Informant To Sign Plea Deal In Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond Case

The man that tipped the DEA off to Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond's cocaine trafficking case.

It looks like Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond's current legal situation may get worse before it gets any better. Now, one of Rosemond's associates and top members of his cocaine distribution organization is striking a plea deal with the prosecutors in the case. reports that Khalil Abdullah, a member of the rap mogul's Rosemond drug trafficking racket, is close to signing a plea deal with prosecutors. But before he officially inks the deal, Abdullah must forfeit $100,000 over to the DEA that he stole from the Rosemond Organization.

Abdullah's theft was the first incident in the case that ultimately led to Jimmy Henchman's indictment. Soon after, he began cooperating with the DEA, tipping them off to specific deals and the Rosemond Organization's use of FedEx delivery services to ship quantities of cocaine and cash cross-country.

Abdullah, who is facing a 10-year prison sentence for his involvement in the drug ring, is looking to receive a lesser punishment for his testimony.

Henchman was apprehended by authorities on charges of distributing illegal narcotics on June 20, to which he later plead not guilty to the charges in a Brooklyn court. Rosemond is also being investigated for the 2010 murder of Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher, an associate of 50 Cent who reportedly smacked Rosemond's son in 2007. He was also reportedly behind the 1994 robbery and attempted murder of Tupac Shakur.

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  • bricksquad>rocafella

    Henchmen indeed,cuz was a goon for real. Us older heads know him as haitian Jack lol

  • Anonymous

    Well it seems that what "Rosemond" did to "FLetcher." The guy who struck his son on the head. After being released from prison "Lowell Fletcher" the G Unit associate, was randomly shot down on a quiet Bronx street late in the evening. Almost the same thing which happened to tupac shakur in 1994. Two have arrested and charged The murder of "Fletcher" and are fought to be connected with a drug trafficking ring, which arranged to have cocaine shipped from Los Angeles to NewYork via overnight delivery services like Federal Express. Which also Drug Enforcement Administration Agents believe Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond headed the group's eastcoast operations

  • TrueStuff

    have taken a special interest into the whole Pac-Biggie east coast-west coast are some of the alleged facts: -The East Coast - West Coast beef was allegedly a front for a beef between the Crips and Bloods -Jimmy Henchman has already admitted to running w/ Crips -Anyone whose been to BK knows there are a ton of Crips in BK -Suge was Pac's savior for getting him out of jail and Suge is obviously a blood -Bad Boy was really being extorted by crips -Deathrow was run by bloods...big difference -One of the Crips killed Suge's cuzo in ATL which escalated the war -Big didn't get Pac shot, he just ran with the crew that did it -Big expressed his allegiance to the crips on his album Life After Death "my team in the marine blue" -Henchman, Haitian Jack, Tut, and "Stretch" were all street dudes that gained Pac's trust and Pac started to develop a mean streak during this time chillin' w/ these BK cats -They ultimately brought Pac down & Pac waged war against them Jimmy told pac dont go to war unless he have money rite...Pac was naming real names on these records (very brave of him) -Puff has a presence in ATL primarily bc of BMF -BMF were/are crips A lot of this is coming down to blood & crip business...but the fact is Henchman is a major player in the hip hop wars

    • mystery

      where do u get these facts?....son ur reaches r longer than pippen's arms lol...bloods n crips smdh what will they come up with next...henchman had it coming he been under investigation 4 yrs n one thing i know about the streets is u can't be in the game having a 1 or 2 decade run w/o being caught really n ur not an informant..period..n i know this from being in the streets cuz any old head doing it 2 long always turn out 2 be a snitch..

  • rememberpac

    I bet this fool is going to snitch just like his pal Hatian Jack did. Same crime different trials, eh Jimmy. Looks like Pac really got to all of them. Tut locked up and Henchmen about to rat on his peeps just like Agnant did back in the day. I hope they can find some dirt on Diddy unless Diddy already informant after the Shyne case.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    1. Spell check can't always work. Or more than likely can always be used. 2. Yep. Ol' Jimbo has some answering to do finally. Let's count down the days before he kills himself or someone else does. I don't think he's getting away with this as easy as possible.

  • Anonymous

    yeah true cuz is stupid!lol did you mispell his name or did you spell it right for him?haha SMMFH

  • Anonymous

    Sean Ryan is a dumb shit....hahah smh

  • rememberpac

    "Jimmy Henchmen promised a payback in due time" ha ha ha Karma is a....

  • mebeburke

    Hire A Proofreader. He is singing though lol

  • Atiso

    Sean Ryon..."Informant to Sing Plea Deal in Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond Case"

  • Anonymous

    Fuck em he had something to do with Pac getting shot the 1st time!! Let the nigga rot away somewhere in a facility in the middle of butt fuck Egypt somewhere!!! It all catches up with you in the end!! STICK A FORK IN HIM!!

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