Lil Boosie Indicted On Charge Of Trying To Smuggle Codeine Into Prison

The incarcerated rapper has another charge on top of his first-degree murder charge.

Lil Boosie was indicted yesterday and accused of trying to smuggle codeine into a second state prison. According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, the 28-year-old tried to get the drugs into the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

The indictment stems from an arrest on May 25th by Louisiana State Police. The arresting officers claim that Boosie was working with two local men - Titus Franklin and Arthur Stewart - to get codeine into the prison. Both men were indicted alongside Boosie, who was indicted on "one count of criminal conspiracy to take contraband to and from a penal institution and another count of inciting a felony. The penalties could add an additional two to four years to Boosie's sentence.

The indictment is another blow to Boosie, who is currently awaiting trial on his first-degree murder charge. The District Attorney's Office is currently undecided on whether to seek the death penalty for Boosie in the case.

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  • yung boi

    yal succa ass niggaz only want da nigga dead cuz yal wak n hes real...waka is garbage get off boosie dicc fag ass pussys

  • Calvin

    boosie always talks about "refusing to be a victim of the system". Well who's the victim now

  • belly fat

    Hopefully is Boosie gets a second chance he will do better and be a better person to his family. Good luck.

  • Mike

    Boosie is the man but he couldnt get out the street life but hes son tootie bad azz wait about 10 15 yrs he gonna be way better than boosie. DEVIL GET UP OFF ME

  • Jukka Seppälä

    he has got annoying voice but talks about what he do

  • Juicy J

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  • Big B's

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  • Step ya gameup

    oh word, nigga still alive n shit?

  • Waka retirin n shit

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  • ON Tha real tho

    like dude sucks anyway who even cares bout son like that anymore


    They should jus do us a favor n give him the death penalty

  • Feelu

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck these stupid rappers. Gucci, Waka FLocka, Boosie... fuck all of them

  • Anonymous

    Stupid son of a bitch.

  • kennyken

    if you wanna be free, just stop trying to buck the system while you're in it. man you can't beat it. all the kingpins in prison will probably be there the rest of their lives, that's why they're kingpins, still trying to buck the system.

  • swesta

    boose fucked up that's when keeping it too real goes wrong! instead of making rap music(like lil wayne,rick ross from a fiction point) and not talking about who u actually killed on songs,and providing a bright future for his kids ,he is in jail for a long time and his kids will lose their daddy and their house now .boosie boo done f up big time

  • James Nova Lagoski

    at least he cant keep making shitty music

    • guerilla jones

      right!!it may be bad for him but its all good for the rest of us!!we dont have to be subjected to him talking,rapping,whatever the shit he does


      at least u can keep making shitty looking kids

  • natty dread

    codeine addiction is real...I bet Wayne was getting it too when he was on lock....Rehab should be considered along with whatever penaltys he may recieve.

  • dumbass

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    • Nef

      i mean I kinda agree with dumbass..

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    • natty dred

      Codeine addiction is sure Wayne was getting it from some where during his stint as well...I think rehab should be considered along with any penaltys that may be handed to the man.

  • TK

    These dudes really think they are characters from "The Wire". Please save the "Free Boosie" shit. It's one thing to catch a possession charge or a illegal carrying of weapons charge, but the rest of his charges are ridiculous. Why couldn't he just lay low, chill out, then get back to making money the legit way? What a waste of talent.... *smh*

    • Christopher English

      Because the majority of people involved in criminal activity just aren't that smart. Every week I read about drug bust where the cops stop a car speeding. If you know you're dirty... why the hell are u speeding? - Just dumb ignorant shit...

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