Kendrick Lamar Hoping To Release Studio Album Next Year

In a video interview filmed during South by Southwest Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar talks Dr. Dre, the new West, and more.

During his appearance at South by Southwest in Austin earlier this year Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar chopped it up with Soul Culture TV to speak on a variety of topics including working with Dr. Dre, being labeled as the new West, and possibly releasing a studio album next year.

Following the release of his EP back in 2009 Lamar has steadily become known as one of a handful of artists paving the way for the new West Coast sound. In his interview with Soul Culture the 23-year-old rapper revealed that although it’s a humbling title there’s a lot of pressure that comes with it.

“It’s been humble man…It’s a lot of respect people calling me that. It’s also a big shoe to fill when you look at people like Tupac, Snoop, Dre,” Lamar explained. “That’s a legacy I gotta withhold. I can’t let them down or [else] that’ll be weak on me. Not just me, but my whole city. What I stand for.”

Late last year it was revealed that Lamar was working with Dr. Dre on his highly anticipated album Detox.

“I been listening to Dre, N.W.A. since I was two. My pops put me on it. In Compton, he was telling me this the music you need to listen to because this is your lifestyle so fuck with it,” said Lamar. “And I did 100 percent. So when I get in the studio with him [Dr. Dre] that’s all I can think about. All I can think about is old memories of my pops playing this dude to me. And actually being right there to sit with him and coach my vocals and be a part of Detox is amazing.”

On top of working with Dre, Lamar is also hoping to release a studio album sometime next year.

“I treat every project like it’s an album anyway. It’s not gonna be nothing leftover. I never do nothing like that. These are my leftover songs ya’ll can have ‘em, nah. I’m gonna put my best out. My best effort. I’m tryna look for an album in 2012,” Lamar revealed. “Hopefully, the world don’t end on me and shit.”

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  • dirtdawg

    yeah right...2012 Stranded on ...Dre Bishop, Ra, Bussa, Eve, Stat, Sigh

  • B. Emerson 909

    His official debut will be a CLASSIC

  • raje

    I’m tryna look for an album in 2012,” Lamar revealed. “Hopefully, the world don’t end on me and shit.”

  • rose cartel

    co-sign we ve seen artist come and go without ever puttin out an album on Aftermath. Its destroyin the artists... second why sign artists if you're not capable to put out work with them.

  • Anonymous

    i though section 80 was the album? im confused.


    I trully believe in the potential this dude has but damn... being on Aftermath ??? I do'nt know. I guess 1st they going to put out the Detox album ... you know the one we been hearing about since 2005. Its starting to get lame over there...only Eminem puts out product under that label. I truly hope Kendrick will get there but I do'nt trust anything thats promised under Aftermath

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