Jimmy "Henchman" Associates Charged With Murdering A 50 Cent Affiliate

As part of a long standing story revolving around 50 Cent's camp, two Rosemond associates have now been arrested and charged with the murder of a G-Unit affiliate.

As part of a long standing story revolving around 50 Cent's camp, two men have now been arrested and charged with the murder of a G-Unit associate, Lowell Fletcher. The two men charged are reportedly tied to manager James "Jimmy Henchmen" Rosemond

Some believe Lowell Fletcher's death in September 2009 was related to a previous attack of James Rosemond's son by Fletcher and Tony Yayo. According to The Smoking Gun, federal agents suspect that the hit was commissioned by Rosemond. 

In 2007, Fletcher struck Rosemond's son in the head and went to prison for endangering the welfare of a child and an unrelated charge. G-Unit's Tony Yayo copped a plea to harassing Rosemond's son. The altercation reportedly took place because of G-Unit's feud with The Game, who was being managed by Rosemond's company, Czar Entertainment. 

Nearly two weeks after Fletcher was released from prison, he was shot and killed in the Bronx. Federal prosecutors have now charged Rodney Johnson of "plotting with conspirators to orchestrate a homicide" in this case. Prosecutors allege that he paid Brian McCleod and others to kill Fletcher. According to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, Johnson and McCleod caused the death of Lowell Fletcher. Johnson and McCleod were charged with narcotics trafficking as part of an operation to ship cocaine across the country. Rosemond is believed to be the head of the ring's East Coast operations, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration and prosecutors. 

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  • aaron

    i c some dumb comment on this post! ppl still dont get it... "dont fuck with fif" the guy is a real 'G'. he knows how to put in work. coz everyone who go against him, where are they now? he never forget... it might take awhile but he will get you. look at GAME, gotta pay 5milli.

  • HRH

    Jimmy Henchmen in jail, to quote Kanye, will be screamin' "NO, no, no... no, noooo" Suck an Aryan's dick, you two-faced coward.


    beware of the anonymous he does not have a name cuase he does not have character and his arguments are pointless thats why he prfers to stay anonymous LOL

  • Anonymous

    We are slowly getting to the point where shit is about to start coming out about people who are involved with certain shit. Some of you have doubts about the illuminati and who they control well when the shit hits the fan im a kick back and say I TOLD YOU STUPID CLOSE MINDED MUTHAFUCKAS SO!!!!! Stay tuned people more is on the way.

  • Anonymous

    That picture looks like a Photoshop of small mans head on big mans body, either that or the guy doesn't buy clothes that fit !

  • Anonymous

    g unit ???? lol

  • macbrown

    so this that nigga that didnt like pac!, id be scared if i was fifty!

  • Christian Livingbible

    Tupac talked about Jimmy back in the day but this is bad when people start messing with peoples kids I don't understand what people think about messing with kids God bless this situation and Jesus Hold them down please www.christianlivingbible.com


    You kids think twice before you get into the music industry. It's not just rap music either, the music industry on the whole is managed by shrewd, devious BUSINESS men.

    • Anonymous

      @Think: YOU ARE 100% DEAD ON IT. THOSE SHREWD BUSINESS MEN ARE MORE THAN LIKELY ILLUMINATI AFFILIATES WHO RUN MUSIC, HOLLYWOOD, SCIENCE, AND POLITICS. But you cant convince everyone let some people tell it we live in an illuminati free society. STAY ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!!!

    • Deadboy90

      Shrewd businessmen? This nigga been havin dudes getting smoked for decades! First the 2pac thing earlier this week now this? Niggas a psychopath he probably been responsible for half the murders in hip hop!

  • sonaya

    really there's nothing new here? we all knew about it! it's not like it has never been done befor eor will never be done again in the streets ..

    • BWS-Fish

      to be perfectly honest, HipHopDX could report that Jay-Z had grown a 3rd testicle under his armpit and some dumbass like you would type 'we already knew this' If u already know everything on the site before its posted, dont bother comin on. Simple.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I didnt know the dude who hit his son actually died..but this is obviously someone you dont just mess with. We can talk as much shit as we want behind our computers, but in real life, I aint talking shit to him. I still believe in Karma and I do believe in shit hitting the fan..If he did any of the shit they stated, then he deserves to go to jail and be punished.

    • justice for lodie mack

      the dude lodi was my family...and im glad that they are seeking the death pently on them guys...take it from me that this is no gossip

    • amp

      hope he gets life. he was defs behind pac's 94 shooting and probs even the nevada hit...

  • ItsTheTruth

    I say somebody just lynch this nigga jimmy henchmen but the nigga got no neck. His suit goin right up under his ears n shit, damn nigga

  • Anonymous

    I dont wanna get caught up in no bullshit but Jimmy "Ace" is way past his prime and no nigga should be under his bankroll these days... its a sinking ship and on dumb niggas go down with it... the way i see it is you mite as well be the courier for the new leader for Al Qaeda if you helping this nigga hide out. As for Jimmy, its time for you to be across the boarder yesterday. you should already be gone or chances are you will be. and im not the one you need to worry about

  • party n bullshit

    clearly Henchmen looks crooked till proof innocent. but damn is it stupid to go bully a kid i tought they were G unit?? wtf happened? dudes havin a kid can understand that if you love your kid and a grown man touches your child. bein upset is a small word in that case

  • raje

    I'm afraid of the future (why?) yall respect the one who got shot I respect the shooter - Jay Z When yall gonna stop worshipping the dudes who actin like gangstas and getting shot up and sht lol I want all the 50 fans to start talkin about how Henchman is the real G. Please...

    • Deadboy90

      @r We don't respect 50 cuz he's a roided up fag who's songs are all him fuckin mumbling about hoes

    • stretch

      50 cent potrays himself that way to make money you morons thats why hes worth a quarter of A billion dollars. hes a business man now. He was a thug prior to the year 2003. when are you going to grow up and realize 50 cent doesnt give a fuck whether you think hes a G or not. Im sure he was a shooter at one point in his life. Hes been arrested for gun possesion and selling coke what more do you need. Yet you people will still respect rick ross who was a cop. smh

    • Anonymous

      When are you gonna change your name you curry eating fake ass gangster on the internet.

    • r

      how can u not respect 50?? regardless of whether ur a fan of his music

    • Anonymous

      option c) i don't respect either henchman or 50

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Handjob Rosemond Suge Marion Knight Sean Buff Daddy Combs etc they all should rot in hell

  • Xavier

    Apparently this man is very dangerous! His whole profile has grown in the last 1 month

    • Karl Sjoblom

      His profile has been well known for those in the know for over 15 years. Mike Tyson susposedly warned Tupac back in 1994 not to associate with this guy, that he was "bad news" After Pac started to cut ties with him, he himself was robbed and shot...

  • Big Sal

    Some nigga need to blow Jimmy Henchmen's noodles out. this bitch is shady as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    "Criminal minded, you've been blinded..." KRS-One

  • karma

    its called karma....jimmys a snake n a rat...the same rat who had tupac shot in 94 cuz pac said they werent buddies in the newspaper...jimmys over n fuck whoever he ever managed who shouted pac out on a song akon sean kingston game sheek louch etc.

    • amp

      yeh, i dont no y game, who supposedly has the utmost respect for pac, decided to side with Henchman... could be somethin deeper behind it...

  • Anonymous

    and you wonder why there are Hip Hop cops...

  • Hmm

    How is this guy still breathing?

  • jnr

    The street code is, you NEVER touch the son of a fearful nigga like Jimmy or else you will pay for your life. Yayo was spared but his Mom's house was shot up, thank god his Mom wasnt in then. You touch a family member of a fearful nigga in the streets, they touch someone dearest to you!

  • Anonymous

    Run Jimmy Run! This dude is going to jail for life if they ever catch that snake.

    • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

      those kids you want hit are going to groww up & be the future dumb fucks, your successore to be fore half you idiots.. on this site, but there is a chance they'll be better men

    • Anonymous

      Im good with kids getting slapped/punched by grown ass men. If it was legal you would see kids acting a lot less stupid in this country....Matter of fact, we need national punch a teenager in the face day at least 4 times a year. So you can just walk up and snuff any kid that says some smart shit in the vicinity of an adult.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Big Face is correct. It's just some ish you don't do. Man if you have kids (which I don't) and someone does something not cool for a lack of better terminology...you're gonna want to handle such disdain and offense accordingly. Not saying you'll go out and shoot a nigga...but sheesh. As much as Henchmen was working for the feds, he still was a boss nigga...ironically. Heck I know of cats here at the crib (we won't say the city but Michael Jackson...the GREAT Michael Jackson made a song about it. A few of them actually) who are/were legi street niggas but actually were working with the feds on some CI ish. Literally a club closed down here cause one cat who I knew got killed by a... wait for it. SNITCH. Dude was a CI. It was known he was such by a few. So what this is just is what it is. Reality. Eh... Oh yeah. Jimbo's gonna get life. No doubt about it. Feds might just kill his ass.


      on the real stayin in school is cool 4 real


      lol do you have to be gangsta lol to see that punchin the wrong kid can get you in trouble. Yoo bitches be full of shit, I aint actin. Yayo and his butt buddy were at least in their 30's assaultin a kid LMAO

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up big face. Stop living in your fairy tale gangster movies. Dudes like this are a disease to society and need to exterminated.

    • Anonymous

      @BIG FACE SPAGHETTI on every post of you on this website you act like you a fuckin mob figure out of a scorsese's flick just shut the fuck up man cause you a lot of bullshit


      Are you brain death.. you simple anonymous fuck. They wanna be gangsta touchin some ones boy, that is a rat move. I guess that was the time G unit did'nt have police escort well thats a green light on yo ass. That is real gangster logica. Go fuck around with your WWF braggin fake plastic gangsta mentality thats how people get killed

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