Tech N9ne Explains Lil Wayne's Inspiration On "The Boogieman," Courting Rick Ross And Jay-Z Features

Exclusive: During DX's final chat with Tech, he tells how his Rikers visit with Weezy sparked a song, and his hopes to get Rick Ross and Jay-Z on his Rock album.

Tech N9ne has never been scared of a little healthy competition, and you really need not look any further than the collaborative albums Misery Loves Kompany or Sickology 101 for further proof. But where previous efforts sometimes drew a line in the sand between collaborators his core audience would appreciate (Kutt Kalhoun, Krizz Kaliko) versus the occasional carrot dangled at the masses (Krayzie Bone, Chino XL ), his most recent album, All 6’s And 7’s was a bit different. A roster of featured artists as diverse as B.O.B. and Blind Fury all changed their approach in varying degrees to enter Tech’s Realm.

The result was met with both critical acclaim and a top five sales debut. True to his stated goal of sparking the creative juices within himself, his peers and aspiring emcees, Tech N9ne broke down some of his methodology during the last of one of DX’s exclusive chats at the Strange Music compound earlier this summer. In addition to recalling how some initial skepticism from Lil Wayne inspired a song he’d wanted to make for a while, Tech also disclosed his hopes of securing Rick Ross and Jay-Z features on an upcoming Rock project.

HipHopDX: Between your “Fuck Food” collaboration with Lil Wayne and T-Pain and what almost happened with Eminem, how much does that change your feelings on a song like “Why You Ain’t Call Me?”

Tech N9ne: [Laughs] Everybody asks me that. My fans say that to me, and “Why You Ain’t Call Me” is like obsolete now. I said that, and it’s like, right after I said, “Why you ain’t call me,” everybody started calling. So it’s a beautiful song—Jay-Z still ain’t said nothing yet—but I’m gonna go after Rick Ross and Jay [for features] on my Rock album Kabosh. I sent out for them on that, and Ross said he’s ready whenever.

I dig Ross, and I’ve always dug Jay. I did a tour with Jay years ago, and when I would see him, I’d nod and he’d nod back. He always had a bunch of people around him, and I didn’t want to crowd him. That was way back when Dame Dash was with him, and I’d be talking to Dame backstage near the food. And Dame would just say, “I always knew he was hot…always knew he was hot.”

DX: Without harping on the Lil Wayne aspect, Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin was telling us about how “The Boogieman” game together. Can you explain that and how the first verse of that song ties in with visiting Wayne?

Tech N9ne: Yeah, it does man. E.I., who is one of Wayne’s managers, met me because we went up to Rikers on the wrong day. We thought it was Tuesday, but when we got up there, they were like, “No, the day is tomorrow.” So E.I. was in the parking lot telling me, “Wayne doesn’t believe you’re here, and he doesn’t think you’re coming.” When I asked him why, he said, “Man you’re the boogieman, Tech. We hear about you selling all these albums with no videos and no radio play, but we just hear stories.” So I said, “Well you tell him, the boogieman is real. And I’ll be here tomorrow.”

That’s what sparked the song. When I heard that J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League beat, I was like, “That’s ‘The Boogieman!’” I already had it in the back of my head because E.I. had said it. For years, I always wanted to do a song called “The Boogieman.” The face paint and all that kind of stuff is scary to a lot of people. They’re like, “Nah, I don’t fuck with that. That’s that crazy shit…I don’t know what he’s on. They say he’s a devil worshipper, and he must be. Look at him.” It looks more tribal to me, but whatever they want to say. I was saying that a lot of people come up to me saying, “I’ve heard the name Tech N9ne, but I just don’t know…I’ve heard stories.” So that’s why I say, “They heard the name / But can’t put a face with it oh what a shame / When it rains / In the woods he stands still…” You know what I’m saying—alone, by himself in Strangeland. “He took the lanes / From saint to straight wicked / Don’t tell me you ain’t heard the saying / The boogieman’s real.”

A lot of people really don’t know my face because it was covered up. So now you’re seeing a different me. What I mean by a different me, is it’s always been the king, the clown and the G. So now you’re seeing the G without no face paint. And then you see the face paint and ask, “Is that the same Tech N9ne from the ‘Wake Up Show?’” And then other people ask, “Is that old school Tech N9ne?” Yup, that’s me. And it’s wonderful to see people getting it now.

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  • Bador Al-Qurashi

    Tech N9ne, The Hardest Rapper Alive AKA The Boogie Man!

  • Don

    Rozay is doing big things and virtually everyone wants work with dude, haters get used to seeing and hearing ROZAY!!!! Uggh

  • Mark

    I'm not a big fan of Ross either but ya can't say he can't rap. Look at the collab he did on Kanye's album that verse was absolute murder. Besides I think Tech knows what hes doing even if he was doing a track lady gaga he deserves the benefit of the doubt. It's not about mainstream or underground its about making great so all mitch Bade dudes can suck a sickle

  • James Clay Longmire

    Man I love Tech! been to over 20 concerts but really rick ross man?? hes the wackest fakest mc in the game! cmon tech i know you see that! all u ma fuckas cant hate on BOB his album was shit yah I know but all his mixtapes and features are the shit. Tech only collab with real ma fuckas. Fuck the bitch ass boss ross.

  • SH!T

    been a technician for 8 years.. But you just lost a fan tech... Rick ross? On kabosh [ fuck ]...The mainstream aint going tech, techs going mainstream... Thats what he prided himself on but now he's asking them to collabo's on an rock album fan's been wait on since Everready.... And only reason their doing songs with tech now is because of his hes gunna lose 'em...

    • ChuckyD

      your a joke bro, you care more about the image than the music. 6s and 7s was dope, period. who cares who he collabs wit, i'm sure if techs on it it will be dope 2.

    • khordkutta

      typical hiphop fan/stan, once your fav artist wants to branch out or do what THEY like, his stans are all up in arms. Boo-Hoo lil homie, Boo-Hoo....


    Tech is a beast, Im happy he's getting more recognized now.

    • Veronica

      yea ure right everyone should be happy for tech hes doing him and if ure a real technician than u wouldnt care who he collabs with u should just care that it on fire n ross is a crappy rapper but let tech do him its about time he gets recognition by a wider audience loved ure shitt tech since killer and before much love technician for life if u now whats sizzilin

  • Chopra

    This guy is far from an underground rapper....he's more like a niche rapper

  • Anonymous

    Cmon wheres all the "omg sellout!#%!@%!@%!@" comments. Yall did the same thing to Em so....

    • timot

      because he never changed his style. Yeah all these mainstream acts are collabin with him, but they are all in straight tech n9ne style. no selling out here. He aint doing no lovers auto-tune track.

  • warr22

    thats a bad move for Tech...keep it undergroud man...all the fans want u to be Tech N9ne not another dude that did a feat with officer Ricky...fuck Ross and fuck Young Money ..

    • Jeffrey Burgess

      what the hell r y'all talkin bout? the hell do u expect ne rapper to make a living in the stay underground this...stay underground that....this dude has one of the biggest followings in the underground to the point where he isn't an underground rapper but widely known....he can't get radio's not that he doesn't want it...his style doesn't match's not what the people wanna hear...and by doing songs with ppl like rick ross he's bringing in a wider make more money...which is the purpose of being an artist...idgaf who u r talking about...every1 in the industry wants 2 blow up one way or another becuz that's how u live...the reality is that 95% of artists would sell out given the opportunity...y'all r dumb thinkin that these artists give a fuck about wat u think...

    • J GHOST23

      WHAT???!!?? He's not being mainstream if he does a song with the mainstream on his UNDERGROUND alum. He wants to do songs with all the featured artists kill them. He wants recognition for his underground accomplishments and to get more money. Your hating on his money/success if you hate on him doing songs with mainstream artists. Tech said one of his main goals is to make it where Strange Music is a Major Record Label BUT artists will still have that creative control of the underground.

    • SM

      That's not a bad move at is it a bad move? Tech does not want to be underground, and guess what? He's not underground and hasn't been for years.

  • Kyle Tracey

    they need to drop that fuck food on the radio


    you e-net dudes is the only one mad about dude having a real job as a CO not a cop in a black & white a CO let that shit go

  • WTF?

    I don't mind Jay and Eminem features and that Wayne track was tolerable, but Rick Ross? FUCK OUTTA HERE.

    • chucky

      you don't know what your talking about Salaam, have you listened to B.o.B.'s mixtape no Genre. His album was poppy, but it made the register ring. He's got more talent than 99% of rappers to come out in the past few years.

    • Salaam

      I dont mind. Tech seems to make everyone featured on his songs pick their game up. B.O.B on Am I a Psycho >>>> B.O.B in reality

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