Producer Robbed On The Set Of Game & Chris Brown's New Video

A producer named Mars was jacked for his jewelry and wallet on the set of the music video for "Pot of Gold."

A producer named Mars was robbed on Tuesday on the Los Angeles, California set for Game and Chris Brown’s upcoming music video “Pot of Gold.” The producer was held up at gunpoint, losing more than $12,000 in cash and jewelry.

According to TMZ, Mars was sitting in his car when two black male suspects approached the vehicle and drew their guns. After acquiring his jewelry and wallet, which had several thousands of dollars, they escaped in a Nissan Altima from the crime scene, which was only a block from the set.

A rep for Game says that there were no eyewitnesses for the crime, and that everyone on set is provided with security when they’re walking around.

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  • Greezy

    Lucky he wasnt in my hood shooting that video. I definately woulda robbed his ass too>>>real shit

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  • James

    niggers...what else you expect

  • Hope u learned ur lesson

    Keep stuntin... Dumbass Its a nigga thing

  • Mars

    I bet LisaRaye was behind this...



  • nibs

    what do you expect to happen when you take $12000 in cash and jewelry with you to work? people are fucking clowns

  • nevergetcaughtdolo

    next time know when and where to rock ur juelz n have racks on u...


    thats the shit broke people do get your own you will feel better

  • Just

    That sucks man, Mars of 1500 or Nothin' is a legit dude.

  • Shuttaman

    Cmon mannnnnnnnn

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