Death Row Records To Release O.F.T.B.'s "Damn Near Dead" On July 12

UPDATE: Tracklisting and cover art revealed, MC Hammer, Snoop Dogg and Kurupt are featured, along with production from the late Johnny J.

Veteran Watts, California Gangsta Rap trio O.F.T.B. (a/k/a Operation From The Bottom) will release Hostile Environment on July 12 through Death Row Records/WIDE Awake Entertainment. According to Tha Row's newsletter, the longtime label act will release their sophomore studio album this summer, a sequel to 1992's Straight Up Watts.

The trio, led by Flipside, also features producer Bus Stop and Low M.B. O.F.T.B., longtime associates of Death Row's co-founder Marion "Suge" Knight, first worked with the label on 1994's Above The Rim soundtrack, before appearing on later label compilations and soundtracks, such as Murder Was The Case soundtrack, Gridlock'd soundtrack and Gang Related soundtrack. Working with the likes of 2Pac and DJ Quik and releasing several videos, the Watts trio never released an album while signed to Death Row, but in 2005, self-released archival materials from their tenure, called The Missing D.R. Files. The group also famously produced the controversial YGD The Top Dogg (a/k/a Top Dogg) Notorious B.I.G. diss record, "Going Back To Cali."

There is no word yet if Hostile Environment will include new and/or archival material.

Since changing ownership, Death Row has released projects from '90s artists including Sam Sneed, Danny Boy, Kurupt and The LBC Crew.

(April 14)

UPDATE: Death Row Records has released the tracklisting and cover art to the album now titled Damn Near Dead. The work features archival material from the mid and late 1990s.

1). Thinkin’ About That Murder - Produced by: TKO/Chico White, & OFTB
2). Hot One -Produced by: Bryan G & OFTB
3). Damn Near Dead -Produced by: Sandman & OFTB
4). Gun a n***a Down - Produced by Brian Gallow & OFTB
5). N***as Going Down - Produced by: Brian Gallow & OFTB
6). That Was Then This Is Now. Feat. Snoop Dogg & Kurupt - Produced by: OFTB
7). Crack Em’ Remix - Produced by: OFTB
8). Who Got The Hits - Produced by: OFTB
9). What Should I Do - Produced by: TKO/Tony White & OFTB
10). Girl Ain’t Got No Time - Produced by: OFTB
11). Penitentiary Bound - Produced by: Brian Gallow & OFTB
12). Check Ya Hood - Produced by Sandman & OFTB
13). So Long Feat. MC Hammer - Produced by Johnny J & OFTB



    classic gangsta shit in here "Hot One" and "Crack'em" are some of my favorites from O.F.T.B good to have all that in one album

  • Anonymous

    A little....late

  • bigkingkong

    deathrow got a couple tracks with OFTB and PAC still yet to be released they should of been on this album it would have helped this record sell well- EXCLUSIVE NEWS - the new PAC album tracklist is looking like 12 tracks i have found this out from a reliable source 1-ORIGINAL INMATE feat DAZ,SOOPAFLY 4.43 2-WARRIORZ feat BOOT CAMP CLICK 5.34 3-RIDE ft SNOOP DOGGY DOGG 4.45 4-ERASE THEIR FACES feat NATE,KURUPT,SNOOP 5-HOMICIDE feat CBO 5.00 6-WHERE U BEEN feat DANNY BOY 4.37 7-WATCH UR MOUTH 8-OUTLAWZ INC feat YAKI KHADAFI thats all i know for now i will keep u guys posted should be out in 4 months time !!!

  • Anonymous

    didnt they released a weak crooked i album too?

  • Hypestyle

    More retrograde Gangster Rap from a group that never really went beyond local status, not adding anything new to the game, well, hopefully they'll get their proper royalties from this release, and hopefully they're not in jail so they can actually enjoy it; then again, unless the album blows up huge, they'd be lucky to get gas money off of this.. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I'll definitely check it out

  • Chin Chin

    Man, I remember waiting on these dudes during the Above The Rim era. Crack em was my joint on the soundtrack...Damn, it's been more than a decade...

  • Holland

    That's some GOOD news

  • ikeatl

    Damn where are the 2PAC tracks they claim they have been waiting for a while now

    • Harry is where I got this info from. One of the most reliable places for Pac info. Also most of the songs from their vault have leaked. Go to YouTube and search. You fucking moron.

    • WESWES

      shut the fuk up you dont know what your talking about....prove that shit

    • Harry

      The company that bought DR, WideAwake, hired a well-known bootlegger to manage their inventory. Naturally, he leaked most of the 2pac songs they had. That's probably why they haven't released an album yet.

  • Anonymous

    keep your garbage music. all of these deathrow releases sucked so far. making a quick buck with some crappy rap

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