Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 7/24/2011

DJ Khaled's major label debut places him high on the charts, as Warner's Theophilus London makes his debut, and Pimp C still pimps the charts with his latest posthumous Rap-A-Lot album.

A popular Miami deejay/radio personality and a newly-signed Brooklyn rapper cracked the charts this week.

Beyonce's album 4 flew past gold status to over 550,000 units. The Destiny's Child alum's fourth solo offering features an appearance by Outkast's Andre 3000, along with production from Kanye West and his production team - including Jeff Bhasker, as well as a writing credit to former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence.

DJ Khaled's major label debut, We The Best Forever made a Top 5 debut. The Miami, Florida-based radio personality, deejay and producer is working with Cash Money/Universal Motown Records on this project in lieu of longtime label E1 Entertainment (f/k/a Koch Records). Khaled's latest features the usual suspects of Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, as well as Drake and B.o.B.

Royce Da 5'9 and Eminem as Bad Meets Evil and their album, Hell: The Sequel held a Top 10 spot. As of now, the Motor City natives are gradually approaching gold status with an overall tally at 370,000 units sold.

Jill Scott saw another 15,000 units sold. As of now, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania powerhouse stands triumphant with Light of the Sun, which touts guest appearances from Paul Wall, Eve, Doug E. Fresh, Anthony Hamilton and more.

G.O.O.D. Music's latest artist, Detroit, Michigan's Big Sean,which slid eight additional spots to #26.  Finally Famous: The Album was largely produced by longtime Common mentor No I.D., and featured appearances from DXnext alumni Chiddy Bang and Wiz Khalifa, along with Lupe Fiasco.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
4 Beyonce 4 53,000 552,000
5 DJ Khaled We The Best Forever
53,000 53,000
10 Royce Da 5'9 & Eminem (Bad Meets Evil) Hell: The Sequel 28,000 370,000
24 Jill Scott Light Of The Sun 15,000 259,000
26 Big Sean Finally Famous: The Album
14,000 147,000

Tech N9ne continues to enjoy the best commercial year to date in his patient, 15-plus year career. The Kansas City, Missouri emcee has taken All 6's & 7's past 110,000 units, which is still holding a Top 100 spot on the charts. The album features Lil Wayne, Yelawolf and Kendrick Lamar, among others. Yesterday, Tech's Strange Music released Jay Rock's debut album, Follow Me Home.

In its second week on the charts, Pimp C's posthumous Still Pimping has reached nearly 10,000 overall units sold. The Rap-A-Lot Records release has been controversially made without the late producer/rapper's widow's consent. As lawsuits remain in two, the third overall Pimp C release since his 2007 death from a heart attack includes appearances by Big K.R.I.T., Too Short and C-Bo.

Warner Brothers Records artist Theophilius London released his debut, Timez Are Weird These Days. The Brooklyn, New York alternative rapper's project cleared nearly 3,000 units, giving him a chart debut. The emcee has been covered prominently by publications such as Complex and Fader.

OFWGKTA's Tyler, The Creator is fast-approaching 100,000 units sold with his May release, Goblin. The first nationally-distributed release from the Los Angeles, California native was released on XL Records, and includes the MTV VMA nominee's Internet-hit single "Yonkers."

Curren$y may have enjoyed his last appearance on the Top 200 with retail-mixtape Weekend at Burnie's. Another Warner Brothers project, this effort crossed the 35,000 mark, with extensive production from Monsta Beatz.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
86 Tech N9ne All 6's & 7's
5,400 113,000
141 Pimp C Still Pimping
3,400 9,900
168 Theophilus London Timez Are Weird These Days 2,800 2,900
180 Tyler, The Creator Goblin 2,600 94,000
191 Curren$y Weekend At Burnies 2,400 35,000

Are Wu-Tang Clan compilations still nuttin' to f' with? Will the charts follow Jay Rock home? Is Black Rob's first non-Bad Boy album bad, boy? Stay tuned to HipHopDX next week to find out.


  • bk

    tech n9ne is a beast fuck haters

  • bizzalls

    all i can say is Tech Nine is a beast! Who the FUCK do you know that sells more than Major label artists, being an indy artist?? DUde is the fuckin man..

    • u dumb as fuck

      tech 9 aint no dam indy rapper nigga u dum as shjit n his album aint doin no numbers shit wack

  • rick

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  • LMAO

    So Khaled's on a major now with a big single with big artists and he still couldn't sell? Those numbers are weak sauce. Disposeable music though so shiiiiit.....

  • hahaha

    fuck tyler the creator and his whole fan base i hope all you satanic faggotz die listening his shit


    i wanna see tech n9ne's numbers every week. this was the first time in a month you posted his sales numbers, whats mellowhype's numbes up 2?

  • B@nksy

    Shit I didn't know Goblin sold so much. 94,000. Much more then Curren$y. Congrats too Tyler. Hope the Wu makes it high in the charts next week I will be purchasing 2 copies. I listen too the Wu alot when I do street art.

  • Anonymous

    we as fans need to show labels what artist we like by buying their albums. if we dont buy our favorite artits albums theyre labels will drop them and we will miss out on all their music n shit if you feelin that air it out on my video in the comments jus say some real shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e42iKGVcPQ

    • William Scooter Jones

      I'm a fan of pretty much all music.. This is Beyonce's first album that wasn't pushed like the past albums.. Over half a mill in 3 weeks is good for any artist.. I'm still dumb founded by how the fuck this joke ass bird ass nigga Tyler has sold over 90,000 records.. White boy SWAGG

  • Da1

    Those numbers looking weak Beyonce. Whats going on baby girl? Those numbers would be great for other R&B artist but for you or Alicia Keys and Usher thats flopping.

    • Yup

      Nah, her album sales are just where they ought to be. I mean, if you really think about it she only has one single out so far and she's all ready halfway to plat. Secondly, the push behind the marketing for this album is a dramatic drop off from what I've noticed in previous years. Even the biggest stars in the world have drop off in sales. Mostly because over time the millions of kids that worship these people grow up and have to spend their money on more important things like bills. CDs or whatever, even if still affordable by these more mature fans, become less relevant, and hence a drop in sales. She'll still sell though. That 500,000 is just in the US alone. She's probably sold 4x as much abroad.

    • Jason Williams

      I agree with both of U for some odd reason. Times are bad for sales all around in the industry but B is still elite even based on these numbers.

    • Mu

      I never thought I'd be defending Beyonce of all people, but c'mon bro, her shit been out a couple weeks and she's gold already

  • wouzi


    • Anonymous

      def jam didnt pay for the dr pepper shit dr pepper paid big sean n paid websites for the ads

    • Lisa Leslie

      Fa real man, sick of that dr. pepper shit

    • Anonymous

      really? it would be sad if he wasnt on the chart with all the promo and money his label paid to have him everywhere, fuck i come on this website and i got dr pepper commercials popping up on my screen with this faggot talking

  • Mu

    On some real shit, it's hard for me to conclude anything from album sales these days. I'm the only one in my circle who still BUYS albums. I know niggas that rap and are tryna get on that don't buy albums... but they gonna expect other people to buy they shit if they put something out... SMH

  • Anonymous

    *trying to come up

  • Anonymous

    None of these album sales are flops to me. If they are, it's not a failing on the people it's a failing on the companies for overinvesting on their product. No more million dollar videos. No more million dollar beats. No more overpromoting for low quality "talent". Easier said than done but these "low" numbers force the business to make more sound decisions and less riskier ones. In other words promote the more "higher quality" artists and not these talentless johnny come lately's trying with a small internet buzz. Let the product speak for itself.

  • random

    why buy albums? shits be like 10-12 songs nowadays, neways, would dem niggas buy my album if i put 1 out? fuck no, ill jus download for free 99

  • Nico 3

    IMO, 100,000 is bad for anybody. The only reason someone like Tech Nine can get away with it is because he's probably touring 365 days a year, whereas DJ Khaled sells 53,00, but one video could have cost that or more. If it wasn't for ringtones, the industry would be dead.

    • Anonymous

      i didnt know red bull had something to do with it im just saying.... it was made by jason goldwatch who doesnt cost much at all to shoot n edit

    • Anonymous

      trouble on my mind was some red bull shit no??? i doubt pusha t spent a dime on that video, maybe he bought his ski mask????? RED BULL MONAYYYYY

    • Anonymous

      thats ur opinion tho... n nowadays most of the videos u see on mtv jams dont cost that much unless u have gil green, hype williams, or anthony mandler direct them so dj khaled prolly spent 200k to make im on one while pusha t spent at most 10k to make trouble on my mind

  • Doubl Negative

    All the records mentioned in this article are bullshit. The best hip-hop record released this year has been the Greneberg project, yet there's no analysis of its sales here. Hell, you guys didn't even bother to review it last week. Please DX readers, perches this record as it will only help more credible, authentic emcees get a platform and hopefully in turn will lessen the powerful grip horrible, asinine rappers like Gucci, Wacka 50 have over our airwaves.

    • Mu

      Dude, the post is about hip-hop related albums that actually were ON the charts.. as in Billboard. They can't comment on the sales of the Greneberg album if it didn't sell shit. I get the overall theme of your comment, but it looses steam if you miss the whole point of what the article is about.

  • Anonymous

    damn theophilus flopped horribly someone dropped the ball at warner bros

  • fcvs

    some idiots comparing dj khaled and banks sales just tell me what fucking work has dj khaled? does he made beats? does he rap/sing? oh yeah I forgot, he says WE THE BEST and PUT' EM UP nobody can't even compare banks talent to this fag cause he doesn't do SHIT

    • Anonymous

      he didnt make im on one drakes guy 40 did it was originally supposed to be a drake track but it was given to khaled like money to blow n birdman


      I was told he made that beat for Im On One or whatever that Drake and Ross song is called. The beat is the only good part of that song. Even so, not stickign up for him, but he's doing something right. I guess yall haevent figured it out, it's not about talent or skills anymore, it's about hustling and getting yourself in a situation/position for sucees. So THAT is their talent..ya dig?!?! I'm probably a better emcee and writer than 90% of hip hop but my personality isn't suited to going all out and putting myself out there, so I never really gave myself a fair shot. So now, I do it for love, and moved on to get a masters degree and take care of my fam. (Still trying to be a writer though). Not trying to be egotistical, just making the point that, it's not neccessarily what you do, but how you do it. For the longest I'd be like damn, htf this dude get a deal or whatever, then I realized it was his GRIND. You need to have that outgoing personality which unfortunately I don't. For some it's lack of confidence as well. Anyways have a wonderful day everyone and do what you love in life it's the only way you'll be happy. In the words of one of the most underrated emcees of all time (Lord Finesse): Get Yours...and stop sweating the next man. Be yourself and walk your own road!

    • Anonymous

      to his credit he produces under the name "beat novacaine" but yea i dont understand why anyone would give this fool an executive position but def jams failing anyway

  • Anonymous

    "Are Wu-Tang Clan compilations still nuttin' to f' with? Will the charts follow Jay Rock home? Is Black Rob's first non-Bad Boy album bad, boy? Stay tuned to HipHopDX next week to find out." COOORNYYY AS FUCK HHDX!!!! ESPECIALLY THE LAST ONE!!

  • Mook

    100k is the new Gold and 500k is the new platinum. So before some of y'all say someone "flopped" realize that the game has changed...

    • Anonymous

      it depends wut label theyre under... if its independent like tech 9 or tyler then 100k is a success if its a major like big sean or dj khaled then 100k total is terrible but big seans a new artist so his numbers arent that bad

  • Coolin

    Tech 9 has sold way more than 113,000 at least 5 different times. This was his highest charting album, but album sales he has done 300,000+ before.

    • Anonymous

      cash money is distributed by universal which is a major.... and the people who benefitted off of the cash money/universal deal were baby and slim...everyone else gets the crumbs cash money is not a label its a production company(like g-unit, mmg, good music), it all depends on who distributes them

  • skillz

    dj khalid flopped bigtime but i guess haters only wanna hate on sales of g unit

    • Anonymous

      i didnt say they did but their deal means nothing to anyone besides baby n slim when the trickle down effect best describes a cash money deal


      MMG g-unit,roc nation or good music didnt get the deal that cmr got look it up

    • Anonymous

      cash money is distributed by universal which is a major.... and the people who benefitted off of the cash money/universal deal were baby and slim...everyone else gets the crumbs cash money is not a label its a production company(like g-unit, mmg, good music, roc nation), it all depends on who distributes them


      cashmoney is a indie company they got P&d no 360 no other label got the deal CMR got point blank

    • Anonymous

      banks sold 150k on a major-independent(EMI) khaleds gunna sell 150-250k on a major(universal) banks did much better...

    • Anonymous

      ofcourse he sold more than banks he got the entire south on his album


      you can say he flop but he never did do big numbers(no fan) but he did sale more then banks last album just saying

  • kushface818

    Weekend at Burnies is the best album on the charts people need to listen to some real music..and go get that Curren$y album dont cheat your self

  • Rodrick

    Wait a minute you mean all that dickriding you see online for Odd future and that Tyler Kid aint broke 100K yet?? Damn, this generation sucks, they sit online and worship you like a god, argue with anybody who says your less then incredible, but they still wont go out and buy your shit??

    • Anonymous

      xl records is a british independent label if they think its beneficial they sell the cd masters to a major to distribute it... wut is the point ur trying to make my g string?

    • Nunya

      Ya'll are stupid as all shit. He was signed to XL recordings for the album Goblin. And before you make yet another excuse you may wanna check who is and has been signed to XL recordings.

    • Anonymous

      100k on an indy is succesful as fukk tyler definetly got more off of selling 100k than ricky rawse got off of teflon don sellin 600k

    • east coast bias

      @Rodrick and Joe you're both right. No one buys albums anymore!!! Who cares if they're Indy. Guys like Too Short were going gold out the back of the trunk of their car back in the days. Downloading and arguing on behalf of an artist doesn't equal record sales. Go and support the artist if you really care!! I still buy records because Im not cheap and, if you're dope, I'll support u!


      every time someone speak of a flop they come back with the hes indie response

    • Rodrick

      No, I dont fuck with them like that, I didnt know they were Indy

    • arsegunner066

      You do realize that he is signed to no label and is completely independent right??

  • dub

    what did gorilla zoe & youngfresh red2 numbers do

    • B

      The indie response is because there's a difference between Major and Indie Duh. If someone is paying 80 grand to play your music day in and day out and you only sell 50k, as opposed to being independent and selling the same amount or close to it, then common sense would tell you it's something to speak on. It's a huge accomplishment to sell that much just of the internet promo and a loyal fan base while others are shoved down your throat daily. Bad Meets Evil had no heavy rotation and it's headed to Gold. I just think people are getting sick of the same sh-t over and over. Just think if it wasn't for the internet what artist would you know off. The good music is banned from rotation. Just drugs, money, weed, violence, no skills, and bitches are allowed to pollute the youth.

    • anyone

      http://www.ukmix.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=3207148#3207148 here's the latest numbers... gorilla zoe is close to 21k as of last week...

    • your234

      he did like 10k total flop and the other guy youngfresh he indy i think he did 2.2k

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