40 Glocc Plans "New World Agenda" For October, Cee-Lo Green Featured

UPDATE: Big Bad 40's next album has some Dungeon Family flavor with Sleepy Brown and Cee-Lo Green.

Currently signed to G-Unit Records and Infamous Records, 40 Glocc has some new company over at the house that 50 Cent built. Speaking with Futuristic Blogger, he sounded off on the label’s newest signees and partners including Shawty Lo, Genasis and Kidd Kidd, saying that there’s nothing but love for his teammates.

“I mean, they dope. Fif, he’s the boss of his whole movement. I accept whatever he do, as far as he bringin’ all newcomers and all that,” he said. “He’s a pretty good judge of character. Some of them, I’m just meeting myself. I just met Kidd Kidd and I just met Genasis. They good dudes, they the new young youth coming up. They got muscle support.”

He also spoke on his upcoming single with Cee Lo Green titled “Electric Lady,” produced by Fingazz and E.mac.

“I’ll let one go. I got this fire joint, matter fact it’s coming out next. It’s called ‘Electric Lady,’ it’s me and Cee Lo. They ain’t expect that. The record’s banging. It’s produced by Fingazz. He made my Ray J record, ‘Damn.’ You can look forward to it real, real soon.”

In the meantime, 40 is gearing up to go on tour before heading overseas with Xzibit. “We about to start the tour. We go real hard. We hitting Rock the Bells, House of Blues and moving overseas. I’ma be on the road, I’m gonna hit some spots with Xzibit. He getting ready to go on tour, I’m gonna jump on a few of his. Man, we goin’ full fledged.”

(August 4)

UPDATE: 40 Glocc (a/k/a Big Bad 40) will release New World Agenda on October 25. The project will feature Cee-Lo Green, Sleepy Brown, Too Short and Yo Gotti.

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  • Hip Hop Blog

    Wow pretty cool

  • hip hop site


  • hip hop site

    can't wait for the album.

  • Biọlá Giwa

    this is why G-Unit is dead. 50 cent let two dope rappers (Game and Young Buck) go and replaced them with bum ass rappers like 40 glocc.

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • Anonymous

    lol 40 glocc was part of the garbadge second generation west coast rappers spider loc. knocturnal crooked i yukmouth messy marv. nun of then did nuhin fuk 40 glocc u from texas bitch

  • Anonymous


  • T

    Unlike the others below i actually been listenin to 40 for the past 2 years n change. he's nice. He's a dude that actually does wat he says n done wat he said he done. One of my favorite dudes on the roster. he support the movement n i do too. Kidd Kidd is da nasty, Shawty Lo is a voice for the south, he got two #1 hits on his record and really can shine on a track with others, Genasis i didnt hear of him till the other day he made that track "Jackie Chan" it's on some "crank dat" ish and it sounded pretty good. At the end of the day all i c ppl sayin they suck when i truly dont think if i asked u to name a track they actually rapped or did a freestyle over they couldnt tell me. If ur just gonna hate cuz u have somethin against 50 for some reason go somewhere. I believe in trying anything n those dudes on G-Unit Records r nice all of them. Just because "Hot Rod" does dance music u gonna say he suck? How u gonna say he suck, it's just a different type of music. U can't say he sucks unless u listen to dance music artist n compare it to him. POINT IS. IF U DONT LISTEN TO THE ARTIST, OR DIFFERENT TYPE OF MUSIC LIKE DANCE, POP, RNB, OR UPTEMPO MUSIC PERIOD. U CANT COMMENT ON THE ARTIST.

    • smh

      nigga they all fucking suck. thats why this shit has no comments, noone care cuz there terrible. point blank. judging by your comment i can tell you wear G-Unit sneakers lmao


    Does 40 actually know that NOBODY AINT CHECKING 4 THE UNIT ANYMORE!!! And the new roster is a laughin stock of terrible mc's that make lil B look like Nas

  • uh ohh

    Uh oh 40 Cock don't make me go call Menace to two piece you up side yo head again! That boy had a knot the size of rhode island on his forhead. Can't believe this website actually posts news on this bum ass nigga

  • hand clap

    I applaud this website for being the only rap website to give this struggling and irrelevant rapper headlines. Seriously this is the ONLY website i see that mentions his guys named, i never heard of him till this website. He must know somebody personally writting for this website.

    • J-Yo

      Check out Thisis50.com You'll notice they talk about him to. He's actually not that bad. His lyrics are pretty nice IMO....

  • Anonymous

    if dude knew anything about talent he would know that he doesn't have any.

  • Anonymous

    let me leave this nigga some change on the comment board too. Tip... stick to getting shot nigga


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  • john doe

    40 Cock, noyone knows you!~ shut the fuck up nigga and get back on that block. stick to slanging til your dead or in jail. i'm commenting to show you that you have no fans that care, Cee-lo worked with you out of pity like the other nigga who commented before me. thank 50 your even on this website as a headline. don't make me call Menace nigga, get! where's Spider Loc? i ain't heard from him in 4 years, #thankyouBasedGod. you disloyal ass nigga, you the same dude who turned on Young Buck cuz of his shit with 50, although you wouldn't really be there without him. you still fuck with Mobb Deep? their irrelevant now too. good fit. muffintop ass nigga. go eat a peanut butter & struggle sandwich, coon ~

  • Anonymous

    man 50 needs to sign me, get some talent on that roster http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch -dis jbird bitch gettin all up in that ass whether you like it or not

  • LMAO

    out of pity, i decided to leave a comment...

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