Snoop Dogg's Alma Mater The Focus Of New Current TV Series "4th and Forever"

Once home to Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Desean Jackson, Long Beach Poly High is the focus of a new television series on Current TV.

This May, Current TV will reveal "4th and Forever," a television program about Long Beach Polytechnic High School's football team in Long Beach, California. The school, once home to Snoop Dogg, Desean Jackson and Cameron Diaz, has been given high praise for its football program, one that has sent more players to the National Football League than any other high school in this nation. 

The show follows the 2010 Long Beach Polytechnic Jackrabbits as they try to bounce back from a rare bad season in 2009. The trailer for the show is below.

Snoop Dogg has remained a supporter of Long Beach Polytechnic High School throughout his career. During Nate Dogg's recent funeral, Snoop explained how he met Nate while they attended the same school.

"1986, Poly High School, that's where we connected for the first time," he said at the gathering. "We didn't know each other, but the music connected us. We built a brotherhood, a friendship."

In the image posted, photographer Estevan Oriol shot Snoop while the Doggfather represented at the school in his high school gear. 

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