Lil Wayne Says "Carter IV" Is Complete

Weezy says the long-awaited fourth entry in his "Carter" series is done.

Lil Wayne says that his long-awaited and oft-delayed Tha Carter IV is complete.

"The album is done and it'll be out August 29. It's totally done," said Wayne an in interview with MTV News.

The rapper also spoke about his almost entirely-acoustic track "How To Love," which he says found its inspiration from an unlikely source: Tupac.

"That song is just sweeping the world. It's touching every woman, that's what it was for," explained Weezy. "It was like Tupac had 'Keep Ya Head Up' and it was a message to women and little girls across the world just to keep your head up even though things are hard. That's what my song was."

"A lot of women don't know how to love because there's deep reasons for them not knowing how to love."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Daniel Gregory

    You dimwits are hating on Wayne so much because deep down you know he's THE BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME!!! admit it!! I can guarantee that weezy he can outsell or outshine your favorite rappers on any day of the week. Carter III went THREE times PLATINUM with over 1 million sold the first week hahaha and Carter IV will sell even more.

    • murdermitten

      damn ur retarded.... shady outshines him on every collab theyve done and doubles his sales... think before you speak u fuckin ugly ass mothafucker.... if carter IV sells more than carter III i will start listening to soulja boy

  • 1700 or Nuthin

    Here comes the KING of garbage music.

  • OKay

    now throw it in the trash

  • Josh

    By years end I Am Not A Human Being will be platinum Tha Carter IV Platinum guarenteed highest selling rap album of this year

  • Anonymous

    why is 2pac an unlikely source?

  • Osiel Salas

    I'm predicting that Tha Carter IV won't go platinum within the first 6 months of release. Singles haven't been fire

  • aarontodavis

    hope girls really do like dat track cuz it was horrible lol he cud've done better or atleast let Nicki or Drake (who can sing somewhat) sing on da hook

  • Anonymous

    "A lot of women don't know how to love because there's deep reasons for them not knowing how to love." I love how he steered clear of explaining that. I'm pretty sure he knows that in "works of art" by some of these "artists" women aren't painted as wholesome, loving, respectable, family oriented people...just objects for a man's sexual desire and that there's a generation of young females that this repetitivly spewed image has detrimental effects on. Not naming any names. Just stating a fact. Check out Dreamworks 3 on YouTube for those who are a little less aware.

  • Anonymous

    So he told producers to step it up a week ago for beats for the Carter IV & they stepped it up, he wrote a song for it AND he recorded the songs already?

  • ahdfdfa

    when he said he needs better beats that was from the xxl interview meaning he didnt actually say that last week, prolly like weeks ago when they were writing the article

  • Daniel Gregory

    Carter IV is going to be DOPE! and you haters better get your dicks wet with some pussy before you come on here acting like you superiors because you listen to underground crap that noone cares about.

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      and no one cares about your shitty party life which u think u can go forever. stop dreaming before u realize these Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane shits were a bunch of the result of marketing strategy.

    • Anonymous

      You like Gucci Mane Rihanna there 4 your comment means poo poo and u dont understand hip hop.go check blak twang dettwork southeast uk album may expand your mind to seenin wot a silly lil man you are

    • hellrazor

      hey unibrow, you look like you got your nails done along with them broads. looks like you drank too many cosmopolitans.

    • Obama

      Says who? An ignorant white idiot from UK?

  • lf

    I swear man ya'll are some faggots for taking this shit so, how to love isn't that bad of a song.....the bitches r loving it .

    • JG3

      They don't understand yet...they'd rather have a bunch of 'hard legs' around them listen to it and saying "that shit goes hard" instead of a sexy set of legs around singing it.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    From telling producers to step their games up to saying that the album is complete then to "how to love" = "keep ya head up" Is his probation period done? Only in America, kitko...

  • ka-as

    less then a week ago he was bitching about the production not being good enough, what happened did he just decide to put it out anyway

    • Mr.Cappuccino

      he diddnt say that a week ago. the internet blogs just work slow at reading Hip Hop Mags articles. he said that a couple of MONTHS ago in the XXL Magazine interview.

  • alex

    NO its not anything like keep your head up and stop comparing yourself to pac you sound stupid.. this niga gets off the weed and next thing ya know he's retiring all the beats he gets suck and he thinks he's mention-able in the same breath as pac

  • blaw023z

    lil wayne should never compare that song to tupacs keep ya head up. this nigga must be on crack or something because that song sucks dick. Also, last week he said producers need to step there game up on making beats. faggot ass niggaa

  • reddywang

    "How To Love"..I hope thats not the best track off that album! Lil Wayne needs a hotter single. In addition, the best song lil wayne has out is with Young Jeezy.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt it last week he was telling producers to step their beat game up, saying he couldnt finish his album without better beats?

  • ANON

    They got the title wrong, it's supposed to say: Lil Wayne Says "Carter IV" Is Complete Trash" Fixed it for ya.

  • Anonymous

    red album gonna be superior but of course tha carter iv gonna sell more since it's more pop.

    • Anonymous

      Every game album is pop? u mean u commercial, not pop. Lasers was pop and pink friday was pop, and b.o.b was certainly pop. Game's music and beats are commercial but not pop. Game has never had any electronic euro bullshit put on his albums nor has he ever made shit that tenny boppers has ever went crazy over. Get out w/ that.


      that because game is not hot

    • Anonymous

      but he doesn't get nearly the amount of "pop" support that wayne gets. in other words, i don't see every high schooler in my city talkin bout game. they yellin weezy because he's a full pop artist and he's on pop radio, in pop magazines, and on pop websites.

    • Anonymous

      Game's music IS pop, too, you idiot. Just because he talks about gangs, doesn't make it street. Every Game album sounds like a pop album.

  • Anonymous

    who cares that ugly midget with his horrible voice

  • LOL

    Am I the only one that thinks Weezy and that Donkey in Shrek got the same teeth? haha I'ma pass on this nigga....

  • Osiel Salas

    Can't wait to listen to the Carter IV. I hope it's as good as his recent mixtapes

    • hellrazor

      @jason, you might as well say wayne is jesus. SMH.

    • jason

      ^^^This guy speaks the truth

    • Anonymous

      ^^^@yougay & @Damn lol get off his dick u elitist fucks! there aint shit wrong w/ somebody liking wayne's music. Nobody is saying shit about u being excited about listening to boring ass backpacker-approved underground rappers (that nobody but u and a few ppl care about) whenever u comment on something. Sorry for the outburst but i cant stand assholes who think they're better than everyone just cause they listen to 90s rap or underground hip hop and hates on everything mainstream/pop fuck outta here u lames

    • Damn lol

      LOL leave that lil nigga alone man... it's not his fault he got lame tastes in music...

    • You Gay!

      Bet you can't wait for Weezy and Baby to poke you at the same time either huh..... Homo nigga...

  • Daniel Gregory

    Lil Wayne ur the best!! Don't listn to the haters they don't understand or appreciate your art.

  • Daniel Gregory

    lil wayne ur the best!! dont lestn to the haters!! they dont know anything

  • Daniel Gregory

    lil wayne ur the best!! dont listn to the haters. they dont know anything

  • Daniel Gregory

    Yeah!! Great News!!

  • FoShizzle

    Yeah he do stay looking like the ugly chick at the party don't he...haha

  • Daniel Gregory

    Great News!!! been waiting for this album for months now,, if its as good as his last mixtape than im def buying this one

  • GetMoney!

    Damn no matter how much loot he makes He always gonna look like a Tranny.....Damn nigga do something with that loot.... You look like Whoopie's lil sister....

  • Anonymous

    tupac?? how dare he

    • Anonymous

      and what are u? 2pac's advocate? ofc he's not tupac, but u niggas are hating so much that u dont understand that u would be hating on 2pac too if today was the 90s

  • bert mcKrakn'

    504 squad uppp

  • Anonymous

    Greatest of all time!!! Intelligent punchlines, best flow, most substance, introspective lyrics, just everything. Lil Wayne is the best.

  • huh

    This comes a few days after he rips on producers and their inability to create good beats for him...guess he found a few beats to use.

    • Amadeus

      that statement was from the July August XXL magazine that just came out... the actual interview may have taken place weeks ago so that statement is not as relevant as him saying that C4 is dare you say he aint the greatest of all artist is as versatile and does as much for music as he does...he has created this era of music that we are in

    • chickenrahmin

      hahaha. he meant to say their inability to create good beats for his ghost writer.

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