Whoo Kid Confirms DJ Pauly D's Involvement With G-Unit, Working With Hot Rod

UPDATE: Although details are sparse, Whoo Kid says that DJ Pauly D is likely in the G-Note subsidiary fold, and working with longtime 50 Cent protege Hot Rod.

The Jersey Shore phenomenon shows no signs of stopping any time soon. And 50 Cent, ever the opportunistic businessman, wants to get in on the action. TMZ is reporting that Curtis is pursuing the hit show’s DJ Pauly D for a three album deal with his G-Unit label. According to the gossip site’s sources the two men met in New York last week and while no official signing has taken place they are already planning out the deejay’s future including merchandising and musical collaborations. 50 is apparently looking to get this deal done before Pauly D begins filming his show’s next season which will take place in Italy. TMZ contacted the Queens rapper but their calls were not returned.

In other 50 news, he continues to hustle on the tech front. He has partnered with social media company UberSocial to create his own free application. The app will be called Uber50 and it is a Curtis-centric version of the UberSocial phone theme. The theme features custom icons designed by 50, access to the G-Unit Twitter list, and exclusive artwork. There is also an Exclusive G’d Up Edition of the theme which will cost you $1.99. That version comes with sound effects created by 50, more exclusive artwork, and the chance to get a Twitter shout out from the G-Unit CEO.

(April 15)

UPDATE: DJ Whoo Kid recently sat down with Shade45’s morning show to confirm reports that DJ Pauly D from MTV's Jersey Shore fame would be joining G-Unit. Whoo Kid acknowledged the signing and said that it makes sense, since 50 is trying to “get in the club scene.”

“He has new records that he wants to showcase and since 50 is doing a lot of, especially with the Hot Rod situation, he wants to broaden the horizons. He wants to get in the club scene and what better way?”

He went on to add that the signing may not be to G-Unit necessarily and that it would likely be to G-Note, a G-Unit subsidiary that primarily caters to Dance, Pop, R&B artists.

“I think he’s G-Note,” Whoo Kid added. “Well, I haven’t got the full thing yet but I’m assuming he’s G-Note.”

Hot Rod, who is mentioned in the article, is another act signed to G-Note. After waiting for years for his project to be released, he is eyeing a drop date later this year. He’s been reportedly working with dance acts like David Guetta, Akon and others including Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes.

In 2010, Hot Rod spoke about this with VIBE, as we reported.

“G-Unit Records is hardcore street influenced Hip Hop music, but with G-Note it’s more of a Pop, Dance and R&B feel," he said. "I’m like a fusion of both. You’re still going to hear me rapping but it’s on a different style of production."

Additional Reporting by Andres Vasquez.



  • Nico 3

    Imagine Pauly D telling his parents, "Guess what, I'm signing to G Note Records." They'll look at him like WTF?

  • Jesus

    Whoo kid:dude i want some dick 50:ill call over hot rod Whoo kid:didnt his name use to be Spider locc? 50: yeahh but after Banks sucked his dick we decided thats his new nickname whoo kid:oh... and Yayo? 50:well turns out he was so used t oprison he raped me, Hot rod, and said "if you dont bring that yummy dude from Jersery shore in or ima rape you for the rest of your life" whoo kid:sounds like para....i mean eww god thats gross...uhm just outta curiousity...does yayo rape in the shower? or out of it 50:well... i was fuckin olivia and opened her legs and said "you hit it" and well... i ended up face down takin dick like a drugged out college chick

  • okay serious

    50 if you read this DO NOT let Hot Rod drop an album! he will FLOP horribly and G-note records will be given a horrible reputation and its just taking off! lol for real though

  • lol

    I wonder how mad all those European stans that hiphopdx is filled with are now that theyve released G Unit is over and 50 was just a puppet for the Gods Eminem and Dr Dre like Justin Beiber is to Usher. Fucking lol.

    • dirtysouthernhotshot

      European stans.... Wallup faggot I'm European and I fucking hate all this 50 and G-Unit trash. Europe has just as many hardcore rap fans as the States, maybe more. That's why people like Nas and Wu-Tang have said that on their European tours they get more love and energy than in the States. The States is full of white teens who cream for 50 and his gang, don't deny it



  • Gambit Pierce

    Isnt this guy sopose to release mixtape with dr dre today

  • i bet..

    Hot Rod hates the music he's putting out, i listened to his shit when he first signed to G-Unit, and it was G-unit type shit, now the stuff he's putting out is soft and doesn't seem like him at all.

  • The Ooh Child

    Friends don't let friends listen to house music

  • Anonymous

    fuck 50 cent!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He was about to sign Lil B

  • Coroner's Offices

    Hahahahaha. DJ Pauly D? Of all the people he could sign, he had to sign Jersey Shore's "DJ"? No Jay Rock, no Kendrick Lamar, no Uncle Murda, not even someone from SMACK battles like Serius or Mook? This is some mad bullshit. There's cats making dope beats out, but he had to get some guido who sounds like any other DJ. Can Pauly D scratch, cut, break, flip, produce some good shit? Or is Pauly D just another playlist DJ?

    • Beast

      Jay Rock is signed to strange music, Kendrick Lamar is stayin independent, uncle murder doesn't have the mainstream appeal for 50 to sign him(50 want money). 50 is usin Pualy D to help start his pop label not for his Agressive label so the artist above wouldnt fit anyway

  • Kendra Celeste Wilson

    what tha fug.

  • Lol

    i know that 50 reads these comments cause he is a internet gangsta

  • Anonymous

    damn nigga pauly d got flow like nobodys business man he be murkin in the game

  • Jusejuse

    Lol...Banks and Yayo better start shopping for another label

  • Anonymous

    50 can't sell his own shit anymore, he should care about his career. All his comments in the past, he can't be serious. I mean, look at his talk in 2007. Kanye sold him the fuck out and what did he do? Chaning his words once again. His relevance was gone in 2006.

  • hellrazor

    this article is a waste. fuck 50 cent, fuck jersey shore and fuck mtv.

  • Anonymous

    Remember Get Rich or Die Tryin'? Man now he's a fucking joke

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ aint from no Jersey shore

  • Anonymous

    Damn!! Really??? smh 2.5..... I mean damn Rozay ended this clowns career!!!! Rozay is signing real MCs and 50 is dodging gay jokes. (Ms. Cees) HAHAHA

  • Anonymous

    lmao dj pauly D on the boards for the 50 joint lol lol. I wonder what this man is gunna throw up for production

  • old 50 fan

    forget all the nonsense. i used to be a fan of 50. i dont care about his money, sales, if his albums are classic, what businesses or he opens or any of that. for me its quality of music. i grew up with boot camp, wu, onyx. yea music evolves but 99% of the shit out is terrible. signing this jersey shore fag is not helping. this hipster/trash movement needs to go away. most of you are blinded by image and the fact rappers appear to have money. the reality is they get fronted all this money and wind up broke when they have to pay it back. think of it as getting a student loan for school. you still have to pay your loan. kids today think lil wayne has massive money. just cuz hes "living a dream" he has nothing to pass on. maybe he doesnt have money problems (unless u count the taxes he hasnt paid) but all his kids (which tax payers pay for) will have nothing. so what kind of person are you? have brains folks.

    • Anonymous

      yea word. Wanye will not last in the community. His shit will be forgotten. there is a reason why onyx's backdafucup is still played by heads, that goes for all those classics albums. Wanye has only contributed bullshit, he will be forgotten once he stops making money and the record labels go on to the next 1.

  • lolz

    niggaz in here be saying shit like "50 is a bad business man" and shit. the fuck u niggas know about business? if u know business u wouldn't be sitting ur ass there all day hating on a niggas hustle gtfo

  • D Green

    come on man are you serious?

  • Anonymous

    First we find out that he was on the down low with Ms. Cees and now this????

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is a whore

  • Pesanyingi

    I said it and I'll say it again - 50 needs to sign solid MC's - Uncle Murda, Mac Miller, Kendar lamar, Jay Rock, Meek Mill, Fred the Godson - His been hard at signing wack acts like 40 Glocc, Spider Loc, Hot Rod even Tony Yayo is wack am sorry - His weight 50 is carry around (50's Memphis Bleek)- Simple 50 listen to lyrics and delivery then put up some real dough and snap up these acts - house them in a G-unit subsidary, and let them work with hot producers releasing mixtapes, and eventually albums. Keep the streets hot with hot acts...come on son!

  • Lsn22s

    I will say this, however... As great of a businessman 50 Cent is...he seems to have one prevalent flaw...50 always seems to invest in the short-term instead of the long-term...look at the way he handles his artists...or his beefs...or even his business deals...50 is REALLY good at scooping up something that's hot at the moment, but he seems to lack that killer instict in his long-term ventures...if u notice, 50 tends to make his money in quick bursts, as opposed to a steady stream of revenue... honestly, 50 was on top of the industry, if he had played his cards right, and made some more thoughtful management decisions based around the 50 Cent/G-Unit brand names, he would still be running shit...everbody knows 50 has crazy money, but he also lost crazy amounts of rank in the world of hip hop, not to mention selling power...not sure Pauly D is gonna bring back any of that, but I'm sure 50 will find a way to cake off him if they work together...

  • Lsn22s

    Not sure what 50's plan is here, i wonder if this Pauly D guy makes beats or something? Can he cut records like a real DJ or is he a laptop/playlist DJ? Or maybe he wants him for live shows, so he can stick Pauly D on the show roster to bring more heads in... No hate, I'm just curious as to what 50 actually wants to pay him to do...Seems like a opportunistic move on 50's part, as soon as jersey Shore falls off, Pauly D's name will start to as well, so it's smart to get him involved with something now while the show still has influence over young folks... Also, the article says there is NO DEAL YET...so this could end up being nothing, folks should relax...

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent and the MVP-Unit Ft. Lil' Snooky

  • Anonymous

    some dumbasses on this site always talk about 50 's money. i mean why? its about the music and nothing more. do you benefit if 50's is making money?

  • Anonymous

    why not sign Snooki to g Unit. and create a new lil kim get em Snooki!

  • Anonymous

    G-Unit been dead. as in the the famous words of kiesha from new jack city, rock-a-bye-baby!

  • tdot1987

    I heard chloe kardashian can spit, maybe gunit should start a new branch and call it gunit the reality kinda like when they started gunit west with game

  • Anonymous

    50 all about money he sold out on his fans who put him on top in the first place ,long time ago when he went euro pop with timberlake ,now he releases gangsta shit again but he doin power moves with the elite,just so he can brainwash them again into thinking his album will be gangsta when in fact it will be same pop shit.then he signs that hot rod fag now this fag fiddy the biggest sell out next to lil gayne,dont support these faggotz they dont give a fuck about you only your wallet save your money gas is 5bucks a gall times is gonna get more hard fuck the elite and their puppets

  • mr718

    Almost every comment I read on this damn site are all negative damn I remember like it was yesterday when the whole world was on 50's and G-Unit's nut sacks now everyone just luvs to bash him smh... Now if your a rapper over 30 and still making an impact on the game everybody says you washed up or to old... If 1 out of the 5 albums you dropped is not all that they say you fell off cmon already 50 is a legend classic albums,mixtapes,singles,collabo's etc respect the man and hes a brilliant business man...

    • Gulez

      fun peep would be sayin shit abt 50 sayin he is a dumbass not a good business man bt fun if u giuys dnt gv a fuck abt ths nigga why u guys alover his dick than or readin abt what he is doin next if u dnt like or love his muzik or who he dose busniess ths fine bt please my nigga don't hate 4 nothin eish

    • Anonymous

      He didn't have a classic album. He just got shot 9 times and beefed with the entire industry for a buzz. The actual album sucked!!!

    • Anonymous

      excuse me? classic albums??? he had one classic and thats it. and i dont give a fuck if he's a good busineesman. its about the music dumbass and not if 50 is a good businessman

    • samusukix

      exactly i dont like 50 but i dont hate,i never do let a nigga do what he wants, what the fuck is ur problem, its none of business. why the fucking negativity? but what can WE do; nuthing. haters will be haters

  • this is some stooopid ish

    just when i thought fif was making all the right moves and working towards BETTERING/reviving his rap career......

  • Deezy

    holy fuck can't believe i just read all these comments.. your all fucking idiots..i find alot of people think its cool to be a hater lately... like first lil wayne and now gucci like really? i fuckin hate guccimane but the difference is i just dont listen to him. ya'll be bitchin bout everything, do you really care if 50 cent signs this dude to produce some records? or make some beats? really? and the reason 50 fell off because he is filthy rich fucko's, if you guys were smart maybe you'd sign some guito that half the world watches $$

  • Andezchicago


  • Niggas these days....

    Damn you niggas are dumb as fuck... This is why 50 cent is so rich...GENIUS. Do you morons not realize how many stuck up hoes watch Jersey Shore? Doesn't matter what this nigga sounds like. If they give him a good beat and a "catchy" hook - those same stuck up hoes are the ones who buy cds. You niggas on the other hand will probably still be downloading albums (not supporting your "favorite" artists) instead of buying them. 50 continues to find new ways to get rich. I commend him

    • killaCamryToyota Literally

      yea u rite i still will be downloading shit like fiddy really needs my hard earned 10 dollars fuck out of here ,only nikka that can get my dough is big krit and j.cole that is until they go mainstream and sell out 2.

  • info

    at this point i question his sanity

  • HATE

    So if 50 cent signs a gay dude y'all would back it? G-unit is dead........

  • Taon Sauls

    Wow he can sign this dude but he couldn't sign Beanie after beans was trying to bait Jay-z for him, thats wild?

  • Anonymous

    This is the height of faggotry.

  • Atl2Trill

    WTH??? 50 failed by signing this wack ass dude. All of these young rappers with talent out here and he wanna sign a reality show buffoon. Show some courtesy Curtis!!!!

  • Nico 3

    What's next? The Situation signing with Young Money? It's insane how rich these guidos are getting.

  • Anonymous

    lol this dude is desperate...he never could rap and game/nas/jadakiss ended this bitches career a long time ago, g unit is dead

  • Anonymous

    Don't even watch Jersey Shore, more power to them though fuck it. I dropped MTV from my viewing yearrrrsss ago as well as mainstream radio. Next.

  • Call me for help fif

    - This is not a good deal fif - u need to sign solid acts like uncle murda - bring that hardcore - Kendar Lamar - Bring those lyrics - Jay rock - That hard west coast - go after these up and coming acts. Mac Miller - I mean fif needs to pull his finger and flex his muscle - Goon up your squad - Solid Mc's....no homo!

  • Anonymous

    hiphop is so gay nowadays, rappers with skinny jeans which are singing in songs doing remixes with house dj's. Remember that 50 Cent was in Ibiza and Ibiza is known for housemusic and a lot of faggots and guys who are dressed like women

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL 50 Cent is desperate of coming back by signing a cast of Jersey Shore. 50 Cent sucks anyway. He can't rap, sing or even act. A worthless human being. Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber are the best emcees of all time. KRS-One stated that Bieber has the sickest skills on the mic and he murked him in a freestyle 10 times already. Gucci Christ will save you from the current state of hip-hop. Listen to Gucci and you'll get straight A's in all your classes. It's Gucci Time!

    • LL Kool Aid

      "This Dude" obviously doesn't get it. lmao

    • dmize-one

      i missed your posts guccirap.. where you been at??

    • this dude is a faggot

      your a fucking faggot if you think that fucking gucci mane and fucking justin beiber are the best MC's of all time you are fucking stupid why dont you go get a fucking ice cream cone tattoed on your face too while your at it you moron!!!! gucci mane aint shit compared to half the rappers out there 50 obviously can rap and act and hes not stupid either he knows damn well what hes doing and hes doing it right...you dont just get half a billion dollars net worth from being a moron... your so stupid it hurts!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Remember when 50 wanted to sign the Edward dude from twilight??? G-Unit is dead!!!!!

  • Vann Digital Networks

    Shits funny LMAO!!!

  • Anonymous

    I still dont understand why you guys in the US have respect for 50 i mean in europe we shit on this guy! Maybe he need some advice from pauly D to pick up girls. I mean we all know that 50 is ugly as hell and only get girls because of his money.

  • Anonymous

    Its good that 50 cent is goin to make house music because his raps suck since 2003 and his last album went wood. Puffy already did some housemusic, also usher and busta rhymes and snoop. Its now official keeping it real is over in 2011!

    • Anonymous

      pardon me that i offended your big rap hero.his last album went gold! and i dont hate i tell the truth that he only had one decent album.

    • Anonymous

      his last album went gold.. before you hop on the hate bandwagon know your facts

  • bswift77

    50 is always on his hustle game.... I respect him for that...Go get it 50!!!!!!

  • dmize-one

    i dont get how yall hate on pauly.. smh.. all he did was take advantage of what mtv put in front of him.. you dont see dude goin around tryin to act all hard, or like hes better than anyone else.. hes a dj who loves music, and 50 sees a money makin oprotunity.. whats arong with that??

  • The.Watcher

    LMAO, shit, if 50 thinks he can make money offa him, more power to him... just as long as I don't see him tryina act hard again. You don't get to come back to pretending to be a G after this shit.

  • sica

    lmao.. goes to show 50 don' give a fuck as long as he makes money...

  • The Ooh Child

    I guess 50 wants in on the house music hustle

  • True Story

    NOW GANSTA YOU NOT (G-unot) FITS YOU PERFECT... 50 cent showing how fake he is... How you will rap about Hood . guns , coke etc. when you fuckin with some pathetic white guy

    • dmize-one

      you got caught hating and tried to push your homo tendencies off on me.... nice try flipin the script.. hi hater..

    • True story

      If you like this kind of "event" =gay party with tons of crackhead bitches , just look at this guy , steroids gay with stupid face - this what you like dmize-one ?? thats your problem you dont need to share with all of us... And if hatin on fake gangsta who want to sign some... No one then yes im a hater

    • dmize-one

      ill grant it that all them cats off jersey shore got famouse for pretty much nada, but how are you gonna call dude pathetic?? for real.. lemme know.. unless you just run your mouth and say shit that dont make no sense.. in any event, dude didnt do shit but take full advantage of the oprotunity that was given to him.. smh.. hi hater!!

    • True story

      Sorry my bad... But this italian guy is still just a pathetic dude... and FUCK 50 G-UNOT

    • Anonymous

      Dont disrespect white people like that....Hes Italian. Most Italians will tell you theyre not white either. Dont put us in their lane.

  • BlueHef

    Gone are the days when it was Gunit vs The entire industry, and they didnt have to resort to being trend hoppers to sell.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait till they go to Italy. Theyre gonna need 10 times the amount of security to keep real Italians from fucking up everybody on that show.

    • jkill

      fuckin frogies (italians)is soft send them across adriatic to illyria real crazy mofos

    • Mr Me

      word man, he gives us Italians a horrible name and that show makes us look like morons. theres a big difference between american italians who try way too hard to be italian and real italians... anyway at least they got the money, bitches and fame from being who they are

  • Anonymous

    Who????? I don't watch loser TV only my 14 year old sister does.

  • 401

    fuck pauly D that dudes a herb..but then again so is 50 cent,im not even suprised.

  • stresdedad

    pauly d? 3 album deal? say eyyy eyyyy how u doinnnn how,you doinnnnn, gunit is dead

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