Busta Rhymes' New Album To Release In "October Or November”

Bus-A-Buss explains that the LP will channel the boom bap sound of the golden age.

Busta Rhymes has been cooking up new music in the lab for his upcoming untitled album, formerly named E.L.E. 2. The Conglomerate Records chief recently chopped it up with RWD Mag, revealing that the LP will drop in October or November and sport a “traditional boom bap” sound.

“It’s gonna be based on a lot of different things, for this album particularly it’s just where I’m at in life currently my whole perspective on how I view things,” he explained. “I think that’s what people always want to know when you put these albums out, these albums document moments in time. It’s going to completely represent in the most accurate way what’s going on with me and what’s going on in general from my perspective with the world, with my immediate circle and what everyone can identify with in the current day. When it’s all said and done, this album when we look back I want people to be able to say that this album documented a very vivid, accurate, powerful reflection of what was going on at that time so you’re gonna get a lot of everything based on subject, content, concepts, it’s gonna be a real diversified album.”

He further elaborated on the project, which may or may not be released independently, by explaining that the sound will channel the classic Hip Hop sound of the golden age.

“That one silver lining that sews the whole album together consistently is that you’re gonna get a real thorough Hip Hop album that feels good, traditional boom bap Hip Hop shit that I think we have missed for a while,” he continued. “One thing that hasn’t been happening on a consistent level is just that golden era boom bap and it’s feeling like it’s starting to come back around now and I think the world is ready to embrace that with open arms at the highest level. It’s a good time for an album like mine, which is scheduled to come around October or November. So look forward to that.”

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  • IDK

    this does sound pretty cool news....Busta Rhymes giving his next album that boom bap sound.....but idk if i wanted him to do that. his latest album contains Lil Wayne, T.I., T-Pain, Pharrell, Akon, and he has been appearing in DJ Khaled's albums. i dont want him to incorporate any of that bullshit in a boom bap album! i'll be a huge fuckin disgrace if he combines wack rap with classic boom bap beats!

  • Chiba

    Stupidly over rated, he released one or two good lbums (not brilliant but good) like 15 years ago and people talk about him like he's a legend or some shit, it's just like DMX, just because they been around since the golden age it doesn't mean they were part of it.

  • PhillyinThisBitch

    Who cares?? Honestly. Official RIAA first week units moved- 34,000 maybe... Artist to feature on the album- Lil Wayne,Rick Ross,Dj Khaled,Ace Hood,every body hot from the south and everybody else>>>The Busta Rhymes mixtape compolation featuring everybody

  • Crystal

    What's will all the hating? Drake fans getting upset there's another nigga chewing him like a bubble gum? Busta + Boom Bap beats = classic Heard DJ Premier got some beats on that album, will be dope.

  • Anonymous

    who cares keep your album. you are done. to old, to lame and nobody is checking for you.

  • give it up man

    Bustas 15 minutes of fame are up. A one hit wonder who used to make classics like Fire it up.

  • Its Um

    well lets hope it as good as you say it's good.

  • google

    Oh now he wants to go back to the Boom bap....lmao yeh ok!! he is finished!!! whose checkin for busta? one minute he's a Blood a 5 percenter,a back packer,Baller, Drug Dealer 4 plus label changes in 10 yrs..stick a fork in him

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