Game Reveals "Skate On" Collaboration With Lupe Fiasco For "R.E.D. Album"

The West Coast rapper also weighs in on his controversial comments regarding President Obama.

Game has revealed that Lupe Fiasco will appear on a track titled “Skate On” on his upcoming R.E.D. Album, dropping August 23rd. Speaking with, the Compton, California native explained the concept behind the track and how the collaboration came to be. 

“The Lupe track, I forget who it’s produced by, I just know I got it from Fabian who mixes most of the Neptunes stuff,” he said, noting that Lupe has a 20-bar verse. “Lupe was in the studio with me and Pharrell and he got on it, and it’s called ‘Skate On.’ You know the skateboard community, like everybody skates. Lupe skates, and I thought it would be cool to take that and make it reverse psychology. You know, like when some bullshit’s about to jump off, you’re like, ‘I think we should skate.’ It’s kind of like that, that world meets ‘get the fuck out of there because some drama’s coming,’ and you know the drama’s coming from my side.” 

He also weighed in on Lu’s controversial comments branding President Obama as “the biggest terrorist.” “Yeah, to each his own. I know Lupe, and I know he’s a good dude. I didn’t hear it and I don’t know what he said, but I don’t give a fuck ‘cause Obama’s our president, and I ain’t never met him yet, but he’s a cool guy evidently,” he continued. “And Lupe’s my homeboy, so to each his own. So whatever he said, I’m pretty sure he can stand up behind. That’s him.”

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  • pesp

    this nigga game can't do it by himself. every album, he has to court who's hot, even if it doesn't make sense. i'm sure he would've loved to had justin bieber on his album. look @ game in 2011. he has a mohawk. he's about to reinstall that tongue ring and fag out at any second. west coast bloods making songs with skaters. that's rap in 2011. game can't make an album on his own 2, he needs help. i can only imagine the begging going on trying to get eminem on board. all these features, and still, NO ONE cares. this album will flop, lock a date in game, i'll show ya.

  • Marcel Robinson

    Album about to kill everything. RED ALL DAY!!!

  • SuperGucciRap

    Fuck Lupe, that nigga can't even ollie. Hopsin will kill this nigga. Game is cool tho. Lupe is rap for homosexuals and women. Fuck that homo. Listen to Justin Bieber and GUCCI CHRIST! It's Gucci Time!

  • Guest Cali Breed - Barton Block

  • Mumbles

    Lupe doesn't even skate haha.. just because of Kick Push people think he does/can.. the ones that actually skate are these young kids that are rapping coming out of L.A.... like Tyler the Creator (not endorsing him) and Hopsin, who is dope as fuck...

  • yugang

    I like Game but damn, who hasnt he worked with on this album? seems like is trying to get EVERYONE on his album. Lupe Fiasco, Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Timbaland, Dj Premier, Az (or so game said last yr), jay electronica, diddy, ryan leslie, nas etc. etc. GODDAMN! This is your solo album, not a compilation album. Just Use that premier/az joint he talked about, plus lupe, nas and dre and thats it!

  • Anonymous

    Waaay too many features, were excited when he announced it, but that's just too much. Seems like he ran outta ideas on some of the tracks and needed to add something to make it ain't like 2 minute tracks the whole way through.

  • Marcel Robinson


  • Anonymous

    Lol at "hes our president"...Rappers were real political when bush was in office but now they act like they dont know shit about politics.

    • lol

      I second that. Rappers are now very political and suprisingly pro war and some seem to now be pro U.S. but before 2008 it was the opposite. And the funny thing is Obama hasn't done a thing to help the African American community unemployment among black people is very high at 16.2% so why are these rappers going on and on about him shouting him out in interviews and show so much love for him when according to the numbers black people are suffering from a Great Depression instead of a serious recession. And I wonder what they will be saying in 2012 if things are the same or worse?

  • Anonymous

    Of course Game cant comment on what Lupe said. Game dont know shit about anything.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Lupe, you're doing a feature with a rapper who glorifies gang violence? Shut up the next time, if you think of making political statements. Like I said, being against the government is his gimmick.

    • 2 Cents

      It's not a gimmick. Why does speaking the truth have to be a gimmick, but people talking about crime and things they don't really do is "real"? There are people that listen to Game that wouldn't listen to Lupe. If Lupe got on a Game track, his voice would reach an audience it probably would never have. I'm all for reaching across the lines to bring people to your cause.




    riding a skateboard throwing up gang signs hes wack also

  • Anonymous

    Must be fun if another nigga is going to have the best verse on your album.

  • slapyobitchass

    This nigga Game need to stop talkin bout what collabos are gonna be on the album. We already heard the same shit for two years. next thing you know, this nigga Game will be sayin he takin his talents to South Beach. Release the album already or STFU!

  • Anonymous

    game isnt smart enough to understand what lupe is talking about with obama.

  • Anonymous

    lupe doesnt even skateboard

    • mike

      you people are dumb as shitt wtf, you think lupe wrote kick push cuz he skateboards?? he may like skateboarding and shit but that whole song is a giant metaphor for being on the grind, pushin drugs and shit. you fuckin fools lol thats why lupes raw, cuz he goes over all your heads, dumb bitches lol im laughing at these comments

  • Anonymous

    Hype for the album. . Hoping that its gonna be the best one yet. Just bought the Documentary yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds a lot "Kick Push II". It looks as if Game has never heard that song. Oh well I hope the songs dope, cause I know Lupe will kill it. Game used to be my favorite rapper so it would be good if he steps it up again.

    • Anonymous

      everyone says that game used to be my favorite rapper. so many people i know. Dissapointing, this album has lots of features wish he would cut the chris brown, try songs, drake collabs, cause you know they will be on some club redundancies, skip tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is the best feature he revealed, but that should be the last one, it's called solo album, this is already looking like a compilation, all the features made L.A.X. whacker.

  • mb

    Good response bout lupe at the end... "thats him"

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