Machine Gun Kelly Announces Signing To Bad Boy & Interscope Records

MGK inks a deal with Diddy and Jimmy Iovine after years of staying on his grind.

After years of building a buzz, Machine Gun Kelly has announced a partnership signing of his EST 19XX shingle to Bad Boy and Interscope Records. In a video that shows him signing the contract next to Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jimmy Iovine, the DX Next alum explains how he’s grown from being homeless in Cleveland, Ohio to rocking in front of thousands of people.

“In just the past three years, me and my friends were able to go from sharing our dream with 15 people to living it in front of 15,000. I’m a 21-year-old kid from Cleveland, Ohio who truly started from the basement,” he explains.

In a press release, he shared his excitement in signing to the labels. “The moment we started the EST 19XX movement during the recording of the Lace Up mixtape, I made a pledge to my fans to protect our brand and become the honest voice of our generation,” he said. "We represent the underdogs, the outcast, the uncool.  We are a true cult with a loud voice.”

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  • Zoe

    Black kid also we have another Yelawolf.

  • Zoe

    Another white boy trying to be black OH WOW! I'm SO INTERESTED. -_____- FLATLINE

  • EJ20

    mgk i just wanna say you have changed my life literly it meens so much to me the music youv made..satay with it you got so much talent..finally getting the respect youv always diserveed! if you read this just know that it meens alot what your doiin fucka all the haters they dont know what real music is! okay thanks again haha lace the fuck upp!!


    Kid is nice ... you niggas sleep if you want but niggas in BROOKLYN are feeling this white boy .... now what

  • The-Influence

    Good for this kid. I remember hearing some of his stuff a few years back and was impressed.

  • Anthony Illyon Claytor

    Bruh I almost came to tears, that's wassup. If any of these up and coming rappers deserved it it was him. MGK Lace the Fuck Up! I'm a big fan and all you haters will soon be one too!

  • Tha Doubleo

    Check out the article we wrote on our interactions with Machine Gun Kelly over the past three years:

  • Ivan Å uÅ¡ak Heva

    can't believe how much you bitches can hate. dude is dope!

  • JackinYelawolf

    Cuz jacked Yelawolf whole swag, I mean the kid sounds just like the dude. This is my opinion, I don't know about everybody else. Yelawolf speaks about on his track "Gangster Of Love."

  • 4real

    Damn, this dude is gettin' double-fucked for signing with 2 dudes that have 2 of the worst reputations in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    Where did all these random white rappers come from, all of a sudden all these white kids are gettin major label deals Yelawolf Kreayshawn Asher Roth Mac Miller Now this kid........ Maybe this is what Benzino was afraid of when he went after Eminem, lol

    • 4real

      @fuckouttahere - obviously a lot of people give a fuck if they put it on the site or people leaving commentators. Black or white, the problem is majors are still screwing artists. And trust there are artist on the list mentioned above you can't spit or are corny...fuckouttahere!!!

    • Fuck Outta Here

      who gives a fuck as long as they can spit???

    • Chicasal

      I noticed a lot more white faces in hip hop, this dude is fuckin corny

    • 4real

      Interestingly enough, since most black artist are becoming aware that they can create a loyal following independently, it seems the music industry is bringing white artist 2 the forefront to fill that void. Smh...

  • Anonymous

    dude sucks ass........

  • google

    yeh this shids coming out right after aasims album lmao!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a nice kid. Sadly going bald. Diddy will make him have a hair transplant.

  • Realness121

    Diddy is a bitch,i like some of his music,not his latest BULLSHIT,but his 1997-2006 music,but hes an asshole,he wont support this guy,wheres Red Cafe' at,and Cafe is a better rapper than Kelly

  • Realness121

    I mean Diddy is going to hell for how many artists hes screwed over that have made him moey like Mase,Faith Evans,Black Rob,LOX,the list goes on,now he signs this,guy,lets be real the industry needs to sign artists who will sell at least 100,000 records on an album,and Machine Gun Kelly will only sell around 5,000 to 20,000,thats a waste of monet on Bad Boy/Interscope,and he will get dropped,its just how major labels work,or unless Kelly kissed Diddy & Jimmys asses to stay,lets wait and see,cause hes got talent,but i dont see anything special about him like the 50 Cent,Eminem signings of Shady/Aftermath/Interscope,Now those are great artists/signings

  • Rachael Misek

    Jimmy like signs every guy that reminds him of how he found Eminem :P

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is he? anyway if he really wants to progress he should not have signed to either of those labels... where are the black folks in that video display though...

  • Aaron B. Baldwin

    Good luck with that, shit it's 2011 and we're doin a story of a young aspiring kid signing a major record deal like it's 1980 or somethin. It ain't the same game no more! No to mention Diddy's track record with artist, I just hope he didn't sign a 360 deal.

  • o

    jimmy the elitist and diddy gonn make him the next puppet to brain wash these kids today,and yes this guy is a heroin junkie

  • Anonymous

    Good luck there...unless ur name is Sean combs you have zero chance of holding a successfull career at bad boy.

  • Fado

    Im not a fan of MGK but respect for staying on your grind man. badboy though...smh, good luck not too much new talent coming out of that label recently. We will see if badboy can reach its former glory of the Biggie days and overtake Young money, Maybach, g.o.o.d and roc nation. honestly im tired of seeing YM dominate the mainstream. Lets take hiphop back and give it too the people. We need to start having block parties again, let me stop before I write an essay lol.

    • Christopher English

      Bad Boy had it's time, like No Limit, Cash Money, Ruff Riders etc. They might find a hit act here and there but they'll never be what they once was.

  • Gatt

    MGK is much better than da band and day 26. His fan base is huge and the energy and skill he has will not allow him to fail. He doesnt care about the money. He cares more about his fans than anything.

    • R.Pgh

      glad he doesn't care about money since he just signed to Rape-N-U Records. they'll be raping you, raping you, raping you....

  • Czar

    There goes his career (smh)

  • tony

    not the best choice he should have went somewhere else look what all happened to all the people diddy signed da band nothing and day 26 nothing


    (bad boy) get the vaseline out

  • Hopit

    Knew he would make it!

    • Dennis SeriSony

      so "making it" is signing to a major label and taking the large advance they wave in your face so that your in debt to them for life and they suck you dry of any and all talent you have? well fuck making it.

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