50 Cent Talks Lloyd Banks, Def Jam Financial Woes

50 discusses his longtime friend's label situation, and why he won't touch Def Jam.

Though Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo are no longer signed to Interscope, 50 Cent believes his G-Unit brethren's situation has worked out for the best - beginning with Banks' The Hunger For More 2.

"Banks' project is the beginning of them flying solo, flying without my assistance so much," said Fif in an interview with MTV News.

"Like on all their other albums and singles, I was featured on their projects to help bring attention to it and get 'em off into the right space," he continued. "This go-around is, like, for them to go away from me and do it on their own. They're setting up shop on their own on this project."

But as far as label deals go, don't count on 50 looking at Def Jam as a possibility for him or any of his cohorts. "Well, Def Jam, I'm not even sure what that system — that system is not in a good space right now. They're like $80 million in the hole," he said, before adding: "Don't tell them I told you."

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  • DNigga_Loc

    50 cents a snitch!! I'm surprised he hasn't snitched on his own camp including dre, em, and Jimmy iovine.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent should take Justin Bieber away from Usher and sign him to G Unit then turn him into the next BIG white rapper.

  • world

    besides kanye,and half-successful officer ricky def jam is a cemetery.that's why rihanna left them to join roc nation.last and this year put together def jam only had a number one song which was what's my name.riri ft drizzy.def jam is dead,but gunit is a ghost they died a long time ago but def jam ain't buried yet.lol

  • bigo

    man its funny to me all the niggaz on here hatin on 50 and gunit callin him gay and shit. im not a stan but its funny cuz all them ssame niggaz was on his dick just a few years back. im older than yall i notice these things

  • Anonymous

    "Don't tell them I told you." seriously!! 50 cent just an industry snitch rattin out all the activities of all the niggas in the game. He just wants to keep himself up and keep other niggas down. I wouldn't be surprised if he snitches on eminem in the near future. Smh

    • Bleaks

      LOL do yall think before you type your comments out? How the fuck is he labelled as a snitch if he talks about a company's profits or losses? Its understandable if you dont like a rapper but atleast try and sound reasonable. You dumb nigga

    • Kendall Walters

      wtf is an industry snitch? LOL This is a NEWS website which shows whats going on in the industry. People hatin so hard wish they had more in their lives i guess.

  • g

    Yall trippin over here over the quotes 50 said about Defjam. watch the fucking video, shit was just a joke....gosh fucking stans and haters on here arguing like this is a damn presidential debate

  • Tyler

    50 cent is about to sign bands and electo music he is leaving hip hop. Its all about the money..


    Hi. I'm a Def Jam Executive, and last month (early June) 50 scheduled a meeting with us, he contacted us and set it up, not us reaching out to him. He presented a couple projects with the intentions of securing our backing. We basically told him to go "EAT A DICK!!!"

    • RideOutMusic

      well MR. Def Jam why is it taking so long to release Jeezy 103??? Def Jam use to run the air waves...i guess We The Best ran yall to the ground lol lol just messing much Love 50 keep grinding get money and bloggers work hard at typing!!! Check out my music anyways shameless promotion but fuck it http://www.reverbnation.com/rideoutmusic

    • Tyler

      no ur not ur an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga 50 just likes fakin d funk. hes having a hard time believing its over for him n the unit, lol. Hes mad cos Defjam wnt give him n his cohorts dat deal unless its a 360 deal. 50 n d unit currently reside in d rap cemetery

    • dmize

      50 will still drop music cause he loves doin it.. he already has 100 mil plus.. lol.. he aint rappin for the money no more..

  • ROZAY !!!!!

    Banks is a talented cat that should do well whether he's on a major or indie. One of the rappers up north that is respected well down south

    • Real Talk

      Rozay is speaking the truth banks is well respecting down south

    • row

      some ppl love banks voice, some ppl hate it. does it matter to u how other ppl feel? it shouldnt

    • JoeM

      Seriously.. no matter how nice banks is lyrically, dudes voice is fucking whack! I rather listen to a fucking weed whacker revving to a beat than banks oscar the grouch ass voice.

    • Anonymous

      Stop lying. Fuck that lame voice fag. Sucking 50's dick made him talk like that.

  • illegal ass foo

    "Don't tell them I told you." thats wut he told the cops after he gave out information

  • stg

    fuck haters bisd leak to the internet a month before release date so what u expect 500k first week ?

  • Christian Schicke

    Tony Yayo is wack as hell!

  • KapDiva

    EMI is a major record label and people need to stop acting like it's some small boutique indie like Koch/E1. Lloyd Banks isn't popular nationwide like that anymore. The G Unit brand had a great run, but now it's over. 50 Cent will never go platinum ever again. At least he is wealthy for life just like Master P and Berry Gordy.

  • whiteboyspeak

    actually today is 100 times to go indie then be signed to a major,rappers like currensy,freeway,banks, can realease any shit they want and how many times they want,currensy is on a roll wit his albums, and not be controlled by the machine that at the end takes 80% of what you make ,currensy is now in a better position then wiz khalifa or big sean,why do you think they are doing all the concerts cuz they know money from the album sales after the label is done looking through the papers aint gonna be good enough to buy a 50k jaguar.the game is f up that's why a lot of rappers today are broke (dmx,chingy,kelly,redman etc etc and nowhere to be found because they thought i go major im made it when in fact you go major you become a slave till they push you out the boat.

  • Anonymous

    wow def jam is the living dead?

  • lmaooo

    thats why ross label is not on defjam they cant lose any more money on him

  • DV

    he's about to go indie. hes already started actually by releasing Banks album and now the Shorty-Lo deal. If you listened to the interview the way the deal breaks down and the business model behind it, it makes since he has the financial backing to make it happen.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      you frontin ass faggot fuck. you lying you really aint all about that. tryin to act all smart.haha what a loser you remind of chris farley in beverly hills ninja. HI IM CHET WALTERS! you switch the celcius degree function format

  • ssssssssssss

    this nigga bragging about signing kid kid and now he's gossiping...put a dress on,wendy williams.gayunit!


    niggaz cant get a deal

  • Sikelela Sc Dingiphepha Gcwabe

    "Don't tell them I told you." big dog turned pussy(cat)

  • Anonymous

    If they signed fif they would just be another $10 million in the hole. smh Why isn't Interscope releasing that new 50 album????? B.I.S.D. did 110k first week sales NUMBERS LIKE THOSE CAN PUT A RECORD LABEL UNDER REAL FAST. G-UNIT/EMI IS ON THE AUCTION BLOCK!!!!

  • Anonymous

    And they still will not sign 50's lame ass!! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Def Jam. Yep. What a conglomerate it used to be. Now. It's a shithole. Thank Russell for doing that... Then thank Jiggaman... Then thank LA Reid... What do you have now? A record label that once set the standard steadily follow, chase, sellout, and fade to as Mike Tyson so eloquently stated...bolivion. They pretty much set the stage why cats should go independent. Sad.

    • KapDiva

      Def Jam hasn't been a real label since 1996. Def Jam became more successful after Universal aquired it. People try to act like Russell owned the label when Warren G, Murder Inc, Ruff Ryders and Roc A Fella were popular. Uncle Rus had success, however, he didn't do as well as everyone thinks he did. Why do you think he still working? He is wealthy, but he ain't make Def Jam hot past 1991.

  • Anonymous

    i dont like this

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