Settlement Reached In Lawsuit Between Dr. Dre & WIDEawake Death Row Records

A lawsuit against WIDEawake Death Row Records that stems from unauthorized digital sales is dropped thanks to a settlement.

Producer/rapper Dr. Dre and WIDEawake Death Row Records will no longer have to appear in court today (June 7) due to a settlement that was reached earlier in the week.

The Washington Post reports that prior to the settlement the famed producer planned on suing the label for 100 percent of the profits from online sales of his album The Chronic.

According to Dr. Dre, WIDEawake’s sales of The Chronic were unauthorized and although Dr. Dre is no longer at Death Row Records he agreed to a deal that would require the company to get his consent to sell his music digitally.

It is still unclear the type of settlement that was reached in the case, but The Chronic is no longer for sale on iTunes or Amazon.

Death Row Records was acquired by WIDEawake Entertainment, a Canadian based entertainment company, back in February 2009.

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  • PLD

    Punk hid until Suge didn't own it anymore, then sued...what a chump!! I would've got my paper from jump...

  • Anonymous

    lol Dr. Dre is sure as hell wearing a tight-ass tailored suit in that pic lol

  • guest We Killin It - Barton Block

  • endof

    dre has security at his front gate and hes still scared of suge. hiding behind his lawyers and jimmy in the office, and eminem in the studio. RIP dr.dre the legendary producer. Hello to andre young professional bodybuilder/head phone supplier.

  • talktalkreal

    What I don't understand is WHY when Deathrow was being auctioned, did'nt Dre and Snoop put together some money and buy DEATHROW? Problem sloved! Duh?

    • PEO

      It was probably a closed bid auction where you had to put up so much non-refundable cash, #1. Number 2, y'all cats keep believing all these rap cats got cash like that... they doing okay, but not like you would think.

    • Anonymous

      Because there is more to this story and there are major power players involved behind the scenes!!

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