Canibus Goes At Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9" On Diss Track

The poet laureate rips into the Slaughterhouse members on the scathing "Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes."

Joe Budden recently hinted that he’s got a diss track up his sleeve aimed at Canibus, tweeting “I promise y’all that if I got high, I would smoke Canibus.” The Queens, New York rapper isn’t taking it lightly, teaming up with Born Sun and releasing a harsh response titled “Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes.”

On the cut, Bus brands Jumpoff Joey as the weakest link in Slaughterhouse. “First things first, man, you fuckin’ with the worst / You betta bring an ice pack when I see you in person / And I’ma bring an arsenal, ask Joe who the fuck he talkin’ to / He the softest nigga in the group!” he raps.

His lyrical assault continues by digging into Budden’s personal life. “Internet snitcher, like a little bitch / Joey low life, living off rice and goat tripe / He boasts on the mic, then he posts on the site / Then exposed his whole life for the dope, for a price / Don’t rep the culture right / Sold his soul for the hype / Got known overnight for niggas fuckin’ his wife / Got bust in the eyesight and still wouldn’t fight!”

While his potshots at Royce Da 5’9” were thinly veiled, he brings his venom to light at the end of his verse. “You a disgrace to Jersey, you suck on the mic / You and 5’9” are like two moist buttwipes / Walkin’ around all uptight,” he continues.

Canibus is currently gearing up for the release of his collaboration LP The Undergods with Keith Murray, and will later release an album as part of the HRSMN super group featuring Kurupt, Ras Kass and Killah Priest. The group collaborated with Slaughterhouse on a track titled "House of Horses."

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  • Canibus

    I love Canibus to death He is taking care of whack mcs like Eminem and budden another thing This site is full of hatin ass Eminem stans

    • Anonymous

      U know wats funny Budden and Royce made one diss song and he never replied.

    • Age of Empires

      Canibus is obviously the best lyrical rapper alive.He raps alone and take on every appointment by himself when most other rappers need some kind of assistance

    • Age of Empires

      Canibus is obviously the best lyrical rapper alive.Eminem,royce and All the others are industry bitches.And Jimmy iovine only allow Eminem to realease shit without Dumbin it down.Then he forces other great rappers to dumb it down to make eminem look better

  • keepemincheck

    ONCE AGAIN - Hip Hop DX is not supporting BIS. That last paragraph says NOTHING about his album Lyrical Law and it's in their news feed but not as a related topic. bunch a fuckin haters.

  • Kellogs Smacks

    Canibus lyrically devoured those muthafuckas.

  • G-Hybryd

    Wow, and I was hoping to hear these dudes on a joint together. Why The cream of the crop, or some of the last of the real emcees gotta be at odds? They should be going at these wack rappers!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Lil B makes REAL MUSIC! Fuck this gay ass faggots that diss like sissys! Omg! BasedGod! Best Rapper Alive Swag! Omg!

  • Chris Casey Stellar Daniels

    The reason I'm mad is because the beat wasn't that hard & Canibus didn't do what Canibus does. Idk what happened.

  • Sean Hemanifezt Cothrine

    canibus going hard that a emcee spittin right there all u hater u going alway hate that right canibus take them to cipher keep spitting u reason why i never stop spittin real spit

  • Ghetto ChopHouse

    slaughterhouse jus got slaughtered. no one in that camp can fuck w canibus

  • Matt Segal

    all you guys are fucking delusional, "if you dont like canibus you dont like hiphop"-eminem number one, ROYCE,JOE, PREEM, all dissed canibus first for no reason, you are all acting like canibus just wants to do this, beef with eminem, there was a reason for airstrike wether or not you choose to acknowledge it or not, your favorite golden white boy wasnt feeding his fellow group d12 and proofs man went to canibus and asked him to do suttin about it, AND I KNOW most of you motherfuckers that sayin canibus is wack and shit, def hasnt listened to any of his recent shit, all of his new albums are hot i can go on for DAYS with hot lines wayy more than any royce or budden CDs, pfff fucking how can u say padded room is better than C of Tranquility. PLEASE dont be a douche and say sum1 is wack and garbage if you havnt even listened to there albums, CANIBUS did everything he could before this turned into beef, PREEM beef preemo started it, canibus aint start shit yall are just posting up shit you hear other eminem and SH Dickriders say, in the DEEP bottoms of your hearts U KNOW this was an ill diss stop frontin



  • Anonymous

    royce is hard and bis is sick to i think its a good battle buddens whack

  • Anonymous

    I am not here to diss anyone or anything Just to debut my new video I dropped last night Comment on it good or bad lol just say something

  • cob

    royce is gangster you all are dumb...who confronts raekwon and 30 wu niggas after hitting joey.."wouldnt have happened if i was there!!"royce da5'9 bitch! and joey can beef so shits guna be heated! bis can spit, c of tranquility was fire but his career is climaxed and he is pissed so he hates on anyone going somewhere....its true!! and the house of horses track better come out for the fans sake...raskass and kurupt are both tight with crooked and ortiz is too is too! this is now between royce vish budden and bis!!

  • DorjeBrooklyn

    "Selfless Practice" May's online retreat with Vipassana teacher Rodney Smith. New video talk every Monday. "I'll rap a circle 'round a circle 'round you." -Royce "Flying circles around you like flying saucers flying circles around the Royal Air Force's Flying Fortress." -Canibus Canibus is under-appreciated visionary, someone people will be bumped, studied, and rediscovered for a long time, while lowlife and moist are hyped up disposable drama queens in a shady industry that don't really matter. But Canibus fell off, doesn't sell, has wack beats, and only has one style right? If you think that you'e a zombie whose opinions come from a 15 year old def jam corporate memo. Dude has been here all along making great albums, all of them moved units, and were full of crazy beats and different styles. The Lyrical Law triple LP is going to be classic. One of the CDs is Canibus' first album from '93 that's never been released.

    • ntwisp

      when canibus uses words you (and probably he) dont understand, it dont mean he's extra smart or nice (like jay-z said it 'if you dont understand him it dont mean he nice, it just means you dont understand all the shit he writes')... and stop talking about canibus next album as a classic... if his 1997/98 album sucked (when he was really really hot and one of the best), then i have no expectations for his 2011 (when he officially sucks) and 1993 (when he was in embryonic stage) work

  • THe DoC

    Yo..Em fuckin killed this nigga back in 02..CANA-BITCH is dumb as fuk will neva get anywhere in the game, fuckin idiot

  • doja28

    This guy is a fuckin fruit. Canibus, focus on making a fucking song rather than trying to diss people who are on a different level than you.

  • Anonymous

    AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, HRSMN aren't backing his LAME ass, cause they wanted to work with Slaughterhouse, I guess Can-I-Bitch burned bridges AGAIN!!! @kurupt_gotti Wowzers, i heard shit just hit the fan! @killahpriest & I talked. We need to talk ASAP. "FYI I'm outta that clusterfuck. My homies know who u r @JoeBudden @JoellOrtiz @TheRealCrookedI @TheRealRoyce59 @killahpriest @kurupt_gotti" @bestone212 this ain't got shit to do wit HRSMN ask @killahpriest @kurupt_gotti Ras Kass posted this on twitter.

  • Daz Dillinger

    This is fucked. I thought that HRSMN and Slaughterhouse were doing a record together on the new HRSMN album. That's what Kurupt and Ras Kass were saying. I think this is all for publicity.

  • donaldtyson

    Yall must of forgot how bad Royce smoked him on that Royal Flush freestyle. Man its a shame I used to like Canibus but hes getting worse then Prodigy with the bullshit

  • Brian Gray

    Yall young cats know nothing about real hip hop. Canibus will crush every member of slaughterhouse! Go check out his whole catalog and you bound to find something you like. Greastest on the Mic 1.Ghostface Killah 2.Nas 3.Gza 4.Killah Priest 5.Canibus 6.Ras Kass 7.Raekwon 8.Immortal Technique 9.Del tha Funkee Homosapien

  • Anonymous

    Just pathetic how Canibus wants some attention by beefing. Lol?

    • 00rtj

      How is he looking for attention when they started it? smh people just say shit now a day without knowing the fucking facts! Bis reacted out of Royce and Joey antagonizing him and talking shit to fake Canibus accounts, then Bis fires back and they back down like two little bitches.

  • papabearATL

    Unimpressive... Hot garbage just like the the verse he collabed on with Royce on the Bar Exam 2(royal flush). I like Canibus but, this feels like some beef to promote an album. Is he mad he ain't on the SH roster?

  • Anonymous

    Your an idiot Em has never ripped Canibus and he ducked Canibus when Canibus dissed him last year

    • doja28

      Why would Em respond to Canibus? So Canibus can ride his fuckin' coattails and maybe someone outside of a bunch of backpacking fruits can hear of him? The smartest thing Em could do was not respond...why give this fruit a career boost?

    • Canada Bitch

      Haha, he greatest accomplishment is getting destroyed by LL.

    • papabearATL

      Em said all he needed to say to Canibus on Square Dance years ago on the Eminem Show, why would a multi-platinum emcee respond to a dude who's biggest accomplishment is what? Don't worry... I'll wait...

  • Joshua Young

    cannibus think he sumthin now huh? imagine him goin at em again and gettin ripped again, its gonna happen when he goin at slaughterhouse

  • derby

    I wanna hear joell ortiz put down Brooklyn stomp!

  • Freddie

    Wow, DX you constantly remove my posts but there is 8 posts of self promoting garbage right below me that doesn't seem to bother you.

  • Propz

    Tried to smoke some canibus but canibus smoked you!

  • FartknockerSupreme

    I heard Joe Buddens was going to reply to this on Moody Music vol. 4. Can't wait to hear him talk over the beat. That's gonna be greatt.

  • Kyle Barboza


  • Anonymous

    I promise y’all that if I got high I’d smoke Canibus From best to worst, from legend to barely here Since they repo’d your prime this shit ain’t really fair Losing his mind, somebody better set him straight Lost Buckingham Palace, now it’s Section 8 In ’012 why rep that hard? And who the fuck dug him up from Wyclef’s backyard? Shit has gone far enough, it’s time to finish this Should stop starting chess matches ‘gainst the limitless Joe Budden destroyed him and that wasn't even the real diss track.

    • Anonymous

      That shit was garbage if you think that's fuckin wit what Canibus jus dropped your a groupie n retarded

    • ScOwL

      Budden says nothing that hasn't already been said by LL or Elvis. The only somewhat funny line was "Wyclef's backyard" but you still can't ignore that 'Bis has had nothing to do with Clef for years. If only you Stan Androids took the time to stick your head out of the sand and broaden your perspectives


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    • BlackDeath

      Canibus just ATE Joey Cupcakes & Moist Da 5'9 without even releasing a full song. If they are stupid enough to take the bait, Canibus is going to steal their souls.


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  • Slaughterhouse

    HUGE Slaughterhouse fan Here. Canibus is OK in my book. But honestly he went in on this verse. If i was buddens i'd feel salty right now. This beefing is great for hip-hop I love it!

    • Matt Segal

      finnally someone who has a brain and can speak the truth, PEOPLE you can admit it was a hot diss, i love canibus but if they released a track that was good i would admit it jeez SH has the most delusional fucking fans act like canibus isnt top 5 in like most rappers books

  • Crooked I

    Im not going to diss canibus. Dont make this bigger then it already is.

    • Fuck Slaughterhouse

      Crooked has no chance against canibus period

    • Anonymous

      Crook can't battle for shit his TI n DMX disses where straight garbage

    • rtj00

      Crooked would be the only competition to Bis in the group. I still think Bis would get him on wax. It would be close tough but this ant about Crooked Royce and Joy started this shit and now look like bitches for not responding back.

    • Anonymous

      no reason for crook to diss canibus...but if he does, he would murder his soft ass

  • Anonymous

    cant wait til crooked and royce go in on his ass and slaughter him. Canibus is garbage. SLAUGHTERHOUSE

  • illiana Q

    I'd let him eat my coochie

  • Erica

    OMG my friend posted this on her facebook. He really is cute! OMG

  • SLSL

    Canibus bringing hip-hop back on the map!

  • Thank You Based Canibus

    you can fuck my bitch canibus. Thank you!

  • Reesha

    Wow. I normally dont listen to this type of music. Im 16 yrs old. Canibus is fucking hawt OMG

  • True story

    One of my homegirls told me canibus has a huge dick. I wish i could rap sick bars like these.


    I dont listen to either of these swagless broke niggas but Canibis really made buddens look like a bitch.

  • #Budden Fan

    ATTN HIP-HOP : Please leave buddens alone. He is going through some personal shit and doesnt need cats chewing him up. His EX did him super Dirty. He is hurt right now. let him recover then diss him

  • Anonymous

    The 5 best songs from any Mood Muzik tape >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything Canibus has ever released. Did you faggots listen to Mood Muzik 4? That tapes was straight FIRE! The lines above are pure trash. That's some shit every second high school student could make up in 5 minutes and would be laughed at for saying some elementary shit like this. These lines would be a throw away for every other dope rapper, but Canibus uses same to be taken seriously? Shit, that's what people call lyrics nowadays? The song didn't do nothing, Canibus just exposed himself as a very bad rapper who isn't able to drop some hot lines against his enemy even when he's full of anger. GTFOH with that bitter hoe.

    • Matt Segal

      your crazy act like that diss didnt dig into budden with straight personals rip him up. spring training was so weak to put that out after canibus dropped this fire

    • Anonymous

      Rip the Jacker >>> Buddens entire catalogue


      take buddens dick out your mouth. quit being a delusional dick rider and give props where its due. I own every budden tape and only own one bis album. not a big canibus fan but even i see what happened here. your lord and savior budddens got bodied.


  • Moist

    canibus is soo sexy! OMG. If i was 18 I wouldnt TOTALLY fuck him. OMG :P

  • Royce

    I'm going to tweet too and drink a bud.


    I agree with the comments below. Who is going to diss buddens next? Tyler the creater? LOLOLOL. These rappers should just leave Buddens alone. I'm starting to feel sorry for him. Seems like they are teaming up on him

  • Joe Buddens

    I'm going to tweet about this, but not battle because I'm scared to lose. If I lose I lose everything I've built myself to be. I'm insecure and trying to get money. I'm scared of real hip hop. I'm sorry Canibus.

  • Based Swag

    First Lil B, Now canibus ripped this dude. Slaughterhouse should seriously consider dropping joe budden. He is a fucking loser -real talk




    Dont mind me guys. I'm Just here to indentify the corpse and look for the cause of death. Looks like lyrical blunt force trama to the cranium was the fatal wound inflicted on joe budden.

  • Metaphor Memorial


  • Anonymous


  • Slaughter

    I'm a sluaghterhouse fan and Buddens is dope, but lol Canibus killed him. Cant wait for the reply from Buddens and Royce



  • Born-In-96


  • Born-in-96


  • Born-In-96


  • SWAG

    this was worse then the BOB DISS

  • SH Vs. HRSMN



    Bis is winning!

  • Imoneofthem

    Not a good look for hip-hop. I'd rather see a budden and bis collabo. they both fell off in my opinon.

  • nANY


  • Marines

    Lets add to the comments. Buzz is back baby!

  • can-i-bitch?

    canibus is trying to get attention and he is whining idiot whose always starting beefs with no reasons.

    • Matt Segal

      no why dont u actually read what happened dumb ass, royce and budden dissed canibus first fucking idiot royce stan

  • Hype

    I'll give you Canibus's skill, but I really don't think he can step to Crooked I when he's on top of his game. Crooked I would body him.

  • McKnight

    Buddens and Royce need to quit tweeting and start battling, Ras u look like a bitch too

  • Peares

    Canibus' last 5 albums shits on anything those slughterhouse cats have ever released Half of these comments are from people who havent even listened to those albums and only hear the disses, then comes the comments "that nigga still rapping" Yo he washed up" etc

    • Anonymous

      It ain't like there's a big difference on here between Slaughterhouse and Canibus fans, both groups are displaying their immatured minds and ignorance.

    • keepitrealwit ya self

      He's some1 who can rap & struggles with makin good music thats a battle he hasn't won so far

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    And OBVIOUSLY Martin Luther King Jr. was so proud of how Lil B has raised the black man from up the ground that he came out his grave and collaborated on some real raw shit with Lil B. Jesus Christ worships Tha BasedGod! GOTDAM! Swag! Swag! Omg!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Lil B Tha BasedGod will release the most HISTORIC and LYRICALY CONTROVERSIAL ALBUM in 2011, "I'm Gay". This is the leaked tracklist! 1.All Hail BasedGod ft. Mary J. Blige 2.Rainbow Swag ft. Soulja Boy Tell Em 3.SwagSwag! ft. 50 Tyson 4.Swag on a Trillion ft. Birdman & Lil Twist 5.Full of Colors ft. Sir Elton John 6.Im Vannessa Hudgens 7.I Love Cock ft. Justin Beiber 8.Ass Rape Swag 9.Such a Pretty Bitch ft. Gucci Mane 10.BasedGod Is Back ft. Tupac Shakur 11.Pretty Bitch Rock ft. Lil Wayne 12.Big Macz ft. Biggie Smalls 13.I Had a Dream ft. Martin Luther King Jr. 14.Straight Outta Berkley ft. Eazy-E 15.Bitches Suck My Nuts ft. Jesus H. Christ OBVIOUSLY, Lil B Tha BasedGod has mastered the art of ressurecting the dead therefore ressurecting Tupac, Biggie and Eazy-E. "I'm Gay" will EASILY sell 1 Million copies the first day! This is OUTSTANDING! I cant wait to cop this Beautiful work of art! Omg! BasedGod fuck my bitch! SwagSwag!

  • Javito_1

    lmao if joe buddens gets at this dude like he got at saigon then canibus is gonna get his ass bit not that it matters this dudes washed up.... good diss tho

  • Ben

    If you don't think Canibus came hard on this, I'll be needing some of whatever you're smoking

  • Matt Segal

    you guys are such budden and royce dick riders EMINEM HIMSELF SAYS "if you dont like canibus, you dont like hip hop" i guarantee you none of these motherfuckers heard PLoo,For Whom The Beat Tolls, C of tranquility, Rip The Jacker, or Melatonin magik and are calling him garbage,, BAR FOR BAR canibus would destroy budden and royce, idc if u dont like his voice or how he makes songs, but if you are a true hip hop head then you MUST admit canibus is ill as fuck, canibus has gotten WAY better as the years went on, not worse,

    • dockevoc

      I agree that songs don't need choruses, but if you're going to put choruses on songs they shouldn't suck and his are awful. I like 100 bars and his freestyles from 10 years ago for a reason...

    • Anonymous

      doke whatever the fuck your corny name is songs do NOT need choruses you cornball go listen to some fuckin Drake hell sing you a chorus pussy

    • dockevoc

      fuck bar for bar, 12 year olds can come up with hot bars...this ain't a corner freestyle session and albums should have SONGS with BEATS and CHORUSES

    • sereal

      exactly. its all PR. canibus gets shit on for being black balled. niggas act like he gave up. this dude been fighting whether you been listening or not. making real music, that his long time fans love. eminem was a canibus fan before he blew up. everyone was a canibus fan. then his solo dropped and was a letdown, and the bandwagon left. bis came back with 2000 bc and delivered the album everyone was expecting. bis never ducked a battle. if hes so past his prime, and an easy target, why doesnt slaughterhouse take him out already? cuz they rap, and they know bis is still a monster, and they know they cant hang. royce doesnt wanna diss canibus cuz he thinks bis is a legend. but bis went up against ll and held his shit and bis was an ll fan. he had to defend himself though. slaughterhouse is pussy.

  • Anonymous

    Where have all you bi-polar niggas been before? The other articles about Can-I-Bitch got like 5 positive comments. That's the perfect example for this shit. He literally begs for attention. So y'all can go and throw your little pot shots Some dudes dissed me and temporarily got hot

  • ghost

    anyone who follows bis knows he aint start this beef and doesnt randomly dis other rappers....bis is on some other shit no one else has made anything remotely on the level of ploo period....overall it isnt even a comparison of who is the better artist....a more appropriate battle would be bis and em....royce and buddens are dope but they arnt legends and have done nothing to warrent being a legend....

  • Nick Crookshank

    Can-I-Bitch doesn't know when to stop. Slaughter house will do what they came to do, run this bitch into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    sorry but this was sick! reminding me of undergound 1999 shit right here. no chorus, no hooks!

  • Thizz Nation

    The real bitch in all of this is Ras Kass. SAVE THE RAS KASS

  • Maurius Mustin

    Canibus is no longer relevant on any level. All he does is diss and talk to shit to other rappers. It's kinda annoying...

    • Maurius Mustin

      @dockevoc I glad u agree. You're a smart man. Unlike this anon fellow. Fuckin chump...

    • Maurius Mustin

      Oh for real? So we are getting mad because I MADE A TRUE STATEMENT? Haters will be haters and dumb asses will continue to do what they do but get off my nuts BITCH. What are you? Fucking 12? GET A LIFE

    • dockevoc

      agreed but I find it more funny than annoying...he's like the little brother begging for attention and just keeps getting slapped up and locked in his room

    • Anonymous

      look at your bloated face you broke monkey. you look like you just got done browsing the clearance rack at jc pennys. you're not relevant to females. look at you. you're the anti poon. last name mustin? fitting, you musty ass nigga. you started listening to hip hop after 2000, you a 2k faggot. shut up.

  • dockevoc

    Canibus Cingularity Point They awoke Canibus in beast mode, now Buddens and Royce trying to back off? Aren't they battle rappers? Fuckin puss ass niggas

  • Kali Omni Blakz

    Bis 4 President!

  • Yrettab Leba

    I didn't know people took Canibus seriously.

  • rap izzy

    Y'all remember some of the shots Joey threw at Jay? They may not have been the hardest bars on earth but at least Joey had the balls to do this: Face, for you times is rough too (WHY?) cause aint nobody buying ya albums but you (Talk 2 Em!) from the sounds of everything I hear you lost it still rap aight, but ya peers exhausted fuck ya bunch of money, put ya ego to the side and maybe its time to study ya understudy (Talk 2 Em!) I mean, are we hustling or are we grown up? everytime I hear you, you changing ya tone up when the new generation think about Jordan all they remember is when Iverson crossed him (Talk 2 Em!) take off the blazer, lossing up the tie nigga fell in love and superman died better learn to cover ya ears when the toys pop I hate ya last single (pause) Boys Roc can we hear some new niggas with promise? the new generation won't forget you we promise we'll always pay homage but let's get one thing understood son every Encore ain't a good one!

    • Anonymous

      Fuckin idiot. Your comment means actually NOTHING! I could change the names and write that Joey won instead of the other guys. It holds no value. Ignorant motherfucker. Canibus is was good about 13 years ago.

    • Anonymous

      jay-z sonned buddens. got him dropped. jay-z pump it up freestyle was more memorable than the actual single. btw - pump it up was one of the biggest songs ever and the album still flopped. hoey had no right to diss jay, its like the 6th man thinkin hes better than kobe. its like joe dissing prodigy. prodigy got more classics than joe, and still drops better albums. why this nigga always dissing cats that are better than him? jealous hoe. bis will eat this bum, bis is ready. joey and royce lookin at eachother, scared.

  • Brian Heim

    hearing canibus is like watching the kid with gimpy little arms trying to fistfight a's cool, he' trying really hard...but he still is a gimp

  • Odell 'Otrocity' Payne

    Royce done already got at Bis with that "Ain't No Coming Back From That" track. "Grabs popcorn and patiently awaits for the bell to ring! Sounds like Bis went back to his 2nd Round KO flow. I like em all so this will get good

  • Rakim

    All you new jacks need to step your lyrics up, rip the jacker has returned

  • Anonymous

    canibus picked a perfect beat. OB4CL2

  • yunggwap

    for real this what i been waiten to see some hiphop beef shit but the truth is joey may not be able to fuck wit bis but joel ortiz or royce da 5'9 will fucken rip that nigga in half im wait for dem niggas to release a dis cuz he shouldnt have said royce da 5'9 name cuz now he fina get destoryed an if eminem come out HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

  • Agent O

    alot of "stan buddens" and complete morons are posting in these replies

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Joe Budden is easily the best quarter of the slaughter and Canibus is a little bitch

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      I was stupid a few minutes ago. Canibus didnt ask for the battle, but he will finish it. - Angel Xavier De Peña

  • dockevoc

    Canibus is a hot glass of garbage truck juice.

  • Kaz

    Wow..this verse killed it - “Internet snitcher, like a little bitch / Joey low life, living off rice and goat tripe / He boasts on the mic, then he posts on the site / Then exposed his whole life for the dope, for a price / Don’t rep the culture right / Sold his soul for the hype / Got known overnight for niggas fuckin’ his wife / Got bust in the eyesight and still wouldn’t fight!” Nice diss track Canibus

  • Anonymous

    Canibus is a legend. You kids that are just getting into hip hop over the last 10 years you would know these Slaughterhouse cats wont be remembered in 10 years!

  • Kelvin Washington

    Some of yall some lames period. Joey is the truth. He got snuck by a nigga who had 30 niggaz wit him. Go ahead and say u woulda fought back. Plus he asked to shoot the fair one wit Rae. Who backed outta that one...? Crickets... HaHa yall niggaz wouldnt done shit either. "100 red dots on u if u wanna be a blood for real" he killed Game. Saigon too. So Joey's not ready for battle? U dont beleive that urself. And real talk, Bis spit some of the most elementary shit from what i just read. And there are no weak links in Slaughterhouse. But thats what a hater does. Tries to find something wrong in everything. Bis let a nigga who's main audience is bitches end his mainstream career. "99% of your fans don't exist" remember that? And pay attention before u Bis fans try to tell me he still has a career...I said MAINSTREAM. Niggaz hate Joe cuz he's secure in himself to let people know what he goes thru. Talks about REAL shit. It's more to life than money, clothes and hoes.

    • @wow

      You're lying when you think that Budden got sonned. You don't have to like his music, but try to be objective at least.

    • Kelvin Washington

      For both u niggaz...Here go these fags talkin about numbers. Bum ass Souljah Boy outsold both of them. That makes him better? Nah homie.I never said ANY member of SH had a mainstream career. Not one of them did. I'm the first to admit that. Budden's first album i fukkd wit, but it didn't do numbers. It did go gold tho. Joe bodied Saigon. He didn't go at Deck outta respect for his legendary status. i'm not ridin on Bis at all. I spoke the truth about his career. I fukks wit Bis. I fukks wit SH more. It's about what u can relate to. I can relate to Budden, u can relate to Bis. It is what it is. But even tho Budden does some questionable shit with his personal life, doesn't take away from the fact that he's a dope lyricist.

    • UKHH

      lol @ someone who says canibus had no mainstream career. WTF has Budden had. That dude had one of the biggest Hip Hop singles ever and still flopped. Who exactly gives a damn about Budden? You may try and say Canibus aint relevant but if SH house are then just explain why none of them can sell any records? You see sales does not equate talent but I find it laughable that royce or budden fans can try and ride on canibus for havng no mainstream when the MC's they like are in the same position.

    • wow

      get a life you fag. quit defending joe buddens like you suckin em weak nigga. buddens got the gayest fans alive. they swear hes the best to do it. i got news for you. canibus last solo album sold more than joe buddens last solo album. think about that. shady gonna save them and thats only cuz royce is his boy. buddens fans have a weird attachment to him. they feel his misery and relate to it. d and d. down and depressed. buddens lost every battle hes been in. never had a diss for 50. got clapped by saigon after starting it. got sonned by deck. he dissed game, game sold 5 mill. buddens got dropped by his label and started a mixtape series centered on his depression. budden got 13,000 loyal fans. bis is global.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus will eat Budden, not to disrespect joey's talent cause he has good and bad tracks, BUT "COME ON SON" get the fuck outta here, now Royce and Canibus would actually be something to see..If they are going to beef they should beef with talent minus any and all retaliation of the losing party...with that said "ding ding ding"

    • Anonymous

      If royce and canibus beefed and canibus did more than one song(cuz royce would body him in one) then royce would just shoot his ass with a rocket launcher.

  • John-Boy

    Now this is what Im talkin about!!! I been waiting for good beef and here it is. Mainstream rap has become nothing but a dick holding fest. They have lost the basis of competition which hiphop is built on. Canibus just ripped Budden and Royce and you know neither is gonna take it lying down. Its about a lyrical showdown like we havent seen in years thanks to all the nut hugging pop artists. As fans lets sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Atem

    people getting mad at cani for defending himself. beat/flow is on point "couple moist butt wipes" lol

  • UKHH

    Royce and Budden been making threats for ages. Saying how than can muder canibus and how Bis doesnt want it with them. You then get Royce backing down saying he wont do it cos Bis a legend and how he wouldnt diss Canibus cos Joey said not too. Get the fcuk out of here with these BS excuses. Either do a track or get canibus out your damn mouths. They are go on like Bis is irrelevant but are always mentioning his name. Its getting boring. FFS Budden goes on twitter bitching about some hoe that cheated on him and then writes songs about it. WTF is this? Stop acting like a bitch!!

  • TaZzZ

    I been bumpin' Joey since Mood Muzik 1 but really, Bis will Rip him (triple entendre intended). Joey's mad nice, but he's not a beef rapper. Better call in Em for Can-I-Bitch Part 2 ft. Slaughterhouse, cuz Jumpoff can't handle this shit on his own

  • Ivan Grgona

    Prepare for Buddens funeral...

  • madrocks

    Hey whoever thinking Budden can't get down, is straight tripping. Remember when he and Prodigy got into it? : Y-yo, yo, yo All I tried do is raise the bar See my, weeks is scabbed up, days are scarred Still I love to see a muh'fucker hate from far More they talk 'bout me the more I pray for y'all I mean, I don't get how Prodigy gon' acknowledge me When the nigga 'bout as big as an apostrophe (ohh!) For him to possibly think that he is hot as me is far from a prophecy, it's more like a mockery Used to be hip-hop to me, 'fore you bombarded me with everything ass like sodomy, it's gotta be drugs Four-fifths and snubs, what's that about? Nigga you can't lift the guns that you rappin 'bout (ohh!) But real talk, I can't front on your old shit Now you just old as shit! Not old and sick 'Stead of holdin my dick, here's a better way (dawg) Never mind me, worry about your Medicaid ... Shit's so unfair Nigga beats carried yo' ass most of your career Wanna blog, here's a reason - I FUCKS "Murda Music" Anybody ever diss this nigga is still breathin Jay-Z, Saigon, Nas already peeled him 2Pac, he ain't alive but you ain't kill him 50 signs the bum only cause where he was from Put his stamp on a nigga and still nobody feels him Not a murderer, a gangsta, robber Washed up 90's nigga, now a gangsta blogger Me that, underground flow strike like the pound blow Your sound's old, not even worth a download I would have niggaz hunt you like a hound's nose Problem is you pussy, the whole town knows So why let the body count grow for some fiend-out nigga now starrin in a clown show ----Blood On The Wall And thats just a sample of what that nigga can do

    • Kelvin Washington

      So ur the tough guy that woulda fought a nigga who had a SQUAD wit him? Take ya chick to bike week by yourself, if she bad, and see what goes down. Nigga that been there know what im talkin about.

    • WEAK!


  • fuck this

    fuck canibus but i will give him this joe budden is defintely the weakest link and softest in the group, slaughterhouse needs to get rid of joey, hes dead weight, they need to replace him wit termanology he would fit in perfectly and that group would be so much better

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Joe Budden is the best in Slaughterhouse. You cats have never listened to his solo shit and only like corny ass "punchline" hip-hop.

    • Anonymous

      How could Termanology fit into Slaughterhouse when he isn't even the best in his own 'group' ShowOff?. LMAO, you can't be serious. Reks IS 10 times the rapper Termanology is.

  • Weak

    2 wack ass rappers beefin dont impress me, (not including royce, he's nice and shouldnt have even been mentioned but bis is a bitch and knows eminem wont pay him no mind so he goes at ems boy)

  • WTF


  • troy

    slaughterhouse is shook. why are they scared of answering bis if hes washed up and out of it? cuz they wanna keep it on the low, and know that bis will eat them in a battle. bis got more heart than them niggas put together. bis will battle all 4 of em, no fear. how can you let a rap legend defame you, to no reply? this is like inspectah deck sonning budden. budden had no answer for it. bis got classic verses, classic albums, and he been blessing his fans with projects non stop. and these fake niggas gonna diss bis, like bis isnt one of the realest dudes to bless the mic. fuck outta here this guy is what being a battle emcee is all about. he approaches rap like war, i thought slaughterhouse niggas liked competition? keep dissing these niggas bis they cant fuck with you. you cant pick and choose who you diss. if somebody disses you, reply, or look like a bitch.

    • Kelvin Washington

      In your eyes he may be. But what makes a legend? Not everybody who is labeled a Legend is a Legend in everybody's eyes. So i'll re word my statement to: Canibus is not a Legend in MY eyes. And once again niggaz talkin about numbers. And if u wanna talk about sells, like most lame niggaz do to see who's better, Bis had ONE certified Gold did Budden. So fukk record sales. I'l respect ur opinion if u can actually say you've listened to any of Joey's Mood Muzik mixtapes. You can't base a nigga's career off of a single...

    • Anonymous

      Kevin Washington you are a retard Canibus is a legend period...

    • troy

      so who will budden reply to? why didnt he answer deck? cuz he got shit on. everyone knows this except faggot budden stans. now bis shit on him. and bis is a legend, he is undoubtedly a bigger name than joe buddens. hes sold more records and has dropped more notable verses. budden doesnt have any classic verses, that hip hop heads universally praise as classic. bis got a bunch. buddens is a pussy, royce is a pussy. they get shit on and act like theyre above battling, then they record a diss to some lesser nigga that is no threat. so royce has time to make mistah fab and d12 diss records, but bis isnt worth the time. hilarious. slaughterhouse a bunch of frauds. battle rappers scared to battle.

    • Kelvin Washington

      Deck is Wu Tang. TRUE LEGENDS of the game. Joey didn't respond due to respect. Bis is nice, but he's no LEGEND. He didn't change the rap game like Wu did.

  • HaHaHaHaHa

    Wow....look at all the Cupcake girls with their panties in a bunch....take Joeys dick out,your mouth for 2 seconds and youll see he got punked and will never be able to come back from this.

  • lol

    Joe Budden lost his right to diss or be apart of any beef when he apologised to the person that had just hit him in the face. Anyone that listens to Joe Budden is an emo fucking pussy who should never even say the words HIP HOP.

    • Brandon Pitts

      Hilarious, I'm glad someone remembers

    • Kelvin Washington

      HIP HOP HIP HOP HIP HOP! Ha Ha! He didn't apologize to the nigga that hit him. He apologized to Rae, and they squashed it. Thats real shit. But you're The fukk boy who wants to keep beef goin. Muthafukka move on...Niggaz need to get they're facts straight before they start postin...

    • John-Boy

      And I bet your favorite rapper is Officer Rossifer or semi fag Lil Wayne right?

  • Mark Ryder Kuznetsoff

    R.I.P. Canibus... sorry...

  • liger05

    Why is canibus being blamed for this. It was Royce and Budden who started bitching about Canibus when Bis never dissed them. Royce got into a twitter beef with a fake Canibus and still didnt drop it. Those 2 have been pushing and pushing and now when Bis says something people are blaming him saying his just an attention seeker. Canibus aint the one who needs to get on twitter and bitch about MC's.

  • TonyYayoSucks

    So this isnt real canibus spittin am I correct?

    • Agent_O

      that is the real canibus spittin on the track. dude above is talkin about the BS drama that started it all.

  • Joey cupcakes

    Canibus ripped him appart with this one they gona try and not get sucked in because they will lose this battle and lose their credibility just before their albums drop. GET EM BIS !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Canibus always sounds like a bitter faggot, his voice is absolutely annoying and ranks among the worst voices in the history of rap. This ISN'T music, Canibus ain't able to drop a good track. Joey WILL smash him through the roof, he destroyed Saigon and Prodigy who thought it were easy because Joe is popular for his mood music. But that s what Joey's waiting for, he sets the mouse trap. If you deny that Joe Budden is a beast on the mic, you don't like hip hop. Simple as that. Ya all just mad that he does introspective tracks and pure punchline tracks. He is a lot more versatile than almost ALL of these whack niggas out there.

    • Anonymous

      your a fuckin idiot and a groupie congrats your parents must be so proud

    • Agent_O

      "If you deny that Joe Budden is a beast on the mic, you don't like hip hop hop" If you say that than you can't deny Canibus is a beast on the mic either. But You obviously don't listen to canibus music otherwis you would already know this. Bis has done battle/punchline raps, told stories, dropped mad introspective-straight knowledge raps, and changed his flow and rhyme style on multiple occasions. stop being a "stan buddens" and recognize

  • Experience

    The comments are fucking horrible. Who are these idiots?

  • The Ghost of Centralite

    Canibus got some dope bars on that diss, should be a dope battle. But, they wont respond. Too afraid too much too lose. They wouldnt want to battle Canibus. The Ghost of Canibus Centralite

  • Anonymous

    hats his problem with these guys anyway? Why is he beefing?

    • Agent_O

      Royce dissed him after airstrike dropped. Canibus said nothing. Royce mentions his him in a negative manner after the Premo thing, Canibus said nothing. Royce gets in a twitter beef with a fake canibus yet instead of then squashing the whole thing after realising he got duped his still making digs at Canibus. Joe Budden then starts getting involved and tells everyone his dropping a track called 'spring training' where he will diss canibus.

  • s


  • Anonymous

    god damn this is gonna be good! i aint into beef shit really, but man fuckin with slaughterhouse and shady?! thats gonna stir em up and we gonna see some LYRICAL FIRE! i hope crooked gets involved in particular.. nice track though from canibus even if i aint on his side i can admit that

  • Hopit

    Canibus should quit bitchin! They should whoop his ass fo real.

    • Anonymous

      Actually he dissed Em n Em was affraid to respond last year

    • Nuke Island-boi Jones

      he still spits like he rapping against LL Cool J....he wont take shots at Shady (bwhahahahaha)....he should take shots at Yelawolf....smh


    This Beef/Diss-Shit makes any talent smell shitty and it bores me. Canibus lost it a loooooooong time ago depending on Wyclefs bitch ass. He is irrelevant. Joe Budden IS the weakest in the SH-Clique, but he has some very good moments on the mic and people relate to his messages because it´s easy listening - not some pseudo-intellectual wordplay-shit. Instead of beefing, these idiots should destroy beats not my high.

  • Evan Nielson

    Canibus is washed up garbage. How did this even get coverage? When was the last time this piece of shit had a relevant rap song? Seriously... Dude is probably broke on the street Tweeting his beef through a forgiving Starbucks customer that let him use their Blackberry. Who is signed and who is not.... yeah...that's what I thought. Proceed to smoke crack Canibus.

    • Anonymous

      the premo track wasn't even top 5 on that album faggot C of Tranquility >>> Recovery and Relapse combined

    • Anonymous

      his last album was good. His best for quite a few albums. Merchant of Metaphors, Golden Terra of Rap, Title 17 USMC, etc, some quality tunes.

    • The Whole Truth

      Agreed! his last album was terrible lol, Dj Prem done his best track,

  • The Whole Truth

    fuck the haters, Joe is sick at spitting bars, just because he don't use as many syllables as other artists he still murders every track, he’s a story teller and a dam good one to, and just because his style of music is dif people diss, keep em coming Joey!

  • Hidden By Leaves

    Joe Buttons isn't nearly as good as his fans seem to acclaim him... A Slaughterhouse/Shady major release is destined to be corny as fuck.

  • Anonymous


  • curbstompa

    YO!! i thought the Horsemen album was gonna have a track with Slaughterhouse on their album!! WTF... i was really lookin forward to that shit! that woulda been lyrical gold.

  • cjackson581

    did this dude forget there's two other members in slaughterhouse? joell ortiz and crook would both rip this dude up.

  • JJ

    Man i wished he would do something stupid like this! Eminem didn't even take this guys serious so he didnt respond (which i wish he wouldve). NOW Royce and Joey will do what Em shoulda done long time ago! SLAUGHTERHOUSE!

    • Agent_O

      That was D12 on the track and there was a recent reason why Bis did that track

    • gametime

      @JJ that wasn't really D12 right? He impersonated them?

    • JJ

      Oh yeah, i know about those. I meant respond to the latest diss, the one Canibus got D12 on the track.

    • Heat357

      Eminem has a song called canibitch which is a full diss track... But its more comedy than drama... He also calls him out in say what you featuring dr dre and say my name with xzibit and nate dogg.. and he calls him out on role model from the sslp... The only problem is canibus can't make enough noise.. He's a great battle rapper but noones knows who he is..

    • SmearCase

      Em did response... Squaredance... Not a full diss track, but he had a few lines for Canibus

  • Vegard Møller

    Not many can diss like Canibus.


    look man i fuck with bis but its over. That old hard core bar after bar shit aint gonna get it.we know cannibus is not going make it mainstream but damn he struggling to be underground. and yo fuck what all yall say about budden he is the only rapper every to put his real life (not his mans or older brother) life on record. How many rappers been through all hes been through and still is progressing upward.lyrically and bussiness wise. you would think the niggas who support the WU AND BIS WOULD FUCK WITH slaughterhouse and what theY represent HIPHOP.

    • G($)

      You pretty much said what I wanted too. Any nigga that say Joey can't rhyme is fucking stupid. FUCKING STUPID. JOE BUDDEN IS A FUCKIN BEAST. Its one thing not to like his style which is totally acceptable, but to call the nigga a bitch and say he cant rap? GTFOH As for Bis, is this just a publicity stunt? Making extremely scientific, confusing albums automatically takes away any appeal underground or mainstream. His shit is an acquired taste-if you can understand his damn stuff. Sad thing is I don't think he even knows it.

  • robbie

    First off Joe budden is 10000000000000000 times better then this bum ass nigga canibus he need to drop and give me 50 reminds me of another bucwild washed up before 30 lol slaughter all day

  • Anonymous

    Listen to this song this shht FIRRRREEEEE AND FUNNNNNY LOL

  • rtj00

    You know all of these loosers are just going to say "this is just Bis trying to get his career back" even though dude is just defending himself from people that were talking shit. Dick riders make no sense and come up with bullshit excuses. Its so sad.

  • surreal

    all this is is bis trying to get something of a career back. he sounds terrible and just isn't on par with budden or nickel. i turned the track on and didn't even care to listen 5 seconds after it started.....that should tell you something. i can't wait to see what slaughterhouse has in store for this washed up boxer!

  • see it now

    slow buddden got merked. cockinblouse niggas are scared. they let ppl talk shit and do nothin about it. canibus will battle all of em dolo and they still scared. bis the ripper. got these suckas shook lookin to twitter for ideas. meanwhile bis shittin on em no remorse. bis been a flight risk since 96 for his lyrics.


    Joe Budden and the entire Slaughterhouse are simply hype. Joey got his shot at the limelight and flopped now all he does is run around all uptight talking bout who can rap and who can't all that loud talking and aint about nothing. That's like if my boy Jeff Teague who is getting his shot now in the playoffs and doing well with it would go out there and lay a egg but run around talking about how other PG's aren't really that good and don't deserve the spotlight. You only get one time to shine Joey ask Eminem the next time he lets you off your knees from licking his ass.

  • Moist Da 5'9


  • Moist Da 5'9


  • Moist Da 5'9


  • Callum Peel

    Hey im going to be covering all sorts of news like this on my new blog and would love to hear your views :) pelase check it out Thanks.

  • 242MC

    Canibus is a very skilled Emcee but he is a sore loser lol... he hates mainstream so much because he was a flop.. bottom line this nigga 1st dream was be a big time star! bet if he was huge mainstream success he wouldnt be emcee that he is now! he was signed to Universal same type of major lables he hate so much! what is he going at niggaz for ? because they sign with his arch nemesis Eminem?

  • Anonymous

    Joey is way funnier than Cannibus but both these dudes is broke tho... y do i care?

  • Steve

    Canibus destroyed him, haha, funny shit

  • TellingItStraight

    Canibus does have bars, never really fealt his music because he sounds constipated when he raps. He does diss him good, but don't underestimate what joey will retaliate with

  • rtj00

    Bis just merked these fake industry cats. And lol at the dude saying wacka what ever the fuck his name is, is the future. Dude obviously dont know shit about Hip Hop and is dumb as fuck. If you cant face the fact and actually listen/judge the track and you just want to dick ride people. Fuck off!! All you mother fuckers do is talk shit, this and that, dictionary, fell off , bla bla bla shut the fuck up and listen to the music you brainless fucks!

  • wallet lettuce

    This should be a dope battle. CHECK OUT THE PLK!

  • Ryan Spliffarachi Whitelaw

    Canibus can't touch Joe Budden.

  • DEEZnuts

    FAGS jumping on DIX defending their boyfriends. That is what you is if you defend either of them. THIS SHIT IS BETWEEN THEM!!! THAT NIGGA IS IS BASEMENT LOL!!!

  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

    Man all da fuk ims tryna say is that this nigga str8 trash dookie. Aint no body tryna pick up a dictionary when dey lissnen to music. I dont fuks with none of these niggas, but real talk Waka would str8 merk these niggas. Lil B is the future niggas. D town UUp

    • Anonymous

      Lil B is a faggot that shudda been his album title and slaughterhouse already basically diss waka flocka "nervous like waka flocka in the votin both" hahah dumb asses

    • Anonymous

      Every Waka Flocka Fan should read what you just said. And notice why they like the music they like.

  • Just Sayin

    canibus its over, its a wrap, your career has been over, go back to school, get a degree, do something else, its over, your reaching, your not even considered one of the best underground rappers, not even talked about. Again, my apologies, but its over, your irrelevant.

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    Once again you pathetic sheep are being DECEIVED! This whole beef is meant to distract you from Canibus and slaughterhouse's association with the demon worshipping cult known as Disnikkuhfeloff. Use your minds, people! Theres 4 members in slaughterhouse and 7 letters in Canibus. This makes 11, the same number of warriors in the demon army of dark lord Royceizuhfag. This connects to Canibus' lyrics, they're subliminal! By "moist buttwipes," he really mean Royce and Joe are ready to sell their souls to the intergalactic federation of demon space bats. You can't deny these facts and clear symbols! My research is 100% accurate! WAKE UP

  • Freddie

    OK, let me try this, since DX loves to delete my posts almost daily now. I am not a big fan og this song. It is not something that I enjoy to listen to. I think that Joe Budden is better & I anxiously await his response to this. I think canibus has fallen off a bit & he should not be saying mean things towards any member of Slaughterhouse........THERE IS THAT BETTER? CAN YOU PLESE STOP REMOVING MY POSTS?? IT IS GETTING ANNOYING.

    • ViciousTrampe

      The only reason comments are deleted is if you spam the site with links or inappropriate material (racism, etc..). Comments are never deleted just to be deleted, we let everyone speak their minds. Thanks

  • WiseGuy

    Joey ain't ready, royce is shook he ain't ready... Shit I dont think SHADY and THE WHOLE FAM aint readyy!!!! Canibus is the king of battle!!!! He mastered the art of rhyming there is no chance of Voltron 5 coming at BIS!! "When im focused i can engage multiple opponents"!!!!!!! -Canibus

  • can I-b-a-busta

    *******why say something when these guys are on shady

  • can I-b-a-busta

    this guy is terrible, someone pls tell were not even listening. why say something why these guys are on shady

  • Curtis Jackson

    well he came right now lets wait for the retaliation

  • Kimarley Hall

    "Canibus" is RAW, but he ain't Fucking with "EminEm" & "Slaughterhouse" as ONE!

  • Anonymous

    "Canibus" is RAW, but he ain't Fucking with "Eminem" & "Slaughterhouse" as ONE!

  • Jose Vasquez

    Yea!!!!!!! I like both, I'm just glad that I expect a response track from Royce and Joe Budden, unlike most rappers these days. If Canibus dissed Lil Wayne, you wouldn't hear shit.


    Can-A-Shit is gunna get it. lol Just wait for it.... lol are we talkin about the same clown that got embarrassed by marshall and LL cool j. cmon son.......fuck outta here with this bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus went took some good shots at Joey. .Lets see if Joey can respond with something good. .I give Canibus a 7/10 with this track.



  • Can-I-Bus

    Rip Em & All his crew Members a New a$$hole,Muthaf_ckers guit ignoring Skills!!! Real talk."DMX" Voice (Lets take it to tha Streets MF'ers)

    • cinavenom

      Meanwhile Canibus already shredded that faggot ass sorry excuse for an Eminem. Love the use of the Wu beat.

    • therealestone1

      Even if canibus wins. Will eminem stans admit canibus one? No they would rather die than put someone over their precious emotional pop feminem.

    • dmize-one

      can already tried goin at em and got busted... next

  • Ser Ser

    Wait, weren't the 4 horsemen supposed to have a joint track with slaughterhouse in the future? Im confused...

  • comptonsmostwanted

    canibus is still fire and raw on the mic . joe budden is wack to me royce da 59 was wearing glitter bandanas and thought that was cool ? LMAO

  • Anonymous

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  • jayluv

    “@JoeBudden: Joe Budden - "Spring Training" produced by @Jcardim #MM4.5 ..”

    • @ zzzzzzz

      hoq in the world u'd know anything about a transvestite? U gay ass nigga

    • zzzzzzzz

      Canibus should cut eminems head off, because i am 1,000 sure he could, because that nigga more corny than a transvestite!!

  • C-Lo Dubai

    Dont get it twisted Canibus'entry into the game will forever be legendary. For you new heads just listen to him on the firm joint in 99 or any of his first two years in the game. Damn near untouchable

  • Cultures Clothing

    @AndrezHernandez I'm sorry my friend, but if anyone is a blithering idiot it's you. "Spring Training" by Joe Budden with the Canibus diss on it was recorded at least a week ago, since he tweeted about said Canibus diss last week. The Spring Training Diss itself is a response to Canibus throwing bars at Royce. He even made a video regarding Canibus last week, & Royce did and interview about Canibus on Conspiracy Radio LAST WEEK. He's only releasing the diss now because Canibus released his first. Canibus' diss is a response to the Joe Video & tweets. How is Canibus going to ask Joe "Who the fuck are you talking to" if he dissed Joe before Joe said anything? You feel really stupid now don't you? Check your facts before you pop off at the lip, or else you wind up looking right now.

  • redrum4343

    shoulda know it was coming Cuz Royce had songs wit bus but then he dissed Canibus to look better for eminem

  • C-Lo Dubai

    When DMx and Canibus came out in '98 I thought Bis would become the A-list star. That said his whole career has been disappointing an the only "official" track that still classic besides the LL diss is Buckingham Palace. He aint f*ckin with neither one of them Slaughters right now. And that aint no Stan statement thats my opinion as a fan of this lyricism and music.

  • Jesus

    lmao. dude this weak ass rapper is dissing Joe Budden? really? Joe budden has bowel movements way more lyrical then Canibus. no wonder you never blew up and your the Underground's favorite rapper[btw Underground sucks dick, only exception is the well known ones. like Big K.R.I.T]

    • Brian White

      Oh Jesus, the fact of the matter is you probably haven't heard 90% of the verses Canibus has spit and never will. "Beasts From The East" has in my opinion one of the greatest verses of all time and you probably haven't even heard the song. Remember Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, but you probably don't know that either. Oh yeah, when was the last time jump off did a song with Slick Rick or Rakim, but in your opinion they're probably shitty rappers too.

    • Jesus

      mutha fucker. im a dude who listens to good rap. not that same bullshit im againt the fuckin industry i rap about the same shit but im better cuz im underground. fuck that i like good rappers. the only underground dudes i woulda ever considered even slightly a top 25 in the underground was Chamillionaire. and btw i dont even consider Black Eyed Peas music. [: i consider it sold out trash music Will i am is dealing to stupid raver kids as he gets rich pretending hes Kanye. fuck yourself. and your sister. and your daddy.

    • Brian White

      Hey Jesus, go listen to pop music. You just crucified yourself, you go against the underground, you are truly not a hip hop head. Both the guys are great rappers, but lmao you go back to kindergarten and grab your Black Eyed Pea.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Yo Canibus, do your thing with Keith Murray (by the way, that LP gonna be a classic) but why dissin? First Dj Premier, now Joe & 5'9? "Canibus, Eat a Dick!" (Ice-T's voice)

    • Anonymous

      Premier thing wasn't a diss...he never said "Premiere is wack" or "Fuck Premier". He basically said "That wasn't a good look dog you threw me under a bus"... And Premier did fuck up in that situation. Royce & Joe dissed Canibus 1st...he's only responding...people just don't know the situation.

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    slaughterhouse will eat canibus

  • s3titoff

    canibus always been on it joey n canibus fight ahh ima say canibus cuz he lyrical i lkie buddens to but on some royce shit i dunno that would be nice to see for everyone that hates canibus was killin eminem not saying he won but was a good battle and he smashed on LL for the bitches who think different listen to canibus again dumbass lol dj premier he a dj who cares nto a battle krs one always holds his own he didn't need to go there kills me how people say that canibus riding off of beef but half yah dumb bitches out there loved it when em and 50 did 50 got rich off of it he ain't lyrical and still aint shit no wonder why he not selling no more "yah dig"

  • Your Name

    This should be interesting.Too bad Canibus dosent get more air play other than this site. A beef should get equal attention. His rap is nice though lets see what happens.

  • Please Retire

    This shit is so fucking wack, the beat is god awful, sounds like some 80's step-dance, I also heard a Kid Vicious diss in there, funny cause Bis isn't even as good as him these days, he fucking fell wayyyyyy off. Why in the fuck does he always have to diss someone, make your own shit man.

    • cinavenom

      He used a Wu beat becuase Joe got socked and whined like a bitch by a Wu affiliate


      u fuckin dumbass its a wu beat and the beat is dope, better than the beats budden n royce fuck with IMO!!!

    • Anonymous

      your a fuckin idiot THEY DISSED HIM FIRST DICK HEAD what is he supposed to jus take it like your faggot ass would quit talkin fell off too when you don't even know his music and Kid Vishis is fuckin WACK

  • ScOwL

    Culture Clothing speaking the truth about who instigated this. Do your research before you comment.

  • DeeAyGeeIZ WATCH

  • Can I Bus.....Not anymore!

    Joey is going to destroy him, I am so glad he did this, I can't wait.

  • Sensaye252

    "You're a hater" "You're a dick rider" "You're a groupie" "You don't know shit" "Go kill yourself" Okay, now that we've covered that, can we have some comments worth reading?

  • gnigga/pleeze

    why can't this dude just build a following based on his strengths instead of burning so many bridges by dissing people all the time. he dissed KRS so there goes the old school fans who might like him, dissed Em and LL so there goes the mainstream so all he has left is underground which slaughterhouse has on lock right now so he's gonna lose that fanbase too. smh i like him but he has the most unfortunate career

    • anon

      he didnt diss primo.

    • Anonymous

      Well it's because LL, KRS, Royce, Budden (and even to an extent Eminem) talked shit about him first. In most of these situations he's just responding. And for the last time the Premier thing wasn't a diss

    • Tyler

      He dissed Dj Premier too.

    • Ras

      KRS-One is one of my favourite rappers and I'm a huge Bis fan too, as I was a Pac fan aswel as Biggie, Jay aswel as Nas, you don't have to pick one or the other.

  • Sensaye252

    Canibus is waaaaaay nicer than that nigga. Joe Budden is a one-liner rapper with cute punchlines and shit. Canibus is a wordsmith and a ferocious MC. He's not for simple minded novices though. Niggas keep sayin' Canibus is not relevant. To who? To the mainstream? Who cares? The mainstream's not relevant to me. Connosuiers of lyrics will always regard Canibus as a legend.

    • Anonymous

      But it ain't like it depends on lyrics alone. You gotta bring on everything, in the end it's called music, if it were the other way around, he could post sheets with his lyrics. Don't try to deny facts. Joe Budden is the complete opposite of a rapper who drops one line here and there, this nigga got lines for 7 minutes. Did you listen to any of his tapes or Escape Route? I don't think so.

  • The Azrael

    I am fan of neither but; Got known overnight for niggas fuckin’ his wife Got bust in the eyesight and still wouldn’t fight! Probably broke Joe's heart, can't wait to hear response. Finally two lyrical rappers going at it and not some Soulja Boy vs Bow wow type a shit.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ wont ask Can I Bus...I just bust at da haters



    • Anonymous

      Bis is a trained Army ranger dude...he'd fuck both of them up in a hand to hand fight. Also, Bis isn't even Skinny anymore...he put on a good amount of weight. People just say stuff with no actual it's funny...

  • Cultures Clothing

    The Dick-Riders in Hip-Hop today AMAZE me. Let's break down a couple facts...and this is coming from someone who has Canibus AND Slaughterhouse records: FACT#1) ROYCE DA 5'9 INSTIGATED THIS WHOLE SITUATION. Bis Disses Eminem because of their problems, and Royce Disses Bis on a mixtape in response. Royce had nothing to do with it. In fact, since he himself was beefing with Eminem at one point, he was actually in a position to talk to both sides and help them squash it. But Nope. As Royce himself pointed out on Twitter, he's "an asshole", and sometimes he "just likes starting shit". Bis was the bigger man here and let it go. Then, the Bis/Primo misunderstanding happened. BIS NEVER DISSED PRIMO. Bis basically said "That's not a good look at all just threw me under the rug". That was the gist of what Canibus was saying. In all actuality, having the biggest DJ and Hip-Hop history mention your name when asked who was hard to work with WASN'T a good look. That was on Primo. Bis and Primo are good now...and even talked about working together again. Royce hear HALF of what's going on (without calling Bis or Primo) and starts talking shit on Twitter about Canibus! Then, at a later point, he gets into a Twitter fight with a FAKE CANIBUS TWITTER ACCOUNT...and refuses to take back what he said when he found out that it wasn't even Canibus who he was arguing about. Canibus gets fed up, after playing the bigger man for so long, and throws a couple of bars at Royce. THEN, JOE BUDDEN sticks his nose in the situation, and starts talking shit about Canibus and talks about dissing him on a "Spring Training" track, which led to this whole thing. Royce and Budden are DRAMA QUEENS. Royce is really talented...but off wax he's an asshole. Do you want to no why Ortiz and Crooked aren't getting involved? Do you want to know why Canibus isn't dissing them? BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITUATION. They're acting like actual men, and not little girls, and letting people work out their own problems. FACT #2) This diss is lyrically solid. I really don't respect your Hip-Hop opinion if you don't think this is a solid diss. "OK" or just "GOOD". I could buy, but saying it's wack means that you're a Dickrider. These lines are straight venom: “Leave his face like Jonah Hex...Ice pack hold and press...Internet snitcher, like a little bitch..." Joey low life, living off rice and goat tripe / He boasts on the mic, then he posts on the site / Then exposed his whole life for the dope, for a price Don’t rep the culture right...Sold his soul for the hype Got known overnight for niggas fuckin’ his wife Got bust in the eyesight and still wouldn’t fight!” The funny thing is, you don't even hear Budden or Royce saying it was wack, but the Slaughterhouse Dick-Riders are all here saying how wack the track was. If these same lyrics were by Nas or Jay-Z or Eminem, and they were directed at some other rapper, you'd see all kinds of people in this thread talking about how it was "Ether". Bis went in on Budden, and touched on many of the problems that I have with Budden's off-the-record Personality. The guy has some talent, but he does some real feminine shit allllll the time....makes a guy like me not want to listen to his music. FACT #3) Dissing Royce and Budden was a dumb move on Canibus' part...not because I think that they're going to destroy him or anything of the sort...but because no matter HOW DOPE Canibus' diss tracks are, in the end, the general consensus is going to be that Royce and Budden won...simply because they are more popular. People dick-ride, and don't know how to separate the Music from the artists. If Canibus comes out of this with the better disses, I'll say that he won. If Royce and Budden do, I'll say that they won. Fact of the matter is, most people aren't as objective. Watch: Budden will put out his "Spring Training" diss'll have a couple of gun metaphors...that "If I was high, I would smoke Canibus" line (Which is actually a recycled line that Celph Titled said like 5 years ago)...and probably something saying "you suck since you came back from the army"...and all of the Dick-Riders wil say it's the dopest diss ever. It's sad, really. It says something about the state of HIp-Hop. Most of these kids nowadays couldn't even tell you who Kool Herc or Melle Mel was. SMH 4) EMINEM DID NOT RIP CANIBUS. He didn't even make a full Canibus diss. He threw a few funny lines at Bis, in the same way that Canibus threw a few funny lines at him back in like 2004 (which most of you don't even know about). Also, EMINEM IS NOT THE BEST RAPPER EVER. He's not even the best WHITE rapper ever. QWEL is a doper MC than Eminem. In all actuality, EM hasn't been really dope lyrically since his "ANY MAN" days when he was still hungry and creative. I LOVED that Eminem...this new EM is all style/flow... but everyone eats everything up and says that it's the best shit ever. EM needs to get back to his roots. You see a hint of the old EM now and again, but his new stuff pales in comparison to the stuff on Infinite and even the Slim Shady LP. That's all I have to say about that. Peace.

    • Jess Devitt

      will you look at that. a constructive and insightful comment on Dx. the editors will take it down soon, no doubt.

    • thatdood

      @faggot guy, get rid of the ^^ from your name and your alias makes more sense you illiterate shit bag. @cultures well put my man. lets not forget Eyedea, RIP. his rhymes always put eminem to shame

    • Bryan Moore

      QWEL? Child please.

    • Anonymous

      Andrea STFU Budden has been dissin Canibus on his blogtv and in interviews plus on Twitter for over a month n this is the first time Canibus has dissed him dumb fuck

    • andreshernandez

      are you dumb? 2nd paragraph of "fact" # 1, spring training was released AFTER canibus put out the diss track to joe and royce, you FUCKING BLITHERING IDIOT there goes your whole essay, down the drain douchebag

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Well put Cultures Twitter @beezlebud

    • faggot^^


  • wickwickwack

    royce starting a beef...canibus is just retaliating ...again ... still this diss is weak ,he gotta come harder



    • Anonymous

      Cornball he isn't in it for money or sales and he's still sold over a million albums solo solo no members catalogue has sold more than 20k Royce last one sold 4k joe budden sold 2.5k

    • faggot^^


  • Fck All You Canibus D*ck Riders

    for all of you mofos that say rip the jacker is better or the best album then you are retarded the only good thing about it is the production from stoupe



    • Freddie


  • nuggaPlz

    Canibitch will be murdered by Royce. Niggaz better check the catalogue man. That boy is something serious.

    • Anonymous

      if anyone needs to check a catalogue it's your dellusional ass Canibus catalogue of barrs>>> Royce

  • OleHEad

    If Canibus raps like he did in 96-98 its IMPOSSIBLE either one of them could touch him. (I'm not with that pause or no homo shit either...grown man talkin). If you're over 30 then you know Canibus merked everything he touched back then....if he can regain that...its over...and if the rest of slaughterhouse gets in then the rest of the 4HRSMN should jump in too. Royce will be close...his wordplay may help him but buddens...and I like his rappin skills....I just don't put him with the elite lyricist like a Canibus or Eminem

  • Head

    Lets be real "Can-I-Bitch" was FUCKIN CORNY!! Yall think thats murdering somebody?? I swear the rap game is so homo now, SMH...

  • ZOdiiak

    its funny how niggas that werent joe budden fans now suddenly are and defending that guy wit their life Lol, chill tho canibus will murder buddens, nd royce it would be a good battle the only person that Canubis cant fuck wit is Eminem. When niggas think of Lyricist in hip hop Canibus should be one of the first ones so all these fuckboys in here need to get a life

  • Kheck Mate

    Royce will destroy Canibus

  • BisknosinhisHeart

    Bis had a spark when he started but now he's just Garbage & the fact is he'd agree himself he's known for ill verses & his inability to craft a decent song & it seems that his ability2 craft ill verses is fadin so it doesn't matter who disses him because he's severely handicapped there is no spotlight for him he clings to the underground because he knows where he falls short. Ain't that Right Bis? hmmm hmmmmm

  • somejackass89

    I like Royce and I like Canibus, Joe Budden not so much after the whole thing with Wu-Tang.

  • Sourhern

    i swear niggas still be hatin on buddens for pump it up lol...the nigga is pretty nice but royce is not to be fucked wit...if he dissin SH, why wont he call joell and crooked? coz they would wreck him

    • Anonymous

      Maybe because they have absolutely nothing to do with the situation? Ortiz and Crooked haven't said anything about Canibus, and he hasn't said anything about them, other than to say that "Crooked is a real nigga...and Ortiz is cool too". Royce and Budden started this situation because they act like little women whenever there's drama in the air...

    • Anonymous

      first he's friends wit Crooked I second CROOKED I CANNOT BATTLE his 2 diss tracks the TI and DMX disses are 2 of the weakest diss tracks ever recorded

  • mhunterjr

    i fux w/ joey, but buss went in on him... i need a response asap!

  • Anonymous

    I love how all these faggots are defending Canibus. You're just mad at the fact that both, Royce and Joey, are more popular than Canibus and better rappers. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit ass logic that Canibus is good just because it's cool to praise underground rappers who never made a career, as the next messiah. You gotta admit the fact that underground are sometimes whack too, some of them ain't popular for a reason. Joey and Royce got more fans and more skills.

    • Willy

      So his "best album" MAY have gone gold since 2004? That's 7 years man. I guess that means that we can come back to this argument after people stop stealing music from torrents in 7 years huh? Lets be real.. Album sales mean nothing in today's society. If they did.. By your own logic Eminem is a far superior artist to Canibus simply because he's out sold him on the Billboard charts. (Really let's not get into lyrical skill because Canibus and Eminem are on an even keel in my opinion.)

    • Anonymous

      Nearly a million son both. Can I Bus and 2000BC went gold n he's dropped 9 other albums too go with them RIP THE JACKER has prolly reached gold now too it did about 300k by 2004

    • Willy

      @ Beezle... And how many albums has Canibus sold in the last 10 years... Go ahead. I'll wait.

    • Beezlebud

      then why did Royce last album only sell 4000 copies and Joe Buddens sold 2500 copies??? and lyrically their not touching Canibus go listen to Poet Laureate wit to ignorant dellusional ass

    • thatdood

      twenty bucks says you wouldnt have been saying any of that shit if em still wasnt fuckin with them. fuck outta here dickrider

  • Ameht Dominguez

    shit is sooo fucking weak.

    • Sensaye252

      So is your chin strap. You ain't cool 'cause you puff blunts. You burnt out too many brain cells with that dirt ass weed you smoke to understand a MC of Canibus's magnitude.

  • Luis Gudino

    This is gona be GOOD, cant wait for the response to this... two of my favorite MCs going at it.

  • Ras

    Canibus is still FIRE today, here's some recent Bis tracks... I don't believe any real Hip Hop fan that's being honest can say these tracks are whack... listen...

    • Wordbacin the day he was nasty good point

      Bis had a spark when he started but now he's just Garbage & the fact is he'd agree himself he's known for ill verses & his inability to craft a decent song & it seems that his ability2 craft ill verses is fadin so it doesn't matter who disses him because he's severely handicapped there is no spotlight for him he clings to the underground because he knows where he falls short. Ain't that Right Bis?

    • Beezlebud

      their all groupies they'll say those joints are wack without even listenin fammo

  • Anonymous

    Joey will rip these cheesy ass nigga a new hole, and Em already ripped him, hes about to get ripped by shady records for the second time

    • Anonymous

      If you think he ripped Caninus your a retard and his disses to Ja Rule where wack as fuck ja killed him in 1 barr " you say your moms a crack head n kims a known slut so what u think hayleys gonnna be when she grows up"

    • Willy

      Hasn't ripped anyone except for The Source, Limp Bizkit, WHitey Ford, Ja Rule, Cannibus etc etc... Haters fail to realize that simply because THEY don't think that Eminem ended the careers of many that it didn't actually happen. News Flash... None of those people I just mentioned have been relevant since Eminem decided to go after them... The Source being the PRIME example... The biggest selling hip hop magazine to non existent in the time it took Eminem to drop three non album tracks... NOOOOOOOOOO Eminem didn't rip that periodical to shreds at all. Get the fuck out of here.

    • Anonymous

      Em hasn't ripped anyone you silly lil dick rider

  • Lol

    I don't like Canibus, but he's hell of a lot better than Royce and Button.

  • thatdood

    Let all the royce/slaughterhouse/eminem dickriders come out now. Canibus would body all of them. I guarantee that the only thing half of you clowns know about canibus is the bullshit eminem and royce feed you on your gangsta-ass twitter shit. You dickriders are just as lame as royce and buddens. So keep talkin

    • Anonymous

      Bus Mic Club disses at em >>> Can I Bitch

    • thatdood is dumb

      Yeah can-i-bitch is considered murder cause canibus couldnt drop anything better

    • thatdood

      If that weak ass song "Can-I-Bitch" is considered murder, I could take out the whole fuckin rap industry with one song as a FAN. Keep riding em's dick man, be just like everyone else, its all good. Nobody won that shit between Canibus and Eminem, they both dropped it. Check your facts homie.

    • Poppa Doppolis

      haha im no dickrider but em wiped his ass with canibus

    • Jimmy Young

      u probably dont know shit about any of them.. gtfo.. eminem already murdered this dude.. get over your wannab cool ass. lol weak ass lil child. im telling your parents to set your parental controls.. no rap for you. fag!



  • Afsheen Kameleon Semnani

    Canibus has gone mad and retarded. He needs to just end this roller-coaster he calls a career...

  • Anonymous

    First to all you fuckin cornball eminem groupies who are in her now dick ridin SH coz of their association your all idiots, Canibus did NOT start this he could give a fuck about attention THEY dissed him he ignored them, they continued dissing him n he's now said fuck it n responded not one member of slaughterhouse has made an album even 10% as good as RIP THE JACKER period non of them and they prolly never will Canibus has given more quotable barrs to Hip Hop than every member of Slaughterhouse combined n he's more respected by MCs than all of them to and Eminem, that's a fact, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Wu, DMX, Rakim, Redman, Jedi Mind Tricks, Big Pun, Pharaohe Monch,Nas, have all reached out to work with Canibus and featured him on their albums how many legends have featured Eminem, EXACTLY This straight bodied Joe Budden but you fuckin groupies would rather dick ride rappers than remain neutral and base your opinions on just the music the shits pathetic

    • Anonymous

      Casper none of them wanna work with Eminem you think they can get Jay Z n Nas n LL Cool J but not Eminem lmao if Rakim reached out for an Em feature he'd get it prolly free same wit the other LEGENDS named in that post Em is nothin special his only claim to legendary status is his sales record lmao

    • Doc

      JD your wrong it started when Em said a suspect barr referencing Bis " I'm cancerous, you wouldn't wanna try n answer this wit a battle rap u wrote for canibus" N the Em vs Bis beef has got fuck all to do with Royce groupie ass

    • Anonymous

      Bar Exam 3 was 80% WACK 2000BC RIP THE JACKER Mic Club C of Tranquility all easily equal or better the albums you named death is certain, street hop and Bar exam 1 are Royce only dope projects all thru BE2 is jus solid...

    • casper21

      ok, for my reference, what's the album and track name of the DMX song with cannibus featured. And sorry bud, if you want an eminem feature for your album get in line, it's like asking Primo for a beat, but oh, i forgot a song called Renegade on the Blueprint by Jay Z. And look up the cradle to the grave soundtrack, DMX, Em, Obie - Go To Sleep. Thing is so few people care about cannibus, and dissing budden right before a Mood Muzik re-release and the slaughterhouse album on the horizon, just bringing them more attention.

    • HipHop

      JD hit the nail on the head. Canibus is the PERFECT example for a greatly talented rapper that couldn't drop a dope album in his entire career. Search the internet, almost all Canibus albums gets trashed, even on underground sites. The only one that received some love was Rip The Jacker, but that's no wonder when you mind that it was produced by Stoupe.

    • JD

      Actually the beef originated mostly because Canibus stole the Stan concept from Eminem and used it to make an entire album - C True Hollywood Stories. The entire album uses Stan as the main character, featuring him in several songs and interludes. And I have to disagree with you about your statement regarding making an album. That right there is Canibus' greatest flaw, from the first to the latest, he may have one or two joints but he cannot put an album together to save his life. Then upon failing to put out quality material, he blames everyone else, from Clef to labels. As for Slaughterhouse members not having better albums than Canibus, check The Bodega Chronicles, the Bar Exam Series, & Mood Musik Series.

    • Beezlebud

      anon your dellusional and I'll guarantee you've never even listened to Canibus catalogue 2000BC bodies all the mood muzik joints and that's not his dopest album RIP THE JACKER slaughters every Royce joey joell and crook album combined the shits widely considered one of the illest rap albums ever released and how is that first post dick riding by stating FACTS

    • mike

      Sounds like you're the only dickrider here.

    • Anonymous

      mood muzik 2> Canibus entire catalogue

  • Nico 3

    At least go after people with something to lose. Budden and 5'9 just signed with Shady. Their pockets are full, so I can't imagine they would entertain responses considering the opportunity that was just handed to them.

  • Daniel Morris

    That shit was soft.. Had a handful of lines that hit. The rest was irrelevant, kinda like his career..

  • dontgiveafuck.

    canibus is around for a long time now to all the youngstas calling him "canibitch" : eat a fat dick canibus > slaughterhouse

    • dontgiveafuck.

      ll cool j ? seriously ? i only respect LL for his debut albums back in the 1980's then he turned into some bubble gum rapper lickin his lips in every video clip he made, always takin his shirt off like he was some model and shit, and having a hard on while he was rappin in front of a camera get the fuck outta here with ll cool j plus the track canibus made with mike tyson "second round ko" was definitely biting LL's nose off from a distance

    • xWaitxWhatx

      When young sons fantasize of borrowing flows tell little shorty with the big mouth the bank is closed (yeah, word up) The symbol on my arm is off limits to challengers You hold the rusty swords I swing the Excalibur How dare you step up in my dimension Your little ass should be somewher cryin on detention Watch your mouth better yet hold your tongue I'ma do this shit for free this time this one's for fun Blow you to pieces, leave you covered in feces with one thesis ("LL Cool J is hard") Every little boy wanna pick up the mic and try to run with the big boys and live up to the real hype But that's like pickin up a ball, playin with Mike Swingin at Ken Griffey or challengin Roy to a fight Snappin, you ameteur MC's Don't you know I'm like the Dream Team tourin overseas For rappers in my circle I'm a deadly disease Ringmaster, bringin a tiger cub to his knees (uhh) In the history of rap they've never seen such prominence Your naive confidence gets crushed by my dominance (word up) Now let's get back to this mic on my arm If it ever left my side it'd transform into a time bomb You don't wanna borrow that, you wanna idolize And you don't wanna make me mad nigga you wanna socalize And I'm daring every MC in the game to play yourself out position, and mention my name I make a rhyme for every syllable in your name Go platinum for every time your grimy ass was on the train Watch your mouth don't ever step out of line LL Cool J nigga, greatest of all time

  • Anonymous

    His voice is so annoying but "Got known overnight for niggas fuckin’ his wife" was funny but I hate canabitch hes terrible idk why he still raps.

  • Anonymous

    moist and budden deserve this diss, they be talkin out they asses too much,don't fuck with ripthe jacker

  • .....

    Wish they stop saying he from QUEENS. HE'S FROM CANADA AND HIS RHYME STYLE IS CORNY!

  • Washed up nigga

    This nigga washed up, royce and joe gonna tear this motherfucka apart

  • Anonymous

    This niggaz career has been dead since LL killed him. So now he tries to bounce back by doing the same shyt that killed his career.

  • B..

    Canibus is corny. Royce gon eat his ass up. I guess he didnt see what he did to mistah fab lol I smell a "who got bodied 2" comin

  • uallsuck

    Seriously people. canibus is washed up. he some dope songs but ran outta material. beats were wack. faded after he "lost" to LL. even tho i feel canibus won that one. came at em. em destroyed him. canibus faded again. buddens got bars plus goes in on his real life. royce is sick too. slaughterhouse gets buzz and canibus needs buzz so diss em and try to hype it up. thats all it is. tell canibus go back to his scientic futuristic sadistic twisted diobolical mystic illuminati fixed it crap. and joey can go back to hating his life.

    • 242MC

      "scientic futuristic sadistic twisted diobolical mystic illuminati fixed it".........LMAO LOL GOOD ONE!!

  • Rodney Starkes

    normally i'd get irritated cuz bis is just dissin niggas for stupid shit again. but this is actually going to be a good battle assuming slaughterhouse responds.. i just hope they keep it on audio

  • Dimi

    Bis hasnt been nice since like 05 why do people listen to his albums fully expecting them to be good....10 years ago royce woulda gotten roasted but now royce and budden shit on bis

  • badnewzxl

    I'm torn; I use to like Canibus until I realized that nigga don't be rapping about anything that matters to ANYBODY. But I never like Joe Buddens bc that nigga just SUUUUX! Both of these cats need to cut it out; nobody cares about these niggaz, man. Nobody cares about either of them. Slaughterhouse (all of em; Ortiz, Crooked, Royce, and Buddens) are just another 4 Horsemen (Bis, Kaas, Kurupt, and Priest); worthless niggaz rappin about being like a good, dead rapper (STOP MENTIONING PUN AND PAC IN EVERY FUCKIN RHYME), rappin about their punk ass lives (Buddens' hoe ass ex, all Bis' failed battles), and just senseless, purposeless rhymes their fans call "lyrical" bc they don't make any actual sense. There's a reason almost all these niggaz have been around for forever and never got any respect....

  • SQUAD UP!!

    Thas right mah nigga bis finally puttin these pussy ass niggas in they place! Is about time someone told them faggots in slaughterhouse to sit the fuck down! They jus lucky my niggas in brick squad didnt get to em first. Gucci, Waka, Frenchie, fuck even Wooh da Kid coulda easily ended these fags careers. Das cool tho, cuz Bis bouta jump on that upcoming Ferrari Boys single. THEY GON END THESE PUSSY ASS SLAUGHTERHOUSE NIGGAS. 1017 BRICK SQUAD TAKIN OVER FERRARI BOYS JUNE 21 SQUAD UP!!

  • Art Y-Rap West

    but best believe, Im ridin wit the Slaughters.

  • Art Y-Rap West

    Finally! A REAL Hip-Hop Battle, grab the popcorn. 4HRSMN vs. Slaughterhouse. This is good 4 the culture.

    • Jon Mc

      this aint HRSMN, just Can-O-Bitch and some no name lame, you think Rass Kass or Kurupt gettin involved in this? NO

  • Michael Lundquist

    that shit was pretty wack...

  • ginders

    First things first man your fu*king with the worst i be sticking pins in your head like a fu*king nurse!!! This beat is from Wu Tang - Take it Back.

  • P

    When Royce disses somebody he always tears their head off, now not to mention Joe Budden is gonna be on his side. SMH over for Canibus, he cant hang.

  • Anonymous

    Joey is going to destroy him, mark my words. Canibus said some 5th grader shit, nothing compared to what he used to be. Joe will fuck him up like Prodigy and Saigon. Canibus thinks it'll be easy because Budden is widely known for his mood music, but he s sooo wrong, he just fell for the mouse trap.

  • Anonymous

    Lol who the fuck is canabitch with that wack ass beat and funky ass voice. hang it up, you're not relevant

  • Ramiro

    first of all shadyy is a dumbass. do some research canibus been in the game for a while, took down LL while he was at it. I like both HRSMN and slaugterhouse. as individuals i like them all but i hope Canibus destroys them even more. Royce is losing my respect. Can-I-Bus?? yes u can!!

    • ramiro

      He did that to show that AIDS is gold but HIV is platinum. i mean its better than EM getting another guys ass on his face so idk man. Not really a lot of the older hip-hop guys seem to say it. Bar for bar canibus took him out just since LL is a legend people dont seem to admit it

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      How is Canibus a clown? Well geeez I dunno... How about when he showed up to MTV VMA awards after he painted himself platnium? I mean seriously, the only thing missing was the red clown nose. Only "hip-hop" fans who thinks Canibus won are ones who started listing to hip hop during the 90's.

    • ramiro

      well too many of the real hip hop fans they still consider canibus diss to LL to be one of the greatest. so if u wanna be biased thats on u. How is canibus a clown?? Royce should name his next album "dick riding Em"

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      Canibus took down LL? ahahaha. Is that why canibitch was crying and accusing Eminem of ghostwriting for LL? Canibus has NEVER won a battle live on stage or on wax. Dude is a clown Canibus, Consequece, Young Buck, & The Game should start a group. Call themselves: Slaughtered Clowns.

  • xripperx

    Canibus' rhymes have been weak for years. He has no right going after anybody. It's pathetic. And this is coming from a Canibus fan!

  • shadyy

    if it wasnt for the beef wit eminem id hve nver of herd of ths nigga cani bitch! thts hw popular he is ffs!

    • Anonymous

      that jus proves your not hip hop or a part of hip hop culture stan

    • Anonymous

      Dont be stupid you know canibus is you favourite rapper. He really has provoked these guys and the fanboys. So lets bring on an exciting show of lyrical war.

  • Anonymous

    i did read on twitter him n royce going at it like 3 weeks ago lol

  • T'Challa

    Fuck it.. let's go Horsemen Vs Slaughterhouse all out battle.. they BOTH need the attention and it would be good for hip hop.

  • bizness

    Cannibus is on the FAST LANE to being Slaughtered! It's bad when you go after somebody that's a BATTLE RAPPER! Joey disses em, and that's it... RIP SAIGON, PRODIGY, RANSOM... and Royce gets to get on a track to diss him too! SMART MOVE cannibus, Smart move!

  • chiefzs

    what gets buddens in trouble is he opens his mouth to much jus like when he fucked wit clan he got smacked you think you can just blast on someone n nothing happen buddens premo lyricists but I know n real hiphop fans know hes a bitch

  • war22

    lol...Canibus is gonna get it so bad...i see a future diss Eminem feat Joe BUdden and Royce...Malcom x is coming back....

  • Grant Simmons

    Career suicide.

  • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

    There may not be a bigger Canibus fan then me, I own about 90% of everything he ever recorded. And he just trashed Joe Budden. But honestly Canibus and Royce are about even. Royce stays being slept on despite him always having a battle rap style to the mic.

  • Eugene Alford

    I cant stand this nigga rappin, I dont know if his delivery or what but he just dont sound right

  • VtotheIzzo

    “You a disgrace to Jersey, you suck on the mic / You and 5’9” are like two moist buttwipes / Walkin’ around all uptight Bis has fallen off so fucking hard. Wackness. Not a Slaughterhouse fan at all but dude should have came harder with it if he was gonna diss

  • wow

    remember what em did to canibus. He never resurrected himself.

    • hip hop

      what did em do? make a "diss track" creating a scenario where he kills bis. dman son, that diss track was really ill, wasnt it?

  • Jeremy Orr

    I PRAY they respond..jus for hip-hop sake! nothing else. don't forget Crooked is cool with Canibus and im sure he's gonna stay neutral but we all no how Budden & Royce get down and we ALL know what Biz did to LL. this is what we need, this right here..that competitive natue is been going on 4va and we need that...Hell they can even dap later like the Battle dudes do BUT i dont wanna here no back forth talking, thats what waters down shit...Lets hear some BARS!!!!! #round1

    • Anonymous

      Crooked I can't battle to save his life his TI n DMX diss tracks are 2 of the wackest diss tracks of all time, jus coz someone can spit ill verses doesn't mean they can battle rap

    • chiefz

      I remember how royce n buddens get down buddens gets smacked n royce unlike the intro to the first sh cd royce dosent have his back thats cool just know bro lyrics n actions r diffrent like joell says on his new cd im from ny where I dont make a diss track next time i see ya ill smack u in your face

    • LJbigbang

      Irony is IF Crooked did go at him. Monstrous. I never thought Canibus was a bad rapper tho, he's good. Slaughterhouse ftw tho.

  • lyrykal

    funny how when these niccas diss joey they always talk about his shit cuz he airs it all in his music but really cannibus this diss is weak af, yeah we heard it all b4 when these niccas diss joey and he ain't the weakest in the group... say something new please else zip yo mouth. joe budden is hella ill with the ink and OLS3 proved it

  • Dan Webster

    dat nikka said 'leave ya face like jonah hex' eeeewwww...



  • ASEE

    Can't ignore some shit like that. Bis ripped the shit outta Budden. 5'9 is a better emcee than Bis, but it's just fuckin obvious that Bis could rip any other emcee in Slaughterhouse with the exception (maybe) of Joell. Eminem would tear him a new asshole though these days. Maybe back during Mic Club / RTJ Canibus would have had a shot at Em but not anymore.

  • 2brosnalaptop

    so let me get this straight slaughterhouse did a record with hrsmn earlier this year now they're beefin'. Super crew vs. super crew that both got albums comin out this year...this shit is faker than joe budden vs saigon.

  • glowing_knight

    Lol. Canibus ate them up. Who cares about 'Bis career, he can tear emcees a part. I hope Eminem says something since they on his label.

  • Marc Wilcox

    going at Royce was his mistake Royce about to eat him alive, and for people on here that say he ruined LL and Eminem obviously not because he over here taking shots at rappers just to get attention on himself, not to mention they already ripped him a new one a few times so what he tryin to go at Slaughterhouse for? to get 4 new holes ripped into him? Dude is dumb his time been over like Shyne

    • Marc Wilcox

      @hip hop and when Royce took shots at him first it wasn't a big deal but now Cannabis going back at them thats when it get big, it's all for attention on himself again...

    • Willy

      @ Hip Hop If he wasn't hard to work with Preemo probably wouldn't have said anything...

    • hip hop

      @war preem took shots at bis first by claiming he was very hard to work with, thats a bad look for bis, he basically tried to get producers to stop working with bis

    • war22

      @hip hop he fucked with Preemo and D12..thats why Royce took shots..thats his ppl

    • hip hop

      "he over here taking shots at rappers just to get attention on himself" you know nothing of what you are talkin about royce took shots at bis first, strong knowledge phaggot

  • Tallimi Morgan

    the only one that can hang with him is crooked i but the song does'nt pertain to him

  • rick ro

    Canibus just ate these dudes.......they must be scared shit..