Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 5/22/2011

Killer Mike, Tinie Tempah and New Boyz make debuts on the charts, as does Danger Mouse. Tyler, The Creator stands strong and Travis Barker climbs 50+ spots back onto the charts.

Twenty five years after releasing their first album, New York Hip Hop/Punk trio the Beastie Boys are enjoying the critical and commercial success of their eighth studio album, Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2. The EMI Records release, which dropped before Part One, features artists that Adrock, MCA and Mike D have influenced, including Nas and Santigold. The work held the #6 spot for a second consecutive week.

Maintaining a Top 10 in their second week, SNL's Lonely Island trio of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone watched their sophomore Comedy/Rap album Turtleneck & Chain fall four spaces to #7. The second go-round after 2009's Incredibad features emcees Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg.

DangerDOOM/Gnarls Barkley member/producer Danger Mouse's latest project, with Italian composer Danielle Luppi, Rome, nearly cracked the Top 10. The Capitol/EMI Records release, coming in at #11, is inspired by the scores of 1960s "Spaghetti Western" films. In fact, Rome reunites Cantori Moderni, the choir who worked on The Good The Bad and The Ugly.



Bruno Mars' Doo-Wops & Holligans, now a platinum release, maintained the #17 spot.

British emcee Tinie Tempah's 2010 album, Disc-Overy made its US debut this month. The EMI Records project scored a Top 20, after the success of "Written In The Stars," selling 16,000 domestic units. The album features production from Swedish House Mafia and No I.D.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
6 Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2 24,000 194,000
7 Lonely Island Turtleneck & Chain 24,000 92,000
11 Danger Mouse & Danielle Luppi Rome 23,000 23,000
17 Bruno Mars Doo-Wops & Hooligans 19,000 1,036,000
20 Tinie Tempah Disc-Overy 16,000 16,000

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee Wiz Khalifa is climbing towards a gold plaque for his major label debut, Rolling Papers. The Rostrum/Atlantic Records star and DXnext alum's best-selling work to date features Curren$y and Too Short, with popular hits "I Roll Up" and "Black and Yellow" .

Odd Future's leader, Tyler, the Creator's Goblin sold another 13,000 units, landing it the #31 spot. A follow-up to 2009's self-released Bastard, Goblin features band-mates Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Frank Ocean. The largely self-produced XL Recordings effort crossed the 50,000 mark.

Warner Brothers/Asylum Records' teens sensations the New Boyz released their sophomore album. Featuring Big Sean, Tyga and production from Meech Wells, Too Cool To Care is 10 tracks which scored a Top 40 debut.

Atlanta, Georgia veteran emcee Killer Mike's fourth official album, PL3DGE entered the charts at #105. The SMC Recordings/Grand Hustle/Grind Time independent release cleared 4,000 units, as the third in Mike's I Pledge Allegiance To Grind Time indie release series. The Dungeon Family alum's latest work featured Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and an anticipated reunion with mentor Big Boi.

Blink 182's Travis Barker's solo debut returned to the charts, climbing over 50 spots to #143. The Interscope Records release of Give The Drummer Some sold over 3,000 units last week, reaching approximately 63,000 overall. The work features Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne, among many others.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
25 Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers
15,000 402,000
31 Tyler, The Creator Goblin 13,000 58,000
40 New Boyz Too Cool To Care 12,000 12,000
105 Killer Mike PL3DGE 4,300 4,400
143 Travis Barker Give The Drummer Some 3,300 63,000

Can Rick Ross' latest troop of Wale, Meek Mill and Pill score a Top 3 debut? Will Jadakiss' retail mixtape I Love You, now a digital Def Jam Records release make a dent in the charts? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.


  • Wolf

    This website is inaccurate becuase Tyler sold nearly 50k in the first week.

  • micah dancy:

    i think youngfresh red2 did 2k first week thats good for an indie artist

  • micah dancy

    Killer Nike's album is fire go cop it front to back hip hop album needs to be heard messages and that song with big boi from outkast is fire big boi went hard

  • so

    LOL @ tyler the most hyped new artist in all of hip hop selling 10k his second week out. these kids don't support anything. it's all internet GAS. real niggas can sell more just by giving their established base good music. no hype, no buildup. this here is an epic flop. sales aint shit. but when youre on every magazine, every website, in every bloggers mouth, and your album sells 10 k second week. YOU FAILED. hate to sound like the old head, but these new niggas is wack, and the niggas gassing the new niggas is even wacker.

  • havocmouthpiece

    killer mike sold 4,000 copies LMAO damn thats bad . Dj quik did bad too he probally isnt even on the charts anymore only 9,000 units sold . it was a weak album anyways . That new Officer ricky album made is garbage not getting my money for that trash cd . Tyler the creator album is weak too not worth the money . 58,000 after all that hype . The new boyz is just plain wack

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Fish

    Only 16,000 for Tinie Tempah??? Fuck sake, americans reeeeeeaaaalllyyyy must not like anything that isnt about diamond chains or making the trap say Aye....

  • Noah

    Where are the sales for Kidd Kidd's album, Reallionaire?

  • ha

    wiz khalifa + tyler the creator = everything that's wrong with hip-hop

  • Dee

    Thats a Dam Shame that New Boyz Sold More than Killa Mike Smfh...

  • TheManName

    Go out and buy Pl3dge if you havent yet. I got my copy yesterday. Album is dope.

  • Kamar Roxwel Robinson

    Wiz gold in 2weeks #betThat Youtube/ Meet me at the liquor store.. @itsroxwelbaby

  • Onaje Jordan

    That Killer Mike is pretty good

  • 2.0 World

    Travis's album is pretty decent infact


    they sleepin on mike im stll bumpin that monster album

  • Its Um

    Killer mike need to hit the world with a powerful second single, "ready set go" wasn't that good in the first place, he needs to release something hot with a video.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler's sales are shit And before anyone says those sales are good for XL Recordings or call it indie, here's some of their other artists: Adele (200k sold first week) Gorillaz M.I.A The Prodigy Radiohead Ratatat RJD2 Vampire Weekend Weezer

    • Niggasarestupid

      @ anon can you come up with something more creative than let's see you do what x artist did. Shit you niggas need to educate your self on how to handle criticism because what you said does not actually address the original argument. Am I flying over your head dumbass nigga. The fact of the matter is, Tyler the Creator did flop mainly because his audience the internet niggas who don't buy anything. He doesn't appeal to the females or the kids, nor does he have a core fan base (eg Jay-Z ) that will support his shit.

    • R.Pgh

      also, Weezer isn't on XL Recordings they're on Epitaph

    • R.Pgh

      Weezer was on Interscope until 2009. In 2010 they went Indie. Released "Hurley" 6 months ago....60k in sales. One of the biggest alt rock bands in the world sells 60k on an indie...roughly the same thing that Tyler did in a couple weeks. For the record, I don't like Tyler much, but you have to give credit were credit is due. He did the production, lyrics, and artwork. Probably gets $4-$5 per album sold directly in his pocket. $200-$250k for a 20 year old is pretty f'n good.

    • Anonymous

      OK, you make an album ALL BY YOURSELF, make the beats, design the artwork at the age of 20 and lets see if 58,000 people buy it. Then lets talk about "shit" sales.

    • Anonymous

      It's 'Indie' with some of the biggest and highest selling 'Indie' artists around

    • G-zus

      Yet it is indie.

  • Zwans

    As always, the realest music gets the least sales (Killer Mike - Pl3dge)

    • Anonymous

      Fucking funny when you compare it to the comments on the net where everyone and their mother complain about the misery hip hop is in etc.

    • Anonymous

      co sign! G.T.R.G. Bang! Bang! Bang!... and I know they know it cause they used his picture to sell this article

  • Scope

    Thats exactly what i wanna fuckin know. they are bum ass niggas and are retarted. Im curious 2 see how rozay debuts with his group next week. imnna guess 120k

  • Anonymous

    How the hell did the new boyz get funding to release a second album?

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