Kurupt, Sir Jinx, King Tee, Jayo Felony, Gangsta, MC Eiht And Tha Chill Form "1st Generation"

HipHopDX Debuts the first video from the collection of West Coast vets' upcoming album "Sharks N Tha Water."

Back in February, MC Eiht announced he would be joining fellow CMW member Tha Chill as part of a super-group named 1st Generation. Nearly two months later, the collective—also comprised of Kurupt, Sir Jinx, King Tee, Jayo Felony, Gangsta—has released their first video, “Killen Me Softly.” Few emcees can say, “We either made it crack or grew up on N.W.A.,” as Kurupt does on the chorus, but few groups can boast founding members of Tha Dogg Pound, Likwit Crew, Compton’s Most Wanted and The Comrades.

How did they manage to fit so many different egos and musical tastes on one project?

“With music, everything else is irrelevant,” Kurupt told HipHopDX during a similar pairing with DJ Quik in 2009. “The music is what the key is, and the music is the set. So we’re all from the same set as far as this music game goes. The love you have for someone can outweigh your neighborhood politics and all the rest of that. You’re gonna see more of that, just to let you know that it’s not just us older cats doin’ it.”


  • Foolish


  • Ms. LACY

    Check out the single "Not ought to" to ft. Kurupt! Produced by musician/artist Shannon Lacy http://youtu.be/Wchugu7ib1Y http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/not-ought-to-feat-kurupt-single/id433560799 http://www.kmel.com/new2/artists/i/318348?psid=436822

  • Booyaa

    at last some real shit. Fucc all nowadays wack skinny ass niggaz!!

  • des

    R.I.P. 1st generation. Is this a joke??? Nobody is taking these cats serious.

  • Anonymous

    this gonna be some wack ass shit. nobody is waiting for them. they had there best time behind them. Nobody wanna hear some 45 years old rappers talking about how gangsta they were back in the days. and since when are kurupt and jayo felony the 1st generation. all those old rappers sticking together because they can't make a decent solo album. the westcoast needs some new blood.!!!!

    • Travis Clinton

      quit hating you lil bum ass nigga, and show some damn respect. the niggas been puttin in work ever since you was swimming in yo daddy balls!!!!!

  • Westcoast G

    WEST, WEST ya'll.....that's what's up cuzz.

  • Anonymous

    Hope Sir Jinx still can handle tight production like he did for cube and KGR.

  • jack johnson

    its amazing king tee still sounds dope even after all these years his rapping actually sounds even better on this track, most emcee's from his era have fallen off now

    • buckeyewu

      I'm surprised Kint Tee is still here. I was sure his liver would have given out around the year 2000 or so.

  • mike

    They should of named this group "A BUNCH OF NOBODYS"

    • buckeyewu

      No shit. Whoever doesnt respect legends is an ignorant biiaatch! Go listen to your simple as Wacka Flicka Fizzle bullshit.

    • sssssssssssss

      "nobodys"? go dick ride pop/hiphop acts.go polish flo-rida.go beat your mom to eminem songs.go gleek out to mac miller.go toss your fat white girlfriend at lil b.electronica rap will always suck dick.robot sounds and laser beams does not equal HIPHOP.go put antifreeze in your dads gatorade

    • spacedaz

      Get fucked ignorant bitchass, these some WEST COAST OG's rite here doin they thang


    King Tee & Jayo Felony in the same fuckin group? this shit is bannanas. Gonna be a classic album. if you dont like this youre a fuckin faggot. www.youtube.com/MCMRGRIMEZ

  • NY

    West Coast we've been missing you the past couple years, showing sign of life with having some OG's on their but the production could have more of a west coast sound. I'll welcome a G-Funk comeback, I miss that signature West Coast sound.

  • Archie Archibald



    nice to hear some new westcoast MC EIHT is my fav rapper from the west for years

  • edubb1977

    Reminds me of the good ol days!!!! And im from Cleveland but I have always fucked with the west!!!!! That was just a lil reminder of why I did in the first place. Good Shit!!!

  • toneCapone


  • adamsinc71

    I'm from the east(b-more)but i respect the west coast legends...keep doin ya the og's

  • Anonymous

    Wow, def'ly a supergroup here...some of my left coast favs...over Jinx production?? This should be flames! Divine, PEACE!

  • Number1g

    West west y'all 90's hip hop was the golden era all these niggas had it popping back than you hate to see them getting old MC Eiht is still one of my favored King T is a legend Kurupt is DPGC enough said Jayo Felony is cold on the mic props to all these dudes

  • Anonymous


  • buckeyewu

    Nice track, nice video. The beat is perfect for a West Coast cast of emcees like this.

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