Jay-Z, Usher Highlight Forbes's Highest Paid Musicians List

Hova and Usher took top spots in Forbes's list of the 25 highest earning musicians.

Forbes's Zack O'Malley Greenburg recently listed the top 25 highest paid musicians of the past year.  Now, two of Hip Hop/R&B's biggest stars, Jay-Z and Usher, can officially count themselves as the top earners in their respective genres.

On a list headed by stadium-filling rock acts U2, Bon Jovi and Elton John, Hova and Usher were two of five artists form the R&B/Hip Hop market featured on the list. Coming in at spot number 12 was Usher, who earned $46 million this year from touring for his recent EP Versus. Jay-Z followed at number 17 with $37 million earned this past year, out-earning his wife Beyonce for the first time since 2008.

Beyonce wasn't too far off the mark, however. She and Bad Boy/Ciroc vodka mogul Diddy tied with Australian rockers AC/DC, country star Tim McGraw and British rock outfit Muse at spot number 18 with a whopping $35 million earned this past year. Rihanna also placed, rounding up the list in 25th place with $29 million.

Read O'Malley's full list to find out the other top earning musicians of last year.

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  • kuku

    eminem doesnt care about money

  • RON


  • Aaron

    EMINEM is the BIGGEST, ILLEST and BEST to EVER spit. EM doesnt do all the stuff jay does. EM puts out CLASSIC albums. EMS about his fans and his music. Doesnt care for the money cause he's already LOADED. If EM wanted to, he could be the highest paid musical act in the world. PRAY EM TOURS!

    • former Emfan

      Eminem sold out with Recovery. Corny track with Rihanna to make sure people who like corny pop music buy the album was a sell-out move.

    • Lsn22s

      LMFAO...damage control much??? Em is a dope artist, but he's not exactly a genius businessman...not to mention he's on a label, under a label, under another label...he kicks back A LOT of $$ to the people above him...pretty simple... Jay-Z is a waaaay smarter businessman than Em, that's all...it doesn't take anything away from Em's amazing musical ability, but business-wise Jay is far-superior to other rap-artists/ businessmen in general, he's been a top-earner for a while and I'm pretty sure he knows pretty damn well what he's doing...

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Get off of Feminem's dick bitch. the motherfucka aint on the list so shut the fuck up. Aint Hovs or Usher's fault Feminem not smart enough to read the fine print on his contract and gettin his paper taken from him. Fuck outta here. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dablur

    These entertainers get too much money

  • Heat357

    Does eminem work for free or what?

    • Lsn22s

      LMFAO @ Big Dan...speculation over substance is not a wise formula my friend... Jay makes money from A LOT of sources, he owns multiple businesses...most of his money doesn't even come from music a lot of times...that is why he makes so much...this list is for the highest paid musicians, not the highest grossing TOURING artists...big difference...other artists might go on more tours, but I bet Jay has higher ticket prices and more sold-out venues than they do (especially rap artists) so he still makes good money from that plus all his OTHER business ventures...you are underselling Jay big-time...

    • Big Dan

      These numbers are estimates that are usually WAAY of the mark. Em makes quiete money. Plus he has obviously not been interested in doing it just for the money. He could have made at least 10 movies by now, assuming they kept doing well and he could be rocking world tours, but chooses not to for whatever reason. He does not work for free, but $1.5 per album times 5 million units worldwide works out to roughly 7.5 million. We'll ignore the fact that record contracts always pay less on foreign sales and Rosenberg has probably worked it so he's making a whole lot more than the standard manager's fee of Em's take. Jay-Z is obviously clocking big cheese, but he probably did less than 20 (non stadium) dates and he made 39 million! Don't think so. Not to mention, Live Nation gave him a fat check a couple years ago and in return, they get 50% of Jigga's earnings. So if you figure, he grosses 50% of a tour's take and the promoter's get half and then Live Nation get's half of that, his (less than 20 date) tour would have had to gross 156 million. That's beginning to put him ahead of the U2s, Madonnas and Rolling Stones who take home the big tour money every other year... after being on the road for 250 days around the world.

    • Kevin

      I have always wondered as well... Eminem has NEVER been even close to being on top of these lists despite outselling everyone combined. Yeah yeah, Jay-z has his own vodka and club, but how muchdoes that really make him? I think its because he gets some cut out off Rihanna, Ne-Yo and Kanye's sales and concert revenues.

    • EMINEM

      Jimmy Ivoine is to blame !

    • Derrick

      Eminem's money all belongs to people Like Dr.Dre

  • ha!!!

    no Young Money? ha!

  • labeats

    usher got that bieber money lol

  • Anonymous

    ok the typos in this one was a little unbearable...

  • nickinho

    wheres baby lmao

  • organized

    Organized Men http://youtu.be/nVPzEILltnU

  • Chase

    Aight thats cool. Check this dude out someone you can relate to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX2HYIHCePw

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