Lil Mama Claims Nicki Minaj "Imitated” Her Style

The "Lip Gloss" rapstress accuses the Young Money member of jacking her swag.

Lil’ Mama is making claims that Nicki Minaj has jacked her style in the past. Speaking with, the former Jive Records rapstress fielded a question about her taking the Harajuku Barbie’s haircut and rocking it at the MTV Movie Awards. According to Mama, it’s the other way around.

“My cut is blunt and futuristic and Nicki Minaj started wearing that bob on her head after she came to my show, so at the end of the day I know what I do and I know what I possess and I know who I am. I'm a trendsetter,” she said. “The biggest form of flattery is imitation so I'm flattered. I understand the universal law. I'm not confused, I don't feel like a follower. I started so many things that new artists are doing now anyway –my style, the way I'm aggressive on a track, the way I come through, the way my beat bangs. There are so many things that were borrowed, that I influenced that's happening in music right, so I'm far from discouraged.” 

Lil’ Mama claims that Nicki saw her haircut during a guest appearance on “America’s Best Dance Crew” and ran with the style.

“She was a guest on ‘America's Best Dance Crew’ and immediately afterwards, everywhere she went, she was wearing the haircut, the same exact way,” she continued. “But that doesn't make me feel like ‘Oh she's trying to be down’ like how I said about our culture. I'm actually flattered because she imitated me and it felt like something that I was doing was cute and in time for the fashion and for the season, so it's like let's live, let's do it.”



  • cassidy

    i just read it she is stilling your stile lol

  • MasterBlaster

    Most of you guys like Rappers who are "All show & NO SKILLS"!! Big butts & Breasts DON'T make a MC Smh...Wake the Fuck up Black People!!

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Ha ha, Lil Mama seriously may need mental help cause she stays doing/saying dumb shit. Nicki been rocking that style, Lil Mama is just on her Lil Kim shit: jealous that her rap career has been over and Nicki's the hot chick at the moment

  • Anonymous


  • bklynsfynest2000

    first off why bow wow got a wig on? oh my bad that lil mama......well then secondly you accuse silicone ass Nicki of jacking your style??? what style? seriously i know you want some attention lil mama...but this is not it. Go back to school shorty. matter fact since you claim Nicki jacked your style...then you should find out who pumped her ass with silicone and see if they can hook you up....

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    LOL, this bitch is DELUSIONAL.

  • Anonymous

    to me one of the saddest parts of this is that vibe actually did a WHOLE interview with this he/she. i remember when Vibe = greatness. smh

  • jamel

    lil mama is the ugliest, nastiest piece of trash this world has seen. Nicki is the sexiest thing this world has seen. So who gives a fuck who copyed whos style. Nicki does it better than that rat

  • Kaycee Dike Swizzson Blood


  • Simon Magus

    1 lil mama is a washed up pop act that ethered herself totally at the mtv awards by jumping on stage with Jay-Z and Aleysha keys EPIC FAIL. This should have let her know her level of celebrity was c list now she is around z. 2 she has a name like lil mama. That lil shit was over used and the only dude relavant with a lil title from that error is wayne. So change your name an make good music instead of reaching for some silly coincedent. You may have rocked the hair style first but she did it better and immortalized it besides if niki go broke she can do porn again she got the name for it(best porn name evaaaar in the female rap scene)

  • boogieAbernathy

    Who gives the sh!t bout lil mama or nicki minaj. its females like them as to why people dont take women serious in WHAT I USE TO CALL HIP HOP before it DIED!!!!

  • George Lafflin

    i dont even know who lil mama is. at first i thought this was lil kim again bitching about her.


    She damn sure aint imitate Lil' Mama's record sales........

  • Jason Robinson

    LOL...Lil Mama trying to be relevant again (wait, was she ever?) The only person who she can beef with for jacking her style is Willow Smith because they are the same age and height.

  • John-Boy

    They both should try imitating someone with talent.

  • Meat Man

    See, this is why we as men need to step up and lick the asses of these women to stop all of this anger and hostility. I'm tired of seeing these news stories and seeing women in my everyday environment show so much anger and never get along. So to all men, if you can take the time to at least lick one ass I guarantee you will see a difference in today's women because all they need is for us to lick their sweet and love-starved asses. All men, lick at least one ass today and show these women that they're special so they won't have to do things like this for attention.

  • PLEASE!!!

    LOL why are you complaining your both wack ass rappers. Jean grae,Queen Latifah or mc lyte and Lauryn Hill would smoke their ass's.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Mama is so stupid, she never used to rock the style that Nicki does. She was always hats and that tomboyish hip-hop look, never girly. Just admit ur jacking Nicki's swag at least be honest about it. Even though both of these artistes can't really spit, Nicki wld kill her if this evolves into a beef

  • dablur

    Thought Nicki was rocking that style first? Hows she even a judge for dancers when she can't even dance that good her self?

  • dablur

    Thought Nicki was rocking that style first?

  • Detroit313

    lil mama sexy as hell but they both just need 2 stop espically nicki because her raps r just fucking garbage all 2gether and she just a knockoff of lil kim as we all know

    • Sergiz

      I'm not a fan of Minaj raps. But please explain, in any direction, how Minaj is a Kim knockoff. Please do

  • jae

    lmfaoooo lil mama please stop i mean really shes so out of place with everything an acts like she kn ows about hip hop its stupid lol ppl like her think jus cause they grew up in ny they think they can rap ive been seeing that ugly trend for pass 7 years, its like just cause your from ny doesnt mean you can rap stop rideing off of other ppls fame an learn your self ,like lets say a real famous rapper lived on your block that doesnt mean u can rap lol thas why u see all these dudes trying rap when they cant thinking their surpose to when they really cant,u ever see sumone like that it makes me throw up threw my soul, lol

  • Anonymous

    to late mama one hit wounder you r

  • Anonymous

    they're both imitating white sluts

  • Anonymous

    that shit look dumb as hell anyway lol...where ya real hair fuck a wig

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't fuck Nicki, nor Mama. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Now its all about the wigs, you copied my style. Hit singles couldnt drop me. I took it and smiled. Now I'm about to set the record straight. With my blue wig im still the bow wow that you love to hate.

  • TerBan920

    Lil Mama need to sit her ass down somewhere, she aint nobody's trend setter. Chicks been wearin bobs, everything about her is terrr-ble (in my Charles Barkley voice). Stick to ABDC, which im still confused as to how the hell she became a judge anyway...bottom line... shut the fuck up!

  • Grizzle

    Fuck you DX, I had forgotten this broad even existed 'till just now when you made me remember.

  • hipstar

    Damn i memba with this idiot went on stage wen NO1 invited her n had no business bein up ther wit jayz and alicia keys during that empire state of mind performance i was lmao Like WTF WHO R U GET outta showbiznezz ur fuckin ugly shit

  • bhester1906

    Who the hell cares??? Lil' Mama is the worst. How'd she get a gig judging dancers anyway? That hoe can't dance.

  • Toney

    I wanna stick my penis in both of their anus'.

  • Don Whyte

    No one checks for you Lil' Mama, go home!!

  • Lee Edward Hall

    Wow that is too funny

  • JR


  • V

    Sounds like a cover up for Mama just cause Minaj rocked the look better than she did!

  • Anonymous

    just another attempt for lil man to say how she thinks she the best shit in the world. your a flop. you fell off. get over it. it happenend to everybody.

  • Vanno Davis

    soooooo she went to the place u got your wig and paid for it......... grow up....... she mad cuz nicki dont look like a dude

    • and

      the fact that Nicki is making money from everything while she (lil mama) is only getting paid for appearing in America's Best Dance Crew; i mean she did get dropped from her label, and she said she's thinking about quitting music. I say good, no sweat off my back.

  • ccc

    i would fuck them both


  • Anonymous

    Lil Mama? It should b Little Man. Whys your face so damn strong? Nicki looks pretty in her wig, u on the other hand look like a Drag Queen.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Mama got Booed Off The Stage At Chris Brown's Show In New York last year. Hang it up

  • wow

    Wtf? lil mama you arent even erelevent ! nobody even knows you! so stop try to get attention by becoming another lil kim! #TEAM MINAJ!!

  • jeremy

    lil who? lol everytime a new episode came on abdc, i would wait to watch it the next day so i could fast forward through lil mama's stupid comments. TEAM MINAJ.

  • really

    i like how everybody still uses "Lip Gloss" as the song to refer to her about, a 5 year old song, that shows how much she sucks.

  • genocide_cutter

    Come on now really? Regardless there both garbage

  • OnemikE

    The LiL one got sum grapes in those panties to say Nikki is sweatin her style.. At the end of the day i dont think the grl nikki even kno who lil mama is..

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    fuck em both....they both suck anyway and no one should ever compare either one of them to Lauryn Hill.... Lauryn Hill is on another level compared to these 2... I'm waiting for these 2 and many other wack rappers to fade the hell away already...... If you want to hear good music from female rappers Jean Grae is the way to go until Lauryn gives us that good ish we gotta hear... Or go listen to Lauryn's other album(s)......

  • Mac

    SMH @ hiphopdx giving this bitch a headline... And Fuck MTV for giving her a job. Multiple fails all the way around.

  • SMH

    Nickis cool!!! lil mama aint cool, so even if she stole her style, wlil mamaho gives a fuck, noone wants to see/hear

  • Debrico

    It amazes me how much hate Nicki gets, yet she goes on about her business. While her haters continue to bark. Don't ya'll get it, she could care less about ya'll. Nicki, keep doing you're thing, and make us barbz proud.

    • bkstylz

      Why does it amaze you? hip hop heads don't really feel Nicki, but little girls and other fans of pop music do.....and you are on a hip hop site.

  • big D

    why everytime I see Lil Mama I wanna Kick her in her Pussy jajajajaja

  • big D

    who the fuck is LIL MAMA lol like shut the fuck up u ugly bitch u had 1 hit and now ur fucking wack eat a dick nobody is copying ur style ur a fucking nobody u dirty sweat hog jajajajajajaj

  • XwaitXwhatX

    Doesn't Matter they Both Jocked Off Lady Gaga Who Jocked From Madonna so at the end of the day Everyone Jocked Off Madonna

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Minaj look 100x better than you lil mama. Lookin' like Earthworm Jim with a barbie wig on and a dress. GTFOH

  • her face...

    there's something about Lil Mama's face that makes me want to punch her. Anyways, Lil Mama just wants to get back in the spotlight, i didn't even know she was still a judge on ABDC, i also like how she says she's trendsetter but then copied T-Pain and got on stage when Jay-Z performed at the VMA's. Hahaha i liked how Jay-Z and Alicia Keye's posed, then you see Lil Mama trying to do the same pose. She ruined herself after that, not to say she was ever good to begin with. Stupid ass Funk Flex said that Lil Mama had the potential to be the next Lauryn Hill, when Lip Gloss came out...fucking for real, how are you going to hear a shitty ass song like Lip Gloss and then make a connection to anything that Lauryn Hill came out with. Damn you suck, Lil Mama.

  • ReallyDoe?

    who gives a shit?

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    This women is a genius! I gotta give her props. She made a whole career out of saying stupid shit! What a legend...

  • Daniel

    Lil' Mama who? Nicki Mi-what? fuck both of these wack-ass wannabe MC's. Hip Hop is dead. I only still fucks with Slaughterhouse and that's it.

  • Anonymous



    they both are horrible artist, both sound like shit, both can get this white dick shoved down there throat till they fucking choke. nobody care about either one of these bitches? niki the slut will be over soon she is boring and retardedd, young money is over. shady 2.0 shits on everyone period eat a dick you wack pussies!

  • Anonymous


  • PrickJames

    Both these beastly broads can JACK MY COCK... But I might get accused of fucking with a dude like MR. Cee.

  • Mark Anthony Harris

    *sigh* Do I have to actually go through this mess? Why, hiphopdx, why????

  • Lilmamamadpussy

    Wow why everybody all of a sudden claiming nicki minaj stole there style? Like Lil mama all you was was a one hit wonder. Nobody even remembers you. & Nicki been coming at her head before & when Nicki was at ABDC she had nothing to say to her & she was acting all cool with her and shit! GTFOH!

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason


  • Espi

    Really??? I can't believe this shit is news. Second, Lil Mama is a fucking megalomaniac. Google it...

  • raydogg

    Did she not see Up out my face video? This bitch ain't shit, Nicki wore short bobs back in 09 so Lil'Mama Sit yo ass Down!!!!

  • MACnPearls

    Haha of course there's Nicki Minaj haters on these comments smh tragic!! But you can't be great without hate so continue doing yall job :)


    wtf is that in the pic up top? look like that geico lizard in a dress

  • sean who

    this is the first time ive heard of lil mama lol

  • budthegenius

    Because Lil Mama was the only woman to ever have her hair cut like that.

  • Anonymous


  • Michael Daniel Inniss

    What the fuck is a lil mama.

  • west west

    fuck both these ugly hoes

  • Anonymous

    lil mama is not nobody.part of junior mafia,she was on americas best dance crew,and nicki the wack rapper jacked her style and made wack album.

  • MR718


  • haha

    its funny though because before anyone even knew who this chick or nicki was rihanna was rockin the haircut.....nicki minaj and lil mama both garbage

  • Jose Vasquez

    Both suck____.

  • Ryan MacQueston

    they both FUCKING SUCK

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Lol, Nicki been wearing that way before Lil Mama that's dumb as hell. Lil Mama's just an attention whore, that's why she ran up on stage during Jigga & Alicia's performance that one time. After Lip Gloss she fell off and ain't had a hit ever since, now she's jealous of Nicki's sucess. Not hating, just calling it how I see it, and everything I said is the truth

  • rick

    lil bow wow strikes again. sit your ass down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Notorious PhD

    Lil kim....if you a trendsetter act like one,you bitter-courting-for-attention-bitch !! YES AND I'M GLADLY HATING....

  • aish

    actually nicki wore the short blonde wig at the billboard awards which was before the movie awards and the wig wasn't even straight. lil mama is so irrelevant just talking to become relevant.

  • Anonymous

    "when she came to my show." LOL, bitch your a judge on the show, not even the host.

  • ShystyOne

    Ain't no one in their damn mind take any advice from this bitch. She must be on the pipe.

  • unknown

    i rally dont know why anybody would want to still from lil mama in the hip hop world i know she aint even a factor i dont have nothin against her she can rap a lil bit but doubt lil kim minaj stole anything from her why..and when was the last time she put out a album?

  • Anonymous

    Is this bitch kidding me? Lady Gaga started that hairstyle. Shes not a trendsetter shes a trendhopper, shes hopping on any trend she can to stay relevant.

  • J

    Publicity stunt to get her name on the internet Go away

  • G

    This bitch....nicki is annoying but who the fuck is this bitch? shes already fallen off no one cares about her, only job she got is a judge. This is a hater


    MY LIPGLOSS IS HOT MY LIPGLOSS IS POPPIN wow what a dumb bitch i'd give her some dollar tree lipgloss for a feature

  • stbaby

    Lil mama ,i have to disagree with you on this because Nicki actually wore that wig but the green one when she performed at dancing with the just take a sit at the far end.

  • d-nice

    She bit off lady gaga....

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Nicki Minaj (5 star bitch remix) ''Five little mama, you a Three star I aint sleepin when I say I'm in my dream car Oh did I studda? Harajuku hyphen, BarBie... I'm hot I think it's time to put the rice in, I was in da chair, I was just gluing my weave in, When you hit the stage They was booin and leavin, Young money red flag, No more auditions Ask Lil Wayne who the 5 star bitch is!!!!! LIL MAMA LOL you are DELUSIONAL!

  • Wherearetheynow?

    LMAO what swag is she talking about.....go apply for a job at burger king cuz abdc wont b around that long

    • kay

      Come on guys, give her a break. I knew people were going to rain her with disses, but she is correct in some aspects of what she said.

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