Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 7/17/2011

The second OFWGKTA chart appearance pops, as The Cool Kids score a Top 75 debut, Cali Swag District gets independent recognition, and Trae Tha Truth cracks the charts as the "Street King" he is.

The top of the charts saw little movement in the way of rankings.

Beyonce's third week with album 4 on shelves, the Sony Records project reached the cusp of going gold. The Destiny's Child alum's fourth solo offering features an appearance by Outkast's Andre 3000, along with production from Kanye West and his production team - including Jeff Bhasker, as well as a writing credit to former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence.

Royce Da 5'9 and Eminem continued their reign as Bad Meets Evil with Hell: The Sequel, falling to #11 after a Top 5 resurgence last week. As of now, the Motor City natives are gradually approaching gold status with an overall tally at 341,000 units sold.

Jill Scott fell five spots with another 21,000 sold. As of now, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania powerhouse stands triumphant with Light of the Sun, which touts guest appearances from Paul Wall, Eve, Doug E. Fresh, Anthony Hamilton and more.

G.O.O.D. Music's latest artist, Detroit, Michigan's Big Sean,which slid nine spots to #18 . The Def Jam Records-backed emcee sold over 85,000 first-week units on his solo debut, pushing another 18,000 copies this week. Finally Famous: The Album was largely produced by longtime Common mentor No I.D., and featured appearances from DXnext alumni Chiddy Bang and Wiz Khalifa, along with Lupe Fiasco.

Pitbull's Planet Pit is now a six-figure seller. The J Records project features T-Pain, Chris Brown and label-mate Jamie Foxx, as the onetime Crunk artist further delves into Dance-Pop.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
5 Beyonce 4 72,000 498,000
11 Royce Da 5'9 & Eminem (Bad Meets Evil) Hell: The Sequel 30,000 341,000
14 Jill Scott Light of the Sun 21,000 244,000
18 Big Sean Finally Famous: The Album 18,000 132,000
27 Pitbull Planet Pit
15,000 117,000

The Cool Kids' full-length debut made a Top 75 debut. When Fish Ride Bicycles, released on Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound label, features Ghostface Killah, Bun B and Travis Parker. The duo of Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish first released The Bake Sale EP in 2008.

The second OFWGKTA retail release, MellowHype's Blackenedwhite, scored a Top 100 debut. The commercial version of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain's Halloween 2010 release features Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean, and is released on Fat Possum Records, the Blues imprint that released Camu Tao's posthumous solo debut last year.

Curren$y fell just under 50 spots in his third week, but that's not slowing the flow. Weekend at Burnie's crossed the 30,000 mark, with a comeback appearance from former No Limit Records star Fiend.

Now off Capitol Records, Cali Swag District released Kickback last week. The album by C-Smoove, Young, JayAre and the late M-Bone debuted on the charts with its independent RunWay Star imprint. No longer featuring the group's hit "Teach Me How To Dougie," Kickback sold nearly 3,000 first-week units. M-Bone of CSD was murdered in his hometown of Inglewood, California on May 15 of this year.

Houston, Texas independent titan Trae Tha Truth's Street King also debuted on the charts. The Screwed Up Click/A.B.N. alum's latest official album features Game, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa and Jadakiss, among numerous others. This is Trae's first studio album release since 2008's The Beginning.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
75 The Cool Kids When Fish Ride Bicycles
6,500 6,500
80 MellowHype Blackenedwhite
6,200 6,200
130 Curren$y Weekend At Burnies 3,700 32,000
170 Cali Swag District Kickback 2,800 2,800
183 Trae Tha Truth Street King 2,600 2,600

Will DJ Khaled be the best? Can Roc Marciano get some chart love? Does independent O.G. Project Pat have what it takes to appear? Stay tuned to HipHopDX next week to find out.


  • Anonymous

    nothing on that list is hip hop, thats hip pop with brand named flip flops, shits backwards like kriss kross, lips locked on his cock, mason real name fakin, like turkey bacon, shake and bake no flavor tastin, killuminati, i never heard of a black nazi, sounds like they record in porta pottys, radios are sorta commie, cold blooded like romney, reptiles with no styles, 911 on redial, miles behind my mind, smiles hide within lines, just look for the nines, the all seeing eye can watch me jerk off when i call in sick and take work off, say what jbird bitch http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch think outside the box and get all up in that ass

  • Streets Talkn

    2,600 for my dude Trae..damn homes u was my nigga..til u went and put all them suckers on your shit.. Whatever happen to breaking bread with the people u came up with. Illuminati got involved huh.Rap Game Dead

  • d-UNiT

    I fucks with Big Sean's Album it's not half bad - Beyonce's CD is wack - She's lucky anyone bought it before listening to the leak otherwise the sales would have been easily half of that

  • modryn polnocny

    No platinum plaque for Beyonce. Lol

    • Anonymous

      ..... its almost impossible for her not to go platinum she'll get there the label won't allow her to push anything less than a milly

  • Simon Magus

    Say is this the most records that royce da 5'9 eva sold? Dude cats are about to start getting dropped like thick ass in any club in the ATL.

  • Mrnoluv

    Damn the death of hip hop continues! Well I guess everyone is like me living in the past, just listening to old NWA, PE, PAC, Biggie...you know the good shit when hip hop was still alive and pumpin. Funny thing is, if NAS came out with a new album that sold 10 mil, most of you young cats would say he went pop and then turn on him, lol. You young cats killed hip hop. Image is everything to you fools. Fuck it I'm too old to listen to this new shit anyway, my generation lived, breathed and shitted hip hop, 88, 92, 94 was when real hip hop existed, fuck an image it's all about skill.

    • Anonymous

      Keep listening to that handicap rap anonymous. There is such a thing as real hip hop. Whats the difference between vanilla ice and eminem or soulja boy and 2pac? You don't know, do you?

    • Anonymous

      Nas tried to sell out on several occasions but failed miserably when he tried. Nas isn't real, he just knows how to sell this 'real' rap thing (which DOESN'T exist) to faggots like you who believe they're somewhat elitist and have discovered the true essence of hip hop.

    • Meh

      I used to be like you, I used to hate on everything new. And not this new "hate" where if you have any opinion that isn't on some dick ride move it's considered hating. But, then I realized that Pac, NWA, and Biggie were the BEST that came out of the 90's as were Wu and Hiero (and much more). Rap and urban culture changes, and Kid N Play, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice probably out sold a lot of the rappers we consider legends today. So it's whatever, there's great rap today and it's all subjective. You do you and let us do us. Yeah we have shit, but don't act like the golden and post golden era was all amazing albums.

    • Simon Magus

      AMEN chuuch!

  • wil

    who the fuck listens to pitbull

  • kyle

    damn i thought trae would do better. i got that shit on itunes it was good. cool kids flop big time homessss 6,ooo n 3weeks man. wheres pimpc numbers. fuck hiphop im not buyin shit no more. we where chillin n my homies house las night lookin thru his cd collection n i see these album Beanie Sigel - The Reason Album. i been bumpin this shit al week. best album right now. n drop 2001. hahahah

    • Anonymous

      6k in one week my g-shock n that aint bad since theyre signed to mountain dews label which is a non profit label n is just promotion for mountain dew so theyre gettin decent money

  • Da1

    Looks like Beyonce wont be getting a platinum plaque unless she does that lame ass deluxe edition crap that she did with that last two albums. But if not no platinum certificae for her. Big ups to Eminem and Royce's numbers they should hit gold with their ep aslong as this record continues to sell like the rest of eminem's albums (good or Bad). Hopefully they'll release an album together. Lmao @ Big Sean and Pitbull.

  • Anonymous

    look at these numbers man... This is a disaster of EPIC proportions. If you not in Young Money you cant sell a time machine I mean gad damn

  • Anonymous

    Cali Swag District aint even sellout they old high school... how the fuck lol they are done.

  • Anonymous

    beyonce only going gold tells you that the game is over. Its a wrap. Thats it. done.

    • frank

      no it tells u that her album was garbage who runs the world was wack!!!!!!!! drake all day baby!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  • EddieMurrrphy

    yo hhdx, how much did that pimp c album sell? that posthumous one Still Pimping.

  • dwayne

    curren$y is that nigga...sold 32,000 copies of a free mixtape...#jetsgo

  • war22

    fuck the Police...and fuck Ross...real hiphop heads know he's a fat joke

  • Dexter Caffee

    yo support cool kids yoo

  • Heat357

    Beyonce's doing 50 Cent like numvrrd.. gotta give her props for that.

  • don g fan

    check out his mid-evil times mixtape

  • don g fan

    witness the new king of the midwest Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by DatPiff.com

  • Xeno

    If you read "Trae cracks the charts as a street king" you would expect him to appear in the Top 5, not Top 183.

  • Anonymous

    Trae, to me, you have just went Diamond in the streets. Keep up the good work bro. Loof your stuff.

  • artoxication

    I agree with the comment about the numbers being so bad the labels will eliminate black music. Well, thats what happens when you make BS. Where is 2pac is what we should be asking. The real artists are dead, these clowns are just for show. Terrible numbers indeed.

  • Its Um

    I might get the digital version of bad meets evil just because of saving some money.

  • Anonymous

    people can say what they want about rick ross but the fact is he is BIGGER than 50 he sells more records and puts out an album every year compared to 50 like every three years and ross is just gettin started he has been on the forbes list the last 4 years when both of there carrers are over ross will catch up with 50 mark my words and wale is goin make ross alot of dough he is the future! you cant deny he is hotter than any rapper that has ever been on g unit

    • Anonymous

      Ross is the fucking man. music wise no one in the unit is touching him. i like g unit though. but ill buy a ross album before any of theirs


      man you can come on HHDX an dis 50 they dont like that

    • Tony Viera

      wajajajaja you better have make a better research of your facts. 50 have multiplatinum albums and like 12 top 10 singles (4 number ones, he was the first with 3 singles in the top 5 and by the way like 30 million albums sold worldwide, when ross reach at least a platinum album you can talk, and for your info 50 released albums one year and one not if you didn't notice this is the normal way of released stupid

    • Anonymous

      what? rawse has never gone platinum....unless port of miami finaly did after 4 years...yes hes one of the biggest rappers currently n makes quality music here n there but you have no idea what youre talking about...

    • 50 cent is the real boss

      ross will never catch up to 50 cents paper,

  • 50centisaBitch

    HipHopDx makes up this numbers.If you check other websites the figures are far less than HHDX always.HHDX makes speculative figures and publishes them instead of signing up and pay billboard to get the actual figures.The real sale figures are on billboard.com Beyonce did 69,134 eminem did about 27,645

  • wouzi


    • Anonymous

      summer does not belong to sean, hardly hear anyone bumping that shit, not even the sirius xm radio

  • Anonymous

    for those who said tyler flopped that niggas on sony red which is independent...selling 100k there is like sellin 700k on a major

    • Tony Viera

      Tyler numbers are very good to be independent And most important not a pop record is a raw weird record (i have it) there are mainstream pop artist on a major like pitbull or Lmfao to say some with number one popish singles and selling the same numbers (or lower) of Tyler's album in fact this is Win for Tyler

    • Anonymous

      thats been going on for over 4-5 years now they just keep getting lower n lower any smart artist should consider their album to be a promo tool they can tour off of for 2-3 years

    • Anonymous

      And overall record sales are tanking this year if you study the numbers.

  • Daddyfatsax

    6,200 is pretty good for a rerelease of a blackenedwite. I thought it would be more around 10k-15k tho

  • Dessalines Isaac

    Were is 50 Cent at? Did he fall off that fast? I thought his fans said he was still relevant?

    • LOL @ this fool

      Nigga tryna be funny with his 50 comment. Nigga u still wearing a DU-RAG under your fitted....FUCK OUTTA HERE its not 2001 anymore

    • Anonymous

      he hasnt put out any retail music in a fews years bud, nice try though you know when he puts out an album its gonna sell more than your favorite rapper even if it does suck

    • Anonymous

      that was random... the last album 50 dropped was almost 2 years ago so of course hes not gunna be on the charts...

  • Anonymous

    beyonce doesnt make hip hop whats that for a bullshit site ??

  • Toppa Shot

    Trae put up retirement numbers


    you no who sale an who dont

  • kushface818

    CURREN$Y WEEKEND AT BURNIES ONLY AT 32,000 come on people thats a classic album from start to finish go get that and rewind it a few times while you burn a couple fat ones.. JET LIFE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just look at these numbers. Soon black music (some white people can make it too) will be completely dropped by the labels.

  • LLM

    Khaled is played out. No one wants to hear that annoying screaming or those generic-ass recycled beats anymore. Last album was so weak. His shit was hot like 5 years ago.

    • Anonymous

      but hes got the biggest single on the radio right now...as much as i dont like his voice hes gunna do decent numbers

  • Anonymous

    what happened to maybach musics self made? they fall of that fast? i thought ross fans were saying shit was gonna go platinum, be the album of the summer?? big sean doing terrible numbers, for all the promo he had going for him finally famous is a definite failure,

    • Anonymous

      ^^lol stop bringing 50 up wenever someone talks shit about rawse 50 is the definition of a BAWSE n is on a level rawse will never be able to reach... to rawse's credit its a compilation not a group album so if it duz 200k thats not bad at all

    • ayo

      you're so deep in the forest, you can't even see the trees.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Shit was hot, but Rozay wasn't even on that album much. It was his label. If it were a Ross album shit would done better numbers. Rozay still hottest rapper in the game, where 50 cent bitch ass at? that nigga cant sell shit. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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