Busta Rhymes Reveals New Album Is 90 Percent Finished

Bus-A-Buss gives a status update on his upcoming untitled LP, dropping in September.

Busta Rhymes is currently wrapping up his currently untitled album, formerly known as E.L.E. 2. The enigmatic rapper spoke with AHH about progress on the LP, revealing that he is 90 percent finished with recording for the project.

"There's times when you gotta go back in the kitchen and find new seasonings to make the meat taste a little better when you feed the full course meal back to the streets," he said. "It was time for me to put together another full course meal that aint never been tasted the way this full course meal is gonna taste." 

Contradicting earlier claims that the album would be titled E.L.E. 2, he wouldn’t share its title, but explained that it will be similar in style to that of previous releases including When Disaster Strikes, Genesis and Extinction Level Event.

"This is my shit. I am back in a space where I can talk about the things I love to talk about and touch on things people are a little uncomfortable talking about and really expose the truths, and do it in a way where it's so extremely entertaining. I feel supreme right now,” he continued.

Reportedly without a label home, Busta will most likely release the new album in September via his Conglomerate Records, and also plans to put out projects by associates Reek Da Villain and Spliff Star. “A couple of my artists are finally going to get their feet wet in the music thing," he confirmed.

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  • Scorned

    Yeah Trevor...I know you had to RUN and make a new album because off all the child support you pay for your 8 kids and your VALTREX medication for your herpes!! Fucking nasty bastard!

  • Anonymous

    an album that is gonna be similar to his second, third, and fifth album??? now that's the Busta Rhymes i know :D hope he can keep it that way, and not include any wack rappers or beats

  • timo

    he needs to step away from that pop sound of the last 2 albums...they are alright but he is a way better rapper than that and these CDs do NOT showcase his skill. Listen to his guest verse on tech N9nes Worldwide Choppers, thats proof he can still spit. Thats one of his best verses he's ever laid down straight up. Can't wait for this shit.

  • kennyken

    i REALLY think bussa buss has realized how he messed up on back on my bullshit. i think he had a vault of original bussa buss shit but had to come out with back on my bullshit becuase of a funky deal with the label. i'm looking for the real busta to shock the world again on this one

    • BoogieAbernathy

      i agree that album was rushed cuz he had to switch from AFTERMATH to UNIVERSAL in a short period of time. the singles he had release under AFTERMATH "BLESSED" album were FIRE!! but the songs on UNIVERISAL "BACK ON MY BS" were very mediocre plus THERE WAS NO J.DILLA on this last album! I cant wait for BUSTA album to drop.

  • Its Um

    Look Busta still got flow it just he trying way hard to keep up with the young, fuck the young, you still got hardcore fans, treat them and not these ADD type hoodlums who don't respect the game, and who don't kno who's KRS One GURU or even Big Daddy Kane. So Busta get back to the end of the world type shit like the other albums and have ourselves a party.

  • anom

    Busta is running shit. If you find an excuse to hate on Busta, then you don't know hip hop.

  • Shame

    If its gunna be like When Disaster strikes is gunna be a classic. But if its like Back on my B.S is gunna be shit. Come on Bus

  • subz

    at last!, i hope its neck snapping, beat dropping album, cos buster rhymes can rhyme harder on the beats. he hasnt put anything out yet for a while. i hope this new album would knock everyone head off.

  • nibs

    When I think about artists who been around the game way too long and are just desperately holding on, the first one that comes to mind is this fuck. Retire you old piece of shit. You haven't cooked rocks in 25+ years, stop rapping about it. Shit he probably hasn't even had to cook food in almost as long. Get out.

    • D

      When you're "desparately holding on", NOBODY is checkin for you. Here today, gone TODAY. I can turn on radio and here him featured on Khalid, Chris Brown, Trey Songz remix, Nicki Minaj, no Love remix, H.A.M. remix, Tech9ne,(i actually am not a fan of any of these people) but dudes still in demand, so hate all you want he 's still relevant.hahahaha Keep hatin fam!

    • wer

      Fuck you, and go listen to your Drake and Gucci Mane piece of shit. If he wants to make music, let him. There's fans eagerly waiting for new joints, not everyone listen to faggot pop.

    • Anonymous


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