Unreleased Pimp C Interview Reveals UGK Was Uncredited For "Big Pimpin'"

An interview with Sweet Jones mined from the vaults reveals that UGK didn't get publishing or a platinum plaque for Jay-Z's hit.

In an unreleased interview with UGK’s Pimp C, the deceased veteran opens up about the mechanics behind their guest verses on Jay-Z’s 1999 smash “Big Pimpin’.” According to the Port Arthur, Texas native, Hov looked out for the group by allowing them to hop on the track, but that they didn’t receive any publishing or even a platinum plaque for their work. 

He began by speaking on how Jay knew it would be a hit and gave them the opportunity to contribute. “Every time I do an interview, that song comes up. I understand why,” he reveals in the interview, unleashed on HoodBoxOffice.com. “What people have to understand is that was a Jay-Z song. Jay-Z had that song. He had the beat already, he had the hook already. It was going to be a hit with or without UGK. By putting us on it, he reached another market. He was able to get people involved that maybe would not have been so receptive to a happy-go-lucky tune like that.”

Although the success was a team effort, Pimp C knew that the song didn't belong to him and Bun B. “We played our part, but that’s his record. He really had that already together,” he continued. “Jay-Z is very smart. The man knows how to put singles together, he know what’s gonna sell before it sells and that’s a talent that a lot of artists don’t have. By him bringing us in on that and knowing that he was going to shoot that video and knowing everything he was doing, he was really giving us a meal ticket and a blessing.” 

But Pimp also spoke on the downside of contributing to the record. After the song became a hit, UGK didn't receive a platinum plaque or any further publishing checks.

“On the flipside of that, we did that song work for hire, so we ain’t get no publishing. And I still ain’t got no platinum plaque for that song yet,” he said. “So right now, what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to get my plaque. And I’m not saying that’s Jay-Z’s fault. I’m saying that somewhere, the ball was dropped. Partly on our end, a whole lot on Def Jam’s end. Let me get my plaque, man. ‘Cause I go to the studio where it was recorded at and I see the plaque and I don’t have one.”

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    First off I dont believe the whole "The South wasn't fuckin wit Jay-Z like that before Big Pimpin'".......bullshit. The nigga went platinum previously before that ....TWICE. Shit I knew a nigga from Texas who was more of a WuTang Rakim and Nas fan before I really got into them like that. Old Jay-Z was the cool hustler etc. etc., anybody from anywhere could dig his music.....including the south. Btw I aint the biggest J fan as of late but the nigga does his thing.

    • Anonymous

      you dont gotta believe it. People from the south will tell you he was never all that huge to us. And youre right he did sell a million but you gotta understand, there are 300,000,000+ people in the United States. You can sell a million copies based off of New York, New Jersey, Philly, and Boston markets alone

  • Oakland_Boy37

    UGK is the shit, always will be the shit! I'm from Oakland, CA and Pimp C/Bun B did their big part alongside Scarface by puttin the south on the map! I don't hate Jay but, he is a greedy and grimey dude... think about it, he turned on his own boy Dame so of course, puttin UGK on for Big Pimpin was a "jackpot" situation for him to capitalize. I just sayin... dude wouldn't have that plaque for that particular song without UGK's help, RIP PIMP C!!

  • mr718

    Now all the haters got another reason to hate Hova smh... Jay is the greatest nobody dominated and accomplished all the shit he's done... When he was on top Jay reached out,collabed and showed luv to everybody even artists that was struggling to get their name out there so do yall research b4 you state your opinion and stop believing all the damn rumors... Especially you NY haters from the South Jay collabed wit Juvenille,UGK,Scarface etc shit he even put T.I on his 2004 tour the one R.kelly quit on so if you gonna state the negatives you should also state the positives... Ugk was underground hello thats the meaning of their name you dumbasses Jay introduced them to the mainstream... Hov already had fans in the south b4 the Big Pimpin song so kill that noise...

  • white milk

    say wht u want but without ugk that song is no where near as big as it was. you all downplay it and dont undertsand bc u waslovin jay back then but the south wasnt fukn with y'all like that. he got an entire market by adding them to that song and they deserved credit. shyt i kno me personally w/o those two verses i would not like the song as much. shyt on my opinion all u want but facts ar facts. its clear the two regions like different sounds and again w/o tht southern flame on it half the ppl that supported it wouldnt have....

  • Area 514

    Although, he did voice his concern in a respectable manner, with class like a gentleman

  • area 514

    "Works for hire" does mean up front payment with no further attachment to the work.

  • Jesus

    i love pimpy C but cmon man. it was his song, he put you onto his audience to get you a bigger light shone on you guys from people in the darkness. yeah it was a dick move on his part. but cmon. do you think Jay makes the fuckin plaques or something? they gave him one and he said "oh cool thanks" he didnt ask "did you give one to bun and C?" not his job. damn stop hatin Jay

  • texas_swang_harder

    Damn i miss Pimp C. Dude was so humble and nice and just an all around great dude. His voice was needed in the rap game too. He stood up for what he believed in and there arent too many stand up dudes left like that. Rest in peace Pimp C you're greatly missed.

  • Atl2Trill

    R.I.P. Sweet James Jones He always told it like it is and Jay-Z is a dirty bastard also. IDK why niggas idolize this selfish nigga.

  • Yak

    a typical Jay-Z move. bastard. RIP Pimp C.Give Bun that plaque you greedy ass nigga

    • Lsn22s

      @ Yak...Jay doesn't give out the plaques for records...do u have any idea how the industry works? @Yeah-I-Said-It....did u really just say Jay-Z is a "grandmaster" of the illuminati? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh you fucking moron...

    • Yeah-I-Said-It

      Jay Z is the "grandmaster" of the illuminati. Pimp spoke against the illuminati, homosexuals, etc., and its just a coincidence that Pimp died on Jay's birthday??????

  • unclesam

    Send the plaque to his family man, give them something to cherrish.

  • comachonvargas

    Truth be told Jay was getting murdered on his own shit well before Em worked him on Blueprint... Bun destroyed Jay on Big Pimpin... and Vol3 was a straight garbage album... people just overlook it because Big Pimpin was a smash single... Vol1 was weak too... remember I know what girls like? Jay = most overrated MC

    • Anonymous

      NC King LOL @ a credible opinion from a guy who tells me to kill myself... Jay should be thankin Kanye/Just Blaze/Timbaland because without their production he is an emcee with a superbly slick flow [jacked from Nas], average lyrics [much of which were bitten from BIG and a host of other emcees], NO subject matter versatility [money, coke rhymes, misogynism is all he has], and NO creativity [when does he ever take a risk as an artist?] Speaking of credible opinions... how about when J said takeover was 100 times better than ether? Didn't say that on HOT97 when he was damn near crying in front of Angie... didn't say that when Bleek told him point blank that Nas got him... didn't say that when he was trying to box Nas after ether... didn't say that when he went on his 'vacation' Please... Jay only makes moves when there is $$ to be had... oh and nowadays his flow is garbage and he is ad-libbing/overemphasizing his shit so much it is straight comical... 'Sasquatch, god-zilla, lochness, goblin, ghoul, zombie with no conscience' THAT is Jay today... don't assert a credibility defense when you're in loser denial about the great HOVITO

    • NC King

      Get a credible opinion or kill yourself!

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkHGBWBciyU&feature=related Street Runna - Barton Block


    i wish the homie was still here making that good music R.I.P get bun that plaque asap

  • JG3

    You gotta respect his mind, give UGK they're just due. Like Pimp C (RIP) said, Jay-Z knew what he was doing when he wanted UGK on that record. Jay-Z wanted to reach the South market, by having UGK on that record, it opened the door widely for Jay-Z to be accepted in the South. The South never accepted Jay-Z like they do now until that record. Give my boy his plaque...its long over due.

    • FromDat202

      Jay Z is "susposed' to be such a great rapper, but his verse on "Throwed" was straight garbage!!!!!!!

  • murk

    Is it just me or was Pimp C one of the most respectful rappers whenever he spoke of another person? I have never heard Pimp C run his mouth like a bitch. jesus..., R.I.P.

  • kennyken

    pimp said that in a very respectful way that he's not satisfied...

    • Because Pimp Said So...

      In the interview Pimp said they did work for hire...

    • Anonymous

      ^^How do you know again????

    • Anony

      uh... bro... they aren't entitled to royalties when they do a work for hire. They got paid upfront with no points on the album. It'd be nice for Jay to hook them up but that was NOT what they agreed to.

    • ODI

      Word! R.I.P Pimp C. Give Bun B a plaque to make up for this bullshit. They deserve a plaque as well as royalties. They contributed two verses to this damn song. Jay-Z is one of the greatest ever, but he's also a bit of a sleezebag in business. He's put a lot of knives in ppl's backs. Hey Jigga... sharing is caring.

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