Sean Kingston Released From The Hospital After Three Weeks

UPDATE #5: The Beluga Heights/Epic/E1 Entertainment is well enough to leave the facility.

Jamician born singer/rapper Sean Kingston is in critical condition this morning at a Miami Beach, Florida hospital. According to, the Epic/Koch Records star was injured after a watercraft accident yesterday, where his jet-ski allegedly collided with a nearby bridge. At present, reports indicate that alcohol is not believed to have been involved in the crash.

A female passenger was also injured and is being hospitalized. Kingston is reportedly in the trauma ward at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

A protege of JR Rotem and his Beluga Heights Entertainment, Kingston has been a star since 2007, and has worked with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Kardinall Offishall and Bruno Mars.

UPDATE: According to the Associated Press, Sean Kingston has been stabilized and moved to the intensive care unit. His publicist, Joseph Carozza, says, "Kingston's family is grateful for everyone's prayers and support."

[May 30]

UPDATE #2: Several days after crashing his jet ski, Sean Kingston is expected to make a full recovery in six weeks. Two sources spoke to CNN about the 21-year-old’s condition, explaining that he suffered “a broken jaw, fractured wrist and water in his lungs.” A publicist for his distributor Epic Records said he was in “critical but stable condition” in the ICU of a Miami hospital.

[June 1]

UPDATE #3: Kingston is already walking and breathing on his own. According to TMZ, a rep for Kingston explained that "Sean is breathing on his own and walked for the first time this morning."

His condition has been upgraded from critical yet stable to serious. He was previously on a breathing tube though was aware of his surroundings and responded to visitors.

"Sean thanks his friends, family and fans for their outpouring of prayers and well wishes," added his rep.

[June 6]

UPDATE #4: Kingston has updated fans from the hospital, tweeting that he's feeling much better and including a picture of himself looking healthier.

Feeling alot better! GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL! than a minute ago via Twitpic Favorite Retweet Reply

[June 20]

UPDATE #5: After only three weeks in the hospital following his jet-ski accident, Sean Kingston has been released from Jackson Memorial Hospital. A rep confirmed that he left the facility on Tuesday.



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  • Clubber Lang

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  • ?

    Any update on whether the bridge is stable or not yet?

  • Anonymous

    hes not looking that healthy in that pic but i guess he never was

  • Anonymous

    true shit man well written

  • Anonymous

    hope the best for him and the young lady.people can be so insensitive towards the next person life that they cant look past the music like it or not and just pray for the brother.god bless you cause with a wicked heart hell is waiting

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  • hellrazor

    on the path to making more shitty music once he fully recovers.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else find it ironic that he is on a label called Beluga?

  • Hostess Snacks CEO

    Get better Sean. We miss you. Sincerely, Hostess Snacks CEO

  • Anonymous

    Haters are in full force this morning. Fallback

  • what happened

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  • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

    maybe he'll finally make some good music

    • Anonymous

      getting shot 9 times in the hood seems a little more bad ass than driving a jetski into a bridge

    • Anonymous

      this is his 50 cent moment. 50 couldnt blow up until he got shot a buncha times....sean kingston hits a bridge and once he recovers hell be all over the tv/radio.

  • Anonymous

    Six weeks is a long time. Many setbacks can occur still wish him the best. Terrible, people are making jokes about him at this time.

  • Jefferey Mason


  • K:O:S

    I feel sorry for the bridge! Let's all hope and pray that the bridge makes a full recovery in six weeks!!! (another article not related to Hip Hop in anyway! Thanks DX! Keep up the good work)

  • Anonymous

    Only the good die young.

  • Dez

    A simple Wikipedia search would show that Sean Kingston was born in MIAMI but moved to Jamaica as a kid. So how is he "Jamaican-born" singer Sean Kingston? SMH

    • CK

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  • Anonymous

    Hiphopdx, you really need to work on your reporting...This article doesnt say anything about who's gonna pay to repair the bridge? I know the taxpayers arent gonna be happy if Mr Kingston doesn't help with the cost to fix this bridge.

    • For Real HHDX

      You got this fat fake rastafarian coming to our country/fucking up out public infrastructure, destroying bridges and shit...And they want us to pray for him to get better?

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      "Hiphopdx, you really need to work on your reporting...This article doesnt say anything about who's gonna pay to repair the bridge?". Now that's the real story..

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    Let's be real...He shouldn't have been on a jet ski in the first place. That's like putting an elephant on a tricycle.

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    • frank tank a thought

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