Murs & 9th Wonder "The Final Adventure" Album Stream

UPDATE #2: With four albums under their belt together, the duo will part ways after their next LP.

Murs and 9th Wonder have paired up for four albums, but their upcoming fifth LP will be their last. According to the producer, the duo are cooking up another collaborative release, but that it will mark the end of their relationship in an album capacity.

At my crib with @Murs.....Our next album will be our last................less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

So...I wonder what label wants to release the final installment to The @Murs and @9thWonderMusic series....hmmm.........less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

We have things to do....we have dreams bigger than our albums.....and we are best friends and brothers....that means much more......less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Murs and 9th first released their collaborative LP Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition, released in 2004. The duo followed with 2006's Murray's Revenge, 2008's Sweet Lord and last year's Fornever.

[July 26]

UPDATE: Murs and 9th Wonder have revealed the cover art and tracklist for their upcoming fifth and final album The Final Adventure, which releases November 13th.


1. Get Together (feat. Rapsody)
2. Dance With Me
3. Whatuptho
4. Holding Hands
5. Walk Like A Woman
6. Tale of Two Cities
7. Funeral For A Killer
8. Better Way
9. Wherever You Are
10. It’s Over
11. Wait For Someone (iTunes Bonus)
12. Tale of Two Cities (Remix) (iTunes Bonus) 

[October 11]

UPDATE #2: Complex has premiered the album stream for Murs and 9th Wonder's The Final Adventure. Listen to the album below.

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  • Jordan Hayles

    Dope album. Liked it a lot. Read my review on it. Just posted --->

  • Twylight 7

    If MURS is irrelevant to HipHop, HipHop is irrelevant to anything that really matters. Sip that syllogism while you listen.

  • Anonymous

    y is Rapsody the only artist on 9th's label that get any play? that bitch is wack! Jozeemo said thats the only artist he care abt because he fckin her lol! seems 2 be true! anyway... i might cop this album. never really been a fan of Murs but i like this album tho.

    • Anonymous

      9th is one of the biggest egomaniacs in rap. he has a grammy. yet his name has NO pull. his name isn't selling any records. his label is a failure. he can't get along with anyone he came up with. and his production hit a wall YEARS ago. album with david banner. stunk. solo album. stunk. and everybody he signed to his label as new talent, is a zero. 9th fucking some wack rapper bitch letting the pussy tell him how to handle business. 9th thinks he's pete rock. not even close.

  • Dave

    thank you for releasing this

  • Bill Larson

    This entire album is dope

  • Anonymous

    boring. murs should kiss more men in his videos if he wants attention. murs is desperate to blow. he knows he won't so he acts indifferent. he kissed a man in his video hoping hip hop would embrace him for it. i guess murs wants rap to have openly gay channels so he can do his thing. murs is one confused, sad, little dude. 9th wonder just flat out sucks. even with new equipment his shit is weak. just can't help himself. he's a bore.

    • Ken R

      Actually MURS knew what type of back lash hed receive for his Animal Style and wouldnt be embraced for it. Hes been quoted as saying he wanted to do it 10years ago but the people he was working with wouldnt do it. He did it because he believes in equality, you may not however it takes a man to stand up for what you believe especially when the community you live/work in is homophobic. As far as 9th sucks then why is he one of the most requested producers. Keep spreading the hate its a good look for you.

  • 9th is something else

    What a way to end a golden partnership, dope stuff 5/5...

  • anonymous

    finally a decent murs and 9th album i hated fornever, i just thought 9ths production was shit on that one. this one is dope though. one thing i hate on this album is that the first person who raps is not even murs? he should open up the album. other than that its dope. 4/5

  • Anonymous

    I love 9th Wonder as a producer, but Seriously MURS is soooo irrellevent to hip hop... no one buys his music FLOP

    • Ken R

      You probably dont buy it because you rip it off. Murs irrelevant to hip-hop? TaZzZ is somewhat correct when speaking about paid dues and the corner stone of hip-hop but please dont forget who truly paved that road; like it or not that credit of building from touring is Rhymesayers e.g. Atmosphere (Slug and Ant) reference Brother Ali interview 10/23/12. If Murs is so irrelevant and you love 9th so much you know that 9th only works with someone (especially a whole album) if he digs the artist point blank period. I think most will agree this is some of there best work together to date. You should just turn on the radio so you can be happy with what they play for you enjoy!

    • Dah

      He cant relate because his a moron ... Kind of dude who raps along to his favorite 2 chainz track looking at himself in the mirror imagining his that dude ... what a loser !!

    • TaZzZ

      Go kill yourself, you obviously know nothing about West Coast hip hop or Guerrilla Union/Paid Dues (the fucking cornerstone of hip hop concert series and festivals). Dude basically got Paid Dues and Rock the Bells from the jump and he gets no credit? As an artist, he is one of the most relatable artists out, how can u hate that?


      Then how do you know him then? clown ass nigga, he's done 3 albums with 9th

  • Anonymous

    MURS needs to hang his old ass up. NOBODY cares, the first two (at least!!) Murs/9th albums were generic crap and this one can't be any better... That El-P ever thought it was good idea to sign this bum is one big mark against the dude, though to his credit he shut the label so it can't happen again!!!

  • Its Um

    I've got Murray's Revenge and it was ok, but the real collab I want to see and hear is Game and Hi-tek. Why because everytime I heard a hi-tek beat under Game flow it was good, can't say the said with Dr. Dre, Cool and Dre or even pharrel. If not hi-tek than just blaze or Kanye, I think he should do a EP with just one producer. It might be an instant classic if done well.

  • inspirmentalist

    nooooooooo i want these guys to keep working well into their 60s...9th with a brace on his hands and murs with some orthopedic nikes lmfao

  • Anonymous

    The last 2 were nothing special and whack compared to the first 2, so that ain't a bad thing. Hope they can step it up for the last one.

  • kayaman

    I'm gonna miss these collab albums...they were always dope.....good thing i got to see it live at paid dues and rock the bells

  • Most Underrated Rapper

    man, I hope that shit bangs, the last 2 efforts really didn't stack up to the first 2, which are some of my favorite MURS albums to date. Also, I hope he continues the Felt albums with Sluggle.

  • H-DUB

    Wasn´t MURS that Dude ( who i really like ) that wanted to release like 10 Records last years already. Well.....the Labels have no money to burn these Dayz it looks like....

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