude gonna be foregotten about in about a year ,. keep it moving,. Ye and Jay have countelss classics in their library , name a 9th wonder hit????? threat of the black album, lol

    • Willy

      You're obviously new to this hip-hop thing. 9th Wonder has been in the game for a long time. And has worked with many dope artists. Including a track on one of Jay-Z's "classic" albums you referenced. I would maybe think about educating yourself before typing jibberish on a public web-site, it makes you look foolish. I'll give you a head-start... Look into his first two albums with Murs. (3:16, and Murrays Revenge)

    • Anonymous

      no one gives a shit about a hit you fuckin moron! you just riding with the dominant names you brainwashed cunt!

  • anon

    im feeling every track on this joint! hot shit gonna get play for at least 2 years in the ride , this shit slaps

  • King of Kingz

    Just to add to what my man said....Real HipHOp IS about what you feel when you lsiten to it...that crazy feeling that makes u think...GOOOODDAAAAMN THAT SHIT SOUNDS HOT!!!!!majority of you young muthafuckaz who were not old enough to experience hiphops golden age dont understand that shit...its like hood 101 up in here nowadays....coz hiphop IS a lifestyle....but the music will always determine tha difference between the realists (those who dont follow) and tha followers (those who are blinded by the mechanism of commercialism...who are too ignorant and young to understand quality)

  • King of Kingz

    Aight so.....even if 9th Wonder is wrong or right...music IS and always WILL and always SHOULD be an artistic opinion. BUt what he says....is true...he listens to music according how he FEELS what he Feels when he is lsitening to it. Thats deep and real. Coz that is what Art is all about. When you Look at Van Goch paint or Picasso, some ppl like it some ppl dont. Others would see differences that others may not. Same in Music. Its how tha track overall makes you feel. Sometimes i listen to tracks n think....daam wack ass beat...but the lyrics are so sick n the flow is amazing that I'd still bump that shit on my ipod. SOmeimtes its the otherway around...the lyrics are hella amaturebut the beat would be so daaamn sick, again id have to bump that shit on my ipod. The problem we have nowadays is there is NO quality control. An artists success no longer relies on the quality of an album of their singles, its how they can be marketed. Thats where HipHop has moved into, and its all because the Corporate muthafuckaz got too involved with artists. They noticed a pattern of what sound was succesfull at a particular poiint in time. 9th Wonder IS right when saying most ppl follow. Its tru....most ppl do ONLY folow whats current, specially these young generation puppets. Everything that MTV throw at them they think is dope....coz the industry isn't quality controlled no more....its all about quantity...not quality.. Everybody follows everyone now, nobody is individualistic. If you do or dont like this album...thats a matter of opinion, and no opinion is right or wrong. Its biased. Hopefully guys like Hov n Ye arent making this album for what they think is gonna sell to these ignorant young muthafuckaz now...but make music they thought was dope at the time they was vibing in tha studio. Bottom line...dont be a follower....be an individualist....

  • Anonymous

    Rigth they making for suckers overseas

  • flyboyz

    i just heard it the album pretty good when is it coming 2 da stores

  • Smh at people

    It's funny how so many people are catching feelings over a mere opinion, like everybody's supposed to feel the same way they feel or something. His opinion isn't stopping you from liking the album! If you like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't. Not liking it doesn't necessarily make you a hater, it just means you don't feel the same as everyone else. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Thomas

    9th Wonder is more of a sample guy and I idolize his style in beat making as hero to me. This album was 5 stars, but there are a good amount of tracks on it that are simply bangers. "Niggas in Paris" was more of the grimy side of hip hop compared to "New Day" which was a deeper side of Kanye & Jay. It was a dynamic album to say the least. 9th style is just "different" I guess.

  • jeremy

    thankyou 9th, i downloading watch the throne hoping it to be a classic but it was a poopy under produced piece of shit, and im a massive jigga fan. and kanye's first 2 albums are perfect but then he became a gay fish

  • Jesse James

    ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS LISTEN TO WHY I LOVE YOU SO and then wake up to see that 9th Wonder is a good producer but a big hater

  • myop

    Anyone who shed any sort of opinion and doesn't even know who 9th Wonder is should be taken out back and slapped. You are talking about undoubtedly one of the best hip hop producers of all time. Yes he does soul beats. He was an innovator of a specific sound. People make 9th Wonder type of beats, 9th doesn't make other people type of beats. You won't catch him biting anyones shit. As far as I am concerned, if you are a producer, you want people to hear your beat and know it's you. Check dudes resume, its thick. Quite frankly, WTT is a mediocre album. I'm not a hater, if it was a good album I would be down with it. Let 9th have his opinion. And if you don't get down with 9th, your musical knowledge needs some work.

  • 9th Wonder Got it Wrong

    Mad respect for your opinion, but to say music has nothing to do with lyrical content or style of rap, and that the feeling means everything. HMMMM

    • Anonymous

      It doesn't matter. Music is for entertainment purposes or why do you think OB4CL is hailed as a classic? Because you could relate to the kingpin tales? It was just great music, you are taking this shit too seriously.

    • Wrong?

      9th actually has it right. Hes not saying lyrics and content don matter, hes just saying if hes not feeling he doesent fuck with it. I understand him completely and feel the same way. For instance on this album jay and ye talk alot of "rich nigga rap." What they are saying might be dope but the overall feeling of the song doesnt move me at all and im not rich so i cant even relate to it. The problem i that fans today get too caught up in who the artist is and too caught up in the punchlines that that ends up being all that matters to them. When you start feeling music instead of just liking it you will understand.

    • special ed

      How did he get it wrong... That how he FEELS... People have different things they like when they hear a song... It might be the lyrics that do it for me (as someone who writes), but for a beat maker, it will be the beat... Other people like the rush they feel when they hear something new... I actually get what he's saying... Two titans get together, and the product is 'good', not great, just 'good'... Note, when Outkast will get together to do another album (and don't tell me they're a group... They're quite different), I'd like to hear what 9th will say, since he quoted Aquemini

  • Andre Kee

    primetime and illest motherfucker my favs

  • Andre Kee

    I like this new joint even with the hype.

  • lol @ these comments


  • Anonymous

    Hating on Jay and Kanye because they're still, after dropping countless classics, some of the dopest artists you'll ever hear. Just listen to the music.

  • Anonymous

    This album didn't have a chance since the beginning. Just from the names of the two. Everyone who doesn't like this, should his views were Hip Hop will always sound like the shit in the 90's. Which I loved, too. But I'm all for change, innovation and progression.

    • lol @ these comments


  • college graduate

    Wow this is an instant classic album... 9th wonder wants to be skip bayless of hip hop what a Hater

    • Devin A Hooks

      Im not understanding what being a college graduate has to do with his opinion?... and is opinion is just that... he's entitled to it. Theres a bunch of true ignorance on all these sites

    • lol @ these comments


  • Anonymous

    9th is doin' him, so respect his opinion. Moving on though, that WTT is certified from beginning to the very dope ending...

  • Wisdom

    I completely understand where 9th is coming from. I believe the lack of understanding between hip-hop fans and followers today lies in what people listen to hip-hop for. First you have the fans that make up the majority of hip-hop followers today who listen to hip-hop for straight entertainment purposes. They listen to it because of its popularity, because today everywhere you go theres a hip-hop influence so you are kind of forced to like it. Hip-Hop is like a trend these days. These followers like hip-hop that sounds good in their cars and like to laugh at the funny punchlines. Then you have the fans who listen to hip-hop for more personal reasons. It hits them emotionally or helps them get through the day. A lot of the time these fans can relate to the lyrics to a point where it almost seem like the song is about them. This is what 9th was talking about when he said hes not FEELING it. A lot of hip-hop followers dont know what its like to feel music and not listen to it. We can take it back to White Men Cant Jump and the differencing between hearing an artist and listening to an artist.

    • Anonymous

      WORD! Think that is what nas meant when he said hip hop is dead and if you don't know the reason why than your probably the one who killed it.

    • Bowski

      I could'nt have explained that any better. Unfortunately since we live in a culture based on trends & you find yourself on the opposite side of that spectrum (including myself), almost anything you say will be viewed as hating no matter how logical your explaination is. I salute 9th for his opinion. Even though the "Otis" single was cool, I don't find myself in a great rush to buy the CD thus far...

  • Louis Fdda Guthrie

    why so many twitter post's

  • WhatHappenedToHipHop

    Thank you 9th wonder for keeping it 100 with the public. All the man is doing is voicing his opinion about the album and all yall take it personal like he was talking bout your moms or something. This dude put in mad work in Hip-Hop and is a legend in his own right. Just because he got a different view on the album then you do doesent make his opinion wrong its just not the style he likes. He didnt even say it was trash he just said its not for him. At least the dude has his own opinion half of the people who bought this album and are hyping it up only like it because of the popularity of Jay and Ye, they just following everyone else.

  • the_truth

    9th wonder has an album coming out in a few weeks.... he is just seeking some publicity....

  • Anonymous

    HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!!

  • Soul

    I think 9th has the right to speak his mind. But to go overboard with the tweeter rants is annoying.

  • Mandy Sandy

    who'z diz nobody? he only produced 1 beat 4 jay! and it wuzn't even all dat hot. y won't u get out of da undaground and get on jay! and kanye'z level and then talk shit? diz fool soundz like a hater makin like 20 tweetz bout da album. lookz like he secretly lovez it. and movin on, WTT iz da best album of da year and 1 of da most epic of all time! u niggaz need 2 put on ur hearin aidz cuz lookz like u ain't hearin diz shit da rite way. beatz r hot, lyricz r hot, wut more do you fuckin want?! "oh all they talk bout iz money and carz". well, do yall lamez listen 2 muzik or skim thru it? aparently not! soundz like u niggaz listen 2 only da singlez and judge them off dat. there muzik iz growin and expandin so they ain't gon hook up wit lame undaground producerz like 9th'z lame azz just 2 please yall. get wit it! RNGMB BITCH! WATCH DA THRONE ALBUM OF DA YEAR!

    • Spellcheck Police

      Soon as I saw the "who's diz nobody" comment I automatically stopped reading and said to myself "we have someone who obviously hasn't done their research". Then again, looking at the horrible kiddie myspace type spelling (using Zs instead of S, etc.) I guess i'm not that surprised.

    • ssabmud

      Oh, uh! Itz the attack of the stans! Run fo the hills!

  • thenewme93


  • EricB

    This is coming from the same nigga who cosigns Chris Brown as a rapper

  • Azhar

    My question is does 9th's music scare anybody else? what were people expecting Jay and Yeezy rapping bout riches over old soul samples. Everytime I hear a 9th track it seems top be a soul sample or sounds like a old soul beat. Opinion are like assholes erbody has them, but to have 9 tweets about it is ridiculous..we get it u won't be bumping it in ya ride...get over ya self dude seriously. I wanna be scared when i hear music seriously! question is do you scare anybody when they hear you.

  • thenewme93

    I like 9th Wonder one of my fave albums but all of you guys should get your own opinion . If 9th wonder co-signed so would y'all . I bump everyone from 50 cent down to Vinnie Paz and I got nothin but love for WTT . I wasn't expecting Reasonable Doubt or College Dropout . I just wanted to hear some dope ass lines and beats and I got that .

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      Nuff said. I was looking for the same thing. My main problem with the album is that Jay-Z should have went harder. Kanye got his wish, though: to outshine Big Brother.

  • jp

    the album is weak i give it a 3

  • the_truth

    9th has some ill feelings and thats all there is to it... when did he become a critic? how many albums have been released so far this year? and this is the first he speaks on....? Eight Tweets to say "It ain't for me"? think like this, reverse the roles.... Imaging Kanye came out and said, " When I hear an album I want to be excited"... "That 9th wonder is not for me" " Don't get me wrong, I fucks with backpackers but that 9th is not for me #STANDTALL" Everyone would then say what a douche Kanye is and how he ain't helping his race and how he is motivated by money and how he is so pop. Just pointing out the double standard If 9th doesn't like it.... he dont like it.... doesn't need to make 9 tweets about it....

    • Anonymous

      nah different, roles. Kanye and Jay-Z album was media hyped. And as well these guys are critiqued to be two of the best. 9th is an underground producer. People are talking about expectations, well what about detox. It's natural to have expectations from artists who are hit makers or who everyone is talking about. Aside from this 9th seems to be mad and not just stating his opinion. But, I do agree this album is not really what I was looking or hoping for. Not close minded just don't like the vibe. Even tat RZA tune, sounds like kanye put that auto tune singing on top and I think it would be a way better song with out that. Anyway, Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed not really my stylo.

  • Ashton Wallton

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  • nikenikenike

    This the same dude that produced for lil b. smh.

    • Anonymous

      yes that was a waste of a 9th beat though. he has also produced for erykah badu on honey. That alone is all you have to say.


    Expectations r just another bullet trying to kill hip hop. When u expect one thing and u dont get that, u naturally gone be disappointed. I can't judge the cd right now, cause I'm currently listening to it now. So far, I can say the sound itself is diff for both these artists. Contrary to what some people would have u believe, this album isn't all about money, cars, hoes. Most people hear what they want to hear cause that's what they expect to hear...

  • Jason Pennells

    9th isnt sayin that the albums wack. its just nothing special. and i agree wit him 100% If Kanye and Jay Z were part of an Indie Label only selling like 5,000 units no one would give a shit about that Otis track. shits weak

  • DeMarus Rogers

    you sound stupid

  • Anonymous


  • tarriek

    Jay needs to take it back to the essence... bring some heat from the likes of "DJ premier"

    • Mandy Sandy

      premier'z shit compared 2 kanye. he makez da same tired beatz ova and ova again but i guess u nerdz like borin muzik.

  • Anonymous

    jay-z overrated nowadays no lie

  • real talk

    reminds of blueprint 3...overly hyped with no more than a few weeks of replay value...then...chances are you'll never return to that again

  • The Truth

    I wouldn't download this album for free. The album you all should be getting is Royce Da 5'9- Success is Certain.

    • Mandy Sandy

      royce? feminem'z man whore? HAHAHAHAHA...no!

    • Anonymous

      I highly respect Royce for his skills, but his solo work is nothing special, which is really sad when you think of the potential dude has. The Greatest Story Never Told, R.E.K.S., W.A.R., Armor Of God, Elmatic and the Great Debater are all way better.

    • Anonymous

      not that good either...too much disappointments this year

  • V-Nasty is God

    9th Wonder is right, but I am going to take his point and extend it further. Fuck KanJay's album. The Black Album and Graduation was the last time that either of them put out a classic. Now that they became household names, they do just like Lil Wayne and pump out pure garbage and their fan bitches eat it up because of their names. While this wack LP gets attention, albums from real Hip-Hop artists get slept on. For real, you pass up 9th Wonder (a genius) for Lex Luger? Lex Luger??? Joe Camel and Gayfish, die already. Nobody wants you. Nobody likes you.

  • HM

    I must agree with him it's not that the album is wack thats a bit crazy to say. But as far as the album touching your soul and getting that feeling when you first hear it. A couple of the joints I was filling, but as a whole it's alright for the older heads.

  • agreed

    album is good...not great, not a classic...probably a month of replay value (tops) then i'll go back to listening to MBDTF...which is a million times better...+ kanye better than jay nowadays...

  • V. Twelve

    While you all are worried about a damn opinion, 9th Wonder, Kanye, and Jay Z, you better worried if you'll have a JOB in 2012! The U.S. economy is going down the drain!

  • ali

    9th wonder is freakin wack, de album is great. F ALL YALL HATERS!!

  • Fart-Nuggets

    Asher Roth is better than 9th, jay, and kanye COMBINED!

  • Dumpology

    I've yet to listen to WTT but I agree with 9th. Music is like food; if it tastes good to you, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will taste good to another person. Everyone needs to hop off this and leave the guy alone. He stated his own opinion about the album, in a very respectful manner. He didn't bash it at all, didn't pick it apart, he just said "It wasn't for me." I'm a huge 9th fan but yea, he hasn't been on his A-Game lately, but that's totally irrelevant to this discussion. And yea, he did ONE beat for Jay. Music is a business. The man put out a product that Jay liked, and he got paid for it. He is in no debt to Jay-Z and vice versa. Check out my beats on YouTube...type in Dumpology haha

  • mbongeni

    sorry who is 9th wonder? no one in africa knows him.


    talking about niggas made his dick soft... PUMP yo BRAKES jay...lol


    the albums not wack its just jay talking about the same shit for like 10 albums..lol

  • Anonymous

    Watch The Throne is the whackest album Kanye did so far, I almost loved every album, but this one is just lazy and uninspired as fuck. It only will be praised because Jay (whackest performance since Kingdom Come) and Kanye released an album together. Jay should really retire now, haven't heard him rapping that bad for a long time and Kanye should move on, because his solo albums were far better.

  • Debt Ceiling

    WTT was boring. I respect what 9th said. I felt the exact same way. Im a fan of Jay and Kanye, and will continue to be, but this album is boring.

  • shane

    This shows how much people can be riders because that had to be the more respectful way i've seen someone criticize about someone elses cd. He gave all his reasons and didn't go ham(coudln't help it)or nothing just said it wasn't for him. If you really try acting like envy's the reason he said that, you need to relize people have opinions. To me cd turned out just how i expected only a little more over produced and crazy. Like it had some sick songs but overall just above average not amazing or nothin. Neptunes beat was hot though.

  • advise

    9TH has got some real bangers, check Dream Merchant, Brooklyn on my mind,

  • Docktor La'Taurus Harrison

    The nigga got an opinion...don't be mad at him for that...


    9TH is a real dued, he don't care about your popularity he will say whats on his mind, especially after all the hype..... There's making music for the love and passion, and there's also music directed for popular success from a entirely different audience. Every real head knows by now that Jay is business as usual, with his watered down hip hop, refer to comments on quali and common!

  • PrickJames

    Funny, I think the same about MOST of 9th's joints... ... for real, I like a few of his productions, but don't most of 9th's beats some like Pete Rock's without balls?!

    • Anonymous

      * sites. Opposed to you, 9th, Kanye tried to touch new grounds. One of the artists that brings some kind of Innovation. ''People fear what they don't understand. hate what they can't conquer''

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. Soulful music is dope, don't get me wrong, I love the beats from people like Pete Rock, Exile, Illmind or M-Phazes. But there's a huge difference between dope and banging soulful beats and the BORING shit 9th does knowadays, that sounds like worse versions of what he did back them. His beats literally put you to sleep, you can't deny this. They posess absloutely no appeal, especially after they don't have power and started to sound alike. Don't sell (main factor for people on this minds, success means garbage music), make the same music for years and gat praised. Have success, do the shit you want, move forwards and evolve and get dissed. Don't need to say that Kanye is 100 times the producer and musician 9th is.

  • Anonymous

    What was the last hot track 9th produced? I can't remember it. Just mad because they didn't reach out to him? One of the most redundant producers of all time.

    • Roland Muskelly

      Thank you Brian. I'm glad someone said it. Not to mention Murs & 9th Wonder's FORNEVER and 9th & Buckshot's The FORMULA. Just because you didn't bother to check for it doesn't mean its wack. It just means you slept and slipped on hot shit because you're too deaf to hear real music outside of your personal faves. @ da1, That was 9th Wonder with David Banner not Swizz.

    • da1

      That would be swizz beatz.

    • Cage

      ^^ That album was full of hot tracks too, sun doesn't know shit about 9th

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      death of a pop star with david banner.

  • Anonymous

    ''Like you work that hard to stay the same''. But I guess bragging about how hard you are is the right thing to do? They not rapping about this lifestyle because they can't afford it. It's that easy. Braggadocio has and always will be an elementary thing in Hip Hop. Do you guys remember how it all started? I don't think so. Real Hip Hop is a gimmick to appeal a small amount of people who feel elitist if they're listening to music labelled as it. People who have the logic that no fans means good music and popularity equates whack music, by denying the fact that most of underground albums are uninspired and lazy as fuck, too.

    • Anonymous

      Why don't you go listen to the childrens radio then, its not underground, it's INDEPENDENT hip hop an opposite from your MANUFACTURED corporate taste in music, and you really shoud go commit suiside!!

  • the real deal

    and what has nothing wonder released thats been so special, lately. That murder songs on watch the thron is the best song on the album. and the album is not that bad at all it is actually pretty good, rather have the music than not have it, but as far as being an artist ya these niggas can take it farther. and for you geeks who like 9th wonder update me on his great shit, make the list below.

  • truthenola

    Eff 9th wonder, Jay-Z and Kanye are the 2 of the best to ever do it.

  • Obi Patrick

    9th Wonder serving these sellout lames by saying what most Jay and Kanye stans are afraid to admit..

  • j.doe

    new day is the only track that really invokes any emotion from the music fan in me. The shit isn't bad,but nothing to special.

  • rasteve

    9th Wonder is correct 100%. If these guys were no names, WTT (and most of their recent albums) wouldn't pass as hot. I'm not talking about the production because it is usually solid, but rather the lyrical quality. Kanye mumbling/vocalizing on autotune and Jay boasting for the millionth time about how rich he is isn't quality. Hip-hop is nothing without the lyrics so this isn't real hip-hop, just pop!

  • big mike

    pump yo brakes!! My ill advised NIGGA... I could let you google my REAL NAME I'm not some broke ass nigga talking!! I'm a Haitian from the Queens that came up!!! and became rich as well!! so fall the fuck back!! i know whats its like to have no food to eat no lights or running water !!!!..and what its like to be rich and travel the world chill on yachts!!...black people across the world are not respected!!! fuck they name brands, lets stop promoting that shit!!! it doesnt make you a better person to have a cracker name brand watch on your wrist!!! LIKE I SAID BEFORE i like jay Z hes one of the best all TIME..BUT he already made hes money its time to stop seeking the white mans acceptance... C'mon sun..look at kanye crying on stage saying all these white people look at me like Hitler..he dont get it!!! just cuz you have money wear all the name brands..you still a nigga!!!! talking about Niggas in Paris like they the only nigga in Paris....lol..get the fuck outta here!!!

  • TEflon

    Who goes on twitter to tell his followers he doesnt like the album? Lame ass nicca

    • geminiman7

      What's wrong with a man expressing his honest opinion (done in respectful way might I add) to his audience? It's no different from radio or TV. Let's hear more people speak up. Like Akil said above, that's the purpose of Twitter.

    • Akil Clark

      lots of people, that is kind of what twitter is for.

  • MuddyDonut

    Just got done listening to the album and can honestly say this was no where near My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Some tracks sounded like rejected Gucci Mane beats while others had amazing production and shit lyrics. The lyrics alone make me question this album, especially on some parts where Kanye West is better than Jay motherfuckin Z. Its an ok album but nothing too special. I am a sad panda :(

  • Tiggy

    what he expect the album to sound like? some little brotha shit ,. why people always want jay to walk backwards,.he aint trying to hop on some premiere shit or beatminerz shit ,. thats cool and all and would be hella dope , but really??? you think jay gon be ryhming over slum village beats,? too late for that the mainstream would be confused. People who listen to that hip hop dont buy albums point blank period, excdept me

  • sascha

    He couldn't have said it better! I don't feel it either as a whole, just a few songs like "Made In America", "Niggas In Paris" and also "New Day".

  • right side

    dude just bitter cause his beats didnt make the final cut,. re-group nicca, thats a bad look for you 9th ! shold just laod low witcha stupid opinions

  • Truthenola

    9th wonder should actually stfu, Jay shouted his ass out on threat and this man was prasing him about how it changed his career, then he turn around and tweets this bullshit?? so pointless , yeah it your stupifd opinion , keep it to yo self hatin ass

  • Info

    One word to this sucker, Hater! mad cause he didnt get a chance to produce a beat for the album, nigga is a sore loser

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, around the time The Listening dropped. It's so pathetic that you can release nothing but garbage, based on the good records you once released.

    • legend111

      9th Wonder is one of the best producers out there. Get of their dicks man!

  • realnigga

    nigga just mad they aint use his beats lol

  • That's Right

    I agree with legendary producer 9th Wonder.

  • nixnox

    just 9th's opinion, we all entitled to one...who cares?

  • Luka CuDi Balić

    Album is great!

  • Anonymous

    It's his opinion damn lay off of him....that dumb mufacka got a right to say some stupid shit if he wants

    • Anonymous

      @nola u got proof that his beats were turned down?

    • truthenola

      its actually a stupid opinion because we all know he submitted beats for the album and didnt make it, dude shoudl have just shut up, what he gon do when Drake dont submit his beats .?

  • Wutt

    YAWL CRAZY, JAY AND YE WENT HAM ON THAT WATCH THE THRONE. Beats are crazy, the change ups are dope as fuck AND they speaking on real shit, especially Jay.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    WTT is trash, I agree

  • Anonymous

    JAY Z SMASHED EVERYONE OF YOU NIGGAS IN THAT SONG "WHY I LOVE YOU" DOPE ASS FUCK AND REAL ASS HELL 9th you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, regular ass nigga.

  • shone jones

    9th is just pissed off that he and Little Brother signed a messed up deal with Atlantic that messed their careers up. Dumbass. This album is not for everybody and everyone isn't going to like it. Thats why this social media/twitter garbage is annoying. Every one is a critic and has to write a blog about everything. I'm sorry, but who goes on Twitter to let everybody know how mad they are? There's opinions and then there's ulterior motives. Rappers ain't gonna eat now that Jay/Ye is out and it's making em act up. You don't see Aerosmith on Twitter talking on the new AC/DC album and how garbage it is.

    • Anonymous

      but that's your opinion according to your ear. should I defile you? anyway I just see you're using a public internet podium to express your opinion, yet you are slandering 9th for doing the same. peace and success

    • shone jones

      @Anonymous 9th has been making the same beat for the past 7 years. Dude has no real credibility

    • Anonymous

      This album is not for everybody and everyone isn't going to like it. __________________ why does this apply to others except 9th? __________________ #WTT as a whole is not for me. I can rock with New Day & The Joy I understand expansion/experimentation in music, but its not for me..... __________________ seems like you stated the same thing he did, yet you chose to say he's mad because of some old label deal or some other stuff. If he was so mad, wouldn't he be trying to convince others not to purchase the album?

  • yourdad

    some of you people are ridiculous... you forget that we are supposed to be commenting about an album- ABOUT F'N MUSIC!!! That's it! All this talk and bs about who Jay is and what kind of people, blah, blah, blah.. the same bs over and over. Listen, these dudes don't care about none of you and rightly so! You don't know them, they don't know you. If you like the music, great! If not, great! Just worry about your own life, don't worry about ANYBODY ELSE because nobody will pay your bills or hand you success so WAKE UP!

  • Anonymous

    WALE niggas. Listen to his On One freestyle and tell me this nigga ain't dope.

  • Broski

    Gotta kinda agree with 9th wonder on this one...Especially if you talk to an avid Jay-z or Kanye West fan. Those guys are like one step ahead of Young Money fans but still 100 steps behind the average human in society IQ wise.

  • Austin Mayle

    9th shouldn't have beat around the bush. If he felt that shyt wasn't hip hop and was wack on top of that, then he should have said so and has the right to. He doesn't have to listen to and like that wack a** pop, commercial bullshit if he doesn't want to or isn't feeling it.

    • uhhhhhhh

      ....some of it is poppy but No Church in the Wild, Otis, New Day, Thats My Bitch, Murder to Excellence, Why I Love You are all Hip Hop...some pop added in there but Hip Hop is Hip Hop, it stretches across so many genres that its hard to say what isn't Hip Hop. I'm not a huge fan of the album but i'm not going to say its pop...Katy Perry is pop............no way this is that...imo

    • rasteve

      I agree Austin. We need more people calling it what it really is. I have nothing against pop and I enjoy it sometimes, but at least have the balls to call it what it is.

  • Anonymous

    WTT = MBDTF+ Jay-Z not a bad thing tho...

  • G

    Me and the RZA connect Blow a fuse, half assed crews get demolished and bruised

  • Raja

    Ight i understand if people disagree with 9th i know i do...but NO ONE can ever diss 9th's production skills top ten ever to me

  • deepfry

    seriously, 9th you suck too.

  • beatrixkid

    I am in love with WTT. I would say it's definitely more on a kanye vibe than a Hov vibe though. Feels a lot like dark fantasy to me and I loved that album. I am a huge fan of experimental music though. One of the reason's the Beatles are as respected as they are is because of their experimental albums. Sgt. pepper/abbey road. There is some serious artistry going on here and Jay throw's some beautiful verses in here but it's mostly kanye's painting.

  • Watch

    Jay Z is the mother fucking man ya dig. Music popping or not, he gets it the fuck in. Get that money Jay, stay independent, keep employing brothers, keep up with the good charity work, do right by B, say whats up to Obama, good luck with Farreal on the clothing line, and don't ever look back. I'm following your blueprint and the shit works.

    • Anonymous

      Moron, I'm not a rapper. That's how simplistic you THINK.

    • Anonymous

      you mean your following LL COOL Js blueprint coz that's the blueprint Jay is following and has been his entire career

    • Anonymous

      I am attached to him personally dumb nigga, I'm black in America. By any means necessary is the motto ya dig. Fuck the being broke. I gives a fuck about your agenda to prove something that nobody gives a fuck about anyway.

    • ItsTheTruth

      lol, you rootin for Jay like he knows u or gives a fuck about u. How do you think Jay gets connected with Obama? Why is Jay the first rapper to be on Oprah? You think it's a coincidence? That they just like Jay-Z, that he's such a good person for his charity work? Come on dog, I'm not even gonna spell it out. Jay is all about his paper and his business, all im sayin is u soundin like ur attached to him personally lol


    J.Cole's "Cole World:A Sideline Story" is set to hit stores 9/27 so make sure you go get his smash single "Workout here via iTunes>> http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/work-out-single/id447441100

  • Really

    The Beyonce track alone has incredible production values on it. LISTEN to that shit, you niggas need calm down and just let it in. It's not about being perfect it's about being perfect for the moment. And Jay's lyrics and delivery on that track is NICE.

    • BIG MIKE

      pump yo brakes!! My ill advised NIGGA... I could let you google my REAL NAME I'm not some broke ass nigga talking!! I'm a Haitian from the Queens that came up!!! and became rich as well!! so fall the fuck back!! i know whats its like to have no food to eat no lights or running water !!!!..and what its like to be rich and travel the world chill on yachts!!...black people across the world are not respected!!! fuck they name brands, lets stop promoting that shit!!! it doesnt make you a better person to have a cracker name brand watch on your wrist!!! LIKE I SAID BEFORE i like jay Z hes one of the best all TIME..BUT with he already made hes money its time to stop seeking the white mans acceptance...

    • Anonymous

      Dope lyrics. EARN HEART (fearless pursuit of dreams or drive hard to achieve) Hit a big wall (nothing else to prove, haters trying stop you) Need fuel (inspiration)

    • Anonymous

      did u actually listen to the track? Here is Jay Z's verse: [Jay-Z] Lift off Rappers hear Watch the Throne They gonna be pissed off Earth is boring to 'em Shit is making my dick soft When you Earnhart as me eventually you hit a big wall 5-4-3-2 we need fuel, lift off

  • Anonymous

    Could respect this more if 9th was one who actually produced quality, but that's not the case. Something he and his fans have to learn is no attention or status don't make your projects better, either.

  • Anonymous

    Any artist that limits his taste the way 9th is, limits himself.

  • big mike

    Dude i like the album... its cool!!! but DEPTH???..fall back my nigga!!!all jay talk about is money i know what im getting myself into when i listen to a jay album!!!! no depth just talk of worthless material items..that mean nothing for the black community in recession

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that's what I always liked about Jay. He had more substance in between those punchlines than most of the other rappers who only focus on concious rap, but they gotta do it soooo obvious to make sure that nobody misses their point. Jay is the master of metaphors and flies over most peoples heads. His might sales speak otherwise, but I got a feel that he's kind of underrated amognst the hip hop community. He doesn't get enough credit JUST off the fact that he makes hits. I don't get how the term underground changes the perspective people have of your music. Also, braggadocio was and always will be the thing to do in Hip Hop. It's done on underground and mainstream rap alike, it's just how you do it, how creative you are with the wordplay and lines. It's part of the culture just like thought provoking stuff is. Jay does it, gets dissed, Nas does it, it's okay. That's social phenomenon that people always gonna big up the underdog. Just because they see the industry in Jay and the streets in Nas.

    • Anonymous

      pump yo brakes!! My ill advised NIGGA... I could let you google my REAL NAME I'm not some broke ass nigga talking!! I'm a Haitian from the Queens that came up!!! and became rich as well!! so fall the fuck back!! i know whats its like to have no food to eat no lights or running water !!!!..and what its like to be rich and travel the world chill on yachts!!...black people across the world are not respected!!! fuck they name brands, lets stop promoting that shit!!! it doesnt make you a better person to have a cracker name brand watch on your wrist!!! LIKE I SAID BEFORE i like jay Z hes one of the best all TIME..BUT with already made hes money its time to stop seeking the white mans acceptance... C'mon sun..look at kanye crying on stage saying all these white people look at me like Hitler..he dont get it!!! just cuz you have money wear all the name brands..you still a nigga!!!! talking about Niggas in Paris like they the only nigga in Paris....lol..get the fuck outta here!!!

    • Anonymous

      Like I said TOO DUMB to hear it. From what you just wrote, you haven't heard shit my dude. Anybody out there struggling and so gaddamn hungry that they would break the law to feed themselves know EXACTLY what Jay is really saying about people and this country. But he doesn't make it plain and literal like Lupe. You go listen to Lupe, he's for you. Easy to digest.

    • bigmike

      TOO DUMB TO HEAR IT????...lol...my dudes i like jay hes one of the best of all time!!! but even when he tries to touch on deep topics its self absorbed..hes find a way to relate it to balling

    • Anonymous

      Jay and no depth? LMAO. That just shows how people are getting blinded by his popularity. You have to hear the things he says, it's all about metaphors. A comment like this shows you that people don't really listen to music anymore, no attention span, nitpicking on some out of context taken words to hate.

    • Anonymous

      He too dumb to hear it.

    • Anonymous

      Fam you need to listen to Murder of excellence, welcome to the jungle, who gon stop me, illest motherfucker alive, shit and every song but lift off to...they touching some shit in there bro

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    The Legendary Weapons album by Wu is far superior when compared to Watch the Throne.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I must agree with 9th Wonder after the first listen. I'm not feeling the project at all! It's way too "poppish" and has a euro feel and not a good album. It's like Jay and Ye are trying to be different for the sake of being differnet and it's borderline a wack album.

  • Anonymous

    Extra hate for Jay Z as usual. he doing something right.

    • Anonymous

      ^Shut your fucking ass up fool. I know what 9th said. But he on that small minded bullshit. Why would he go out his way to comment on niggas he gotta and has worked with? It's not necessary. He wanted to be on the shit is the real story.

    • WTF?

      Anonymous you're one delusional ass nigga. Nowhere did 9th say anything about the Illuminati. Read it again son.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga, this is EXTRA hate like I said before. This ain't some music taste shit. People been trying to take Jay down on some personal shit for a LONG time now. Starting with that illuminate bullshit.

    • Robert ProfessorNumark Watts

      why is it hate? if someone doesn't like something, they don't like it. a lot of you fucks get the definition of hate confused....

  • Anonymous

    Shut up 9th and make noise with your music. You know like Jay and Ye been doing for 15 YEARS!

  • Anonymous

    You niggas think Slaughter House is banging. You think Recovery is hot. Bad Meets Evil, Game's garbage, Detox SUPER WACK shit, and other cornballs. And you want to say Watch The Throne is weak???? Miss me with that. And I know you can't wait to hate on Wayne and Drakes new shit. "Oh they just do the same thing over and over" Yeah but that's what you want. You don't want that deep shit.

  • G'

    *ever since AFTER College Dropout (Late Registration...MBDTF)

  • Anonymous

    9th production sucks nowdays

  • These niggas man...

    Man, it's evident that people aren't familiar at all with the work that 9th's done over his career. If anyone, imo, has the credentials to speak on hip hop it's him, and this is aside from the music. He's taught a class about hip hop for years now in NC and has spoken on numerous panels so dude knows his shit. Niggas sayin, "he cosigned lil b". The fact is, the one joint they collaborated on with jean featured is the single greatest thing lil b has ever done. Are people really going to deny the numerous awesome projects that 9th has been a part of? The Listening, Murs 3:16, Jeanius just to name a few. So questioning whether he has the "right" to speak on this is pretty fucking stupid. Watch The Throne was super overhyped, how could it not be really. I'm a Jay fan, I'm a Ye fan. But, there was no way to live up to it. It's got bangers, no doubt, but I feel like 9th as well in the sense that it doesn't make me feel anything really. A classic beat gives you the ugly face, classic songs give you the chills. I can totally relate to that Aquemini analogy because the first time I heard that I was also like, "Wow this shit is fucking crazy". With WTT I'm like, this is pretty dope.

    • Robert ProfessorNumark Watts

      and Stankonia just upped the ante! I felt the same way for both of those CDs, just like I did for Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint 1, The College Dropout and Late Registration, and The Greatest Story Never Told.

  • big mike

    the album is a solid 4..its not a classic.. but its good!!! lets not hate on it..or dick ride it..call it how it is!!!

  • Rant

    I'ma keep it 100, you niggas taste in music SUCK. Yawl DON'T want anything different because when you get it, you shit on it. And don't tell me Watch The Throne is not hot, not your style cool, but not HOT??? Fuck outta' here. That's like me saying Guns N Roses sucks because its rock music, them niggas are excellent. Jay and Ye's shit stay on deck because the shit has depth. Who's still listening to Recovery vs. The Marshall Matters LP? There IS a difference.

    • Anonymous

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joHCfll2AGI I Jack, I Rob, I sin Awww man, I'm Jackie Robinson Except when I run base, I dodge the pen Jeah, look I'm so far ahead of my time, I'm bout to start another life Look behind you, I'm bout to pass you twice Back to the future and gotta slow up for the present I'm fast, niggaz can't get past my past How they propose to deal with my perfect present? When I unwrap "The Gift & the Curse" in one session Ain't no livin person can test him Only two restin in heaven can be mentioned in the same breath as him We invite you to something epic, you know? Well, we hustle out of a sense of hopelessness, sort of a desperation Through that desperation, we become addicted Sort of like the fiends we accustomed to serving But we feel we have nothing to lose, so we offer you, well We offer our lives, right, what do you bring to the table? While I'm watching every nigga watching me closely My shit is butter for the bread, they wanna toast me Lock my body, can't trap my mind Easily, explain why we adapt to crime I'd rather die enormous than live dormant, that's how we on it When it boils to steam, it comes to it We all fiends, gotta do it, even righteous minds go through this True, this history school us to spend our money foolish Bond with jewelers and watch for intruders Ain't asking for forgiveness for my sins, ends I break bread with the late heads, picking their brains for angles on All the evils that the game'll do It gets dangerous, money and power is changin' us And now we're lethal, infected with D'evils My hand around her collar, feeding her cheese She said the taste of dollars was shitty so I fed her fifties About his whereabouts I wasn't convinced I kept feeding her money 'til her shit started to make sense Who could ever foresee, we used to stay up all night At slumber parties, now I'm tryna rock this bitch to sleep All the years we were real close, now I see his fears Through her tears know she's wishing we were still close Don't cry, it is to be, in time I'll take away your miseries and make it mine, D'evils I sold it all from crack to opium, in third person I don't wanna see them, so I'm rehearsing But one of these buyers got eyes like a Korean, it's difficult to read them The windows to his soul are half closed, I put the key in How it works Click the orange lyrics for explanations Highlight white lyrics and explain them to get Rap IQ™ (help) [Verse 1] I sold it all from crack to opium, in third person I don't wanna see them, so I'm rehearsing With my peoples how to G them From a remote location in the BM Scoping the whole situation like, "Damn!" Metamorphic, as the dope turns to cream But one of these buyers got eyes like a Korean, it's difficult to read them The windows to his soul are half closed, I put the key in Pulled off slow, hoping my people fleeing Chink tried to knock the only link that tied me in Coppers was watching us through nighttime binoculars This time they got us on tape, exchanging dope for dollars Make me wanna, holler back at the crib in the sauna Praying my people bailed out like Time/Warner Awaiting a call, from his kin not the coroner Phone in my hand, nervous confined to a corner Beads of sweat, second thoughts on my mind How can I ease the stress and learn to live with these regrets This time, stress, giving this shit up, fuck [Hook] This is the number one rule for your set In order to survive got to learn to live with regrets On the rise to the top many drop, don't forget In order to survive got to learn to live with regrets This is the number one rule for your set In order to survive got to learn to live with regrets And through our travels we get separated, never forget In order to survive got to learn to live with regrets [Verse 2] As sure as this, Earth is turning, souls burning In search of higher learning, turning in every direction seeking direction My moms crying because her insides are dying Her son trying her patience, keep her heart racing A million beats a minute, I know I push you to your limit I found myself reminiscing, remember this one? When he was here he was crazy nice with his son I miss him, long as I'm living he's living through memories He's there to kill all my suicidal tendencies ut I feel worthless cause my shirts wasn't matching my gear Now I'm just scratching the surface cause what's buried under there Was a kid torn apart once his pop disappeared I went to school, got good grades, could behave when I wanted But I had demons deep inside that would raise when confronted Flyer than a piece of paper bearin my name Like shortsleeves I bear arms The shit is eternal, I rock the Heavens well Even if they won't let me in Heaven I raise hell, till its Heaven Recognize, the black cat with the nine lives Get up off me, nigga, its bad luck to cross me So you know, beatin me will never come Like a nun Yall wanna act out a movie I can give you a clip But no ad lip nigga stick to the script Y'all want to know how I flow just seek and you find I'm like a brain in the voicebox, I speak my mind Niggas don't get the picture til the gun is drawn How you get so fly? From not being afraid to fall out the sky. I'm far from God, but I work god damn hard. emind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself More than a hustler I'm the definition of it Master chef, lord of the kitchen cubbard Now I'm so enlightened I might glow in the dark I been up in the office you might know him as Clark But, just when you thought the whole world fell apart I - take off the blazer loosen up the tie Step inside the booth Superman is alive Keep my enemies close give them enough rope, they put themselves in the air I just kick away tha chair More than a street legend homie it's Hova More than a relief pitcher, I'm the closer The Mariano of the Mariott, ahh If money talks the whole world about to hear me out See I'm a hustler's hope not his pipe dream So when they speak of success I'm what they might mean Attract money, my worst color is light green My favorire hue, is Jay-Z blue Don't follow me young'n, follow my moves, I'm not a rolemodel My bad influence got the world drinking gold bottles When Puff was in that tub spilling Mo' I was at my video, Krys' on the speed boat In My Lifetime, nigga go do your research Same timers? My nigga that was me first Crome shoed the GS, I came feet first In the game like a baby born a breach birth I got the keys if you need work I could kingpin you a line, a dime at a time Now in the Game so only time can tell survivng droughts I wish you well How sick am I, I wish you health I wish you wheels i wish you wealth I wish you insights so you can see for yourself They say if you love it, you should let it out its cage And fuck it, if it comes back you know it's there to stay Flash Gordon of recordin, Spark a light in the Dark Peter Parker Spiderman all I do is climb the charts Put that knife in ya Take a little bit of life from ya Am I frightenin ya? Shall I continue Put the gun to ya I let it sing you a song I let it hum to ya the other one sing along now its a duet and you wet When you check out the technique from the two tecs and I don't need two lips To blow this like a trumpet you dumb shit They giveth and they taketh life is cruel that way But even a broken clock is right at least two times a day You could have turned Guns into Roses like two times today Now here’s something you gotta say two times to Jay I got my shades on waiting for the sun to shine my way Got my boom box, suntan lotion waiting for action They say when you play with skills, good luck could happen Let me tell you dudes what I do to protect this I shoot at you actors like movie directors I done came through the block in everything that's fly I'm like Che Guevara with bling on, I'm complex I never claimed to have wings on Nigga, I get my "by any means" on whenever there's a drought Get your umbrellas out because that's when I brainstorm You can blame Shawn, but I ain't invent the game I just rolled the dice, trying to get some change I put my feet in the footprints left to me Without saying a word, the ghetto's got a mental telepathy My brother hustled so - naturally - Up next was me...but what perplexes me Shit, I know how this movie ends! yet still I play The starring role in "Hovito's Way" Foolish pride is what held me together through the years I wasn't felt which is why I ain't never played myself I just play the hand I'm dealt, I can't say I've never knelt Before God and asked for better cards at times to no avail You see my mind's on the finish line, facin the wreck I put my muh'fuckin faith in the tec, tell Satan not yet You understand I am chasin my breath I am narrowly escapin my death, oh yes God forgive me but I can't let them deliver me to you Until, I won this race, then eventually My engine gon' burn out, I get whatever is meant for me However it turns out fine - red line! They say an eye for an eye, we both lose our sight And two wrongs don't make a right But when you been wrong and you know all along that it's just one life At what point does one fight? (Good question right?!) Mr. President, there's drugs in our residence Tell me what you want me to do, come break bread with us Mr. Governor, I swear there's a cover up Every other corner there's a liquor store - fuck is up? Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity This moment of honesty - the world'll feel my truths All through my Hard Knock Lifetime, A Gift and a Curse I gave you Volume after Volume of my work So you can feel my truths I built the Dynasty by being one of the realist niggas out Way beyond a Reasonable Doubt - y'all can't fill my shoes From my Blueprint beginning to that Black Album ending Music business hate me cause the industry ain't make me Hustlers and boosters embrace me and the music I be making I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars They criticized me for it, yet they all yell "holla" If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be Lyrically Talib Kweli Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense But I did 5 mill' - I ain't been rhyming like Common since When your cents got that much in common And you been hustling since, your inception Fuck perception. Go with what makes sense Since I know what I'm up against We as rappers must decide what's most important And I can't help the poor if I'm one of them So I got rich and gave back, to me that's the win/win So next time you see the homey and his rims spin Just know my mind is working just like them Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin Get It? More in Carmen So I got daughters on the way If the prophecy's correct Then the child should have to pay For the sins of a father So I barter my tomorrows against my yesterdays In hopes that she'll be okay My physical's a shell so when I say farewell My soul will find an even higher plane to dwell Life is but a dream can't mimic my life I'm the thinnest cut slice In the cut, the winner's cup With winters rough enough to interrupt life That's why I'm both saint and sinner, nice This is Jay everyday, no compromise No compass comes with this life just eyes So to map it out you must look inside Look.. mind state of a gangster from the 40's Meets the business mind of Motown's Berry Gordy Turned crack rock into a chain of 40/40's Slid into the party with my new pair of Mauri's America, meet the gangster Shawn Corey Hey young world, wanna hear a story? Close your eyes and you can pretend you're me I'm cut from the cloth of the Kennedy's Frank Sinatra, having dinner with the Genovese This is the genesis of a nemesis Mother America's not witnessed since The Harlem Renaissance birthed black businesses This is the tale of lost innocence As the incense burn and the turntables turn Geah.. anywhere there's oppression The drug profession Flourishes like beverages Refreshing, ahhh! sweet taste of sin Everything I seen, made me everything I am Bad drug dealer or victim, I beg What came first? Moving chickens or the egg? This I why I be so fresh I'm trying to beat life cause I can't cheat death Treat shame with shamelessness Aim stainless at anuses You know the game this is? Move coke like Pepsi Don't matter what the brand name is Yeah, so what if you flip a couple words? I could triple that in birds Open your mind you see the circus in the sky I'm Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey with the pies No matter how you slice it I'm your motherfuckin guy Just like a b-boy with 360 waves Do the same with the pot, still come back beige Whether right or southpaw, whether pot or the jar Whip it around - it still come back hard So easily do I W-H-I-P My repitition with wrists'll bring you kilo figures I got creole C.O. bitches for my niggas Who slipped, became prisoners, trees taped to the visitors You already know what the business is Unnecessary commissary boy we live this shit Niggas wanna bring the 80s back That's okay with me, that's where they made me at Except I don't write on the wall I write my name in the history books, hustle in the hall (hustle in the hall) Push (push) money over broads, you got it, fuck Bush Chef (chef), guess what I cooked Baked a lot of bread and kept it off the books Rockstar, look, way before the bars my picture was getting took Feds, they like whack rappers Tried as they may, couldn't get me on the hook I got watches I ain't seen in months Apartment at the Trump; I only slept in once Niggas said Hova was over, such dummies Even If I fell I'll land on a bunch of money I ain't playin, life's short so I aim I ain't waitin for life start betrayin 'em It's twice as hard to get a job that's payin 'em So I ain't payin attention to what you're sayin Raindrops keep fallin on my brain Cause in the drop on flames I'm so hot even if the weather change Before I go the world gon' feel my pain They sayin, I'm a bad guy, why's that? Cause when my back's against the wall, nigga I react Secretly though, I know you admire that You wish you had the balls to fire back, brrrap The irony of selling drugs Is sort of like you using it

    • BIG MIKE

      Jay IS the best to and the most intelligent rapper to ever do it??? YOU CRAZY!!!....lol c'mon SUN!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nah, you post 5 deep insightful lines from Jay. I already said he ALWAYS delivers.

    • Anonymous

      Jay IS the best to and the most intelligent rapper to ever do it when it comes down to depth and complexity. Just because he doesn't say it blatantly into your face, doesn't mean that he has no depth. Go listen to Reasonable Doubt with an unbiased opinion and say that again. Did you hear Can I Live or Regrets?

    • Anonymous

      jay is NOT complex lyrically or extra deep be quiet with that silly shit post 5 deep insightful complex jay lines

    • Anonymous

      ^Man you are fucking dumb homeboy. Jay ALWAYS, ALWAYS has depth in his lyrics. When you grow and go through some things you might actually HEAR what he's saying. People still haven't heard everything he was REALLY saying way back on Reasonable doubt.

    • big mike

      Dude i like the album... its cool!!! but DEPTH???..fall back my nigga!!!all jay talk about is money i know what im getting myself into when i listen to a jay album!!!! no depth just talk of worthless material items..that mean nothing for the black community in recession

  • Think Dummy

    Say anything to sound like you're different. Lupe tried the same shit with Obama, and that niggas buzz is D.O.A. 9th you don't have to like it, its not the law to like Jay Z but nigga you in the industry fucking your whole shit up broadcasting this shit. I mean who says this in the open??? When are niggas going to understand how business works?

    • G'

      It's one thing to own label...it's another thing to be successful. Last I heard, Mack MAINE technically "owns" a label...it's really not that hard given that beat makers like him are in demand and getting paid a pretty penny off their joints. If anything, he is futhering typecasting himself which is fine if that's what he wants to do. It has worked for RZA and Pete Rock who limit their work with people...even Primo (except for the joint he did with Christina...BAck II Basics). It's not to say he should whore himself out...I just wish he'd take the time to construct a non-bias opinion instead of reminding me and everyone else why he is REAL hip hop, as if he is one of a select few doing it justice. All he is doing is further segragting it and coming off as bias when he has openly beefed with his homies in Little Brother (LEFT THEM HIGH AND DRY) and co-signed Lil B *if that is true...just read about in the comment section*

    • Anonymous

      9th is nowhere in Jay Z climate dude, fuck his grammy's. He still gotta eat.

    • Myan McConico

      that's the problem. people cower to "the business" and let it strain their creativity. it's like common said "if i don't like it, i don't like it/ that don't mean that i'm hatin'"

    • B

      Ya go tell 9th about business... because you got your own label and artists signed... not to mention all your grammys and records

  • Anonymous

    watch the throne has so many southern beats all over it, i call a sell out sound fuck the south sound it should been a east coast sound

  • Nigel Clarke

    Let's be honest. 9th hasn't been a wonder since 2005. These twitter posts were written by someone who overdosed on haterade. I'm from Queens and I've never liked Jay-Z, in fact I intentionally hated on him ... until now. Jay-Z provided the lyrical backbone for this album. This album was worth the wait. Surprisingly, political, deafening the "Illuminati" rumors. Amazing album. I tried to fuck with 9th since he started slipping but this article gives me an excuse not to.

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    They could've made the best album of all-time and people would still complain. There is just no pleasing some people. They just make the best music they can and make sure they feel it. You'll get 2 million who love it and 4 million who hate it, but at the end of the day who cares about the ones who hate it. Just let them go find something they like.

  • iddle

    I know what he means. Same vibe I got from graduation. I mean the beats were hot, and the lyrics were above average but it was hollow. Haven't heard all of watch the throne but so far it's the same feel

  • SpikeyJamez

    I agree with 9th Wonder, am not feeling it either, beside I've heard a lot better albums that came out this year than Watch the Throne, so again there's no need for me to follow an empty-overhype machine from a two average rapper.

  • 10thAve

    Niggas is trippin.... Jay snapped on every song!!!!! And he lost his mind on "Who Gon Stop Me"


    This nigga 9th co-signed LIL B though smh

    • buuutt

      but jay cosigned bleak, the definition of a hip hop failure

    • G'

      So did Lupe....the "hip hop" leaders are co-signing flash in the pan artist while established ones like Jay/Ye are getting shitted on...regardless of if it was a money scheme on their part, at least they are putting themseleves out there and trying to switch it up. Lil B, for real though...I'd be more of a fan of his shit if his flow was better...sounds like he has a damn lisp on alot of songs off his last INFAMOUS LP.

  • FourTrackFiasco

    The word Hip-Hop can be used to describe a genre of music or a culture in society.

  • Jay

    I gotta agree with 9th on this one. Not one track really stands out to me. Jay z and Kayne are at a point in their careers where they can put out a cd with them whispering and cats will call it a classic. Some people just like the brand and not the actual content of the brand. If I was 15 and didn't have a clue about real music I would probably think WTT was hot!

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      I've heard all of that and WTT is still amazing

    • Jay

      Change with the times? That is considered dumbing down hommie! I'll give props when it's due, not because I gotta change cause some high school kids said so. Jay is 42 Kanye is 32, so what you talking about older cats? Listen to Skyzoo, Elzhi, or a Nas album and tell me WTT is amazing. The only thing creative about WTT is the album cover!

    • Lemar Green

      Co-sign Kalin. @Jay the same came can be said for Wayne, cept WTT is actually good. But hey, these are jus opinions

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      Why do older people think they can define what "real music" is. Times change. It's like if it's not some slow boring ultimate lyric song y'all call it pop. Change with the times. This album is amazing and is not some atl snap song or some album full of weed, money, cars, clothes, and women. This is great music plane and simple. Amazing album. There is just no pleasing some of you people.

  • G'

    It's the way he went about SAYING his opinion...you claim you are not a follower; yet, address your fan base via TWITTER on an album that is a big event in hip-hop, point blank. This does not happen in hip hop at all; two of the biggest solo acts sitting down and recording a WHOLE ALBUM TOGETHER. 9th has his nitch and that is fine, I am a big supporter of his instrumentals, but I get tired of these niggas who are borderline underground always trying to elevate themselves and their opinion. He could've left the "don't be a follower" shit because that's what a good portion of his fan base is: followers. They rock with him because he is anti-establishment and so forth. Once again, I think dude is an amazing beat maker, but the whole talking about "expansion/expermentation" shit just came off as ignorant and arrgoant....9th was blessed with a good ear for samples, like Primo, but underneeth it all you find he uses the same drum patterns and effects. His ability to find samples makes him great for the type of joints he does. However, I respect folks like Kanye West, Pete Rock and especially Dilla for mixing up the flavor and not being easily typed cast. 9th has his box, no matter how great he is, he has a box. It's not hating on the man's opinion but on the fact at how he delivers it with all this "Thank God...I want to be scared" psuedo-intellectual shit.

    • G'

      KANYE USES LIVE INSTRUMENTS....and he got SHITTED ON for doing that ever since College Dropout....I don't get your point, homie. At the end of the day, neither of those niggas have a solid graps of music theory; yet, have the ear for the shit that sounds good. Live instruments...you must have the names mixed up on that statement.

    • ill c

      9th has fallen off my man, he needs to re-invent himself.

    • iddle

      9th is superior in skill to Kanye. Kanye takes old beats and adds drums. Yes 9th samples too but he also uses live instruments.

    • ill c

      True and I stress again, that his most recent work was nothing to wirte home about. 9th is not equal or greater than Kanye musically.. again I respect 9th but he's off base on this one.

    • G'

      If this man was all about the music he and Little Brother would've kept making it. Him leaving single handley crippled that group, a stable in the "real" hip hop debates....and the way he acted around the time of their last album makes me wonder how egotiscal he really is. Good for him making up with Phonte, but this is just proof that all this "I wanna be shocked by music" crap is all for show...taking to Twitter to leave EIGHT damn status updates just seems a bit much. All he needed to do was say WTT=Not My Cup of tea, or some crap like that. He basically took the time to try and jusitfy why his ear is better than everyone elses and how he is so much better than the everyday fan because he can be "objective." Let alone the fact he has to say all this "active particpate/beat maker" crap like WE DONT KNOW OR RESPECT HIS OPINION.

    • ill c

      Thats my issue with 9th exactly, I respect 9th and his work and opinion.. Lately he hasnt ben bringing any heat either.. He can state that he doesnt like it, but all of this rhetoric about being a follower and thank God and all of this non-sense, he was hating in my opinion

  • LMAO

    This nigga is retarded. I agree that the album is not that great, but how you gonna talk about people not having subject matter, yet you fucks wit Drake and Chris Brown? FUCK OUTTA HEREEEEEEEE

  • Nkko

    Musically we can hear Kanye's influence throughout the whole album. Kanye always wants to make more but he kinda lose himself. The electronic pop influence is too present and at times it sounds like a coldplay or radiohead album. Innovation is a good thing but that's not the kind of music I want to listen to. Lyrically it's a good album, overall there are 4 good songs. People who didn't like MBDTF should avoid this album.

  • Mr Mogul

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. 9th picked out two great tracks, but they are mellow. I like upbeat stuff. This album goes hard. Incredible material!

  • SoN.Y.

    i try not to comment on the commenting in the comments section. but it's getting ridiculous how so many people get on here all mad because their favorite artist isn't someone elses favorite artist. tell me why i should give a fuck if another man doesn't like what i like. that shit bothers the fuck outta me. niggas get on here and try to impose their opinions on everybody, like me listening to what they listen to validates their opinion about a rapper. just listen tho what the fuck you like, and i'll listen to what the fuck i like. i'm diggin watch the throne. i like the black excellence undertones and the not too preachy messages about how my people need to be more and achieve more. i relate to that shit. but i'm not gonna get on here and call 9th a hater because he doesn't agree with me. also, just for the record, i'm not a follower just because i happen to appreciate an album made by popular artists.

  • Marrow

    I gave this album a fair listen and I don't dig it. This is coming from someone who listens to Madlib, Dilla, Little Dragon, Danny Brown, etc on a daily basis..so maybe I'm just at a point in my life where I'm so over the "swag" rap. I liked 1 song, but not enough to illegally download it and that's pretty bad. Glad others liked it though.

    • MuddyDonut

      We have similar interests in hip hop, so maybe I wont enjoy this as much? I'll keep my expectations low. Hopefully it will turn out better than I am expecting.

  • really tho

    im wondering if some of yall actually listened to the album ... the shits pretty fire, a lot of emotion on the records. don't judge the whole album off of just Otis and Lift Off.

    • Anonymous

      though i didnt like either of those 2 tracks i could care less bout listening to the rest. after listening to 5 songs i should like more than 1....so in my opinion they failed on this project, mainly jus lyrically wasnt strong enough for me.

  • rob

    9TH can have an opinion, leave the man alone. There were some Little Brother & Slum Villa joints I wasn't rocking with. I didn't hate, it was just wasn't what I was into at the moment. You have to allow people to be able to express how they really feel about music, especially hip hop. In large part, thats whats wrong with the game today. Good artists, who know music are afraid to say whats dope & whats not. I feel him, the otis joint, Freeza and Young chris came harder than Jay and Kanye. The throne has been abdicated a long time ago. Hip hop is like that Hbo joint, Game of Thrones. Or its like the fragmentation period in Jazz.

  • chuck

    His opinion is HIS opinion. I'm confused why people are feeding into this divide and conquer mentality and shitting on 9th. I'm reading through a lot of these comments and whether WTT is good or bad is irrelevant because you people are embarrassing hip hop with the nonsense and hate against a community leader who merely voiced his opinion?? Word??? The record is not for him and it's not for me either after I listened. Because I like soul in my music doesn't make me a hater any more than it makes 9th one. If anything, it shows he's not a follower who believes in the hype leading up to a mediocre project. It's called marketing strategy people, look it up. I love Ye and Jay, but I don't have to like the record and it's a bit young-ish to hate on anyone who doesn't like what you like. How old are you people anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Listen to 1. Murder to Excellence 2. Made In America 3. The Joy 4.New Day 5.Prime Time and then come and tell me this album is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    there are some great songs on this album, but Kanye had all the best verses,which is why im disappointed. this is Kanye's album... probably on purpose.

    • Lemar Green

      In a sense ur right. This is Kanye's album as he was the major creator, hell in tha booklet his name comes before Jay's almost in every spot (probably cuz he produced most of the tracks). Hell his name is even first as Executive producer. I thoughts tha was kinda amusing, but yea this is pretty much Jay bowing to Ye. If u wanna look from a business stand point though jus read tha copyrights and see where Jay owned Kanye: ® © 2011 ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS, LLC. & SHAWN CARTER

  • lol

    9th just wishes he was on the album , watch the throne is dope give it 24 hours before you come on here hating . listen

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    Watch the Throne is in the top 10 rap albums of the last 10 years.



  • son of a sax

    Im not too excited about the project either. Not that im speak out against the two. Cause they're both talented. But I need more than 2 household names. That get on project together and rely MORE on thier star power and fame to win the people over. Although that will probably work with over half the people. The other 35% still want quality work

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      Neither of them reflect the greatness of the album if that's all you've heard and you are judging off that, you are doing yourself a grave injustice.

    • Suggamatic

      I don't really care what anyone says, the quality of kanye's music has been in the gutter since graduation (with the exception of MBDTF which was only okay. quality of jiggas music has been in the gutter since black album. (american gangster was okay, at best) I haven't heard this ablum yet, but after hearing H.A.M and Otis, I'm not sure I wanna even bother.

    • son of a sax

      And I recognize Kanye and Jay are both talented artist. That was stated in my original post. But I heard HAM and Otis. Otis was aight but HAM was very lackluster. Didnt reflect their past work or what they're capable or doing. With that tag team, I expect the BEATS as well as the RHYMES, to be on point. You got one of the best producers of OUR time. Teamed up with "arguably" a top 10 emcee of ALL TIME. We shouldnt expect ANY less

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      So you think they won't work hard to produce a great album and just rely on their star power? Don't be a fool Kanye takes far to much pride in his music to deliver anything he didn't work super hard on. And the album is amazing.

  • 9th wonder is wack

    9th wonder's music sucks. Fuck his opinion. WTT>Bad meets evil

  • numba 1 stunna

    watch the throne = my beautiful dark twisted fantasy + jay-z verses. am i lying ?

  • Jarvis Alford

    Big ups to 9th! Hope to hear YOU experimenting on Phonte's album!!!! NC stand up!

  • Jarvis Alford

    Just listened to the album...not the worse but it's not the best. It's music from 2 guys that are finally at a point in their careers where they can do what they want musically. Too much freedom is just as bad as anarchy lol.

  • Anonymous

    the album aint as bad as you guys are saying, in fact its a very well crafted album. Its just that you guys are not very opened minded and anything alternative = garbage in your eyes.

    • ill c

      well spoken on both ends, the bottom line is that this album is fire. Pure FIRE

    • HipHopHead

      Not everyone is saying it's garbage; most of the people on here are just saying they expected more from a Kanye and Jay-Z project. To everyone saying it's garbage, they have to realize that everyone has their own music and one man's trash is another man's treasure. It wouldn't be a cliche if it wasn't true.

  • RAFF

    Why is anyone bringing up his liking Mac Miller and Drake? Obviously they give him good feelings. Its not hip pop or Pop rap, it's bigger than that. It comes down to, do I like the feeling that the music gives me or do I not. He explained that completely.

  • HipHopHead

    @BoomBap: I meant Jay and Kanye were un-experimental because they didn't experiment from their usual formula. It felt like these were cuts from Blueprint 3 or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I completely agree with your hip pop comment as well as I just wish media and everyone in general could separate hip-hop from being labelled in with rap and pop-sounding rap because they are all similar yet very different.

  • GjiggaJ

    Hov & Ye made 9th tuck his whole summer in. WTT is the truth people. They in they zone DAT shit cra!!! lol 9-10 Best CD this years. They took the summer sorry!!

  • Anonymous

    Lets not get on the lyrics

  • Anonymous

    the production is terrible... they simply tried way too hard.... i know listened to the snippets and knew i wouldn't be purchasing this album nor downloading it from a torrent site for a listen.... THANK YOU 9TH WONDER.....

  • i should work for hiphopdx

    Listening to the album as we speak right and 1 thing I will say is that there is too much singing but other than that it's a decent album so far

  • HipHopHead

    I'm waiting for Royce and Ski Beatz to drop their material tomorrow.

  • Julian Henderson

    i like it cuz its his real opinion not just sayin what'll make people happy.A nigga can't think for himself? and i agree on his thoughts about the album.

  • HipHopHead

    I think 9th needs to look into himself some more because I would agree with him and flip what he was saying. I think 9th experiments more than what he gives himself credit for. Of course it's to sound like a 9th album because he has that old-school throwback feel to his songs but he does experiment. He takes album samples that nobody else uses and he doesn't follow suit when it comes to the normal cut and sample agenda. Kanye and Jay-Z clearly tailored this album to the mainstream and I think were very un-experimental. Otis? Everyone has used an Otis Redding sample. Frank Ocean? Everyone is trying to get him to croon on their record. I'm not saying I hated Watch the Throne, but for all the hype and leak-free happy media stories I would expect a whole hell of a lot more.

    • BoomBap

      9th is experimental in the way he samples. Kanye is experimental because he ventures into techniques and styles that aren't neccessarily hip hop. The trademark hip hop song has a boom bap beat, something u might not be able to dance to, but u can easily bob ur head along to. This is where main street hip hop fails. Kanye thinks that he can just throw a soul sample onto a song and call it hip hop, when it is really hip pop. If u stripped the thug rapper from most mainstream rap songs, you could tweak a couple beats in it and throw katy perry on top of it and sell it to tweens.

  • aniggnigg

    haha funny thing is i only liked New Day only off the album, and after listening to samples i could tell it sucked. I rock with shit more along the lines of 9th wonder and j dilla so i can tell when music is good. Watch the throne is not!

  • Anonymous


  • Mr Flamboyant

    (Jordan shrug) Thank you, 9th Wonder. Sounds like the condensed version I stated last night. The production stinks. The lyrics are average, lazy, and uninspired for the most. The only songs worth mentioning on here are New Day and The Joy for sure...and in reality those are the RZA's and Pete Rock's throw away joints...but still fire enough for these two. Welcome to the Jungle is ok. Yeah. It's cool not to be a follower. It's cool not to sick duck. It's cool to actually have a mind of your own. It's cool not to be about something just because of the name attached to the product. Expect great from so called great artists. If you're doing other than that and fooling yourself...you're a bitch. Salute.


    its jay and kanye a fool on HHDX want dare say the album is wack or there noy feelin it i want buy it or download it keep it 100

  • Chicasal

    Not having opinions has brought us to where we are today where 95% of stuff commin out is shit. Good lookin 9th, leave it to winston cat to hold it down!!!

  • G MON

    I agree with 9th, everyone has thier own opinions and own taste in music, thats fine. This album is getting so much hype and the only reason is because of the artists and nuthing to do with the actual music they are making. That lift off song is so garbage imo, but some ppl like pop rap with Beyonce singing half the song, fine. Lots of ppl are saying that lyrically this album is not good, but the production is amazing. You need both to make a good album. I want bars, lots of bars, with sick rhymes, metaphors, similies, wordplay etc.. on the Lift off track, seriously i think between Jay and Ye they had only like 10-20 bars of lyrics, the rest was a bunch of fucking singing. Just my opinion, and I will give the whole album a listen, but im not expecting anything great.

  • C-Bell

    respectively disagree.... thought the album was pretty impressive. can tell both the artist put in the time and effort for a well constructed project. huge 9th fan! wish i could have had some more soulful bangers on wtt but i need to hear diverse songs. too many soulful bangers and i wouldn't enjoy them as much anymore. after this comment, i expect something EXTRAORDINARY from 9th!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitch 3K

    I can already see this album being exactly like the last Kanye album, if you say you dont like it the Hipster Nerds are gonna jump all outta pocket and be like " FUCK YOU YOU DONT HIP HOP MOTHERFUCKER THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER FUCK YOUR OPINION KANYE IS A GOD" and blah blah blah....... Opinions got outlawed in hip hop years ago, if you dont like summin your hating on it I dont hate on these dudes, I never even met them so how could I hate them,lol, hate is reserved for people I dont get along with in real life, I just his last few records are dogshit

  • Realness121

    Glad somebody spoke up about it,Bigs ups to 9th Wonder,a real nigga

    • ill c

      A real nigga or a hater? Its a thin line, its one thing to state your opinion, but he went off on a rant about being a follower and how big the artist is, so im not sure that he was speaking unbiased.

  • nuc

    hahaha to 'ILL C" if you are going to call someone out for being 'DUMB' atleast make yourself seem somewhat bright. "your dumb" should be "you're dumb" as you're = you are. taking it back to grade 4. watch the throne, is allll hype. i give it a 6.5 /10

    • beezlebud

      Hip Hop is NOT a genre of music, it's a culture and has artists within it that create a variety of music in a multitude of genre's most predominantly RAP as for who I feel is Hip Hop KRS ONE, LL COOL J, RAKIM, SLICK RICK, BLACK THOUGHT, BIG DADDY KANE, ICE CUBE, PAC, BIG L, TORAE, BIGGIE, SKYZOO, CANIBUS, K-RINO, ELZHI, WU, REDMAN & a whole host of others FOLLOW @BEEZLEBUD ON TWITTER IF YOUR HIP HOP

    • cole world

      hiphop isnt 1 person, its a fukin genre of music, the best genre of music watch the throne wasnt as good as id thought it would be 4 decent tracks what will stay on my ipod its all about the red album and cole world now

    • Ill c

      Who is hip-hop in your opinion? Answer wisely.

  • Anonymous

    He's right, the album is nothing special

  • Christopher English

    I respect his opinion as a man.. but I wasn't too thrilled with 9th's last few projects either.

  • Anonymous

    9th just had his summer tucked in lol

  • Just Sayin'

    WTT didn't do it for you but Chris Brown's "Boy In Detention" does!? FUCK OUTTA HERE!!

  • Anonymous

    kudos for speaking his mind, but this guy also rocks with mac miller

  • Anonymous

    of course he didnt like the album because its for gay rapfans.

  • iLL

    This nigga 9th wonder is mad because the beats he submitted for the album didn't make the cut. Fuck outta here 9th your beats aren't fresh anymore!

  • Anonymous

    How dare he have an opinion!!!!!! SMH, people on twitter are talking bout this album like its gonna change the world, Fuck outta here, shit sounds like Kanye's last album with added Jay verses, another album hipsters will be talking bout like the holy grail for a few months and then forget about

  • 9th is the illest

    he's right, he couldn't fit on the album. His beats are better then those lex luger beats everybody wanna copy.

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