Swizz Beatz Gauges DMX's Potential For A Comeback

Swizzy weighs in on the demons plaguing his fellow Ruff Ryder.

Swizz Beatz has come to the defense of his fellow Ruff Ryder DMX, who is finishing a bid in jail stemming from probation violation. Speaking with AHH, the producer/rapper explained that he would never count anyone out from the game and that he'll always be involved in X's career in one way or another.

"I'll always work with DMX. That's my brother no matter what," he explained. "I don’t use people’s personal problems to judge our relationship. Everybody got personal problems in one way or another. Some people personal problems are more upfront than others, but everybody have a problem that they don’t wanna discuss like that or they wouldn’t want people to know.”

As for X's chance for a comeback, Swizzy explains that he doesn't think anything could stop him from returning to the scene, and that it's just a matter of reclaiming the throne.

"Anybody can bounce back. One thing about me, I never count nobody out," he continued. "X was a winner already. Now it's just a matter of getting that title back. It’s like a boxing fight, you win some you lose some. Bottom line is, he's a winner. It's just on when he wants to win again. It's all up to him."

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  • Jakis

    Sincerely, i respect X just for keeping it real. At this point in his life, it`s just too much shit going arround him. And really dog is going through same shit that `Em at the time, Michael Jackson with that child abuse shit. It`s just the industry`s scheme to get rid off people who wanna speak the truth, as DMX was claiming that Gospel Album plan. I hope he gets his support from family, friends and the fans to take it higher, or at least retire with honor and puttin` the K to this Illuminati shit :D

    • Doug Nichols

      All this hip hop illuminati bullshit must be making all those real illuminati roll over in their graves. Fucking embarrassing.


      illuminati?really?how old are you?..9?indiana jones magical hiphop society shit lol get the fuck outta here!!

  • and in recent news....

    what's your definition of "real rap?" just because someone is a great spitter when compared to their mainstream contemporaries doesn't make them a "real rapper." hypothetically speaking, what if j. cole had soulja boy's subject matter..would that make him real just coz they got bars for days? so its wack when anybody does a song wit lil wayne but cool when nas does it? o you would force yourself to like a wack song just because a "real rapper" was on it? hip-hop fans, wow..speechless. anyways X has got a lot of ground to make up. it isn't 2003 anymore. a lot of things have changed. hope he brings that good stuff.

    • ssssssssssssss

      yeah things have changed.gangsta rap isnt getting air time.thats the facts.artists have to be pop as hell or plain fuckin weird to get any play.hip hop is dead.underground acts keep it fresh.no majors.little kids who never lived through the greatest era of rap consider these last few years the pinnacle of hiphop.slice your throat with a Supreme Clientele CD.

  • Anonymous

    First four albums were fire (first two classic to me). But it's been ten years since The Great Depression, and everything since then has been trash. X ain't coming back.

  • Nico 3

    Deezy - No dumbshit, he's a drug addict, and this ain't 1998.

  • Nico 3

    Be honest Swizz. You worked with X. Probably were friends. Do you honestly believe a man who is this far into drugs, and in and out of jail is going to suddenly have what it takes to maintain a career and stay focused? Tell him to see his 10 kids, better yet, support them. That's the only comeback X should be planning.

    • Big Dan

      Deezy, if u don't mind, how old are you? I am just repeating here, but this is X's life we are talking about here. This is not just about music. We've seen this movie before and its getting old. For the past ten years, it has been the same. X is supposed to drop a hot album, but he goes to jail over some DUMB EEESH. After the 15 millionth time, do you really think X is gonna come back and "give it to you" He is done. Not to say he is not capable of dropping something hot, but the industry sucks. Once radio is done with you, they are done. At this point, I don't see him getting radio love. Also, as I mentioned in other posts, because of his propensity for getting into trouble, I don't see a major label taking a chance on him, unless he wants to sign for for free. So with no machine behind him and radio giving him the brush off, how do you expect he is going to make it? He can and should drop independent, hopefully doing a deal that works for him financially and if he can drop three albums over the next three years and sell 100k units a piece as well as go on some serious tour here and in Europe, he can hopefully bank 5 million after taxes and if he has (I pray to God) given up the drugs, he can save that and be set for life. This is about a whole lot more than music. If his music did mean something to you and you like the guy, you should care about the direction his life is taking. And as a hip hop lover, you should care that another mofo made (in X's case) 10 kids that we know he is not taking care off, when he was in a position to be a father - and I'm not just talking money. So yes, X has wasted his life and when he comes out, he needs to be thinking about a whole lot more than being hot on the streets.

    • Rocc

      Fire records? last time this nigga dropped something hot was 2001. That's 10 years dumbshit aint no coming back from that. And even if it was, Swizz beats aint gonna be the one to bring him back.

    • A.S.

      Think like an adult here; money ain't the solution to his problem, and it's a serious problem he needs help with. And when a man's life is the issue then no, it's more than music.

    • Deezy

      how the fuck do you think he's going to support his kids, he's a rapper dumbshit. what he needs to do is get out and drop some fire records like hes been doing his entire career. all you people focus on his 10 kids or his drug problems. this is about music.

  • HRH

    Whenever I had a job to do, either ripping a grow-op, retaliating, or collecting a debt, I would put on 'Here Comes The Boom', 'Stop Being Greedy' or 'One More Road To Cross' and it would give me more courage than anybody around. And, I owe alot to 'X

  • HRH

    'X is the greatest man out there after Nas. 'X spits wise words with a passion at it's rawest. The only man who could never be accused of being a studio gangsta at all. Enough Respect Due.

  • Ayoba.tv

    I agree, as well AZ, Beanie Sigel, Papoose, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton & Pharoahe Monch - Some real hip hop not these new wack kids (J Cole, Drake etc) flooding the mainstream...the could not take out any of the mentioned above in a one on one cipher

    • Lee

      Just another moron talking bullshit about 'real hip hop.' Apart from monch, cole would shit on anyone you named and despite Drake being a commercial artist who makes corny music, emcee skills alone he would take most of them too. Stop being so narrow minded and start judging emcees on their skill rather than their perception in underground circles.

    • retard

      asher roth? papoose? papoose was sick and never dropped he now makes wack songs n misses his wife in jail who picks him up and body slams him. beans was hard but he fell off and now just fat and catn hack it. pharoe and az r still hot in my book. and charles hamilton wears pick like a fag and checks himself into mental hospitals, his raps r to complex for himself he has no idea what hes sayin. J cole is lyrical and a good producer, so he made one comercial, i recall jay-z did hundereds of pop songs, but he still considered the goat. j coles's mixtapes r hotter than any rappers albums! get off his dick

    • Big Dan

      J Cole CAN rap, what what the hell is up with Work Out. His flow sucks, the lyrics sucks and he just plain sounds like an amateur. Making a song for radio does not mean it needs to sound like crap

    • Anonymous

      i agree asher roth is underated and cole is overated asher is better!!

    • Anonymous

      You saying Asher Roth is real Hip Hop but J. Cole is not? GTFO

    • Anonymous

      As dope as j.cole thinks he is......he still can't really rap that good

    • Rival X Jordan

      Asher Roth seriously? J. Cole go in son and i garuntee he would shit on Roth.

  • South_AFrica

    "Anybody can bounce back. One thing about me, I never count nobody out," somebody please sign Canibus, Vast Aire, HRSMN, Chino XL etc...thank you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    winning like charlie sheen...

  • MEGAstar

    VADO sounds just like dmx but with way better lyrics, if X were to comeback to the game, he'd have to be really really be focused, cause its a new era since he was he on top, but good luck to him though...,

  • Fuck Swizz Beatz

    What Alicia Keys sees in this big nosed, boogers the size of grapefruit lookin' ass nigga is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    well said by swizz, hopefully x decides hes ready to win again when he gets released


      Anything's possible if he's clean. If X wants back he needs to get sober...substance abuse fucked him up.

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      I totally agree with what Swizz Beatz says. Even if X doesn't sell the same numbers, he can make the same quality.

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