N.O.R.E. Announces Capone-N-Noreaga Has Disbanded

N.O.R.E. takes to his Twitter account to reveal that he and Capone are going their separate ways.

C-N-N’s Capone and Noreaga are calling it quits. N.O.R.E. recently revealed on his Twitter account that he and his partner-in-rhyme are hanging up the mic to focus on their respective solo careers.

“I'm not making another war report album or another N.O.R.E ALBUM IMMA MAKE THE 1st S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G album cause that what's good for now,” he tweeted. “CNN was a great group. [...] Time has changed I must move on. [...] Doesn’t it hurt to watch a boxer still box when he’s heart isn’t in it that’s what the group feels like right now.” 

C-N-N most recently dropped their final album The War Report 2: Report the War last year. The album stalled upon release, debuting at No. 98 on the Billboard 200 and selling 4,700 copies in its first week.

I'm not making another war report album or another N.O.R.E ALBUM IMMA MAKE THE 1st S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G album cause that what's good for nowless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Doesn't it hurt to watch a boxer still box when he's heart isn't in it that's what the group feels like right nowless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • NY

    The problem is N.O.R.E. can't rap anymore, I don't if Tragedy Khadafi wrote his lyrics on War Report but he has not been the same since, but they do go out with a classic album in their catalog. I don't think they'll be successful at solo careers and they should make a comeback make amends with Mobb Deep and both groups need to get in that same state of mind they had in the 90's.

  • dan stannly

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  • dan stannly


  • justin case

    blame Prodigy

  • Duke

    it seems like they've been split. noreaga's and capone have been putting out music for a while by themselves. can't remember when i last heard them together. second off DX we can read the tweets. you dont have to quote them every time. there not like interviews, they're already summarized (i.e. 140 characters)

  • Nico 3

    Like Tha Liks, they'll soon realize that they stand alot better chance making money as a team rather than solo. They just need a new gimmick. The Thug thing is dead.

  • tekdelorean

    Can't have war report 2 without Trag. Simple.

  • Anonymous

    That War Report 2 was a tight album. A shame they've split up so soon after.

  • Jose Vasquez

    I thought they already parted ways...

  • Anonymous

    They had the luck to release a great album as their debut with War Report, I don't need to mention that Tragedy was a huge factor, and hoped that they could continue from that on. A career that doesn't deserve it's name, these guys tried to recreate their first album and got people still checking for that shit, cause they were trying to live off it, til people realised how whack they became over the years and only the biggest dickrider who lied to himself about the quality of their music, continued to support them.

  • Dogg_316

    It a sad day for hip hop that a legendary group has disbanded. It's even sadder reading these comments saying they been finished ten years ago and comments like who cares, just hurt me. It's a sad hip hop fans and more importantly black people don't support stuff they supported ten years ago. It's funny that Eminem can sell 4 million copies of "Recovery" due to his white fan base and all of the other wrappers from the 90's are lucky to sell 100,000 copies when they drop albums in this free music era. New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys just recently went on tour for God's sake and probably sold out every venue. Hip hop fans/ black people, we need to check ourselves. Stop calling our veteran wrappers old and start appreciating them. It a sad day that CNN has broke up, and deep down all yall know it.

    • chronwell

      Respect to Dogg_316. U right!

    • Anonymous

      @ Hidden By Leaves Are you actually saying Eminem is the best rapper ever, that's a joke, Recovery sold 4 million because ignorant fans will buy anything he puts out and think it's good. Recovery is a pop album with horrible guests on the album. Their are so many emcees that are better than Eminem but Eminem sells more and you can't use sales numbers to determine who's best because Eminem would be #1 and Lil Wayne would be #2 Drake #3 Nicki Minaj #4 so obviously not accurate to measure skill.

    • Paint drying

      Post traumatic slave syndrome will always cause us to turn on each other. And since music no longer nourishes the soul with lyricism no wonder it is fizzling out. Who knows maybe Riff Raff can form a duo. Some how the "Weinsteins" will profit from it they always do.

    • Bowski

      I wish I could really say that this was a suprise. As sad as it may be, the gap b/w Nore & Pone's styles was noticeable instantly when Pone came back home from jail. In my opinion Nore seemed more into his industry grind too. I definitely agree w/Hidden By Leaves' comment, I would'nt consider CNN "legendary" especially with their lack of consistency as CNN.

    • hellrazor

      i agree, i look at this new generation of cunts that dont have brains & dont appreciate the value of the art. they follow whats on radio and what their peers are into, they watch bullshit like MTV & 106th park and think that's cool. aging is inevitable for ALL of us including artists. CNN made real music and it's sad to see this. if an article on this site gets over 150 comments, it's gotta be about lil wayne's faggot ass. war report 2 was one of last year's best albums and barely sold cuz it didnt cater to stupid little tweens & brainless cunt. brainlessness is what garners attention now, not substance & subject matter

    • Hidden By Leaves

      This post is bullshit and here are the reasons why... 1.CNN Legendary!? C'mon son, that's laughable. The best part about the only good album those two ever released was Tragedy Khadafi. RAE N GHOST, now THATS legendary, NOT CNN. 2. Recovery sold 4 million because at least 4 million listeners could relate to the subject matter of the singles enough to buy the whole album. Eminem obviously has fan clientele of every race. I personally have heard black, white & brown hip hop fans alike try to tell me that he is the best. 3. You used some teeny bopper pop acts as a basis for comparison? Girls buy those tickets. 4. You spelled RAPPER wrong. TWICE.

    • Sensaye252

      Word, I'm always saying that. It's like black people aren't comfortable backing something unless everyone else is backing it first. Hip-Hop is the only music genre where it's fans don't allow even it's great artists to have long careers. "He's old, he shouldn't be rapping anymore". As if you have to be some ignorant 18 year old in order to be an MC.

    • spot on

      word. ozzy might be past his prime, but the fans salute him as a legend. got forbid you get old. legends in rap get old, and niggas start looking for ways to trash them. hip hop fans are unfortunately incredibly segregated and hateful. kool g rap is in his 40's, he just dropped an incredible album. i know he's not gonna do numbers so i made sure to put my money up and cop it. it breaks my heart to know a dude like g rap, who inspired everyone, can drop fire in 2011, to little fanfare. the hip hop audience as a collective should be ashamed. nore is a real dude, and CNN had some beautiful moments in their day. yall keep chasing the flavor of the month, forgetting youre gonna be old one day. thats if youre lucky! hopefully by the time these kids grow up, they reevaluate the way they look at life and art.

    • khordkutta

      co-sign one hunnid

    • Big P 1

      I second that :(

  • Anonymous

    I guess what P said was true after all.

  • still

    nore spit excellent on the last CNN album and outclassed capone in every aspect. i'm tired of niggas acting like nore is a fucking bum ass no talent rapper, he fucked up with the reggaeton movement but this dude has classic records in the can. prodigy obviously was telling the truth about pone, and now nore is distancing himself. tough year for capone but thats life, ups and downs. if nore gets the right beats im confident he can drop a great album, he rapped his ass off on the war report 2. shame people didn't hear it, it didn't do the numbers it should have.

    • Anonymous

      Wtf are you talking about. Pone was much tighter on the War Report 2. NORE can't rap, he needs to hang up the mic.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Well... that's that. They made a timeless classic with The War Report and gave us a nice heatrock with The Reunion. War Report 2 had its moments. But it's clear that the CNN demo was not the same. I think Capone might have been a huge reason for this... not necessarily saying the stuff with P calling him out once again in the book had to do with anything...it probably did to a degree... but Pone wasn't holding his part of the weight anyway on the mic. Oh well. I'll listen to The War Report.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this worthless fat fuck was reggaeton? No? In other news, Busy Bee is still retired!

  • Chilly Milly

    Really? This is relevant news? I thought these niggas broke up, like ten years ago. Didn't Nore go into reggaeton?

  • achpe

    Fade away and never come back !!!!!!!!

  • Guest

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  • nano

    after the reunion they was done trust me

    • Big Log

      Second that man after Capone came home from jail and them nigga drope that album, it was over after that.

  • nibs

    So does this mean Capone's man that was said to be a snitch is a snitch after all, and your boy here found out?


    damn i hope NY rap can get out the backseat who driving the (SOUTH) wack or not

  • Anonymous

    at least we got that album last year, and it was good.

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