Lil Wayne, Drake Help Celebrate's 6th Anniversary

Worldstar's sixth year of existence is commemorated with an anniversary weekend that included a King of Diamonds party hosted by Weezy, Drake and Jeezy.

To commemorate its sixth anniversary, recently held a party at King of Diamonds recently, a popular Miami, Florida strip club.

The party featured an appearance from Young Jeezy and it was hosted by Young Money emcees Lil Wayne and Drake.
Angela Yee, Lil Twist and Jennifer Williams were among other celebrities who attended the event. They joined site owner Lee "Q" O'Denat for an evening of celebration. 

The party was part of a six year anniversary weekend that also included a boat party. A video of these events is below:


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  • LOL

    Haha, I can't stop laughing at all of the Drake fans who have had their hearts shattered by him claiming he is Gay, you guys have been listening to fag music all along, that shit is priceless, No More Young Money.

  • Max-El Saffold

    *"why WASN'T there..." Pardon my typo.

  • Max-El Saffold

    If that was a WorldStar party at KOD, why weren't there any WSHH signage up? That shit was a TM103 affair that Q just happened to go to. That lil' boat party was Q's shit. K.O.D. obviously belonged to Jeezy that night.

  • Jose Vasquez

    This site really creates a bad light for African Americans, but it still runs like an Ethiopian in the LA Marathon. "Once sold a inbred, skin head, a nigga joke." MF Doom

  • Anonymous

    what is up with worldstarr? they post the trashiest videos ever but when it comes to commenting, no bad words allowed? they censor everything. not to mention it seems to be run by some serious illiterates then they take money from wack ass dudes like mr vann to post his videos but block all the comments cause it would be 100% haters

  • Eh

    Figures that the leaders of minstrel show music would lead the celebration of the most popular minstrel show online.

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