Busta Rhymes Clarifies Partnership With N.O.R.E., Explains Signing Is More A Merger

UPDATE: Bus-A-Buss explains that the two wanted to take their friendship to a business level.

N.O.R.E. is the latest to join Busta Rhymes' Conglomerate Family, a collective of artists including Reek Da Villain, Nikki Grier, J. Dough and Lonnie B. The rapper, formerly of Capone-N-Noreaga, is currently working on his upcoming solo album S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G., previously known as N.O.R.E. Pt. 2: Born Again. It is unknown whether the album will release on Busta Rhymes' skein.

EVERYBODY CONGRATULATE @noreaga 4 OFFICIALLY BECOMIN' A PART OF THIS #CONGLOMERATE FAMILY!!! N.O.R.E #SALUTE!!less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

[June 25]

UPDATE: Busta Rhymes has clarified yesterday’s announcement that N.O.R.E. is joining his Conglomerate Records family. Instead of signing him to the label, Bus-A-Buss has forged a business partnership between his shingle and N.O.R.E.’s Militainment.

“I didn’t really sign N.O.R.E. to the Conglomerate,” he said. “We did a business partnership, because N.O.R.E. already got Militainment poppin’. He got his own company, he CEO of his own shit already. So when we decided to come together, it was a merging of the company, a merging of the brands, a merging of the corporations and just forming a more powerful conglomerate. It’s really a Conglomerate/Militainment thing.”

He also claimed that the partnership is based on their history. “The whole N.O.R.E. situation came about because we got a friendship that he’s like one of my brothers, one of my closest comrades in this music shit. It was pretty much an organic thing. We always been a part of each other’s development and career growth,” he continued. “So we just finally decided as brethren, usually friends help each other secure the win.”

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  • jae

    wtf sum of u ppl with comments act like u own a label or act like your a biz man or sumthing wtff?? lol weirddd wat ever happend to "ohh cool" or wat ever lol fake ass biz men on line lol u work at buger king and your stilled hyped off of old 50 cent interviews talking bout being in the biz lol like wtf are u talking bout lol haa yoo

  • sdffsd

    "The CEO of his own shit...merging of the corporations" Like they got hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. HAHA. How dumb do these rappers think we are? A "label" now a days is 2-3 people in a garage or apartment with pro tools and a contract. Unless you are Def Jam or Interscope, those rap "corporation" days are over. Busta's talking like these cats are waking up in the morning wearing business suits and putting in work in an office space, corporate style. PLEASE!

  • So Brutal

    N.O.R.E. should've went with Pharrell, got some great beats

  • So Brutal!!!

    Busta, let's go down of list of careers you killed under your watch..... 1) Lord Have Mercy - Yes!!!!, you got one of the biggest radio dj's (Funk Flex); to pop the record off. As well as a video accompanying the single later. But you made Elektra (Your first Recording home) pull the plug on his debut , "The Ungodly Hour". Because you both had an arguement about the marketing and promotion that "you" weren't doing for Lord's project. Now no one has heard anything recent from LHM !!! 2) Spliff Star - Next to Flava Flav, Spliff is known by far; to the best hype man in hip-hop. But what has become his greatest attribute, has become his greatest weakness. Busta may have put his "mans" on a few of his albums( including Flipmode Squad), but you never heard his solo album. You probably never will he him ever; because he's too old to relate to the younger generation!!! 3) Rampage (B/K/A Last Boyscout) - He had a great single for NY in "Wild For The Night", as well a scene stealing performance on "Flava In Ya Ear (rmx)'. But yet again Busta didn't promote his cousin's (yes!!! they're blood-related) album properly. Now, he's doing his thing behind the scenes. 4) Baby Sham - Seems like he was brought on to be a group member for the Filpmode Squad 5) Rah Digga - "1st Lady" of The Flipmode Squad. She also had affiliations with The Fugees camp & major underground crew, Outsidaz (in which a young, Eminem was apart of). Busta put out her critically acclaim debut "Dirty Harriett", but after Busta switch distributors from Elektra to J Records & mess her career up after that. 6) Filpmode Squad- Busta's original rhyme crew aka "Gladys Knight & The Pips"....... Nuff said !!!!

  • Anonymous

    respect my conglomerate!!!! nore is dope.. well h ewas been pretty wack recently

  • Abel

    I thought N.O.R.E was a reggaeton singer... *shrugs*

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he honestly didnt know Nore's history. No need to be all butt-hurt about it. Haha you call him youngin but i think you need to grow up child.

    • psalm47

      nah yo nore is been out since the 90's doin rap he just one day decided to do a reggaeton album to show his puerto rican roots, read ure history dude, dont be stupid posting wack shit, know ure history before anything, i swear these youngins now adays dont know shit

  • Christian Livingbible

    finally I hop Busta starts making money he has been in the game for a lot of years and hop his man splif star gets money also. Share website it has changed my life and my families. Now I am trying to get my friends to go and find out more about God www.christianlivingbible.com Love God and Love your Neighbors (all Humans) Matthew 5-7 and Exodus 20 God bless u and obey. www.christianlivingbible.com God loves you and everyone around you pass this on because you care about people like God cares about you www.christianlivingbible.com Please love God and become his property take ownership away from the flesh and the world and give it to God www.christianlivingbible.com

  • LandryWade

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  • jae

    hope everything works out,busta allways been talented im sure hel do the rite thing with nore yups busts been in game for while but he still has songs on the charts like the one with chris brown

  • jay92

    i agree wit yessir why leave a comment if you don't like him?

  • Anonymous

    nore is so inconsistant!! sometimes dude goes hard n sometimes he is wack

  • interpret

    drake, wiz khalifa, j cole da new niggaz now

    • Up North

      Shane: If you were paying attention, which you clearly weren't, you would see I chose J Cole's name from the names provided by the initial commentor. It's best you learn to read, interpret, and then respond before you challenge someone else's "knowledge".

    • Up North

      I'm obviously not gonna sit here and name every single MC I'd like to see blow. I'd be here all damn day. I listen extensively to everybody you all just mentioned and enjoy all their work, as well as those who I've mentioned. As far as Jay Elec goes, this dude has been absent for a minute now. Maybe he's put out some new shit I don't know about yet. What I do know, is that Skyzoo just put out 2 damn near flawless joints in a row and Budden's Mood Muzik is unrivalved in mixtapes(and some albums). To call me a lukewarm Hip Hop listener based upon the few MC's I've named is clearly your opinion, which I don't give a fuck about. My roots go far deeper in Hip Hop than you'll ever know. Peace.

    • vong

      Those people (first guy)you mention are for luke warm hip hop fans and mainstream girls listen to some Skyzoo, Reks, Elzi, Mysonne, Chic Raw, get rooted in the realness

    • shane

      How do you sound spitting "hiphop knowledge" and forgetting to say jay electronica but saying j cole.

    • Up North

      That's a reflection of the shit state hip hop is in. J Cole is the only exception. We need to be pulling for Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Jon Connor, and I'll keep Joe Budden among these names too.

  • email

    Fuck off N.O.R.E. . . because i said so!

  • gnigga/pleeze

    just to clarify, this isnt a label its a collective like native tongues or the juice crew. i hope busta can get reek da villains career off the ground. like i'm really pullin for that cuz dude is talented and busta's premier artist spliff starr never even dropped shit.

  • m.o.p4life

    where Spliff star and rah digga at??????

    • YO

      flipmode squad is way over, rah digga left a long time ago, conglomerate is the new movement and IS a record label. spliff starr is still around, hes always been bustas hype man, so for him to have a solo album doesnt really make sense, dont get me wrong dude can spit and they said they were gona do one BACK IN 1997 so i dont think its still happening

  • Hopit

    N.O.R.E. is past his peak. Nobody cares about his music anymore.

  • Up North

    Don't forget Busta also was supposed to be the launchpad for Papoose. I like Busta but he is a career killer, and I don't mean diss tracks.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    seriously this is not news. didnt Busta have a record label before...Flipmode anyone? And what happened to that? he had a bunch of hot artists and he never let them blow properly...and now most of the have dropped out of sight or still trying to break through. So now I'm supposed to celebrate cause Nore (who nobody is checking for anymore) is gonna link up with another label Busta got someone to beleive in.....man this is deja vu all over again....have Nore talk to Lord Have mercy, baby sham or even rah digga and let them tell him what Busta did for them..

  • dlp

    Nobody's checking for Nore or Busta...Busta already had a situation and blew it...destroyed Rah Digga's career in the process, he's wack!

    • dlp

      Oh and for this other clown, just because Digga is being diplomatic does not mean Bus didn't kill her career..his crew hopping and label hopping killed her deal, which she also acknowledged in an interview...so know your history b4 you talk, son!! You all would blow Busta if he asked, wouldn't you??

    • dlp

      actually you get the eff outta here Busta's a cornball and you know it...get off his ballsac!!! Doing songs with Tity Boi and Chris Brown...sellout ass nigga..Oh let me guess, you're a JayZ fan too, because he's still awesome?? FOH, Stan...niggas is too accepting of wackness these days...

    • illbomb

      if you read an interview that was done with Rah Digga, by this website if i recall, she claims that she had no ill feelings towards Busta. she also said that Busta did all he could to try get all of flipmode off the ground and running but when it came down to it the record company didn't want anything to do with it because i guess it wasn't money for them...... learn the history before flaming someone and posting bullshit comments.....

    • Anonymous

      Everybody checks for Busta. He has one of the hottest flows in the game. Fuck out of here.

    • Anonymous

      yet your on here leaving a comment

  • G

    What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What!What! Superthug

  • Imperial Carter

    Nothing much is going to come out of this. Nobody is really checking for Nore any more.

    • yessir

      nobodys checkin 4 nore anymore but ur like the 10th nigga to come on here and leave a negative comment about him, nothin but free promo, good job youngin

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