Lil Wayne To Perform On MTV Unplugged

MTV's signature acoustic series, "Unplugged" returns with Lil Wayne. Does this mean Wayne is breaking out his electric guitar again?

MTV’s “Unplugged” series has seen performances Hip Hop icons such as De La Soul, LL Cool J, Lauryn Hill and Jay-Z with The Roots. Hill and Jay-Z leveraged their performances into retail albums. When the series resumes on June 12, Lil Wayne will attempt to join the ranks during his featured performance.

“Lil Wayne is an amazing choice for Unplugged as he is at hip-hop’s forefront—leading a new generation of artists whose appeal spans across music genres and playlists,” MTV's EVP of Music and Talent, Amy Doyle said via released statement. “Lil Wayne’s skills, influence, and catalog are a powerful addition to the legacy of artists who have rocked the ‘Unplugged’ stage.”

Wayne has been performing with a live band during his “I Am Still Music” tour. But those who either weren’t able to attend or couldn’t afford a ticket will have the chance to catch an acoustic performance by Cash Money’s headliner, as the Lil Wayne edition of “Unplugged” will air across all MTV television platforms as well as


  • Anonymous

    That live band BS is just another page from Jigga's playbook. Let the REAL hip hop heads who own jazz records tour with bands.

  • Mandy Sandy

    lil gayne'z gonna suck doin diz. he gon fall flat on hiz face while he'z rappin/singin or whateva da fuck he doez. diz nigga can't even play guitar eitha. he won't top jay-z!'z unplugged. jay!'z wuz sick. don't belive me, go listen 2 dat shit. RNGMB BITCH! FUCK CMFMB!

  • 'Sup

    Does this mean Wayne is breaking out his electric guitar again? No, bitch! It's UNPLUGGED!

  • Anonymous

    if you dont like lil wayne you might like this im sick of the way hip hop sounds now adays so im bringin back lyrics while makin fun of that bullshit lil wayne style you hear. more to come so be prepared to be amazed -jbird.....................bitch

  • Sergiz

    Look Below me, as you will find many haters. Wayne's doin sometin right

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Lil Wayne is a faggot.

  • jedwards2fly

    If MTV Unplugged is an acoustic series why are electric guitars allowed?

  • envy

    Lil Wayne [Verse 3] I got shot when i was 12, Lost my pop when i was 14 Shot again at 20 Will i shake these old dreams We already have the holy water on my face And 3 blood drops dried on the side of my eyes Why we gotta kill our own kind when we rise? Got me looking down the ladder now when i climb Pulling up on my nephews And they don't wanna drive they wanna learn how to work the tool And who am I not to do the duty? Just think if pops advice get sent from black ink And that stinks, but homie that's real And in the hood even steaks smell bad on the grill I remember when you was a hustler you was a winner Now that's like raking up leaves in the winter And that ain't even cool to miss a few summers Shyt Ill take a bite out the onion like Fuck! (I,I,I, don't want you to see me cry) And wont cry

  • Devin Williams

    He look like a dam fool in that pic, "Prooooom Queeen!" lmao

  • hellrazor

    this nigga wack. he's atrocious at rappin and even worse at playing guitar

  • Guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Nick McComb

    Does whoever wrote this know what acoustic means? Lol Anyway I hope Lil Wayne dies before he can perform on Unplugged. I'd rather hear babies dying than Lil Wayne singing or rapping.



  • Anonymous

    now he can live out his fantasy of being kurt cobain

  • Rob

    no wayne. just no. u suck. im an upcoming artist, if u wouldnt mind, please give my shit a listen, i promise u wont be dissapointed. Thankss, appreciatee it-

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