Big Daddy Kane To Be Featured On TV One's "Unsung"

The hip-hop veteran's episode will focus on why he's hip-hop's unsung hero.

Big Daddy Kane will be documented for the TV One series Unsung, airing on June 27th at 10 p.m. EST. The series will document the life and musician of the rap legend, uncovering “the hidden truth behind the fading of your favorite stars” and revealing “the business and personal struggles that kept these artist from achieving the iconic commercial status they deserved.” 

Kane’s episode will feature guest appearances and interviews from Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante and Kool Moe Dee, who help “chronicle the surprising life and times of a charismatic rap kingpin, who always did it his way.” 

The upcoming season, which begins on June 6th, will also spotlight artists including Deniece Williams, The Spinners, The Ohio Players, Alexander O’Neal & Cherrell and Evelyn “Champagne” King.

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  • fred

    I put this on my DVR and it recorded Alex oneal wtf I wanted to see this so it coming on again.

  • Jeremih Louis

    I think that there is just more than one genre of music to permeate pop, uban, & rhythm and blues culture than hip-hop ... but it just doesn't have enough credibility to stand to today's ever evolving level of This level of Lyricism yet. So until then, long live the art of MC'ing, B-Boying& turn table-ing for long liveHipHop!

  • Animal

    Long Live the Kane!

  • Anonymous

    The wrath of kane Taking over your circumference Destroying negativity and suckers tha come with the weak, the wack their words, are poor I thrash bash clash mash..sratch and ten more Blowin up the scenery i reign supremer, see you need a saviour to save ya so lean on me I'm playing rappers like a haunted ghost and play em out like a watered roach!

  • Mortis

    The problem I've had with hip hop is that it does not honor it's veterans. You see the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Paul Simon all these old acts still making records and touring. You do not see that in hip hop. Its a travesty.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Chek out mah debut single “Runaway” (produced by me). swag Im mo talented den yo fav rappa. lmao

  • son of a sax

    Just to reiterate what Jess Devitt stated. Kane DOES get his recognitition. Maybe not every day cause its 2011, not 1989. When I think of "unsung" the first name that comes to mind is. Just Ice. He had classic material. Was affiliated with hip hop heavy hitters. Was a pioneer of the "golden era". Yet, he gets no accolades. No recognition, whether it be publicize or simple table talk. Another name that comes to mind is. Schooly D. Hiphops original gangster. Significant

  • khordkutta

    This is gunna be NICE. TVOne does a really good job with the "Unsung" Series.

  • Steven Banks


  • cold 187

    Kane dropped the blue print for many of these rappers that we call icon's and legends today to follow. None of them actually advanced past Kane's lyrical ability in their primes. I've been waiting for Kane to make a come back on the street for years, if this man is'nt in your top ten, you need to go back and research your hip hop.

    • devin

      I am from the old school. I recall when he was on top of Hip-Hop. He was a lyrical beast. The ladies loved him too. It's good that he is being remembered.

  • Jess Devitt

    Kane was pretty "sung" in his time. its just that motherfuckers forget. people have such short memories in a field like this that is infatuated with the new thing. if anyone should have this feature, its Kool G Rap who never had the acclaim or success of Kane but was better, and is actually still doing this, and has an album dropping on the 31st that is actually FLAMES

    • ShowTime NY

      I heard Kool G Rap album and its fire. If u base how good an album is based on who's checking for it your an Idiot. Just ICE is dope Schooly D also. As far as legends go my Preference At this moment is. Rakim, Slick Rick,> KRS, Kane , Kool G Rap Im more familiar with Rakim and Slicks work as far as whole albums. I like Slick style the most but he only put out three albums. Notable Albums: Rakim Dont Sweat the Technique Paid In Full Follow the Leader The SEVENTH SEAL Slick Rick The Great Adventure The Art of Story Telling Behind Bars Kool G Rap Riches, Royalty, Respect I havent heard Rakim The 18th Letter I didnt like Master too much I gott catch up on KRS KANE and Kool G. Rap

    • Rob

      Truth. Rap is the only genre of music that doesn't respect its veterans.

    • Anonymous

      The article is talking about Commercial Success. Kool G may drop an album on the 31st. No one is checking for it. He has no buzz.

    • Anonymous

      Kool G rap/Nas Kane/Jaz-Z different styles just comes down to preference

    • Anonymous

      You have a valid point!!! There is a lot of truth to your statement!!

  • realrory

    I can't wait for the new album "The Last Supper". Long Live The Kane!!!

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