Young Jeezy Sued For No-Show At Concert In The Virgin Islands

The Snowman allegedly bailed on a concert at which he was scheduled to perform.

Young Jeezy has been sued for bailing on Summer Splash 2011, which took place on June 18th in the Virgin Islands.

According to TMZ, organizers Paid 4 Entertainment made a deal with Jeezy to appear at the show back in March. Twelve days before the event, Jeezy’s people told them that he “might” have a conflict and “was considering not appearing” at the gig.

Paid 4 negotiated to have Jeezy appear the following day (June 19th), paying for a private jet so that the transportation wouldn’t be an issue. But according to the company, Jeezy didn’t make the flight and his reps called to cancel his appearance.

The company is suing Jeezy for $75,000 in damages as well as fraud.

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  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Fuck Young Jeezy, nigga aint had a hot song in a minute. He aint been right since the nigga tried to go at the Bawse. Shows how stupid this nigga is 75 big ones and the nigga didn't show up. Jeezy washed up. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D.j. Benson-Love

    wow cant believe it if it wuz me 75 stacks i would been der wha could he had possibly been doin...???

  • Roger Brito

    LMAO! that nigga would pull sumthin like that!

  • Cage

    Good job pickin your reps, jeezy... he been in the game too long for that type of clown shit

    • D.j. Benson-Love

      ur rite too long in tha game i dont think the money wuz to his 75 stacks shhhh dat plenty for me

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