Beanie Sigel Clarifies Statements Made About Jay-Z, Claims He Never Apologized

Beans explains that he never apologized to Hov and that his statements were interpreted wrong.

Beanie Sigel recently clarified his statements regarding his beef with former Roc-A-Fella associate Jay-Z, claiming that he never apologized for anything and that his statements were misconstrued. Speaking with Invasion Radio’s DJ Green Lantern, Beans explained that he has nothing to be sorry for.

“I never made a public apology, I talked to somebody from a magazine, and they brought that issue up. You never hear me say ‘apology.’ What I said was, to stop that interviewer from asking me those questions, and everybody else who asked those questions,” he said. “I felt how I felt and I still feel how I feel. But, just letting it go for everybody else. Hustler’s number one rule is never lose your cool. I broke one of the hustler’s rules. Gangstas fuck up, but at the end of the day, I still feel how the fuck I feel.”

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native explained that he was only bigging up Jay for giving him a look, and that his statements were misconstrued. “It was something personal with me. It was just at the end of a look. I don’t want to talk about that no more. I’m off that, I’m past that,” he continued. “Regardless of whatever Jay did wrong, the one thing that he did do that outweighed a lot of things that I thought he didn’t do or could have did or should’ve did was he gave me an opportunity. And a lot of people don’t get those opportunities, and that’s what I said. I ain’t got nothin’ to apologize for.”

The Broad Street Bully is currently working on the follow-up mixtape to 2004’s Public Enemy #1 as well as a new retail album. As for his absence, he says that he had personal business to attend to.

“I think it’s all timing with me. I just had to go back,” he said. “For me, running constantly since I was first came on the business, I never had a chance to sit still. I got kids and everything. I had a couple issues in my life that made me have to sit down, unwillingly, and when I cam home, I had a little paper trail. So just that time for me to be with my kids, I was missing out on a lot of things. I just enjoyed that and got comfortable in that zone.”

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  • the_truth

    This morning Jay-Z stopped for a minute to give a fuck about what Beans was saying..... then he realised he was late for a meeting and B was waiting on him.... so he went back to not giving a fuck....

  • whoa

    say all u want Beanie. but in the end, you'll always be known as the guy in this vid: shit like this is destroying ur image...even if u were very drunk or high in this vid lol

  • Anonymous

    lol. how come nobody is bringing up the fact that Beans went in on Dame also. he said Dame actually STOLE money from him. so which one is worse and why is everybody giving jay ALL the blame? just curious.

  • Darren


  • @reikithebeast

    ego: the same one that got you there may be the one thing holding you back.

  • Nico 3

    Jay put this loser on so many times. Those past checks must have been nice every week. Now Beans has to wait till the first of the month.

  • Anonymous

    Beanie talks so much about jay that i think that Beanie is in love with Jay and big faggot is

  • Anonymous

    This loser is more worried about keeping it real than progressing as a human being.

  • ILL

    This guy just can't stop being tough nigga ain't nothing wrong with apologizing u was wrong for dissing Jay publicly like he ain't never do shit for you...Jay put Beans before Bleek and kanye at one point and his fat ass kept getting locked up tryna be tough nigga you had a great job and blew it.


    Caught up in emotions thats what this is lol

  • 1

    The gays have made it so he has to explain himself as a man for goin at Jay basically put where he was coming from and what happened with his situation to the world at the same time breaking alot of weak hearts

  • Lsn22s

    Holy fuck does Beans ever take Jay's dick out of his mouth? Dude has been talking about NOTHING BUT JAY-Z for like a damn YEAR!!! Beans, just put some real-ass music out, please shut the hell up about Jay now, no one wants to hear this emo bullshit... Honestly, is it just me or did Beans get really sensitive in the past couple years or so? Dude is pulling a 50 Cent just putting out interview after interview COMPLAINING... YOU ARE LOSING FANS BEANS!!!!!!!

    • Lsn22s

      When a site posts an article where Beans has something worth quoting besides shit he says about jay, maybe heads will respect him again...what did he say worth hearing in this's sad that the most interesting shit he has to talk about is some tired ass shit that's BEEN PLAYED OUT FOR A WHILE NOW... Maybe if Beans actually did something productive, there would be more for him to talk about, but not so he's fucking lame right now and so are you guys for getting so butt-hurt over my comment... LOL @ folks catching feelings on the internet...Beans is a joke now, I can say that if I want to...cry me a fucking river...

    • CodeRed

      Can YOU get Jay's dick out YOUR mouth? Didn't you read the fucking article dickhead? It says that the interviewer of a magazine asked Beans about the Jay-Z situation. Beans is talking about it because people keep bringing it up to him! He even said that he's done talking about that situation.

    • harris89

      News about him talking about Jay is the only thing that gets news articles posted about it and I'm sure interviewers can't lay off him with those questions, he even said in this article that he's done with it. You're a dumbass.


      Co sign

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    This nigga needs to shut the fuck up and go home and eat some more some government cheese sandwiches. Bum ass nigga.

    • Nick Crookshank

      Yeah, at these this guy is a fucking artist. Have you ever met Jay-Z? Done a track with him? No. Shut the fuck dude. Your name is angel for Christ's sakes.

    • Jamel James

      internet thug's kill me you wouldn't say none of that shit if you seen the man keep it real son lmao

  • morgejus

    That's wur ur wrong look at rick ross there are no boundries no more nothing is played out its jus the radio don't play that real shit

  • fhfhgh

    "All I get is these niggas I made millionaires, milling about spilling their feelings in the air" - Jay-Z on So Appalled. It's about this faggot.

  • Anonymous

    beans you fat son of a bitch. stop eating you hippopotamus

  • Yeaah

    Wow, this is actually an article? A headlining article??

  • Anonymous

    first minute of this clip is retarded no offense bro

  • doodoo

  • da1

    I'm iller then bronchitis/ The mid west is better then the rest and I'm not bias/ My actions can start wars but my words can stop riots/ On the corner your sales plummet while my stock rises/ Soaring in the air like top notch pilots/ No obstacles on the way up can make my ride lopsided/ Coming in first winning all of the top prizes/ Cuz thats all I do, all I do is win/ All the liars get out cause the truth is movin in/ And the haters can hate all in unison/ It doesn't affect me one bit cause I'm immune to them.

  • Anonymous

    I don't give a fuck if Beans is real. Where is the music homie all that other shit don't concern me.

  • Randy Jr.

    Beanie looks like a guy who's career is in the dumps, and just trying to get attention. sad man. Rappers like him can't survive no more. You either got a be a total faget like Wocka or Gucci, or be a happy go lucky, somewhat lyrical rapper like drake,wale, J-cole. That hard "I sell crack and have guns rap" is played out. Actually the rappers who still be on that shit are fagets. Jadakiss and Styles P are good examples. Been in the game well over a decade talkin bout guns and shit still. Beanie is a burnout just like Jada and P.

    • Cognac

      You obviously don't know what good music is. Beans is more respected across the entire US than those other bum ass artists you named.

    • harris89

      Did you just say Drake and Wale are more lyrical than Beanie Sigel? GTFO with that shit.

  • Sergiz

    Prob the most overrated emcee of all time. all his shit sucks. and i'l admit jay only goes in half the time

    • Jamel James

      over rated i bet none of these wack rapper's would call beans out he'll destroy them period. fam yall must have forgot

  • Frankie

    Beanie is one of the sickest rappers ever, I'm glad that nigga didn't apologize to Snake-Z. ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

  • Dig A Hole

    Like it or not, in terms of connections in Hip-Hop, Jay-Z is a made nigga right there, and Beans is not. Beans is probably feeling a little radioactive since he made those bitch moves on Jay. Nobody wants to deal with that shit, and if you find out that they do, you betta make sure his name ain't Suge!!! Dig a hole! Bury Yourself!!!

    • Lsn22s

      @ Anonymous It must be rough for you ever since Beans retired from rap to pursue a full-time career of CRYING...LMFAO...

    • Anonymous

      Beans didn`t make no bitch moves on Jay, Beans is a real Nigga. One of my favorite rappers.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ up in this bitch and fuck whoever dont like it

  • vaz

    Rap nigga's have been getting the dirty deal since this shit began Do we credit each and every label boss and A n R for putting niggaz on? over the artist who the fan's did gravitate too? You supposed to look it as if they made a decision and a clever business move, they "use" their artist for their own advancement first, but obviously got more back out of their investment as surely Jay Z did with the whole rocafella

  • Anonymous

    i don't care about none of that other shit, beans is nice. work with some better producers casue the colution was mehhhh

  • Anonymous

    Dame signed Kanye as a rapper.. Jay-Z just wanted beats!!!

    • OK

      "I heard mothafu**as sayin they made hov, made hov say, 'ok , so make another hov" -lost ones

    • the truth niggga

      you mean if it wasn't for dame dash the kanye, beanie,freeway,state prop,diplomats, would never have got that shine,rocafella was all dames idea,clothing line all dames shit,the only reason dame and jay separated cuz dash thought he could deal behind the elites back n not pay the percentage while jay-z who saw that, snitched on him and that's why dame has been destroyed with all his income,and jay has been chosen as their loyal house nigga and given all the money needed to further their agenda, ... jay never gave a flying fuck about anybody except jay of course ,sellout joe camel

    • ultraMAN

      yeah dame did sign kanye, and he introduced him to jay, but the reason kanye wanted to sign with rocafella in the first place was because jay was like his idol, jay was the reason all them dudes -beanie sigel, state property,etc- got to shine, if it wasn't for Jay-z selling all those millions of records, Rocafella/Rocawear wouldn't have been sh*t...but will give dame his credit for doing the foot-work

  • cold 187

    Rocafela was'nt a real family like say "Wutang", but more of a business move. That's why till this very day he's never even addressed the situation went on behind the scene's. That's why BP3 was such bullshit talking about a "new me" if you want the old me "buy my old album." shit is hilarious what is he saying exactly?

    • for real

      Seriously, the shyt is what is is man. Everybody shot a move and the only one still moving is Jay. That's it! and that line, was referring to you fools who still want catz to talk spit that same shyt they did on album 1...

    • Ryan MacQueston

      means he'll keep suckin the dick til his dying days

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    I still don't get what this is about. Jay's relationship with everybody on Roc-a-fella was founded on business. Sure, after years of working with someone, a sort-of friendship is born, but at the end of the day the only reason Jay associated himself with Beans, Dame, or anybody else involved was for business. Once you become a liability, there is no purpose for the relationship to continue. Like Sigel said, Jay gave him an opprotunity. As a grown man, what more can you ask of another grown man? The only person Jay had a friendship with prior to his career is Memphis Bleek. And that also happens to be the person Jay holds down till this day. Now if Bleek comes out talkin bout how Jay is a snake, then I'll know something is wrong. But as of now I see Jay no different than the Hustler he's always proudly claimed to be.

  • trooth


    • Lsn22s

      I can see why a guy who can't spell "truth" would have a problem with people trying to sound intelligent...u and dumb-ass Beans are PERFECT for each other...

  • Mk

    And for the record, only artist Jay put on was his man Bleek, From the Roc that is. Not including this roc nation shit

  • Mk

    Dame put Beans on, not Jay. So all u Jay dick riders and niggas who dont know wtf you're talking about as usual, stfu

    • And @Mk

      obviously you're a retard because Beans says he doesn't want to work with Dame again, apparently Dame owes him some money.

    • i spit that crack cuz i smoke that crack

      nah yall niggaz all wrong dame started the whole thing clothing/record label/ jay just had the money to support it if it wasn't for dame roc wouldn't never exist believe dat ,but at the end dame got kicked to the curb ,and jay got all the money

    • Anonymous

      Dame signed Kanye.. Jay-Z just wanted beats!!!

    • ultraMAN

      @Mk jay personally went to philly and signed young chris& neef(young gunz) and he signed beans and bleek,and kanye met jay at the 'Hard knock life tour, dame signed all them other ni**as( peedi crakk,sparks,ODB,etc)...So get your facts straight

    • jerz30000

      LMAO... Are you saying that you know Sigel's career better than himself? XD ... The man said Jay-Z gave him an opporotunity. I think I'll take his word for it, lol. Ya'll stans/haters be taking shit to that next level nowadys, lol.

  • Crash

    First of all fuck jay. Second beans move on and drop an album without that sucker...We really don't know wat went down but where is all the rest of the roc members.. Y'ALL QUICK TO SAY OH HE NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE. EVERYBODY DON'T HAVE TO BE MAIN STREAM. And most of the ones that are are clowns.. The game right now is in a fake phase. Real shit will emerge again... Its okai to have party shit. But real life is everything but a party. Fuck post Black Album Jay...

  • Spark SparkEazy

    It's good Beans could recognize at the end of the day he was afforded and opportunity and that's recognition on his part so, I give credit there fam.

  • OK

    we get it beans, you act like a bitch one day, then a bigger bitch the next, now go be a fat queer and chew on peedi crak's jersey while he freestyles.

    • dat_mayne

      LMAO dat was just wrong

    • ahahaha

      that video is priceless, the audacity that gay ass fuck had to call Ye queer, yet he basically molested peedi. Near the end, beans' hands disappear and you see peedi look down, haha beans probably grabbed peedi's balls.

    • yo

      are yall talkin about this Peedi Crack freestyle? funny ass shit, especially with that Chris Pontius' Party Boy trance song playing in the background lol

    • Anonymous

      LMAO I seen that peedi crack shit that was some gay shit!!! LMAO

  • Big Log

    Man love that nigga Beanie sigel music but right about now he sound lose and confuse, man nigga got to learn to put feeling and friend aside when it come to business, buttom line is Jay Z give that nigga a opportunity to get rich, you know how much niggas aint geting that opportunity, and all he wanta to do is catch feeling sound like a little bitch, and blame the next man for his screw up at the end of the day it all business nothing personal, nigga need to learn that friendship aint jack to do with business and with money when you start talking millions

  • zeus

    Nobody caaares (Sonny voice)

  • Laughter

    Watch! This nigga gon be 400lbs. Give him a year or 2

  • lobster

    Just watch, the hate is gonna be INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

  • this nigga here

    this nigga here

  • YouAchumpIMaChamp

    Yall niggaz is some hataz. First off if Beans has some good production on his next album real niggaz will be checkin for it TRUST ME Beans has and always be a beast on the mic. 2nd of all yall niggas hangin on Jay-Z nuts like yall know what went down. You think its a coincidence that Hov dont fuck with none of the old Roc niggaz. Read between the lines you Young Money listening heathens

    • guerilla jones

      lol who cares what went down?who cares why Jay doesn't talk to Seigal,Beans was given a chance,had talent,it didnt work,smoke some weed,eat your scraps,and flip through he memory books every now and again,eh

  • Ben

    Wow....does this sound a little Defensive? Does he think Jay is even going to respond to this? "Real N's like why Hov talking to dude?"

  • Anonymous

    Dumb fuck aint relevant anymore so who cares??

  • Anonymous

    i wish i had an opportunity to show these geeks how real rap RAW is!!

  • guerilla jones

    wont hear from him again, ungrateful clown ass

    • illone

      Exactly, like jay thinking, let me make sure Beans is still getting his money up. While I'm at it, let me make sure Bleek, and Freeway getting they money. And how about O'Spark and Amil. Hell, lets make sure Dame is good with the Voodka and the Rocawear. Plus the DVD's and State Prop movies and clothing lines. I definately need to make sure I'm getting my money right with the 40/40 and the IX cologne - righting my next album - keeping up with my investment in the NETS - and I'm sure i'm missing tons of other business ventures - and most importantly, making sure I'm piping it right to Bey! Beans, these dude is busy, get your opportunity and run wit it... clowns.

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