Family, Fans Lobby to Name Street After Big Pun

Big Pun's family and fans are looking to have a street in the Bronx named after the late Terror Squad icon.

Over a decade ago, Hip Hop was dealt a major blow when news broke that the Bronx rhymer Big Pun had suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Now, Pun's family is looking to celebrate his legacy by lobbying to have a street named after him in his beloved Boogie Down borough.

According to a recent article in the NY Daily News, Pun's sister Nicole Rodriguez is relaunching an effort to have E. 163rd St. and Rogers Place in Longwood officially named Big Pun Place in his honor.

"I feel I owe this to my brother," she said. "He was not only my brother, he was a father figure. He stepped in when my parents couldn't. So I want to push for this. He deserves it...It would become a visual cemetery for everyone. My brother was cremated, so there's nowhere to visit him. This way, his legacy will live on close to home."

Rodiguez will be holding a a rally in support of the street name change this Saturday at 1 PM at the corner of the street in question. She has already acrued over 1,200 signatures in favor of the name change since establishing a website for the reinvigorated campaign in February. Rodriguez and her mother Gail Tirado will also be going before th Community 2 board to plead their cause.

"I want them to know that he was a regular person with imperfections and flaws like anyone else," said Rodriguez. "If you have to be perfect to have a street named after you, then they would have to knock down every street here because no one is perfect."

This isn't the first time fans and family have lobbied to name a street after Big Pun. The original campaign was shot down by city council when it was first proposed in the summer of 2000.


  • Pun Place

    To continue her brother’s legacy by giving back, sister of the late Big Pun Nicole “Nicky” Rodriguez personally will be donating “Back to school’ supplies for the upcoming 2011/2012 school year for the elementary school aged children who reside on the street named Rogers Place in the Bronx. This is the street she has put much effort into re-naming (co-naming) to Christopher “Big Pun” Rios Place.Nicole stated "With Rogers Place being the memorial location for the past 11 years of my brother's mural- On top of that, for the residents of this street to allow Tats Cru to paint over their walls to make year after year murals of my brother, to except our family, friends and fans to overwhelm their street named Rogers Place -It is only appropriate that I start giving from this location". If you would like to donate school supplies for this cause it will be greatly appreciated for the educational future of our children. You can mail school supply donations starting now to business mailing address: Att; Nicole Rodriguez P.O Box 771463, Orlando, FL 32877-No monetary (No money) donation!! Only School supplies and/or book bags or gift cards (Office Max, Walmart, Kmart, Staples, Office Depot and Target)-Nicole has future plans to help other areas including her birth home of Soundview in the Bronx. Nicole stated “I want to be like a secret santa and give back surprisingly, this was me and my brother’s childhood dream." Let’s make a difference one street at a time.Any questions email:

  • Afi Keita James

    Listen I Know what pun did to his wife was wrong, and I Know what joe did to his original terror squad was horrible but it doesn't change the fact that pun was an excellent rapper and cared about his love for hip-hop, don't throw him away, name a street after pun, he deserves it.

  • angel

    I live in the South Bronx not to far from the spot in question and I feel this is too much. I love Pun. One of my favorite but this is a bit much. If you really want to name a street after someone that really put the South Bronx on the map, then name it KRS Way.

  • lare

    the street will be all beat up.

  • devin

    I am a fan of his music but I don't support naming a street after him. He was not a positive leader in the community. Popular, Yes. Positive, HELL NO!

  • Giantnyc

    A street named after a guy that pistol whipped his wife; the most absurd notion I have heard in quite a while.



  • Wu 4evr

    I sorry but you stupid fuccs big Pun is in my opinion the best rapper to ever tough the mic i believe he would have killed big and pac and anyone in battle especially eminem even in em's prime he can't fuck wit pun. PUnisher deserve the bourough named after him.

    • Rick

      hahah Skillz,,, youre right, pac couldnt hold Pun's nut sack. Pun would have destroyed pac! And for those that think other wise. take pacs dick out your mouth. you must not knopw much about hip hop. And wow! i thought i was the only one who thought pac was just some loud mouuth. hahaha

    • skillz

      he wud'v gone toe to toe with BIGGIE but @jesus dude come on stop givin lyrical credit to a loud mouth...pac cudnt battle his way out of kindergarten...i respect pac as a poet and outspoken soldier but lyrically homeboy..check yo hip hop correctly...pac cudnt evn breathe a decent for i agree too...ppl give him far too much credit as a battle emcee but really iv seen all his battles...nothin special there...they had to evn get outsided sources to write em's battles on far as them renamin a down...if KRS ONE dies they might as well rename a whole county

    • Jesus-Your Hip-Hop Saviour

      that was a retarded comment. maybe he coulda beat BIG no denys there but pac, lyrically he was everywhere. also. you mean touch. not tough. unless you mean he was the best to ever Tough it out on the mic through that "im not a player" song.

  • Jesus

    since every street named Martin Luther King is a piece of crap with shootings and bullshit. what if Big Pun Avenue is like the safest place on earth? likeee the black people trade stuff with kisses and hugs, and the carebears go there to shop for groceries and likee the sun always shines directly on that street? i got 5 on it

  • PeoplePlease

    A street named after him because he was a great rapper...? Please, with his musical legacy he doesn't deserve it. Hella talented, but didn't lead a life worthy of being immortalized...

  • Anonymous

    love pun but thats too much.

  • ricks

    whats with all you stupid fucks and your "fat jokes" This dude would SHIT on your favorite rapper.....yes, him too!! Some of your niggas are as gay as Mr.Cee for looking at dude that way with your gay tendencies! faggots!!

  • Michael Davis

    Top 5, dead or alive! RIP Big Pun!!

  • dontgiveafuck.

    common what the fuck did this fat fuck has done which deserve him to have a street named after his name ?? only one album !! get the fuck outta here !! some of our fathers fought and sacrificed so many things and died anonymously and they wont get a street named after them so where the fuck are we going on ??!!! the only thing this fat fuck did was eating hamburgers and breathing like a motha between every rhyme !!

    • trooper

      1.) Do you live in the South Bronx in Big Pun's neighborhood? If not hen you need to be quiet because if the PEOPLE want to name a street after him then I see no problems with it. Big Pun made an impact. By the way he had two albums and both were successful. He was the only solo latino hip hop artist to officially go platinum while Cypress Hill was the only hip hop group to do so. A lot of people were proud of that. He helped out Remy Ma was his artist (Not Fat Joe's. So you really need to figure out why they are doing it instead of just flipping out over nothing especially when you don't live in the area.

    • Anonymous

      people who are less know and have done less have had streets named after them My town named a street after an insane bum who was always downtown harassing everyone and talking crazy

  • Anonymous

    Cosigned. Big Pun Boulevard. Christopher Rios Road.

  • Nico 3

    What are they going to call it, Mcdonald's Avenue?

  • gose

    well that urn is prolly goddamn huge

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