Wiz Khalifa Considers Himself "More Than Just A Rapper," Talks Inspiration

The "Roll Up" rapper explains how he's grown as an artist since previous incarnations.

Wiz Khalifa has been steady promoting his debut album Rolling Papers, an album that he considers as a testament to his growth. Speaking with NOW 99.7 FM’s HoodRat Miguel, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania spitter explained how he’s matured as an artist and how he’s trying to figure out his niche as an artist.

“I just been working a lot. Just really finding myself and my own sound and you know putting my diversity out there and not letting anybody put me in a box or let people’s expectations guide what I do,” he said. “Really, just do what I feel and what makes me happy. Even the albums that I put out before, the ‘Say Yeah’s and stuff like that that I did, that was me letting people know that I’m more than just a rapper. I’m making music, I make songs, I’m down to make hits.”

Wiz, who’s had a diverse array of singles and sounds over the past few years, tries to push himself to be a better musician and have a stronger understanding of the industry.

“I mean, everything that I do, I try to do something different, try to make it different from the last. Really, just the transition has been learning the game, learning how to make other people happy as well as fulfilling all my needs, too,” he continued, noting how he draws inspiration. “It’s everywhere. Just life, in general. Living, interacting with different people, hearing different people’s points of views. You gotta be sensitive to everything around you and just always be inspired. You just gotta be open.”

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  • Anonymous

    bahaha wiz is really a mainstream puppet I can see it so clearly now. And all you stans saying he's real are idiots, y'all prolly listen to pop songs n shit. Anyway, wiz homie you're right you're not more than a rapper, you're less.

  • yadig

    you guys ever thought that the industry makes him do what he did for rollin papers? everyone makes commercial ass shit for their albums.. get a understandning niggerz

  • Brandon

    I swear, people on this website have got to be the dumbest, lamest, most ignorant hip hop "fans" on the net. Wiz makes music about his life. Hes not on that ignorant, fake G shit that he doesnt know, cuz he wasnt raised in the hood, he doesnt pack heat. He smokes weed and parties. Thats his life, thats what hes gonna rap about, and he keeps it positive. Just enjoy good music. People say Black and Yellow was the start of Wiz sellin out. GTFO. That song's rating on this website is over a 4. So basically, yall loved it, until the song blew the fuck up and made Wiz popular. Now yall hate him. I know Roll Up was a weaker song, much more commercial, but it was a good radio song. Ive heard much worse songs from guys like Kanye, Hova, etc. And Wiz puts on the best live show that ive ever seen. the man is a superstar. So get your hatin asses off the dudes dick, hes gonna be around for awhile whether you like it or not.

    • Anonymous

      i love it man u speak the truth

    • Anonymous

      honestly you might not be completely ignorant but you an idiot 4 sure. Wiz even though I like some of his music is one of the fakest cats in the game so fuck you saying? It's a damn shame cos he might not admit it but like every other fake rapper ,even he himself knows this. Plus if you knew wiz b4 he started rappin you'd know that the excessive smoking n his inked up body occured only after he started being known to the public. I mean he didn't have that much tats and he didn't smoke that much weed. Anyway, I can just tell he's not gonna have shit to rap about soon, let's c how much more of you idiots would hop on his dick

    • Anonymous

      i saw an old music video of him and a bunch of his thugs wearing all black tall tees, gloves and all standing around all tough holding baseball bats and shit on some fucking train tracks, its fucking hilarious

    • Brandon

      Its funny cuz I do know what im talkin about. Ive been a fan of Wiz since his Say Yeah days. Hes always kept it real. He might have a couple bars his whole career that he talks about totin guns and killin niggas. But none of those songs are comin to mind at all.

    • Anonymous

      if funny cause you dont even know what you're talking about 3 years ago wiz was talking about that ignorant fake g-shit and talking about guns and smoking blunts then he hopped on curren$y dick and stole his whole swag

  • BrownJack

    As much as I don't like what he turned into. He kinda is more than a rapper. He made a brand out of himself. People love this dude because he knows how to make music for people. If he was just a rapper, Curren$y would've blew up over him (and Curren$y's one of my favorites). Wiz has white girl appeal.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Wow. This nigga is super stupid. That's growth? Selling yourself to make more pop records and get paid by reaching a greater audience who is fickle as f that is only concerned with "what's hot"? Yeah that's growth alright. I never was a believer in this dude. However, I will say the Kush and Orange Juice mixtape was his best work. I'm so tired of cats sullying the craft just for sales; conforming to the standard that has been set by these nondescript niggas just to get paid off of records sold and radio spins. Everything sounds the friggin same. Just following a pattern provided by niggas who can't give you a list of 5 artists that don't get burn but are damn good artists. And saving ratchets ain't cool either, nigga. It might be what's "hot" but...we all know hot = gay right now. Niggas need to stop sucking so much cock. And this "hating" terminology needs to stop.

  • da1

    Naw son you are the epitome of what it means to be just a rapper. Just a rapper nothing more nothing..... well nothing more.

  • hahaha

    yeah he's just not any rapper, he's SIMPLE ASS rapper.

  • blaw023

    #coleworld is all i have to say to this gay ass article

  • Anonymous

    dudes the wackest.

  • anom

    None of your mothers were there for yall as a child, that's why you all hate on everything

  • Wiz khalifa aka captain Kirk

    Go save some more hoes, fuckin corny wack rapper

  • Joom

    Hell no, this niggas just gone steadily downhill since Show and Prove lyrically wise. Music wise, he was tight till Cabin Fever and Rolling Papers. This nigga sounds like Soulja Boy rapping on Rick Ross beats now.

  • dj nemesis

    wats the point of readin comments anymore,its all hate,where the wiz fans at? the taylors...shits rediculous,wiz is one of the most talented out,the best ear for beats,versatile as shit,an one of the illest performers of all time at live shows,see a wiz show then come abck to this comments section....

  • Anonymous

    Just hate. Pure hate. Go read bout a nigga you like instead of cloggin up this comment wall

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This fool actually thinks he is a good rapper and talks about growth and shit..lol.. Just fade away so we don't have to hear your wack music anymore.....

  • omari

    funny how we hate someone we dnt even know..someone whos jus living life..someone deep down on the inside we really like!! my so called niggas yall need to grow!!

  • Anonymous

    In a year no one will remember this fool, and thank god for that.

  • Nike Champ 718

    He IS more than a rapper. He's also Captain Save A Ho.

  • typical

    Yeah i am already sick of hearing about this guy, and his music was never anything special. I don't know why people call him a sellout, the guy never made music that was anything less than above average. Not to mention, like someone else said hes another rapper who now that he has hit bigtime has become a complete douchebag, seen this similarly happen to Kid Cudi in the past year as well.

  • G-zus

    Yeah he is more than a rapper. He is a sell out rapper

  • Ticalz

    Never been a Wiz fan but it's the typical shit rappers get money and then they're a new person. I understand that money can change you due to your enviroment changing but Wiz just got hot like last year so he hasn't really gotten his weight up. All he's doing is trying to reach the pop crowd which will give him more money and a larger outlet BUT just remember Wiz, those fans are gullible. They are NOT loyal. Once you're not considered "hot" and "cool" then you're out and in with the next nigga. That's how they roll. Just remember that Wiz, think long-term..Cuz i PROMISE you, you won't be here in a few years doing what you doing..trust me!

  • Atlantic Records

    Correction; you do what we tell you to do. Got that, Wiz? We need more radio friendly songs by the end of August.

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