DJ Quik Confirms "U Ain't Fresh" Was A Dr. Dre Diss

DJ Quik reveals that his 2000 track "U Ain't Fresh" was actually aimed at Dr. Dre.

Although the mainstream may have never given him his just dues, DJ Quik is perhaps one of the most venerated and innovative emcees and producers to hail from the west coast. But on his recent retrospective mixtape with LA Leakers The Audio Biography Of David, the legendary Compton artist revealed that at one time, he was going for the neck of his California compatriot and "Put It On Me" collaborator Dr. Dre.

Quik explains on the outro of "Youz a Ganxta" that his 2000 song "U Ain't Fresh" was intended as a diss at the Good Doctor. He says that he felt Dre had dissed him on the Xzibit and Eminem-featured song "What's the Difference" with the line about the N.W.A. reunion, and decided to respond. Quik went on to say, however, that it was Xzibit who helped mediate and squash their feud before it could materialize. 

"At this point...I was mad at Dr. Dre," confessed Quik. "I thought he dissed me on the record 'Between Me and You' when he was like, talking about a N.W.A. reunion. I thought he just shitted on me, so I let it marinate for a long time. I can't just take no diss, because at that point I was trying to work with Dre and I was sending messages to him and it was like he was ignoring them or [his] people just weren't giving him the messages, so I did this record like fuck Dr. Dre. I was really mad. I was pissed, so I was like fuck it, who gives a fuck?

"Ultimately, Xzibit told me I was wrong, like 'No man, he wasn't talking about you," he said. "That wasn't even about you.' It's not like he was shitting on me, it's just that with the whole N.W.A [reunion], because I wanted to Eazy-E's part if they had ever done an N.W.A. X cleaned it all up and let me know I had jumped the gun and was tripping. I don't even know if Dre heard the song, this shit was probably so far under his radar that it didn't matter...but I was wrong. I ain't perfect. Then Dre...called me and we ended up working together. So I had to pout and scream like a spoiled brat and damn near diss the man to get in the studio with him. Funny how life works."

DJ Quik's Book of David is due April 19.


  • PACdiedButNeverLied

    remember what Pac said about Dre when he left deathrow?

  • "...cuz the G aint in you"

  • "...cuz the G aint in you"

    HOLD UP!!! someone posted a comment waaaaay down there about how DRE cant ahndle his own beats.thats fuckin true.i love dre's work since the chronic and before that.but dre cant handle a whole album on his own.2001 had a shit load of did the chronic.every track that dre has released so far is a feature.QUIK CAN produce and lyrically handle an album on his own.BLAQKOUT with kurupt had a simple formula.quik and kurupt on quik beats.classic album.dre has been doing some weirdo shit.electronica sounding shit.weak sauce.look up DJ QUIK TRAUMA...."intro for roger"....thats what gangsta should sound like

  • BlackParalegal

    Strange, I listen to "Party In The Projects" By a Artist Named Meechi Dogg. He dissed Quik and Lil Wayne So bad they both made a response back to Colorado. You listen to this Guy Meechi Dogg. Ask me no cares about Quik Or Wayne when underground rappers are proven to still remain the best in Hip Hop.

  • cool-dude

    dis track dat went un noticed..,

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is so so fresh

  • thomas martin

    DJ Quik is the shit

  • Anonymous

    he should release a new one the title would work better

  • jesterdxxl

    We all know Quik got mad skills but even if he did throw shit on Dre it would have gone unnoticed unless Doc when & got Shady to do something about it.

  • buckeyewu

    Thanks for posting this article. People can complain about DX all day but other sites are not posting a good mix of old school, new school news. DX keeps the history of the music alive with shit like this.

  • Huskey M

    Very good article I never knew that Quik had beef with Dre. Only a true man can say when their wrong respect Quik. You are one of the most underated producer in the game. When they say who's the best of all time especially on the west its always Dr. Dre. Quik, E.A Ski, Battle Cat, are some of the most best and they never get their just do.I may be bias because I'm from the west but it's the trued!! And if you still think Quik isn't the truth who you think gave that bangin track to Jay-Z Justify My Thug. And most recently off of Dwele lasted album I Wanna fire.

  • toppdogg7196

    "Quik explains on the outro of "Youz a Ganxta" that his 2000 song "U Ain't Fresh" was intended as a diss at the Good Doctor" In the "Youz a Gangsta" Outro he was talkin about Mc Eiht, besides "U Aint Fresh" came out in 2000, "Youz a Gangsta" came out in 98-99

  • FromDat202

    Quik is a BEAST. Point blank.......way underrated. True rap fan KNOW.

  • dun

    I'm really glad that some of you are recognizing DJ Quik. As far as talent, he is in fact miles ahead of Dre. Quik even does the mixdowns/masters aside from making/composing/arranging the track. He even plays instruments on a few, let alone he can cut on the tables like a monster! Dre is good, too, but yes he has taken credit for alot of things he really didn't create (he did not produce all of The Chronic or Doggystyle). Most of you don't even remember alot of the flops and bad records that Dre was involved with b/c you only focus on what blows up and wouldn't like him if he hadn't sold alot of records anyway. Plus, Dre can't even write his own rhymes, and Quik rips the mic and has been in battles. DJ Quik = REAL HIP HOP, Dr. Dre = used to be Real Hip Hop/I won't put out anything unless I know people will buy it regardless (Eminem). He had so many people under him, but never did anything with them. Eve(no album), Busta Rhymes(1 dope record, then he left), Rakim(no album), Raekwon(no album), Last Emperor(no album)...And Detox probably won't come out either. He knows he can't have people waiting almost 10 years and not make something game changing. Production wise, I don't see him being able to top what Kanye did on his last one....

    • Tucker

      I agree with the whole "People only focus on what blows up". A lot of mainstream listener's don't tend to know a lot of the tracks that their favorite artists did before they came up. I also agree that Dr. Dre isn't as good as he used to be. I find him a better producer than a lyricist. Like the song that was supposed to be "his comeback" to many, 'I need a doctor' which featured Eminem and Skylar Grey just wasn't up to snuff with the Dre I love. His verse wasn't bad, but just fair. Dre has talent, but not the best flow or the greatest lyricism in the game. But he did get Em to where he is. And Dre pleases many fans. So you can't argue with what he does in the long run. But I understand what your saying.

    • Anonymous

      in the words of ice cube "speak on it my ni**a"

  • jack johnson

    this is interesting because there's an unreleased version of Whats The Difference featuring Hittman and has some alternative lyrics in Dr. Dre's verse, instead of "Then I got these fake-ass niggaz I first drew with Claimin that they non-violent, talkin like they used to be", the unreleased version says "then i got this fake ass CREW i first drew with claiming they're non violent talking like they RUTHLESS" there were some other changed lyrics too

  • gutter man

    quik has way more talent and actually puts out ALBUMS!!!!! also quik composes and produces most if not all of his own shit unlike dre who hides behind other peoples work

  • Anonymous

    i need a DJ Quik+Raphael Saadiq to do an album together.

  • Anonymous

    How can he take Eazy-E Part? Get the F out of here.

  • jstar

    Free Porn Tube

  • Anonymous

    who cares about dre or quick



  • Anonymous

    DX must be having a slow day trying to milk this 2000 news.

  • Anonymous

    DJ Quik SHITS on Dre's production. Quik is more verstile and does his OWN without any help. Yeah Dre sells but im talking about quality. Quik can bring the smooth( Pitch in on a party) & the hard ( Loked out Hood). Dre has the SAME tempo on most of his beats with the same piano.

    • Johnny J

      same piano ? hahahahahar

    • kidz

      Are u kidding me?Dre is more of a producer than a rapper u cant compare two things like tht.Dre doesnt have the same beats listen to Kush,Crack A Bottle,and What's The Difference.They dont sound like the same beats to me,I dont know wht the hell is wrong with u.U must be crazy for sayin somebody is better than Dre.Dre is the one who mostly put West Coast on the map,u have a very narrow minded opinion and just because DJ Quik does music by himself tht doesnt mean he's better

    • Knuckz

      I said it a long time ago. Quik is better than Dre. Dre has been accused oof putting his name on other people's work. Maybe that's why Detox is taking so long. I would put Balance & Options up against any of Dre's work. Perfectionist my ass. Beat Jacker is more like it. Quik & Primo are the best.

    • Rick

      Sure have buddy! Chronic = Dre w/ Assistance from Daz & Soopafly No One Can do It Better = Dre w/ Assistance from Yella 2001 = Dre w/ Assiatance from Mel Man, Scott Storch, Mike Elizondo DJ Quik = DJ Quik!! The END!!!

    • taeb

      yeah sure. you actually think that quik´s production is better than dre´s. i mean: have you ever listened to the chronic, no one can do it better or 2001?.

  • Anonymous

    DJ deosn't ned to beg dre for anything. i'm so tired of the, oh "dre don't have time. " what is he in the studio producing?" He doesn't even give his own artists beats anymore

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Exactly. Peopel act liek Dre was the sole reaosn for the sucess of snoop, 50 and em, but their were alot of other factors involved. 50 had an amazing backstory, adn em and snoop were can't miss superstars with carisma for day.s matter of fact, snoop played ad much a part in dre's sucess and dre did in his.

    • Keezie

      I agree. Dude is riding off of his legendary status & the fact that he helped usher in two huge talents but he hasn't really put in the work. If you love music you'll still create regardless & what he's put out recently doesn't speak for the 10 years he's been out of the game.

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