DMX Gives First Post-Prison Interview, Hopes To Collaborate With T.I.

Freshly released from jail, the Ruff Ryder shows that his bark is still just as strong as his bite.

An amped up DMX gave his first post-prison interview to AHH yesterday after wrapping up his seven-month stay in the clink. During the interview, the troubled rapper explained that he’s ready to hit the lab and cook up some new heat.

“I’m thirsty to get into the studio, I can’t wait! The dog. Let me go! Let me go! It’s ready,” he exclaimed. “The first thing I did when I walked out was thank God. Not everybody makes it. I got the opportunity, man, I’m just taking advantage of it. Be smooth.”

Sharing that he hopes to collaborate with T.I., Dark Man X wouldn’t mind touring with Tip but that he doesn’t put much thought into his road partners.

“That’s never been something I really thought of, because when I touch the stage, I do the damn thing. So it doesn’t matter who I’m on the road with. I’m going to do what I do.”

Watch the interview below.

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  • kennyken

    your spirit is up and everything, but stay yo ass off that crack

  • Anonymous

    so obvious 90 percent of yall barely heard x past ruff ryders anthem..anyone questioning dudes skills or lyrical content is def not a hiphop fan sr8 up. his relationship with god is personal hes to paranoid to go to a church and for yall retards saying dude needs to get clean u think he was clean thru a single one of his albums ur just dumb. he just needs to do him get the fuck out of az do whatever he has to do to give him inspiration without gettin arrested for it and not listen to anyone else. dude aint dropped hot music in 10 years.. what music has he dropped since then? i remember last year he dropped a song with swizzy and shit was insaane sounded top of his game. and to all yall who are talkin about a label wont take a chance on him...hes already signed to universal u retard. and to radio success..that shits a double negative name ONE real emcee that gets any real radio play? u can succeed financially or u can drop gems and succeed as an mc..i hiiighly doubt dmx is concerned with making top 10 when he just completely trashed 106&park god yall dumb with ur comments dunno shit.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to thank god,my 5 Mom's,13 Dad's,and......................ahh f**k it,Too many rats to count.

  • Anonymous

    Should of kept him there.

  • Anonymous

    X, go back to CHURCH first and foremost... Get Good with God, so you can Get all the Inspiration you NEED to overcome all your old habits.... then... HIT THE STUDIO AND LET THE WORLD KNOW: X IS BACK!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ur comparing china..whos people believe its emperor is god to least christians believe in some omniptent being rather then a human..dumbest comment i ever seen.

    • Boongie

      Man, will you niggas stfu with that church bullshit??? Fuckin' slavemaster raped y'alls minds with that fuck shit, and you been runnin' with it ever since. Look at China- where NOBODY believes in your fairy tale ghost in the sky- and how they are prospering. You don't need church. Eat right, exercise, and stay off the motherfucking crack!!!

  • don g fan

    witness the new king of the midwest

  • don g fan

    witness the new king of the midwest​id-evil-Times-mixtape.251765.h​tml

  • Chopra

    Dudes voice is so fucking unique it makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    I think the first thing he did after gettin out jail was smokin the shit of that crackpipe , you can hear it , he's not hungry , but completly drugged out and its sad , he was so damn talented , but too much drugs will kill you


    Ha ha, I new it, I should be a promoter

  • Anonymous

    this dude is talented i give him props for that ... but he's so drugged up, seriously, crack flows in his veins like a motha ! instead of going back to the studio he betta thinks bout gettin his shit together in the first place ! cause it's the industry which fucked him up from the start ! that's even the main reason why he left it a few years back. and some of yall are selfish mothafuckas ! i mean instead of wanting him to get his mind right yall asking for a damn album (and dont get me the X is requiring it himself !) a dude suffering from such drug problems and mental issues should take some time to rethink what's really good for him. and i bet going back to the booth so quick is definitely not the solution considering the amount of shit this industry provides to these people !

    • MalcolmLittle

      Good point, fam def. needs to get his mind right 1st so he don't get caught up in them same traps again that the game has to offer. Cuz the industry ain't checkin to rehabilitate niggas, all the industry does is enable em cuz it's all the yes men around that's too bitchmade to pull a nigga like X to the side and be like "Yo that ain't the move right there."

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you fagg ass nigga hateingon tip

  • shane

    Shows how much i like and wanna still like dmx cuz if i waiting for almost any other rapper i liked to get out of prison and the first thing he said was i wanna make a song with ti.

  • Nico 3

    X and T.I. have alot in common. Maybe they can get arrested together.

  • Allan Lindsay

    Look'n 4wrd 2 the new Beatz..

  • Anonymous

    X is talking about collabing with t.i. Im disappointed in that statement because after all these years you would think x would learn to leave them secret society muthafuckas alone!!

  • idntknow

    F**K the Haters.... X is back and hope to stay - and he going to bring that heat.... and he from the old skool you new N**G**S better recognise that X is back baby... all you Jay-z fans better step back cause the beast is back!!!

    • Anonymous

      why can't i be a fan of both jay and x? it kills me how y'all always wanna down another nigga to make your favorite look good. smh

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    he sounds hungry

  • Cody Alexander Dean

    when you love coke... and you aint had in 8 months.. dont you think u gon do some coke when u get out.. thats why hes bouncing around n screamin lmao

  • Wtf

    After all these years he still talking like that. You don't really talk like that. Talk normal and give us a album.

    • yo

      actually, Wtf is kinda right. if yall watched the movies DMX starred in, such as "Exit Wounds" and "Never Die Alone" and even hear some of his songs like "How's It Goin Down" and "The Convo" (to name a few), you can hear his voice sounding much more normal than the usual rowdy and loud voice you usually hear from him. but then again, he is acting in those movies and those songs he made arent his usual hardcore songs....but it's too odd and unusual to hear somebody with a very hyper and rowdy voice unless he has a very very positive mood or is drinking lots of caffeine. so yea, i also feel like he doesnt talk that way.

    • dmize-one

      EVERYBODY talks one way normally, and then another way when they step in court.. come on now

    • MalcolmLittle

      @ Wtf LOL What was he supposed to do, go in the courtroom barkin and growlin at the judge?? Judge asks him if he understands the charges against him and X answers with a "Uh-HUUUUUHHHH!!"?? C'mon son...

    • Charles ExSavior

      When you're in court it makes sense to make it LOOK like you have more sense... otherwise the judge will throw more charges your way for being you.

    • Wtf

      he don't really talk like that dumb ass. He wasn't talking like that when they showed him in court. He was talking like he had some sense.

    • Anonymous

      You said it yourself that he has been talking like that for years!!! So its obvious thats how the man talks!! So you shut up quit posting comments and listen to the new album when it drops!!!

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