BET Lifts Ban On Killer Mike's "Burn" Video

Fans' outrage over Mike Bigga's banned video seems to have changed BET's tune.

Killer Mike wasted no time putting BET on blast after the network banned has video for "Burn," a song from his PL3DGE project.

Mike pointed out that although the video addresses sensitive subject matter such as the Oscar Grant case, BET has traditionally not had problems showing videos featuring "Blood" gang members (for example, The Game).

Apparently, fans were just as angry as Mike Bigga, as BET announced yesterday (July 20) that they listed the ban due to the fallout from Mike's Twitter fans.

Twitter Fam ~~ You spoke - We listened. Killer Mike's "Burn" video no longer banned.8 hours ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

Mike Retweeted the message, thanking fans, who continued to show support by congratulating the emcee. But, as many fans point out, it remains to be seen how often "Burn" will be shown.

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  • Its Um

    BET ain't really going to show that shit, it's too much for them. They say that got a nigga back but when comes time they make an excuse because they don't to scare off that white men money.

  • southendhash

    B.E.T use to be the truth and 106 and park aint nothin but a candyland kid show. What happened to BET? I remember back in the day all brotha's did was watch BET. They always played tight videos. You use to be able to go to the homies house and it was guaranteed they had videos they taped on the vcr and we could chill and watch everythang that cracked.

    • sks706

      That's because BET "sold out" to Viacom, then the head of the company retired and that bitch Debra Lee took over. When you think about it, that bullshit channel's not even black owned anymore. Most of the shit on there now is more female, children, and gay-centered than ever. I knew Bullshit Entertainment Television really started going downhill as soon as Rap City (or The Basement) with big Tigger and BET Uncut stopped playing, and when AJ & Free were let go. I'm glad that the ban on Mike's video was lifted, but I wouldn't consider that to be that controversial in the first place. It wasn't nearly as hard-hitting as his "Pressure" video, which I'm sure didn't get that much (if any) play on BET either. It's just a damn shame that quality CDs like PL3DGE don't get more sales like they deserve, while bullshit, mediocre, and half-ass albums sell over 150,000. I know CD's like Mike's would've gone at least gold 5-10 years ago.

  • KapDiva

    I'm so very glad BET lifted the ban, so Killer Mike won't have any excuses why his album flops. He doesn't have a big enough fan base to even touch gold with the album. Mike is trying to act like his whole album will be positive, when in fact it probably won't be. If he has any curse words, reference to violence, drugs, sex, clubs and alcohol, he is just as fraud as the others. His albums couldn't sale when he was on negative stuff, so it sure won't sale with all positive. My point is this, Mike doesn't care about the disenfranchised youth at all. He just can't make gangster music anymore, because Big Boi exposed him as being a fake thug. I hate when rappers try an act like they on some positive stuff, when their ganster albums don't sale anymore. Master P did the same thing, when his thug albums couldn't do numbers anymore. Him and Mike are fake as ever. These guys just want to make a buck and not give back to the community.

    • The Ooh Child

      "I have sold my people dope yet provided them with hope. Sinner and saint, I did 'em both."

    • Mu

      I'm not even a Killer Mike fan like that, but I follow hip-hop close enough to know that what you're saying is inaccurate. First, going back to his early days on OutKast records, Mike's always been one to drop jewels in songs and say uplifting things to the black community, but still keep that street element. Because he uses curse words and makes refernces to violence, drugs and sex, he's a fraud? Secondly, The positive and negative is a part of every human being, so why can't he rap about both?

  • Mark Anthony Harris

    The pros: This shows that if we work to voice our concerns, change goes from possible to probable. The cons: Outside of 106 & Park, BET rarely shows videos.

  • gutter man

    ban lifted and they will play a snippit ONE TIME. GTFOH Black Enslavement Television

  • Buckwheat_Legend

    Dont forget about 'Girlfriends'. They show that like it was the only other show ever made?!?

  • deadboy90

    BET shows music videos? i thought it was just a 24 hour a day "The Game" marathon channel

    • Lemar Green

      naw... they still play approx 30 seconds of videos on 106th & Park lmao. FUCK BIGOT Entertainment Television

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